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PR is very aware of how ridiculously obvious is that Ben lives in Normandie, drives Mia’s Jeep and his voice is in her videos at night when Darren is out of LA

So is Darren acknowledging that B is his “roomie” cause the evidence that B lives there is so overwhelming? YES

Ben moved there in June 2015.

Ben was never quite about living there. That’s why they started this roommate thing. It would be the only logical explanation to both of them in that house. Except darren doesn’t live there 

And it’s so funny that some miarrens didn’t have a clue about who Ben is when he is practically shoving in our faces his presence next to Mia. It shows how blind they are.

Ben posted in FB that he moved to LA a couple years ago. He goes back to London for family visits and sometimes work. He LIVES in LA FULL TIME.

Ben and beardie are the real couple living in that home and D uses it for PR purposes when it suits him

PR team AND a “social media manager”finally realise d they’ve got to explain the third man’s existence

3 individually wealthy people (adults), sharing a small-ish 2 bedroom house. With a dog one of them has been “seriously” allergic to since Chris got Cooper. That was ignored by fans since 1 roomie posed in another roomie’s clothes, in the master bedroom

This older man, an accomplished musician in his own right, who is definitely not broke, is living at Darren’s “house” with him 

Fic: Duet

Summary: Kurt Hummel has certainly complicated Blaine’s life. And it’s Blaine’s own fault. But still. He’s just not sure what to do. Duets. That is the Glee club assignment of the week. And that’s really what has gotten him into this mess.

After being beaten up at a dance for being gay, Blaine leaves his old school for McKinley - where he promises to jump right in - glee club, basketball, choir, even superhero club. But he will not come out. Not until college. He’ll just manage and thrive knowing it’s just two years away. Kurt Hummel was not part of the plan.

Loosely based on the prompt: “Why are you so clingy people will think we’re dating- I know we are but you’re the one who wants it to be secret you moron!” AU

Words: 4100

Rating: Mature

On AO3


Kurt Hummel has certainly complicated Blaine’s life. And it’s Blaine’s own fault. But still. He’s just not sure what to do.

Blaine has known he was gay since he was 11. It was nothing earth shattering or terrifying really. More like a ‘Huh. okay. I guess that’s me,’ when he was watching Dawson’s Creek and there was actually a gay kid on his screen.  He knew that that’s who he would be one day.

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Thank you.

Glee has ended. I don’t know what to do.

I started watching this show in the middle of season 2 (USA) and in the middle of season 1 (NL). It was on dutch television and I just… tried.

My first ep was Sectionals, then Hell-O and my first full ep was Power of Madonna. After season 1, RTL5 started airing season 2 and after that, I joined tumblr somewhere after The Purple Piano Project (USA). That’s when I started watching it with America.

I cannot describe how much glee means to me. I’ve given it a lot of crap, yes, I must admit that. But I will always carry this in my heart.

But the show isn’t the thing that made me love glee. Sure, it did great things and in a way, saved my life. But it was also full of shit. Still, it’s my favourite show.

But the fandom is the thing I loved the most. I loved our rants, our riots, our speculations, our edits, our everything. Sure, there were bad parts, but every good thing has them.

I’d like to thank a lot of people, so this wil be under a read more.

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FYI -  For those who wanted it I have now added the source to the RM quote from earlier about losing interest in his projects after a period of time…

I don’t think, btw, that the fact that he was done telling the story he wanted to tell on Glee (which many of us could feel he was) means that he wanted the show to be cancelled - it was a mammoth success, employing lots of people and lots of writers and crews etc.. - he’s ambitious with an ego. He for sure wanted it to continue. But I know many of us could feel that “what on earth are you doing?” or “where is this going?” or “do you have a plan?” or “haven’t we already told this story?” or “why is it taking you 36 episodes to move them on?” at many points from season 4 on…Brad Falchuk once said in an interview that for story purposes, it would have ideally been three years.

It seemed to me like they had a real chance to grow it with Glee NYC. It was truly different and letting the beloved characters grow into adulthood. But I do think that is what he is weak at - just growing with the characters away from the original concept and being character driven. He is so good at creating the characters, smelling the talent, executing the concept - but the long haul of organic character growth seemed to elude him with Glee. By season 5, I think RM’s passion was gone and some of the actors were also done…So anyways. They did a full circle season 6 that had its moments and didn’t have its others and gave us our happy ending. And so the story ends.


Today is the most important day of the year: Fanfic appreciation day!!!! 

I truly cannot say enough how much fanfiction has meant to me. It has helped me through depression, anxiety, stress, huge life decisions, it has cheered me up when I’m upset, provided an escape when I’m stressed, it has made me cry, laugh, scream, squeal, blush, but most of all it has truly been, aside from making some really wonderful friends, the highlight, and my most favorite part, of being in an online fandom. 

As someone who has read some piece of fanfiction almost everyday in the last 6-7 years, who has a fic rec list of over 350 stories, and who has a list of over 100 stories still to add.. I truly mean it when I say fanfiction has been such a large part of my life, and I surely hope that never changes! 

I am constantly in awe of the words, the stories, the ideas that writers come up with, the pictures they paint and the universes they build, all from the talent and creativity and vision they have inside of them. Even a year and a half after Glee has ended, I am still in awe of the passion and the originality and the joy writers are continuing to bring to their stories. 

I’ll never be able to tag nearly all of them because (1) my little pea brain will surely forget some, (2) tumblr won’t let me find them, and (3) some of the tumblr URLs are different than the URLs on AO3 etc., but I deeply, genuinely thank each and every writer in this fandom, and every fandom, for sharing your ideas and your passions with us, and for giving up so much of your time and your dedication to give us such beautiful gifts! (also these aren’t in alphabetical order because lol laziness.)

@idoltina @klaineanummel @ittlebitz @zavocado @alilactree @holdingdaylight @likechildreninafairytale @skivvysupreme @lalalenii @alianne @chatterboxrose @triddlegrl @princehummel @flickerthenflare @pseudowoodo @anisstaranise @lady-divine-writes @caramelcoffeeaddict @daltoneering @whatstheproblembaby @notthetoothfairy @notarelationship @vampireisabitstrong @sir-pyllero @analineblue @wipklaine @schuywalkersister @adiwriting @breakbonefever @style-of-blaine-anderson @luckiedee @controlofwhatido @lovetheblazer @mailroomorder @hazelandglasz @dreamingkate @a-simple-rainbow @andersub @pumpkinkurt @gleekto @writingsklaine @seblaiens @ttinycourageous @killersmythe @civillovefanfic @lilyvandersteen @xxxraquelita @flowerfan @rockinhamburger @gingerfic @marauder-in-warblerland @blainedarling @hedgerose @purseplayer @ckofshadows @slayerkitty @whenidance @missbeizy @jude-araya @villiageidiot @gsjwrites @warblerslushie @chazzam

Blaine Anderson: Unzipped

A follow up to Rockstar!Blaine by several requests. gleekto asked for the first date and littlefluffythings gave me the idea for Kurt’s pants. This seems to have turned into a series.

Kurt is tempted to wear baggy drop crotch harem pants just to be contrary, his natural bristling at someone telling him what to wear sort of an automatic first response. But it’s not every day he gets to have dinner with a rock star, and dressing to impress wins out over obstinance.

He yanks on a pair of jeans from his own line, so tight he has to hop around the apartment and flop onto his bed to tug them the last bit over his hips, sucks in a breath and does the top button then rubs the feeling back into his legs as the fabric stretches and gives just a little. Puffs out a lungful of air and stands to do up the rest of the button fly- a long asymmetrical line from left hip to the top of the right inseam of his leg, safety pin accents done up over the buttons.

He pairs it with a soft gray henley with sleeves pushed up to soften the look a bit, and a lavender neckerchief secured with a silver skull pin. Pulls on black leather boots, swishes some mouthwash and sprays one last layer of hairspray on and he’s ready to go. Easy. And about forty five minutes late.

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Some fics I most remember from 2014, written by people who are not me

1) Revival - by chiasmuslovesme A careful, honest, unusually human pursuit of what it takes to rebuild forever.

2) In the After - by judearaya early, early Klaine, lovely and breathless and full of communication and miscommunication and the joys of kissing, look for link to AO3

3) And Learn to See - by chiasmuslovesme Where Kurt has a boutique and Blaine has good taste in bowties and it’s all much more complex than that.

4) Before I Hit The Ground - by misqueue - sci-fi AU and so touching and detailed. The boys fall so hard and are full of bravery and damage and promise and love.

5) Catalysis - by nadiacreek a soulmates AU with a huge and fascinating world sitting right behind the story

6) To Be Myself - by wowbright Kurt Hummel grows up in the 80s and it is challenging in all the ways it would be and wonderful in all the ways he always is

7) Fall - by mockanddee set during Bash, this is physical and telling. As is all of mock’s advent fic.

8) Occasion - by mockanddee set during Old Dog New Tricks and just as physical and telling.

9) How to Make a Man - by flickerthenflare complex consideration of Blaine and gender and growing up

10) Dancing in the Dark - by flowerfan2 imperfectly perfect early Klaine sex

11) Very Married - by @airy-nothing adulthood and parenting and the weariness and loveliness of that

12) Astonishment - by judearaya - all sex and so much heart-eyed love

13) Back to the Start - by missbeizy intensely kind, deeply romantic, difficult and charming and hot story of arranged marriage and grief

14) In the Dark - by missbeizy sex in a crowded room. mmm.

15) To Be Your Own Altar - by the-multicorn not really Klaine, I mean, this is Kurt and Adam to start with. though I can’t see it without Blaine in the background. bloodplay, new thinking about sexual activity, lovely thing.

16) no need to be without - by misqueue extraordinary post-ep for shooting star that brings all sorts of things about Kurt and Blaine back together

17) Tutorial - by marauder-in-warblerland rom com at its finest, set in a college writing center

18) Heaven Couldn’t Wait for You - by joshbroban - this is a story about losing a sibling and is full of hard sad details and lovely Kurt

19) nimble fingers - by januarium sexy and funny, like Emma Stone is texting

20) close quarters - by the-water-nixie loft fic, curling up in laps

21) chord change - by inkstrangle fic during the break-up, Kurt with Adam but all about Kurt and Blaine

22) Bushwick Game Night - by @flamingmuse - wonderfully characterised time in the loft

23) whole wide world - by radishfics it’s a hitchhikers guide AU and I laughed a lot

24) Surface Tension - by gleekto summer camp romance and so worth reading again and again

25) Try Me On - by dontbefanci a little dance floor Kurt/Blaine with Elliot fic from the Hold the Line verse which is one of my favourite universes.

I am actually kind of shellshocked that in the last few weeks I am suddenly getting Darren in a brilliant acclaimed TV series as a huge lead  (so complex and horrific I am almost nervous for him) AND getting a new album collab’ing with his brother which is for sure music he wants to release and on his own terms and like it’s all happening suddenly and just WE ARE BLESSED.

So here’s the thing with Lea Michele for me as my dash goes in both directions…

I have always had what I call a removed connection from her because she is so polished and protective of her real self. I don’t think she’s fake. That is not the right word that I see thrown around sometimes - I think she has an exact way of doing fame that includes a very polished persona that I have a hard time relating to often because what my heart responds to are moments of vulnerable authenticity. And she generally doesn’t like to give us those…BUT. I also really like her because I remember when we get those rare glimpses, her talent, and ironically, because of her polished persona, her ability to do excellent fanservice when she wants (Facebook Live bless us)…

So what do I see? - I remember that she was the love of Cory Monteith’s life (who was the opposite of a polished persona), she is Jonathan Groff’s best friend, in her composed protected way in an interview  after Cory’s death  one day said “There are lots of things they don’t know (about Cory) and things they are not invited to know” (I appreciate that), she watches Glee, she shared a tiny bit of her what must have been unbearable pain after Cory died with us because she knew we were suffering too, she it a total type A who hates staying up late (totally relate), and she is a huge talent. I’m re-watching Glee and her acting is simply the most relatable and consistent of the entire cast. I have yet to see a single scene where she is off or hasn’t been able to work with even an outrageous script. Can’t wait to see her on Daveed’s comedy (get picked up!).

I like her. I appreciate her. And she has a right to hide herself.

So thought you might be interested, tumblr peeps…Let me introduce you to the amazing sport of volt hockey. It’s like hockey except in power sleds with blades at the front, making it accessible to many kids, including my littlest daughter…

That’s her moving in for the pass. She’s the youngest one on the team (6yo) and the only girl but she LOVES it.

She plays her first tournament next week. The little engine that could.

Prompt: “Why are you so clingy people will think we’re dating- I know we are but you’re the one who wants it to be secret you moron!” AU

So here is the set up for a fic I’ve apparently started…It will not be angsty…Just growing up and all that stuff…:


Kurt Hummel has certainly complicated his life. And it’s his own fault. But still. He’s just not sure what to do.

Blaine has known he was gay since he was 11. It was nothing earth shattering or terrifying really. More like a ‘huh. okay. I guess that’s me’ when he and his friend were watching Dawson’s Creek and there was actually a gay kid.  He just knew that that’s who he would be one day. 

Then one day came. It was in his sophomore year of highschool that there was another gay boy who wanted to go to a dance with him and he also wanted to go to the dance and slow dance and maybe hold hands and whatever else you do at dances. But instead they got beat up. In the parking lot. And that was terrifying. So he promised himself he would throw himself into his new school  - glee club, basketball, choir, even Superhero Club. But he would not come out. Not until college. He would just manage and thrive knowing it was just two years away. Kurt Hummel was not part of the plan.

For anyone who watched American Crime Story: People v. O.J. Simpson, we already know how incredibly brilliant this season one was. The acting, directing, writing - it was political and informative, compelling and so smart. The acting blew me away - so good it astonished me. It deserved every award it got. One of the most brilliant TV things I have seen.

Season 2 is about Hurricane Katrina and I already couldn’t wait.

Season 3 total switch again  - Versace, murder, intrigue…AND DARREN CRISS.

This is SO INCREDIBLE for Darren. SO happy for him. It’s beyond really.


(even though we have to wait until like late 2018).

anonymous asked:

Hi! With DDN no longer active here, do you know of any other Darren news blog to follow? I've seen one on Darren's tag before but I hear DACN is like the FOX news equivalent and their admins are like the Hannitys and FOX and Friends-ters and I no longer check the tags because of the amount of conspiracy theorists posting there. Thanks. P.S. I follow your blog for news AND reality based opinions but a just-news blog would be great too!

Yes always great to have just a news blog! And yes - there are two:

1. A new excellent source that has emerged in the last few weeks is dcriss-archive. She has kept herself under the radar but is doing an excellent job of getting big and smaller news up and out in an excellent format. A great blog to follow.

2.  There is also darrencrissarmy. They post many things doing a good job too. But I find their format a bit odd/I prefer ddn and dcriss-archive posting look.

And there is also still dailydarrennews on twitter which I follow as well.

Yes - DACN is a conspiracy theorist/tinhat blog that calls itself news but not only doesn’t post anything with Mia or Will (including the Every Single Night vid - their loss!), but has recently taken to editing others’ media (like Darren’s friends’ actual posts) to edit out Mia. It’s our own fandom world microcosm of fake news. 

I am good getting my news from almost anywhere - the only exception being conspiracy theorists (no thanks!) - just want the info, unedited. So enjoy!

My daughter has been cast as Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast and she is currently singing ‘Be Our Guest’ at the top of her lungs and it is delightfully hilarious.


anonymous asked:

ngl as someone who is part of the queer community, the continued insertion of straight celebs into queer events because they have played a queer character or played up to queer audiences really pisses me off. and that's not a dig at darren himself, i love him and i know he's a committed ally, it's an issue i have with the entertainment industry in general and their inability to hold queer events without token straight(s) involved. i'm surprised katy perry and joe jonas aren't on the list tbh.

Different anon asked:

I’ve seen a lot of people (mostly on twitter) talking about being a little uncomfortable with Darren going to that Queer Prom, since he’s not actually queer. While I usually disagree when people complain about him getting too much attention as an ally, I kind of agree in this case. It seems a little strange for him to be involved in something that’s supposed to be specifically for queer people. I’m curious about your opinion on this, because I always love reading your thought on these subjects.

Gleekto says:

So I want to say that I think this issue of ally of x being involved in x - in issues of representation to events to whatever is so much more complicated than I have ever seen remotely well articulated on tumblr. I so often see posts, for example, saying “Can straight actors stop playing gay roles!” and all I can tell you is that isn’t a world I want to see at all.  And I say that as someone who is desperate to see disabled people acting their own (and others) stories and trans people acting their own and others stories - Because there virtually are none. Honestly, I cannot even get into this on tumblr really except to say that context matters to me a lot.

So - the queer prom context. So here is the goal of the prom:

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