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  • anti-sjws for the last 10 years: feminazis, feminazis, feminazis, feminazis, nazi nazi, sjw's are nazis, nazi nazi nazi, grammar nazi, feminazi feminazi
  • normal sensible attractive people: these real life people are actually real life nazis and hold nazi beliefs and want to kill minorities
  • anti-sjws: thats pretty fucking fucked up that you just call anything you disagree with a nazi, like i think thats pretty wild of the 'tolerant left' to do

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017-), The Wide Window


We used to call people Nazis to exaggerate, to compare someone to the worst group in human history

Like Feminazi?

Everyone’s favorite anti feminist word.

Grammar Nazi, for people being too uptight with their corrections in grammar.

Everyone threw the word around like a joke.

Everyone made jokes about it like a long dead bogey man.

But look at it now.

People are making it a legitimate term again, the word for a fascist, for a person who believes the holocaust was RIGHT.

For a person who believes genocide will solve our problems.

Think about that.

Think about how we thought we were passed this.

How we joked.

How we never thought it could happen again.

How we were so sure of this, that Nazis were the worst thing to ever happen in history (ethnocentric I know but hear me out).

That we used their likeness as a joke, not a jab at extremism, but the “ridiculousness” of someone.

But now…

Look what we are.

Look what’s happening.

We’re losing what we were, and reverted back to the 40s, making the same mistakes.

You can’t say get over the HOLOCAUST anymore.

We clearly never learned our lesson.

It Started With A Kiss

Summary: All the ways Dean loves to kiss you

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1018

Warnings: All the fluff

A/N: I’m actually super proud of this! Thanks to my grammar nazi and my poetic friend @idreamofhazel

A kiss is the most powerful thing a man can say. When Dean kisses you, he kisses you with such passion and fervor, like he can’t get enough out of you, like you’re going to slip away at any moment. Each kiss tells you something different. That’s the thing about Dean, he has an appreciation for a woman’s body like no other man you have met before.

When he first kissed you, it was by surprise. You had no idea Dean was even remotely attracted to you. You had been hunting with him and Sam for years and the man never once made a pass at you. But when he kissed you, there was no doubt in your mind that Dean Winchester loved you. The kiss wasn’t just a sign of attraction, it was a proclamation of his love. The kiss was full of confidence; confidence that you were the one for him, that you would fill the hole inside his heart. It only took one kiss for you both to know that was it, that was your last first kiss.

In the morning, his kisses are lazy, peppered all over your face, like he has all the time in the world. He kisses any exposed skin, your shoulder, your neck, your thighs. It’s as if he spent too much time away from you, even if he dreamt of you all night. He kisses you until your eyes open and you turn towards him to capture his lips with yours.

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You know what, I’m fed up and furious and fuck keeping silent about this. Fuck this reclamation of the word Nazi. Fuck everyone who dares to raise themselves above another and call themselves righteous. Fuck everyone who even thinks about using the term Nazi in the slightest of positive ways. Fuck everyone who does not recoil from the word, tasting the bitterness of six million souls that never received atonement on their tongue. And fuck everyone who has tolerated the word, who allowed it’s watering down thanks to expressions like ‘grammar nazi’ and ‘feminazi’. You snatched a word that never belonged to you, slaughtered away at its meaning by equating it to something meaningless as 'stuck-up’ and 'bad guy’ and then, then when people rose who didn’t only claim the name but also the ideology behind it, you didn’t immediately put a stop to it? Fuck this. Fuck everyone who calls themselves Nazi and doesn’t choke on the unspeakable devastation this name entails. Fuck Nazis and those who for even a second tolerate them.

im so tired of goy being so uneducated and insensitive to jewis culture so just some basics:

• if you’re not jewish you dont get to say “jew” period
• holocaust, hitler, and nazi jokes aren’t funny period
• seriously quit saying “grammar nazi”
• also when the subject of the holocaust or hitler happen to come up DONT TRY TO SAY THAT HITLER WAS DOING WHAT WAS BEST FOR HIS COUNTRY OR THAT HE WAS HUMAN
• dont make jokes about us being penny pinchers or greedy or any of that its gross and racist
• if youre a goyim dont tell me that “_____ was a very jew thing for me to do”
• dont use yiddish, goy always mispronounce it and tbh it sounds stupid when you try
• dont call our traditions weird just cause theyre different
• be aware that jewish holidays dont get the same respect from society as christian ones do
• seriously our holidays are almost never seen as “a legit reason” to miss work/school

Yuuei text headcanons

Midoriya: hes a fast typer. no commas no capital letters only the occasional period.

Iida: Grammar nazi through and through. He takes an eternity to finish typing because he has to check everything at least twice and will never pass up a chance to correct your typos.

Uraraka: :) smileys everywhere :) at least three per sentence :) never uses periods just smileys :)))))

Bakugou: bascally nver typs out prper words or smileys, unless he’s really really mad :)

Todoroki: doesnt really text anyone but midoriya so hes adopted the same way of typing

Kirishima: spams you with pictures of kittens until you answer

Kaminari: ends every sentence with lol or lmao. like, no matter the situation lol

Jirou: doessnt rly give a damn. JUst lets typos happpen anddoesnt correct them..

Yaoyorozu: Writes several sentences each text no matter the context. Getting invited to pizza in a few words; she replies with an entire six-row text about how she’d love to go and is grateful you invited her.

Tsuyu: Uses jemoticons every few sentences and takes lots of time to choose the one that’s just right o(^▽^)o

Tokoyami: One-word replies. Three at most.

Hagakure: that one friend that sends you memes at three a.m with the caption  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Aoyama: The only person to ever use ;) <3 and ~ in the same sentence… ;)


Present Mic: Doesn’t text, he just shouts.

Aizawa: Too lazy to type properly. Just writes the first letter of the word he’s looking for and lets auto-correct do the rest. Sometimes the sandwiches turn out pretty wendy


1.When a friend recommend a fanfic for you to read. 

2. trying to read but have to subscribe first.

3. Finding spelling errors and run on sentence when you are a grammar nazi.

4. Too much Korenglish.

5. Unsubscribing when the story doesn’t meet your standard.

6. Looking for a new fanfic to read.

7. When your OTP has a beautiful fluff and your reading in public.

8. Reading smut with a straight face in public.

9.Reading about a main character that is dying or is dead.

10. Enjoying the story until you found out the fanfic is at a climax and the author hasn’t updated for several months.

11. Waiting for updates but there isn’t.

12. Moving on to a different fanfic.