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Eyes Are Mosaics - A mix of dream pop old & new

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This mix features songs containing elements of or similar to the original themes of dream pop/’ethereal’ music (e.g. effect laden voices; manipulated guitar; emphasis on overall immersive atmosphere and (optionally) electronic, gothic and/or ambient elements). The phrase ‘dream pop’ has become a bit overused and loose recently, and on occasion made it too easy to forget the heights the music actually fitting the phrase has reached. Thus with this mix I wanted to channel the enveloping and rich sounds dream pop and it’s related styles were initially associated with. In addition to some 80s favorites, I included plenty of modern interpreters.

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Here I put together 4 songs:
- “God” by Tori Amos (the Thinking mix 2 by Carl Craig, 1994)
- “Open Heart” by Lydia Plain (me, 2015)
- “Mysterons” by Portishead (1994)
- “Felt Mountain” by Goldfrapp (2001)

It’s been some months since I fist tried using VirtualDJ and I’m still learning.. But recently I discovered I can record my mix.. so I got excited and experimented with 2 songs at first, Tori’s and mine.. because these songs talk directly about GOD.. and then one thing lead to another and I ended up with these 4 songs.. A process that I completed in 14 hours (12 one day and +2 the other day…), roughly 75 failed recording tries (ugh…) and 1 succesfully recorded mix… hehe..

So… Enjoy! ^^

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Dark Acoustic Dream

A collection of dark, smoky, acoustic songs. Unified by a sense of cinematic darkness.

1.Goldfrapp - Laurel
2.Elliot Smith - Between The Bars
3.Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man - Show
4.Iron And Wine - Cinder And Smoke
5.Saint Saviour - Fallen Trees
6.Lauren O'Connell - House Of The Rising Sun
7.The Amazing Broken Man - Near Town
8.Paul Giovanni - Willow’s Song
9.Nina Simone - Summertime
10.The Kingston Trio - O Willow Waley
11.Cat Power - Moonshiner
12.Lil'Leonie Lionheart - Give Him A Great Big Kiss
13.Devandra Banhart - Insect Eyes
14.Jeff Alexander - Come Wander With Me
15.Angelo Badalamenti - Sycamore Trees


Systematic by Goldfrapp

Directed by Alison Goldfrapp


Goldfrapp || Ocean