for going merry

alpha & omega part iii

part i  part ii 

summary - anxiety and roman are on a merry-go-round, and anxiety has no idea how to get them off 

pairing - eventual prinxiety

word count - 1,974

warnings - angst, mentions of nightmares and anxiety attacks 

a/n - fun fact, as i was writing the part where patton’s dialogue is all smushed together, spell check decided to correct “have a good day” to “have a gay day”, and i want to wish you all the same 

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Anxiety wakes up in a mild panic.

At first, he thinks it’s sleep paralysis—there’s a heavy, squeezing pressure on his chest, tight and uncomfortable and something he would normally categorize under a sign of an oncoming panic attack. There’s also the claustrophobia that’s settling in all over his body, and the sweat building up on the back of his neck which usually signals some sort of anxiety, and he must also be hallucinating because is that the smell of perfume

Oh, no.

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In that dark storm, I encountered a small ship. While pushing me forward, the ship said, “Can’t you see that light?” This wondrous ship, which never lost its way even in the darkness, danced its way across the huge waves. The ship didn’t resist the tides, instead it sailed ahead despite the strong headwinds. Then, the ship pointed out and said, “Look! There’s the light!”

and the great adventure begins~ 

One Piece #843

Nami: “I betrayed you go away!” 

Robin: “I never want to see your faces ever again!” 

Ussop: “The going merry is my pride, if you abandon her, you abandon me!”

Sanji: “Go away you lowly sea thugs!” 


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