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65 for andreil plsss

65: “Do you ever think that, maybe, we should stop doing this?”

It happens so quickly that Neil doesn’t have the chance to get his anger back in its usual chokehold. One of the opposing team’s strikers clearly has too much momentum going into his goal, he’s gone over his step limit and he’s careening towards Andrew in goal.

Neil drops his racquet and slips his mark, watching impotently as striker, goalkeeper, and net all go tumbling into the far wall of the court, Andrew pinned under the mess and visibly struggling.

“Andrew,” Neil yells, skidding over to them and wrenching bulky arms and heavy netting out of the way. Andrew’s face is cool and closed off as ever, but sweat is plastering his hair and his breaths are shallow. “Andrew, are you okay?”

He rolls out from the weight and gets up angrily, Neil can see it lancing down his legs and shaking his balance just a little. Afraid and furious for being so. Neil wheels around on the striker who’s sitting up dumbly with the goal half pinning him.

“Glad to see you have as little control over your legs as your team does over their offence,” Neil snarls, and he hoists the guy up by his jersey so hard that it rips. He’s twice his size but Neil’s pure adrenaline, he’s a sharp cleaver on a helpless neck. “At least you’re consistent.” He shoves him back hard, and he gets a glimpse of the striker’s fearful pinched face before he gets knocked out on the corner of the goal.

Andrew has him by the neck of his jersey in the next minute, yanking him back too late.

“I hope it was worth it,” he hisses in his ear, and then Neil notices the red card being thrown up, the coach screaming at him from the sidelines. He can’t feel anything but numb relief.

It’s like the twin of Neil’s showdown with the ravens in his first year as a fox, the brutal body slam, the panic from across the court. Years later and he’d still rip his racquet or his contract with Ichirou in half if it meant keeping Andrew safe.

“It was,” he says confidently. He watches Andrew carefully for pain he would never communicate, tracking his easy stance, his controlled breathing.

“Your energy is misguided, as usual,” Andrew says. “You’ve killed the game.”

“I know,” Neil says fiercely. “But I couldn’t just let him—“

“Don’t confuse your problems with mine.”

“My problems are your problems, Andrew, we’re a team.” In every way.

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Little out of game things I loved during The Hunt™:

  1. Taliesin being so freaking giddy about all his plans coming to fruition!
  2. I’m telling you this man was so proud of himself, I can’t
  3. He did a little HAPPY DANCE for god’s sake!!!
  4. Liam looking over at Laura with pride and admiration as the events unfold
  5. That little concerned big brother look over her shoulder he does whenever she rolls her dice
  6. Just. All. The. Unspoken. Sibling. Stuff. Between. Them.
  7. All of them trying to be as helpful as possible during the fight
  8. Even though they aren’t there themselves, like they can’t DO shit but still…
  9. …they were just so INVESTED!
  10. I’m just so emotional about their friendship
Things I need in Teen Wolf
  • Scott telling Liam his usual “It’s okay” because he hasn’t in a while and I bet that’s why he’s so angry.
  • Isaac and Jackson coming back as friends and ready to fight <3 <3
  • More sexual tension between Theo and Styles because yas.
  • Kira and Malia friendship moments because where the hell are they?!?
  • Brason.
  • Derek coming back as a wolf and turning into a naked human again in front of everyone and he’s just so comfortable and Stiles is like- 
  • Some healthy, safe pack bondind time with laughs and love and no drama.
  • Parrish figuring out what the hell he is for gods sake omg.
  • Daddy Scott telling baby Liam about his first love Allison and all the butts he kicked before they met.
  • Lydia kicking ass and screaming and using banshee powers.
  • More sexual tension betwen Stiles and Theo because Steo af.

Louis at LAX - 23.11.14

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ugh for god's sake! Liam isn't making fun of 'fat people', he is making fun of the fact that people are calling him fat and he doesn't care! Liam is someone who was bullied all through school and I honestly don't think he would want anyone to feel bad about themselves. Why is everyone over analysing everything he says?! You're right there's nothing wrong with what Liam said and people need to get stop being such drama queens

Tell Me Yes

~this is for everyone who has suffered the wrath of Mockingjay Part One and needs something super fluffy. ohmyjoshiferr and I hope you all love it!~

Every time Liam put his arm around Jennifer, a rage grew inside him. He knew it was for their protection. So that they could be a couple in secret, but he couldn’t take it anymore.

But somehow she always managed to calm him down with her quick yet longing gazes. He knew she was just about as happy with the situation as he was but somehow those looks, filled with lust and adoration, stabilized all of his nerves in a matter of seconds.

And at night, he was the one who went home with her. The one who made love to her.

“Josh?” Her melodic voice broke him out his dark thoughts. “Come back to me!” She said in a teasing voice.

“Sorry,” He smiled trying to laugh it off.

Jennifer’s brow creased and she cupped his cheek. “Something’s wrong. Don’t lie to me.”

He brought his hand up to cover hers and leaned into her warm palm. “Let’s just do it today.”

This caused her to pull her hand away but he still had a gentle grip on her wrist. Jennifer’s gaze fell to their feet. “Josh, you know we can’t do that. Not now at least.”

Josh sighed. “Screw what they say.” Sneaking around for almost a year has killed him. They almost blew it with Cannes, but thank God for both of their publicists. “I am tired of hiding with you.”

“So am I. Believe me.” She was tired of everything. There were so many moments throughout the interviews where she just wanted to grab his hand or kiss those pink lips of his. “But you know why.”

He did know. And it killed him most of the time. “I know. And I hate it.” He leaned over, cupped her cheeks and kissed her slowly.

“I love you,” She whispered when they pulled away from each other. He sighed and gave her one last peck on the lips.

“I love you too.” She straightened out his tie for him with a shy smile on her lips.

“You get out first?”

He nodded as his hand headed for the car door handle. “We have to leave our queen for her grand entrance.”

“Shut up,” She giggled, slapping his chest lightly with her hand.

“I thought you were wearing the gold and black dress?” he asked before climbing out.

Jennifer smirked. “It’s not my fault it’s ruined.”

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” Josh smirked back at her right before he disappeared into the bright lights of the premier.

Jennifer cursed under her breath and waited a few minutes before climbing out of the limo. Fans that lined the streets screamed and chanted her name.

Their smiles clicked instantly at the shouting fans along with the rest of the cast scattered across the red carpet. Interview after interview passed and soon she and Josh were surrounded by cameras and Liam stepped in to save the day.

He threw his arms around Josh and Jennifer, almost blocking them completely from the cameras. The tabloids would probably just call it another “infamous Hunger Games” hug or something along those lines.

“You guys are lucky I’m here,” Liam smirked, “Those cameras probably would’ve caught you two making out for god sakes.”

Jennifer looked up at Liam. “Thank you.” She said and rested her forehead against Josh’s.
“I love you,” she mouthed.

He barely got to mouth the same words back to her before he was thrown into an interview by some interviewers near by. It seemed like all the questions were the same, and when Jennifer was asked certain questions about what she was doing now, she almost found herself slipping and giving away her private relationship with Josh.

The nicknames that they called each other just slipped out so naturally; she couldn’t help that she was used to saying them so often. Sometimes they just…popped out.

She knew she would be chastened by Liz later on, but she didn’t care. She only hoped they could some how manage to leave the after party and go home so she can have her way with him.

“Are you okay?” Josh asked her as they made their way into the theater.

She gently brushed her hand against his arm and smiled. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

Josh looked over his shoulder and pulled her aside by a dark corridor. “Don’t lie to me,” he said quickly pecking her lips.

“I’m not. I promise.” She looked up, finding his hazel eyes in the dark room. “Sometimes it’s just hard not to kiss you when you look so good.” He smirks at her.

He snuck his hand under the thick layer of her dress and gave her rear a squeeze. “You’ll make it up to me,” he whispered.

“You’re gonna get it for that, Hutcherson,” She whispers back with smirk while walking onto the stage with the rest of the cast. He grinned and walked in after her.


“Do you really want to stay here?” Her voice pleaded quietly in his ear, her eyes scoping out everyone around them. They were surrounded by all of the cast and crew, which they both love dearly but after all…Josh was still just a little “sick.”

The two of them were pressed up against each other on the dance floor, moving slowly to the beat. Josh nipped her earlobe. “No, I really want to go home and take you out of this tempting dress,” he said.

“I’m all yours.” Her smile was more of a smirk and he wanted nothing more than to kiss those baby pink lips. The temptation was so strong but the risk was way too high with all the reporters around them.

“I’ll leave first,” he whispered as they slowly walked toward the back exit. “Just hang out with Liam for about ten minutes and I’ll be waiting at home.”

Her bottom lip pushed forward, creating her infamous platypus face. “Ten minutes is so long…” She dragged out her words, exaggerating each syllable.

Josh rolled his eyes. “Oh, stop,” he said.

Jennifer crossed her arms and deepened her pout. “Don’t make fun of me.“

“I’m not, but you’ll live.” She rolled her eyes, watching his every step out the door.

She subtly gives him the middle finger and pouts back to the bar where she orders a beer. "Loverboy ditch you?” Jena asked a few minutes later, after noticing Jennifer’s sulking.

She let out a hum in response, taking another swig at her bottle before she looked down at the timer ticking away on her phone. “That’s probably what it looks like.”

“I’m confused,” Jena said, eyebrows furrowed.

“Good.” Jennifer smiled and straightened out her long, black dress. 7 minutes and 15 seconds.

She might have started the timer a little early.

“Well I guess we’ll catch up later.” And like that, Jena had gone with smirk on her lips. She tore away from the bar ledge in search of one very tall, bearded man.

Jennifer saw Liam standing at a table and she trotted over to him, hoping to kill some time until she could meet Josh at his house, which was hers too. Well not really. She had moved in with him just a few weeks ago, her actual house a few minutes down the street from his, serving as a decoy. It was the only way they could possibly keep their relationship to themselves.

5 minutes and 23 seconds.

They haven’t told anyone yet. Everyone just assumes that they’re neighbors now. Why the hell would I need a second house? She laughed to herself, grabbing the attention of Liam right next to her. She tipped a little to her side and rested a hand on his arm for support.

“A little buzzed are we, Lawrence?”

Jennifer scowled. “Shut up,” she growled.

3 minutes and 45 seconds.

She just wanted to go home and see Josh again.

“You know you don’t have to hide it from me,” Liam said. “Francis told me a month ago about you two. Why do you think you and I are doing so many interviews together?”

She laughed again and finished off the rest of her beer. She figured he had known.

“You mean you think I didn’t do those interviews out of love?” She gasped dramatically, holding a hand to her heart.

“You’re full of crap.” They both laughed and tried to ignore the cameras probably closing in on them any second. The vibrations from her phone were some kind of miracle.

Not even five minutes after the words ‘timer done’ had flashed on her phone, her goodbyes were all done and she was out the door.

The ride to her and Josh’s house seemed to go on forever, but as soon as she saw the wooded yard and the abundance of trees, she let out a sigh of relief. Jennifer needed her rock, and needed him bad.

She thanked the driver with a generous tip. He had even given into her demand to drive as fast as possible. Somehow, there had been no sign of any paparazzi anywhere. She was more than thankful.

When she entered the house, Josh was nowhere to be found, which was unusual.

She tossed her shoes to the side along with her small purse. “Honey?” She shouted letting her voice echo against the walls. There was no answer. “Josh?” A rush of panic ran through her as she walked through the house looking for Josh. He was nowhere to be seen and she could not figure out what the hell was going on.

“This isn’t fucking funny,” She muttered under her breath soon stomping up the steps to find the problem. She checks the bathroom first. Nothing. Then she checks the master bedroom.

“If this is some kind of prank-” The small piece of paper that sat neatly on top of the made bed interrupted her from voicing her inner thoughts.

‘Jennifer, I wanted tonight to be special. Follow the clues that are listed below,’

Her mouth hung open in shock for a couple seconds. She had no idea what to even think but she picked up the small card anyway.

Clue #1: Our favorite place to visit in the early morning hours.

“What the…” She breathed out, words twisted in confusion.

The back patio. That’s where they spent most of their mornings. From early morning sex or just watching the sun rise. She knew where to go.

She laughed out loud, finding the next clue right on the table on the back patio. Jennifer could not believe he was sending her on a fucking scavenger hunt. She grabbed the next card, appreciating the extremely messy handwriting she only knew to be Josh’s.

Clue #2: Why don’t you grab your keys and head over to your “second house”, neighbor.

She didn’t even have to see it to know that he had the biggest smirk while writing that. At this point she was done complaining about whatever little game this was. She just wanted to find him immediately.

She walked into the garage, not even surprised to find another card in her windshield wipers.

Not a clue but you should probably check something you’ll never ride.

That damn Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Jennifer sighed and walked over to the motorcycle that was parked at the other end of the garage. A single rose and another notecard sat on the seat.

Clue #3: I wish I could give this rose to you, Katniss. Why don’t you come to me and maybe I can.

She shook her head with a small smile, recognizing the line from the movie. She took the flower before she hopped into her car. At least her destination was only down the street.

There were no lights on, at least none that she had seen. The only noticeable thing was the bright white card against the dark paint of the door.

“God, how much longer is this?” Almost as if he had predicted her thoughts, she read the next clue.

You’re getting close. I promise. Clue #4: Remember where we christened your new house first?

She grinned. Jennifer would never forget the two of them tangled together in her bathtub, moving slowly as they made love after a long day of moving. Maybe he would just be waiting for naked in there. One could only hope.

She unlocked the door quickly, turning on some lights before rushing upstairs. The bathroom door was wide open and the bright lights poured through. There the card was sitting, perched up by a candle on the sill of the bathtub.

Clue #5: The place all of our dreams are made.

“This isn’t funny!” She called out walking towards her bedroom. This game he was playing with her wasn’t fun anymore and she was growing impatient. Jennifer pushed open the door, relieved to see him next to the bed, facing away from the door.
“Joshy, was all of this really nec-” Her question was cut off by the sight of the room. Candles lined every shelf and table top of the entire bedroom. He had changed back into a suit, the black material clinging to his every muscle. She barely had time to think before she saw him down on one knee, a small velvet box propped open in his hand.

“Oh my god,” she mumbled. She wasn’t expecting this. Not at all.

She cupped her hands over her mouth as her eyes practically bulged out of her head. She could she his hand shaking.

“Okay I know this isn’t the ideal time but…” She could sense his nervousness and she wished that he realized how happy she was in that moment.

She couldn’t say anything. She just let him ramble. “But I couldn’t wait anymore. I know we’re waiting until part two comes out to make us official, but I’m done waiting to marry you.”

“I know this is sudden but I love you. I love you so much it almost hurts me.” She was sure her hand was shaking over her mouth at that point. “Jennifer, please say something.” His eyes were pleading, his hand gripping the box impossibly tight.

She stepped forward and covered his hand with hers. His whole body shuddered in fear of denial. Finally, she had spoken.

“You’re such an idiot.” The dreaded silence drowned the air around then. “And I fucking love you. Yes. Yes. Yes. A million times yes.”

Josh sighed in relief. “I was so scared you’d say no,” he said, slipping the ring on her finger.

“You’re crazy,” She smiled and happy tears slid down her face as she watched him put the ring on.

He shook his head, cupped her face and brought her lips to his. It was rushed and messy but exactly what they needed. Their relationship would never be normal and this was the closest they could get to that. She just wanted to kiss him until they both passed out. Tears mingled where their lips met but they did not care whatsoever. Somewhere in the mix, his tongue slipped in, tangling hers with his own. She gripped his shoulders so tight she was afraid it would bruise. He held and kissed her back with the exact amount of passion and intensity, maybe even more.

Josh’s finger started untying the string to her dress. He needed her now.

He kissed down her neck as the dress fell to the floor. Her back arched, pushing her closer to him. She pushed the suit jacket off his shoulders and took out the clip out of her hair. His mouth sucked on the dip in her collarbone, one spot her knew drove her crazy.

“Josh,” Jennifer whispered breathlessly.

“Yeah?” He asked in a calm whisper.

She pulled away from him just slightly to point to her ring finger, now with a shiny diamond ring. “Ack!”
Josh held his head back in laughter and shook his head. “Way to ruin the moment,” he said.

“Shut up,” She laughed with him, “You love it.”

“I do,” He smiled, pulling her closer so her lips were only a breath away, “I love you.” His lips latched onto hers once again and she sighed in response. They went slower than usual, both wanting to savor the happy moment. He gently laid her down on the bed behind them. After the rest of their clothes were shed, Josh smiled down at her. He truly couldn’t believe it had happened and she had said yes.

With each kiss across her chest, lavishing her supple skin with his tongue, he whispered an ‘I love you”. She couldn’t contain her happiness at all, letting him see the widespread grin across her lips that would probably never disappear.

“Josh, please,” She sighed, her voice throaty and quiet, “I want you. Now.”

He groaned into her neck as she hooked her ankles together at the small of his back. He pushed into her, slow and gentle, eliciting a string of moans and sighs from both of them. Her nails clawed at the skin on his back and his switched between caressing her body and being tangled in her hair. Together, they found a steady rhythm that threatened to bring them over the edge quickly with each trust. His hand seeked hers in the sheets, entwining them together with a tight squeeze. His hips began to snap against hers faster and faster, their breathing becoming desperate puffs of air. She threw her head back at the feel of the incoming waves of pleasure. He clenched his jaw, closely falling apart right after her.

After they came down from their high, Josh stayed inside her, his gaze transfixed on her blue eyes. “You’re beautiful, you know?”

She hummed happily against his lips and snuggled closer into his sweaty skin. “Nope. But I think you’re very pretty.” Her smile still hadn’t disappeared. It got even wider when she brought her left hand up to cup his jaw and the sparkle of her ring caught her eye.

“You said yes.” When he said it, his grin grew even more. He still couldn’t believe it.

“Did you think I wouldn’t?” Her fingers played with the short hairs at the back of his neck. Their legs were completely tangled beneath the sheets.

“No. I mean…I don’t know. Can you just let a guy be nervous?” He laughed, letting his voice drop to a whisper. “Besides you’re you. How could I not be scared shitless?”

“You mean you were afraid I would give you another concussion? I understand. I’m a little intimidating that way.”

“You’re unbelievable sometimes, you know?” He asked, his hand resting on her bare hip. “I thought we decided to never bring that up again?”

“You should know I don’t play by the rules, Josh. And you’re going to be stuck with this unbelievable-ness forever now so you better get used to it.”

“Unbelievable-ness?” He asked with a chuckle and she nodded confidently.
“You’re stuck with me forever.” Jennifer grinned and placed a quick peck on his lips.

“Who said I wanted to get rid of you?” He questioned, mirroring her same content expression.

“No one.” She shivered the tiniest bit, causing Josh to pull the sheets up over their bodies. “I’m just saying, you proposed to a girl who would’ve said yes if it was a ring pop in that box instead of a real ring.”

“And that’s exactly why I did it. You’re perfect for me

Preference #42: What You Do/Say When He Does Something Stupid To His Career (Gifs)


“Your perfect Harry, they’ll love you no matter what.”


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“Really Zayn….. really.”


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Hey, Sasha!! How are you today? Love the blog. I check it out almost everyday as I can. You're smart and knowledgeable with a slice of realizism and common sense. Don't let the haters say otherwise and keep doing your thing. Don't change a thing. I would like to make a comment on the so-called "Zerrie" tattoo (it's not Perrie, for god's sake); it's Liam. Common sense dictates Zayn does not love Perrie enough to get her tattooed on him. He loves Liam (you lose, Zerrie shippers).

Hi lovey. I’m good thanks for asking. Awww, thanks for your support. I will continue to reign as the resident Blue Meanie of the 1D fandom.

Artist’s rendering of me:

As for the infamous tattoo, I used to think the Girl!Liam theory was kinda farfetched. But now, in light of all the fuckery we’ve seen go down with Zerrie, it’s possible, imo.

I think a lot of people took a look at that tattoo and accepted that it’s Perrie, no questions asked. And I get that. That’s not an unreasonable reaction. But like all things with this fauxmance, upon closer inspection everything is shady as hell.

What we know about the tattoo:

  • Liam went with him (along with Louis) to go get it. But for whatever reason he bailed and went for a walk after they got to the tattoo parlor. Was he upset by Zayn getting Perrie on his arm? Was he upset because Girl!Liam was going to be passed off as Perrie? Hmmm…
  • The tattoo was not based on a picture of Perrie, which imo is the shadiest part of the whole deal. If you’re gonna get a tatt of an actual person, wouldn’t it be very helpful to bring the tattoo artist a pic of said person? Like…hello common sense? Zayn could have pulled up a pic of Perrie off the freakin’ internet on his phone since she was running around trying really hard to look like a tattoo that didn’t exist yet.

That wasn’t her usual style of dress either.

Perrie, May 5th 2013 (London)

Perrie, May 21st 2013 (London)

There was only a 3 degree (celcius) temperature difference between those two pix. But that’s none of my business… 

“ spoke exlcusively to the artist responsible for the tatt and John James Garancheski III (best name ever?) confirmed that Zayn came in with a image based on his girlfriend.

He said, “He wanted to do like a punk rock-ish…like a comic character. Like a girl that was kind of comic’d-up and had a little bit of a punk rock look to her.

"So we took a couple of images and put them together. He did a little sketch on a piece of paper for me. He was like ‘I’m kinda thinking something like that.’ I was like ‘Well, let me work on it.

Is it just me or did the tattoo artist say NOTHING that confirmed the image was based on Perrie as Sugarscape stated?? Ahhh, the power of suggestion. 

Zayn told The Sun, “It’s not a direct portrait but it’s all the things that I like about her.”

That sketchy quote (which is definitely made up imo) is very important. As we all know, The Sun is HJPR’s (1D’s PR team) official mouthpiece. And even The Sun says the tattoo is NOT a direct portrait.

  • Zayn was working on this tattoo since at least December 2012. So as some media outlets tried to spin it, he didn’t come up with the tattoo idea as an apology to Perrie for “cheating” on her January 2013 (another HJPR manufactured story).

  • So, with Zayn’s sketch and another mystery “image”, the tattoo artist came up with this sketch:

Ok, pump the brakes. Zayn was/is a wealthy man. He can afford the best tattoo artists. Why doesn’t this sketch look more like Perrie? Even a comic’d up version should look more like her, imo.

Even though this is a unicorn–this unicorn looks just like Tupac, know what I mean?

It does bear a passing resemblance to her. But funnily enough, it bears a passing resemblance to Liam as well. The button nose, full lips and shape of the face all feel Liam-esque to me. Did Zayn plan it that way? Is that why he didn’t use a picture of Perrie even though she was out there dressed like the tattoo he had in mind? It’s just not logical and Zayn is not stupid. Hmmm…  

So is it Perrie or is it Girl!Liam? You decide.

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Pairing: Liam x reader

Prompt: Liam is becoming distant and you grow very curious as to why…

A/N: I know I haven’t wrote in ages. I am hoping to post like I used to. I really miss writing, I just need IDEAS! So please send them in. xo

You would have never thought that your friendship with Liam Dunbar would come to an end. You and Liam were so close, and all he was doing was breaking your heart. You liked him as more than a friend, but Liam didn’t know that. You never wanted to tell him, especially now since he was avoiding you at all costs. Mason had noticed the sudden change in his friend as well as you did. He would ignore your stares, phone calls and texts. If he saw you walking towards him he would jog in the other direction. You wanted an answer as to why he was doing this to his two best friends. You were determined to get to the bottom of this.

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Your His Sister and One Of The Boys Takes Your Virginity

This is my favorite request omg.

Niall ; Wow. That was all he could say when Liam first introduced him to you. He’d never seen such natural beauty in his life. Warm , big brown eyes , gorgeous light brown hair , those sexy long legs , and your olive complexion was enough to drive Niall out of his right mind. Not one part of you resembled Liam , which made it easy for Niall to absolutely drool over you. Everything about you , to him , was perfect. Your sense of humor , how easy you were to approach , you were practically made for him. The only thing standing in his way , at this point , was Liam. He made it abundantly clear to all 4 of the boys that his sister was completely off limits. But as soon as you walked into Liam’s birthday party , all bets were off. Those pants were so tight , and your shirt was just so low. Low enough that his mind was wandering off to dangerous places. He decided to make his move as you approached the bar , politely asking the bartender to refill your cup. His arms snaked around your waist as he pulled you off into another room , abandoning your vodka at the bar. Turning around , you were faced with a flustered looking Niall and sighed with relief. “Sorry if I scared you but , I just couldn’t wait anymore.” He whispered , unzipping the back of your top. “Niall , I’m still a virgin.” You remarked , a moan quickly following it. He didn’t stop , only reassured you it was fine. He took it nice and slow , but it did not stay that way for too long. It moments it started getting sloppy and rough , and it took everything in you not scream. Once it was all over , Niall did his best to sneak you both out of the room , his hand intertwined with yours. But to no avail , because as you lead Niall down the hall , you literally walked right into Liam’s chest. You looked up and were greeted by a red faced Liam , his arms crossed as he furrowed his eyebrows. The awkward silence was real as the two of them exchanged glances. “Out of all nights , you take my sisters innocence at my fucking birthday party.” He huffed. Niall shrugged , tugging you along to tend back to your drink.

Harry ; He was beside himself , to say the least. You were most certainly anything but the chubby , flat chested 16 year old anymore. Oh my god , not even close in the slightest. It was evident to him , as well , that you lost more than just a couple pounds. The sexy curves and the slender facial structure were proof. Little (Y/N) Tomlinson was anything but little anymore. That little black dress was breathtaking , it hugged every right spot on your body. If Louis knew what Harry was thinking about right now , he’d kill him without a second thought. But damn , you were so stunning. A small part of him felt out of line to being having such dirty thoughts about you. You , his best mate’s sister , parading around with a red solo cup as your hips swayed. He needed you all to himself , all alone so he could fulfill his thoughts. The conversation was started with you pulling him in for a hug. But your perfume drove him crazier , if that was even remotely possible. Soon the conversation came to a close , and the only things coming out of both of your mouths were grunts and moans. He did you right there , on the bathroom sink of the night club. When it was all said and done , his eyes were focused on you as you slid that sexy black dress back on. Watching you put that dress back on made him wanna take it off all over again. “You sure this was your first?” He teased. A small giggle and a smile was earned from you as you slipped your heels back on. Walking out of the bathroom door , Harry’s big hands laid provocatively on your waist , the two of you were greeted by a very unhappy Louis. Your face turned a crimson red as Harry’s hands remained their place on your hips. “Harry did you just fuck my sister in a public restroom?” Louis asked bluntly , eyes floating to his grip on your hips. Harry’s curls bounced around as he slowly nodded , his hands quickly flying to his sides. “Well I hope you enjoyed it because it’ll never happen again.” He huffed , grabbing your wrist as he dragged you back to your apartment.

Zayn ; He was totally taken aback. God , he couldn’t stop staring at you. He felt himself get excited every time you catches his glance , eyes twinkling as you shot him a cheeky smile. You were stunning , especially when you did that sexy lip bite. For gods sake , he coulda done you right there , in front of the whole room. Your hair was bouncing all over the place , and all he could think about was tugging on your curls while he… “Zayn stop staring at my sister!” Harry hissed as he passed him. A small blush creeping on his cheeks. But as soon as Harry left the room , his eyes were back on yours. Watching you as you walked towards him. Without a word , you latched into his wrists and dragged him up the steps in secrecy , careful so nobody would notice. As soon as the two of you were alone , the door shut & locked , you were all over him. A part of him knew it was wrong , but there was no way he would refuse. His hands were throwing off both yours and his clothes in what felt like a millisecond. He ran his hands along your waist , up and down every inch. You had mentioned it was your first , and it didn’t bother him in the slightest. A few thrusts later the two of you were frantically putting your clothes back on , Zayn slipping his number into the back pocket of your jeans. As soon as Zayn hit the bottom step , all 4 of the boys shot him a look. You glanced at Harry’s balled fists before slightly shielding yourself behind Zayn , gripping onto his bicep. “Sex was great.” You blurted out , causing everyone to laugh and make Harry’s face redder.

Louis ; His eyes were practically glued to you all nigh. Every time he tried to look away , they somehow managed to find their way right back to you. There was definitely something about you , something very edgy & sexy , the vibe you gave off made you so intimidating but becoming. It might have been that thick , curly black hair. Or your fit body and all those curves , and the way your smile practically made him all giddy. Oh god , you looked so sexy in that dress. Zayn hadn’t really introduced the boys to his other older sister , and now he knew why. Louis was literally drooling over you , all he could think about was ripping that dress off your body and having his way with you. After striking up a conversation with you , he knew what he wanted. “Why don’t we sneak off for a little bit.” Louis whispered in your ear , trying his best to overpower the music. You bit your lip and nodded in agreement , his hand falling dangerously close to your bum. As soon as he shut the door to the bathroom , he aggressively plopped you onto the counter. “Louis , this is my first.” You whispered between kisses. He didn’t mind , and he made that abundantly clear to you. Not a second was wasted , and he did not make it sweet and pretty. Clothes were ripped , small moans were coming and going. As you were both about reach the end , Zayn opened the door and you swear you heard a screech. “Oh my - holy shit you - not a virgin - Louis!?!” Zayn shrieked , eyes wider than you’ve ever seen. Your fave grew hot as you tried to yank down your dress a bit. “Yeah , now will you close the door we’re tryn finish. How rude of you not to fuckin knock!” Louis hissed. Zayn , shocked and uncomfortable , closed the door and backed out.

Liam ; The first time Liam met you was literally the best day of his entire life. You were breath taking , beautiful golden hair and big blue eyes , and your sense of humor was matched exactly to Niall’s. You were so cute , your accent had him mesmerized. Although Niall had made it clear that you were off limit , and that was final. But after finally getting a chance to know you , Liam just had to disregard the rules. And now somehow six months had flown by , and you were now moving in with Liam in his flat in London. Although Niall wasn’t too crazy about his best mate dating his baby sister , there wasn’t
too much he could do to stop it. You watched as Liam hauled in another box , his biceps slightly glistening in his muscle-tee. “Baby you look so sexy.” You growled. That was enough for him. It was only a matter of time before the two of you were panting side by side , round 3 better than the first two. The next morning you woke up to an empty bed. Confused as to where Liam was , you slid on a pair of panties and Liam’s muscle tee ;) and headed for the kitchen. “Oh Li , i think I’m ready for round 4. You were so-” As soon as you rounded the corner , you were greeted by a frantic looking Liam and a speechless , disgusted Niall. His eyes scanned every inch of your appearance , every love bite , every bruise , and it didn’t make matters worse that you were pants less and in Liam’s tank. “For gods sake Liam , what the fuck did ya do t me sister??” He asked , baffled and a little uncomfortable. You shrunk as Liam let out an awkward cough , shrugging as Niall tried not to look. After what felt like years of silence , Liam spoke up “I wanna tell you It won’t happen again but , it probably will after you leave. Sorry. I’m really sorry.”

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anonymous asked:

How do you think Teen Wolf characters would ask you on a date? How do yuou think would be most shy?

okay I feel a few of them would be similar in the way they ask you out. Scott, Isaac and Liam would be the complete shy, dorky ones that aren’t too sure what they’re meant to be doing. You probably wouldn’t even know you’re out on a date with Scott until you’re there and he’d be like “is it okay if I count this as a date because I was too shy to ask if it could be…”. Isaac would probably tell you he has something really important to ask you and then panic and just send you a note in class asking if you’d be okay with going on d ate with him but you TOTALLY don’t have to. But please go on a date with him. And Liam… I think Scott and Stiles would be kinda pushing him over to you and then Stiles would just say “FOR GODS SAKES, LIAM! (Y/N), WILL YOU GO ON A DATE WITH HIM?” and then speaking of Stiles… he wouldn’t be so much as shy but he’d freak out on you. He’d probably just storm up to you when you’re at a locker and yell “(Y/N) WILL YOU GO ON A DATE WITH ME? PLEASE? AM I YELLING? PLEASE?” omg uh Derek would probably be the most suave about it and just straight up say “hey, do you wanna go on a date some time?” yuh