for gods sake

i’m so sick of the people on this site who’ve made my recovery THAT MUCH more difficult the past 2 fucking years.

getting away from the kind of groups i’ve been caught up in the past 2-3 years has proven to help me more mentally than anything i tried previously. i’m not constantly stressed getting online or constantly regretting checking tumblr/twitter in the morning because discourse will be my morning call.

for gods sakes i’m going back to college and having a life again and it’s no thanks to the bullshit “mental health help” this site promotes. having a fp is bad for you and actively destroys any meaningful bonds you could have with people, bashing “neurotypical” recovery methods is shit and outright going against recovery is harming people way more than helping

promote recovery, promote tolerance and stop being a bunch of entitled brats who need to make everything a pissing contest.  it’s dumb, use that energy on better things.

  • idw transformers 2013: hey we have a new concept for transformers its called.......*whispers* conjunx endura............
  • idw transformers 2017: we're making robot marriage a staple of this fucking comic franchise and hasbros not stopping us. get on the love train shitbags, we're inserting the existence of conjunxes and amicas as many times as we can before we run out of script.