for going merry

Spin spin spin. Get off the merry-go-round.

“Sign of the Times” was a poor song choice for a single. He released his song in a week when no other big music came out. Yet it still didn’t hold interest. Why? 

Harry’s SNL performance was a mistake, because that was not a good introduction to the general public.

Harry’s been dead on social media since last year. The first page of his Instagram account is only being used to sell us things. His Twitter can’t even be used to thank fans–new or old–for listening to his music.

He’s a walking fucking Gucci ad for old rockstars. It doesn’t make him look like he’s got his own style. It makes him look like he’s sponsored, and it makes him look like everyone else.

Even his Another Man spread was literally about being anyone but Harry. I mean, sure An Other Man was a fitting place to push that image, but that doesn’t mean it was a good decision.

There’s always a new excuse, right? I mean, look how much of the fandom excused away his behavior. “He needs to pull away from 1D to look legitimate!” (Look legitimate to anyone but women, right? Because we don’t count.)

How’s that working?

This isn’t him being silenced. No way. No fucking team that is rumored to have spent $80 million would demand a social media silencing on their breakout debut star that everyone expected to do better. No.

This isn’t an author going rogue and making shit up. This is an author presenting the image his team wanted.

This is his team thinking they had us in the bag. This is his team underestimating the power of–how did Harry put it again?–”young girls.”

This is his team thinking that calling on everyone else–Bowie, Prince, Jagger–would make Harry legit to grown men. You know, the fanbase that “counts?”

This is his team–the one he hired–fucking up, and I will not be held responsible, as a 1D fan, for their fuck ups. This is on them.

And as a fan, I will not be held responsible for fixing it or turning it around. It’s up to Jeff My Metric for Success is Just Existing Azoff to get off his ass and get to work. And God help him.


i. but why, just ‘cause we’re a little older, do i relive it, i relive it all? ii. just go back to bed if you feel like it, merry go 'round will wake you up again iii. i thought i’d fought my last fight, there’s always one more round iv. hope for the best, plan for the worst and maybe wind up somewhere in the middle v. do you ever get the feeling that something can be done to eradicate these problems vi. you know what you got to do, they all depend on you vii. soldier, keep on marchin’ on, head down til the work is done viii. walk the street with empty hands, can’t keep up with life’s demands ix. don’t even visit that place, they’ll sharpen their teeth on your smile x. if you need someone who’s able to stand in ruins saying “it’s all right”, someone you’ll never get cut on, i am more like a knife xi. i hear that answers appear when you just stand still, but how do you make it all stop when everyone’s waiting? xii. i’m sliding from sometime, ripping in two, the memory planted, i’m just what grew xiii. if i could learn to give like a rubberband, i’d be back on my feet xiv. i’m falling apart, my name used to be grace, but now if you call me just call me misplaced xv. my age has never made me wise, but i keep pushing on and on xvi. the future’s up in smoke, though dust has settled, i still smell the ashes buried in my clothes xvii. how many dreams can you break till you’re broken, how many fights can you fight until you fall down on your knees? xviii. i don’t want to play this game no more
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Virginia has no desire whatever to talk to David, so she busies herself retting the place up for her own party. 

Virginia knows she has no right to be mad at David. He’s a free man, and she’s flat out refused to get involved with him past a certain point. But she’s afraid of what would happen if she tried to make up with him. So she slapdances alone and plans her guest list. 

David…would like to talk to Virginia. Would like to kiss and make up and have one final whirlwind night together, doing all the things they never got around to doing. Instead he eats breakfast alone, and thinks about Candy as hard as he can. He knows that’s a merry-go-round to get on; but he’s ready to be a little dizzy for awhile. Whatever it takes to get him past this.

One Piece #843

Nami: “I betrayed you go away!” 

Robin: “I never want to see your faces ever again!” 

Ussop: “The going merry is my pride, if you abandon her, you abandon me!”

Sanji: “Go away you lowly sea thugs!” 


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Okay @destielonfire​ and @amaelangel

Ask and you shall receive!

Here are my official 2017 Cockles Predictions!

(In no particular order)

  • Jensen will share some gross (both in the cute way and the literal meaning) bathroom related story about Misha.
  • Jared will imply during his and Misha’s panel at JIBCon, that Misha enjoys giving Jensen hand-jobs.
  • Jensen and Misha will go on a second family trip together– this time, camping!
  • During a livestream, we will get yet another Cockles headboop as well as a cheek kiss, all in the same video.
  • A fan will be at a SPN filming location and witness Jensen smacking Misha’s ass– hard … for seemingly no reason (that we’ll know of).
  • A photo/video of Misha enjoying one of the first brews from the Family Business Beer Company.
  • A follow-up photo (most likely posted by Danneel) of Jensen enjoying watching Misha enjoy one of the first brews from the Family Business Beer Company.
  • Misha, talking to his kids about “Uncle Jensen”.
  • At least three Jensen-specific items in this year’s GISHWHES.
  • Cockles hand-holding– a lot of it.

Dated for Posterity: March 16th, 2017.