for gulsen

Tagged by my saltmate sista @otayuri-queen <3

  • How old are you? 20 (21 this year lord…)
  • What is your current job? Full-time college student, plus I work in a research lab
  • What’s your aesthetic? Pink (pastels, floral, lace, sparkles etc)
  • Do you collect anything? Yeah failures lol
  • What’s a topic you could always talk about? I’m the annoying feminist of the family haha
  • What’s a pet peeve of yours? Slow drivers in the passing lane, you bet imma ride your ass if you choose to be there and drive 5mph under
  • Good advice to give: It’s better to withdraw from a college course and get a “W” than to fail it and get a D or F. Save your GPA!
  • Three songs to recommend: “You’re the Only One” - Sergey Lazarev, “Bangir Bangir” - Gulsen, “FXXK IT” - BIGBANG. (these are all currently stuck in my head)

Lol Kae tagged like half the people I would so I tag everyone she did again!