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Honestly whenever a show portrays/mentions/implies abuse or neglect especially in terms of romantic relationships or parental I find myself rolling my eyes because there is always someone that is in denial. And it comes down to "overreactions". Biased perception or what not. Yet the same character whose reactions/experiences are the reason for that character judgement tend to have rose colored views. Ala Blake's find memories of Adam.

yep, there’s always someone who goes “but what if the real villain, gaaaaasp, was not the villain” and it’s like that character is very clearly a piece of shit, but no, we have to reach and come up with theories with very little evidence that justifies every horrific thing they ever did because they pissed their pants as a child or something

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Your tags about Victor ❤❤❤

lmao i’m surprised you actually made it through that long, word vomit-y spiel of mine but yeah. your original post was so spot-on i just had to say something like

can’t we just have nice things? why must we make everything dark and evil and shit, this is a sports anime for god’s sake. and like, i understand there needs to be conflict and everything can’t always be rainbows and butterflies and katsudon and sexual awakenings all the time but i really feel as though people are painting viktor with a much darker brush than is entirely necessary, especially considering just how early we are in the season. 

instead of the idea of a heartless, intentionally manipulative viktor that i’ve been seeing a surprising amount of recently (which really does not suit anything about the mood of the show as far as i’m concerned) i would prefer a viktor who, yes, is flighty and changeable (but not maliciously so) at the beginning, but whose heart gets set on fire watching yuuri skate and who changes for the better as their relationship grows and develops. like that is my shit right there.

but yeah i think it’s way too soon for folks to be so pessimistically writing him off as a complete bastard due to some sub-sub-subtext on like the third episode like geez y’all. 

let’s just enjoy this ride while it lasts. 

but yeah thank you so much for that original post it was a++ 10/10 spot on imo. :)  

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When will Tyler Hoechlin stop personally attacking me with his everything?

I mean we’re just trying to live our lives for gods sake and he’ll never stop he’ll just keep #evolving and we’ll just keep getting more and more devastated lol

But yes nonnie omg these recent interviews and CLARK and his super soothing voice and really pretty happy smile and does he really have to wear the most perfect booty-hugging pants in the world and new pretty shirts AND grampa sweaters PLEASE SIR  WE’RE JUST TRYING TO LIVE


Perc’ahlia Headcanons Pt. 1

Okay, so @captainofthefallen put her head canons up from our Epic Perc’ahlia Headcanon Fest over the past week or so, which means I suppose I have to post mine too. Unlike certain people who shall remain unnamed, my head canons were all happy and not gut-wrenchingly painful because I do not like to make my roommate suffer because I’m a normal person (love you Claire).

Of course, what actually happened was TEN TIMES BETTER THAN ANYTHING WE COULD HAVE COME UP WITH.

Here we go!

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In preparations for the Dark Era finale episode I was thinking about Dazai’s relationships with Oda and something got me wondering… does BSD Odasaku by any chance represent not only irl author and Dazai’s friend, but also Shimeko Tanabe, the woman with whom irl Dazai attempted double suicide? Cause there’s a lot of parallels if you think of it.

That double suicide, which resulted with him surviving and her dying, had a HUGE impact on his life and works. He wrote about it so often in his books I’ve lost count. I guess it’s safe to say her death haunted him for the rest of his life (he pretty much thought he had killed her, for god’s sake).

And then we have BSD Dazai being unable to prevent his best friend’s death, event which haunts him to this very day. Even more, Oda’s death is what stands behind at least half of his actions, if not all of them.

In both cases we have a person in whose death he was involved in some way, which affected the rest of his life and influenced a lot of his decisions. Somehow I doubt the resemblance is accidental.

Alright in just gonna say this one last time since people obviously cannot read?

Namjoon isn’t a sex crazed robot he’s a human being. It’s not fair to think everything he says is sexual because he’s written one or two pretty sexual songs. With that being said, it’s possible that they could have other meanings although it doesn’t really seem like it.

SO TAKE FROM IT WHAT YOU WILL. We all have the freedom to interpret songs how we wish. But along with that remember that it could mean literally anything and sometimes there’s no hidden meanings I mean for gods sake it’s food he’s talking about. However I’m super tired of talking about it and tired of seeing the urban meaning rolling around everywhere, and remember that if he was just saying something really simple (which in reality he probably was considering that term isn’t just heard everyday) he probably feels bad that we are taking it the completely wrong way from how he meant it. The whole point is to be considerate to BTS and to namjoon, I’m not saying you have to change your opinions ?? I’m saying be a decent human being and be considerate to the people you’re fans of. And if you can’t be, then don’t be a fucking fan and just leave.

Anyways! If you actually made it to the end of this post and didn’t just stop to send me a rude message after reading the first sentence, put a dog emoji in my ask box. :)

I’m reading the cursed child right now but I don’t think I’ll be finishing it…

I mean I love the scenes with harry, ron, hermione, draco and ginny in it, and Scorpius is amazing, but the rest of it… it’s meh

Albus really annoys me, kissing your aunt while disguised as your uncle is so gross I was barely even able to read that scène, amos diggory I have never liked, this book doesn’t do cedric justice, delphi annoys me and for god’s sake the rumor that “scorpius is voldemorts son” is so stupid.

Also I hate stories about time travelling to the past and changing stuff I mean that shit always backfires

Idk I guess I’m just really dissappointed because I expected so much more from jkr and because I am literally unable to enjoy this book


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I really really love your writing! You're honestly so good, no lie! xxx I was wondering if you could write a h/c fic about Barisi? Like Sonny and Barba are doing something job related and Sonny gets hurt and Barba has to help him while they wait for help to arrive and he's trying not to completely freak out? Thank you!!

thank you anon! i’m not sure this fits your request entirely, but i wrote it thinking of your prompt, so hopefully you enjoy anyway!

Rafael glanced over at Sonny, who was watching the perp with narrowed eyes. “Don’t even think about it,” Rafael hissed.

“But he's—”

“For God’s sake, Carisi, you want to risk getting shot over a few credit cards we can cancel thirty seconds after he’s gone? There’s no—”

“Stop talking!” shouted the perp, gesturing sloppily with the gun, arm flying wide.

Sonny promptly shoved Rafael behind him and then tackled the guy mid-move, both of them crashing to the floor.

“You have got to be kidding me,” said Rafael loudly. His voice may have cracked a little.

The gun clattered to the ground, the guy’s hold on it mercifully loosened in shock, and Rafael recovered enough to jerk forward and kick it out of his reach. “Thanks,” grunted Sonny breathlessly.

“We’re breaking up,” Rafael told him flatly. He watched Sonny dig an elbow into the guy’s stomach, punch him in the face, and roll him onto his front. He was good, Rafael would give him that. A complete moron, obviously, but effective.

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The lead actor in 50 Shades of Gray said in an interview “He’s not my kind of guy. I don’t like the idea of someone telling a girl what she should eat and how much she should exercise and all that stuff. That’s not right. Obviously.”

Obviously. OBVIOUSLY. O B V I O U S L Y.

the world may be pretty fucked up but at least dan met phil