for going merry


           aggressively, we all DEFEND the role we play
     regrettably, the time’s come to SEND you on your way

                                                        ❇︎  the town with pep!  ❇︎
                        ❇︎  independent discord group verse based off of cw’s riverdale  ❇︎
                                           ❇︎  graphics created by CASSIE LYNN ❇︎

Alice Cooper played by @beautifullytragicmuses
Archie Andrews played by @kalxidoscopc
Betty Cooper played by @sweetlycourageous
Cheryl Blossom played by @eternalandiconic
Fangs Fogarty played by @yourpalfangs
FP Jones played by @jonesdad
Jughead Jones played by @joneshead
Reggie Mantle played by @reggies
Sweet Pea played by @brassloyalty
Toni Topaz played by @southsidelover
Veronica Lodge played by @rxvenhairedprincess


In that dark storm, I encountered a small ship. While pushing me forward, the ship said, “Can’t you see that light?” This wondrous ship, which never lost its way even in the darkness, danced its way across the huge waves. The ship didn’t resist the tides, instead it sailed ahead despite the strong headwinds. Then, the ship pointed out and said, “Look! There’s the light!”

and the great adventure begins~ 


                                                               "merry christmas”


On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…