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@jaydickweek:  Talons/Court of Owls // Father Todd 

I know canon gives us formal and somber priest!Jason, but imagine snarky youth group minister Jason (a.k.a. my fave). No connection to Bruce or the afterlife, still the same snarky little shit he was as Robin. He’s a bit gruff because it wasn’t the joker that made him terrible at showing weakness, but he’s protective as hell. The kids fucking love him.


Most kids. Most kids love him. 

And then there’s Damian. 

Little feral assassin Damian, fresh out of a disastrous first meeting with Daddy Bats, and he most definitely doesn’t love Jason. But Jason knows an abused kid who needs a way out when he sees one, even if that situation is way out of Jason’s league. 

Jason has just started making real progress when Talon shows up. Luckily, and to his very great surprise, Jason’s got Damian to protect him. Of course, then Damian gets attached. 

Fast forward, Damian rehabs Talon!Dick by taking the don’t-be-a-murderous-asshole lessons he learned from Jason 30 seconds prior and teaching them inexpertly to Talon. He gets confused and territorial when Youth Minister Jason and Talon start building their own connection, which may eventually go in a slightly unexpected direction.

a.k.a. makin’ out. ♥

I cried while reading some of the 2015 Jughead comics because it felt like watching my own experiences drawn out on a page in front of me. 

Not understanding why everyone is so obsessed with dating

Being hurt when someone (albeit unintentionally) claims that being interested in sex and romance just makes them “normal”

Putting time and effort into getting to know someone because they’re neat and you want to be friends only to find out SHIT THEY THINK I WANT TO DATE THEM DID I LEAD THEM ON DID I GIVE THEM THE WRONG IDEA HAVE I RUINED MY CHANCES AT MAKING A NEW FRIEND WHAT DO I DO?

I fucking cried while reading this fucking comic because - even if he was fictional - this funny, likable, relatable guy, who daydreams and loves food and is perfectly happy going about his life without romance - he gets it. Finally someone who fucking gets it. 


*Apparently they’re blind as a bat expect for some really strong magic SIGHT, but it only really lets them see living things or magic..
*In other-words, it’s pretty friggin useless in a building.
*They move so fast despite being blind, i had no idea..

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Are there any cool tutorials on downsizing/upcycling T-shirts that won’t make me look like a high school freshman who feverishly hacked at their science camp souvenir shirt with safety scissors until it resembled something that might give their crush a boner in gym class?

Because all of my favourite T-shirts are too big on me now, but not big enough that it’s a lost cause and time to turn them into patches, and like… Doing intricate knot magic so that the back looks like a skull or some shit isn’t really going to fix that. But I’d feel weird just straight-up clean tailoring my Dave Strider shirt like a pioneer woman from the worst possible alternate timeline.

So, yeah. Neat ideas. Get at me.

ID #88327

Name: Alex
Age: 26
Country: NYC/USA

I’m still in school, studying biology. Trying to earn me license as a Veterinary Technician. Huge bookworm, mostly read fantasy and science fiction, but I am branching out to other genres. This year I’m going to attempt to start my own garden. Ive done it before but with a lot of guidance, but that was a long time ago, so Im doing this based off of the internet, some old books and my memory. Anyone who knows anything about this great! I’d listen avidly. I make my own kombucha (thats fermented tea), like to bake and i love to eat.
Im trying something new here. And I’ve always wondered about doing this pen pal thing. Kinda like the idea of snail mail, sending handwritten letters and some cool photos (did i mention i live in New York City?) among other things seems like a pretty neat idea. Im not opposed to email letters or whats app, granted after some chatting.
My tumblr gives a better sense of me than this. kinda. just started a new one, and its gonna take some time to actually get it where i want to.
I prefer someone near my age, could care less about the gender, i just want someone to talk to

Preferences: N/A

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67 and 91 for logic and princey

67. Don’t you just love it!
91. Help me hide!

I was gonna turn this into angst, but then I decided nah. Here’s your platonic logince, anon. Sorry it took so long to get it to you.

“Logic, I am in need of your assistance,” Prince said, popping up

Logic dropped the stack of papers he had been carrying in alarm. “Um, Roman. We have discussed your habit of popping up unannounced,” Logic said.

“Oh, my apologies,” Roman said, helping him pick up the papers.

They finished picking up the notes and returned them to a neat stack and then Logic asked, “What do you need my assistance with?”

“Well, I wanted to see if I could scare Anxiety. I mean, really scare that emo fool. Not a social situation. Not an attack. A jump scare. And you seem to be on good terms with him, for some reason, so I was wondering if you could give me any ideas,” Roman said with an evil glint in his eyes.

“We both know that I don’t do pranks. Besides, Anxiety stays afraid long term. It’s never really sudden. He’s not really prone to fearful emotional outbursts. He just causes them,”

“Oh, come on!” Roman said. “Don’t you just love it? I know you enjoy watching others do them. You grin like an absolute fool watching others do them,”

Logic thought back to the last time he had attempted a prank. It hadn’t gone well.

“No, I don’t think I shall be an active participant in your shenanigans. I will not tell him you are plotting something, however,” Logic said.

“Well, at least help me hide!” Prince said.

“If you’re thinking of jumping out, don’t do it. You’ll be nervous while you’re waiting and he can smell fear,”

“I simply cannot win, can I?”

“It would appear not,”

Sorry for lack of posts! (My queue is also running out…) I was playing mario Odyssey (which is rlly good btw like rlly rlly good pls play it whenever you have the chance it’s a must)

I have some rlly neat ideas ima do prior to comics to help give more background on things so I’m rlly excited about that. It’s also simple and it won’t be hard to accomplish so I can guarantee that for sure in the future.

probably unpopular opinion but

Ever since my tfp rewatch, I’ve been developing a sneaking suspicion that it might turn out to be one of my favourite pieces of media ever. I am not kidding about that.

This is a direct result of my decision, sometime yesterday, to try applying the mind bungalow keycode to the episode, a la @the-7-percent-solution: Eurus is John’s repressed desire; the episode is John’s tab, etc., etc. It works so beautifully, shot for shot, the whole thing becomes a complex machine ticking its way toward one conclusion: John is desperate for Sherlock to save him, in every possible sense of that verb. 

But it isn’t only the fact that tfp works so wonderfully in this reading that makes me love it so much: it’s that you have to dig through the rubble of the text itself to find this beauty. I’ve been struck, since yesterday, with the way that mofftiss somehow managed to make a thing that is so ugly on the surface, so repellent, so grotesque, nonsensical, ridiculous, that the primary response to it will be to look away, hate it, and never reconsider it. 

In the history of storytelling, this is a very weird achievement. The storytelling me wants to sit down and pull it apart, and try to figure out how it was done. (I suspect the real answer to that question involved a lot of giggling and possibly a few dares, alongside, one hopes, some serious talk about the symbolic network the episode meticulously creates on a subtextual level. But, who knows?)

My point is, I hated tfp so much on first viewing that I returned my theatre tickets. (Still don’t regret that–I’m not making any predictions with this reading, and if the whole thing goes to pieces in the coming weeks, and they leave us with the cliffhanger of textual mess / subtextually dying John, well, that’s not something I want to support with actual dollars, however I might admire it as a singular piece of storytelling.) I could never have imagined that I would pull such a hardcore 180 when, yesterday, I sat down, and went through the episode carefully, beat by beat. (I would never have given it another look if it weren’t for this fandom. So grateful for you all.)

My suggestion is, if you can at all stomach it, give the episode another look, and see how the mind bungalow keycode reading works for you. 

I’ll close this already too-long post with some thoughts on what re-reading and reinterpretation can do, and why I’m motivated to promote this particular reading (besides that it’s just, you know, neat). I’m not fully tin hatting, although I want tin hattery to be true, and I’m super excited by the possibilities. I started the rewatch from the point of view that tfp did not sit well with me, and the idea that my experience of it certainly couldn’t get worse with a second viewing. I wanted to see if there was indeed anything to the idea that the episode might make some kind of sense. In other words, I wanted to see if I could make myself happier about it.

This from another iteration of the tfp rewatch post, in response to someone who said that they wished the mind bungalow reading were “true:” 

Here is my entire point. It doesn’t have to be true. It just has to work.

An interpretation of a literary text has value insofar as it creates meaning and is consistent with that text. This one does, and is, to a shocking degree. I’m quite pleased with it.

Other readings (like the one I had yesterday, that the show is confusing trash), can also create meaning, and be consistent with the text. Fortunately we get to decide which one we like better. We can let ourselves be persuaded by the stronger reading, or, heck, the one that makes us happy.

The really important thing here is to take it for what it’s worth, and use it if you want, to help you reframe the episode for yourself. That’s what I did today, and it helped a lot. That’s how you become an empowered member of the audience.

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Dash leaves home. (for the first time)

#175 (Dash Universe)


Dash squirms on his bed, a fist in Rex as he watches his mom pull clothes out of his dresser drawers. Shorts. T-shirts. His underwear.

“Dash? Baby, can you show me which socks are the good ones?”

His stomach churns. “Only the ones with the stripes.”

“Okay, hang on,” his mother says. “Let me check the laundry. I know Daddy washed everything.”

Dash stares down at the suitcase. He’s supposed to lug that thing to camp? It doesn’t even have wheels. Mommy said she would carry it to his bunk, but what if he has to go real fast? What if he has to leave?

“Hey, buddy.”

Dash glances up and his dad is standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame. Rex wriggles under Dash’s hand and jumps up, bounding over to Daddy for a rub down.

His dad bends over and scratches Rex behind his ears, talking easily. “So Mom is looking for the socks that don’t scratch. And I thought I’d see if you needed any more help.”

Dash grips the edge of comforter and trembles.

“I don’t want to go,” he rushes out.

Daddy doesn’t look surprised. “You don’t want to go. Ellery will be there.”

“On the girls’ side,” he says, gritting his teeth. “Dad. I don’t want to go.”

“I know you don’t,” Dad sighs, sitting down on the floor. “It’s only for two weeks, and Mom and I think it’s a good experience.”

“I have issues.”

Dad laughs, rubs his hand over his face. “Right. Well, kiddo, thing is, we all have issues. At least you know yours. You’re ahead of the rest of them.”

Dash picks at his bedspread, his chest tight. “I don’t think I can do this.”

“I’ll make you a deal. You go with Ella, you spend the night. You call me in the morning. Take your phone-”

“I’m not supposed to take my phone.”

Daddy points a finger at him for quiet. “Take your phone. You call me in the morning, and we’ll talk about how it’s going.”

“I don’t want to go,” he whispers. “My anxiety is a ten, Daddy.”

“I get it, buddy. I do. And I’m hoping that you and me talking it through will give you some coping skills.”

“Talk is cheap.”

There’s a laugh and he sees Mommy coming back through into his room, stepping over Dad and ducking his head. “Dash, baby, found your good socks. Where do you want me to put them so you can find them?”

He stares down at the suitcase, the neat stacks of shorts and t-shirts, but he doesn’t know. He doesn’t have any idea what summer camp looks like, what his bunk looks like, what happens every day, what they’re supposed to be doing.

“Dash?” Daddy asks.

“You promised to take me on a tour. You promised.”

Mom sighs and sinks to the bed beside him. “Baby, we couldn’t. It never worked out. But you’re ten years old, and I know you can do this. Ella will be there-” 

“On the girls’ side,” Daddy says, wincing. 

Dash presses his hands between his knees and hunches his shoulders. 

Mom touches the back of his neck and squeezes. “We saw pictures online, remember? Do you want to look again?”

“Five pictures,” Dash mutters. “I don’t want to do this, Mommy.”

Dad stands up and comes to the bed, sits beside him, hushing Mom with a noise in his throat. “Dash and I talked about making a deal. He can call me every morning.”

“Or I can call Mommy?”

“No,” they both say quickly.

He scowls, glancing back and forth between them. “No?”

“Mom has work,” Dad says. “Mom-”

“Mo-om!” Ellery screeches from the other room. “Mommy, I need my brush!”

Mom yells back at her. “Find it yourself, Ellery Kate.”

Dash rounds his shoulders and tries to float. Float on the anxiety that’s a ten, float above the feeling of being sick sick sick in his stomach. Float away.

“Dash,” Daddy says softly. “Call me tomorrow morning. After you see how it goes. If I have to, if you need me, I will come get you.”


His breath comes a little easier, and he turns to Daddy. “You’ll come get me if I hate it?”

“I’ll come get you.”

“Rick, you cannot make that promise right now with the case-”

Ellery comes running into his room, dodging Rex on the floor to fling herself at the bed. “Mommy, Mommy, I can’t find it.”

“Ella, baby girl, we’re talking to Dash-”

“Dash is a scaredy-cat.”

“Ellery Kate,” Mom snaps. “Back to your room.”

Ella huffs and crosses her arms over her chest, but Mom glances back at him, like Dash knows what to do. Mom leans forward and circles her arms around Ellery, making Ella gasp as Mom drags her onto the bed with them.

“Listen, guys, this is important. I’ve got a case, at work. It’s very - it might take all of my time these next two weeks. Which is why it’s so great you guys are going to summer camp. You get to swim and do archery and ride horses. Dashiell, baby, I know you’re not happy, that your anxiety is high, but Ellery will look out for you. Won’t you, Ella? My good hearted girl.”

Ellery freezes, and Dash shrugs at her. Mom never - this isn’t like Mom.

Dad snakes an arm around his shoulders and squeezes tightly. “You take your phone, Dashiell. I don’t care what the rules say. We’ll talk to them about it. You have your phone, and you can call me.”

“But not Mom,” he says, sneaking a look at Ella.

She scowls and tilts her head back to look at Mom, which means Ella didn’t know nothing about it either.

“What if I don’t want to stay?” he says finally.

Daddy interrupts Mom before she can answer, talking over her. “Then I’ll come get you. Both.”

No,” Ellery says hotly. “Dashy. You have to stay. I’m not leaving!”

“All or none, Dash.” 

“Not fair,” he growls. “This is not fair. Just because of work.”

“Not just work,” Dad says. His voice is very quiet, very hard. “It’s more than work.”

“Mom gets bad guys,” Ella says proudly. “Dash, you better stay. I will punch you-”

“There will be no punching,” Mom declares. “And Dash - if you can’t - do it. Then you guys are going to Allie and Rafe’s.”

Dash groans, slumps back to his bed. “Too many girls.” Rafe is always at the restaurant. 

“Come on, kiddo,” Dad says, hauling him upright. “You were excited about camp last month. It’s just all that excitement building up and then not knowing what it will look like. Give it a chance. I know you can handle it.”

“Dash has issues,” Ellery says, kicking her feet in Mom’s lap. “But I don’t. Dashy, I can sneak over to the boys’ side and-”

“Let’s hold off on sneaking over to the boys’ side,” Dad says firmly. Mom laughs and leans down, whispers something into Ellery’s ear that Dad doesn’t seem happy about.

“Dad,” Dash says. His chest is funny. “Dad, I need a squeeze.”

“Okay, enough talking.” Dad embraces him and stands up, shaking him a little back and forth until Dash giggles. “You better? Because we need to pack. We’re leaving in an hour.” 

No. No, he’s not better, but it’s not just camp going on here. He glances to Ellery from the band of Dad’s arms, and she nods.

“I’m better,” he says finally. He’s gonna throw up, but at least Ellery is going with him.

And he can bring his phone. He can bring his phone and call Daddy and Daddy will come get them both and he’ll be stuck at Allie’s with girls, but it’s better than not having any place at all.

Mom stands up with Ella in her arms and comes into them, stepping right into Dad’s hard squeeze to kiss Dash’s forehead. “I promise we’re not just ditching you at camp, baby. I promise. Call Daddy every morning. I’ll do what I can to be close. I love you both. Ella? You hear me? I love you both.”

Mommy sounds like her anxiety is at a ten too.



Well, this is a very plain looking thing haha sorry ;;v;; I wanted it to be neat and readable so I just typed it all instead of handwritten it. Though I have no idea if people are still interested in my au, hue.

But this is basically everything so far about the main setting in Strangematsus; the thing that gives them those weird quirks to them! There are some notes about them as well in this too. And you can ignore the little cameo of me if you wanted I just needed another example of an emotion based Phenomena haha.

Here’s the link to the original post to explain what the Matsuno Sextuplets have as their Phenomena!

I guess the next thing to talk about for the Strangematsus Au is how each brother developed. Because the situations they developed vary quite a bit. Also angst. Though for this one I’m not sure how I should talk about it. I mean this format; while neat, is also a bit boring ;;v;; I mean I could write oneshots I guess?? Idk. I’d love to do something like a comic but it would take a very very long time to even finish.

Still, thank you very much for your interest in Strangematsus!!

[ Please don’t use my art without permission or credit while of course adding credit ]

I am super, super happy with this!

I’m making everyone Christmas gifts this year, because we don’t really have a ton of money to toss at Christmas presents. Which makes me crazy sad, cause I love giving gifts. But never mind that.

This one is for Steven’s dad, who really digs dream catchers and stuff like that. The background to the white weaving-type beading is actually clear, so I think it would look really neat somewhere where the light can come through it.

The pattern is one I came up with my self, after seeing some other peoples ideas online. I wanted a perfect circle so I just made my own, then filled in a pattern that I thought looked pretty good. The feathers are actually Mario feathers so I didn’t design those, obviously.

The feathers are attached with a bit of chain and some jump rings. Same with the top chain to hang it with. Sorry the photo is so dark, I’ve already taped up the foam boards around it or I’d take a better picture.

Like I said, I’m super happy with this and I hope Steven’s dad digs it as much as I do!

Exam Tips

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks drowning in marking exams and similar themes kept popping up, which made me think that maybe it might be a good idea to make a post about it to share some tips and suggestions.

  • Please write legibly. It doesn’t need to be the most beautiful and neat penmanship in the world, but I’m not kidding, marking your exam is ten times harder if I can’t read your writing. It seems like a basic thing, but please do try and make sure that your writing is legible.
  • Answer the question that was asked, not the question you wished was asked. When I’m marking exams, I want to give people points. I don’t like giving low scores on questions. I want you to do amazing. But, I have to mark your answer based on the question and if you write a page and a half that never actually answers the question, you will not get a good mark on that section. Don’t try and spin the question around into something you can answer or have more information on. Answer the question that was asked.
  • Commit to an answer. Waffling around an answer doesn’t get you a lot of marks. I know committing to an answer can feel scary because you’re either going to be definitely wrong or definitely right, but you need to take the risk and commit to an answer. 
  • Read the question several times before answering it and make sure you answer the full question. There is a difference between “define” and “evaluate” and “explain” for example. Make sure you read the question and understand what it is asking of you. If you are asked to explain and evaluate a concept, don’t just define it and give an example. 
  • Look at how much each question is worth. If a question is worth 12 marks and you only write a paragraph with about four points of information in it, you won’t get full marks. 
  • Answer every question, especially when there is no penalty for wrong answers. Take a guess if you have to, you might get part marks and part marks are always better than zero. Never leave a question blank, ever. Even if you only get one out of five, for example, that’s still one extra mark going towards your total. 

Travel is not always comfortable, even when the scenery is at its most beautiful. You look out the window, or you get too close, and the reality of the situation—the world you will soon be leaving behind—intrudes. I’m talking, of course, about crushing poverty, hunger, the kind of desperation people can find themselves in when feeding themselves and their families becomes a matter of immediate urgency. On Parts Unknown, we travel to a lot of places where people are poor. We either choose—or don’t choose—in every case, to concentrate on that aspect of daily life. We try—we try hard to acknowledge the reality of the situation, but often, admittedly, we shy away from diving too deep into awfulness because we’re aware that viewers will often be unable to take it, that they’ll find prolonged depictions of the way millions of people live around the world just too damned depressing. They will, in all likelihood, change the channel. And we don’t want that. 

So we make choices all the time. Choices about what I will show you of what I saw and experienced during my limited time in a destination—and what I won’t. It’s my show. I decide where we go. I decide what we do when we get there. And I decide what we show you when we get back and edit down 60-80 hours of footage to 42 minutes. That is a manipulative process. And not, inherently anyway, a bad one. I want you, the viewer, to feel the way about a place the way I want you to feel. I want you to look at it and see it from my point of view, if at all possible. Or at least, consider other points of view. But it is, almost always just one point of view —or one lens through which you are seeing things: Mine.

Not this week.

This week on Parts Unknown, we go to the little understood island nation of Madagascar—and we go with someone who most definitely has his own point of view. Darren Aronofsky is the acclaimed director of the films Requiem For A Dream,  Pi, The Black Swan, The Wrestler and Noah. People often ask what it would be like to come along on a shoot with me. Now you will see. We look at Madagascar, in many ways, through Darren’s fresh set of eyes. It’s a useful reminder, worth having, that what you see on the show is not the only angle. That we are looking at the world out my window. That there are other windows. That maybe, I’ve omitted something, shaded something, if only to present myself in a more flattering light. 

I was thrilled and honored and delighted when Darren approached us about coming along somewhere in the world to play with me and the Parts Unknown crew. It was his idea to go to Madagascar, largely for its unique eco-system and its environmental situation. My only request was that he shoot some footage—with whatever device he wanted to use. And that, at some point, he give us his version of at least a portion of the show for which we have already seen my version. So in ACT SIX, you will get an example of what may or may not be missing from the shows we make. An ugly, uncomfortable reminder that its not just pretty pictures and neat, hopeful sum-ups. It does not, I’m pretty sure, portray me in the best light. Or any of us for that matter. But there it is. I thought it was important.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Darren for being a great travel companion. Nearly two weeks of at times, very difficult living. Long, long uncomfortable train rides, bugs, hard beds, minimal plumbing, terrible heat. Darren is a vegetarian, so eating must have been tough. Though he seemed to be getting by mostly on rice, he never complained. Though he is in preproduction on a major Hollywood film, I never saw him on a cell phone. He never complained about lack of internet—or anything else. He went fully off the grid for the length of the shoot and appeared to enjoy himself the whole time. It’s a sobering reminder—one of many this episode—of how lucky I am. 

coquetteblossom replied to your post:

It’s weird how Murasame said that the SC are…

I’m really late replying to this, but in my opinion the difference is that in DR1 Junko had to literally wipe all their memories beforehand, while in the SC they all had their memories intact. The two games cannot be compared because they’re very different, but the fact that Junko decided to wipe the 78th’s memories MAY highlight that, otherwise, they might not have killed each other. Of course, there are many other reasons why she did it, but I think it’s important too.

One of the main reasons for wiping their memories though was so that they didn’t remember the circumstances under which they got locked into the school (i.e., that they did it themselves to escape the Incident), and therefore would want to get out. I suppose in a way, yes, if they had their memories they might not have started killing, but it’s less because they’re better people than the student council and more that they wouldn’t have had any motive to do so.

If Junko had left their memories intact and then threatened to expel everyone except the people who committed a murder and got away with it, would everyone have resisted? It’s an interesting question. (Also a really neat AU idea.)

You raise a good point though! I just think that the games are too different to make a moral judgement on one set of participants over the other, and I don’t agree with this estimation that the first game was “too easy” or that it happened because the student council were just worse people than the DR1 cast.

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Hey I know i might seem ignorant but how many and which genders are there

the concept of gender is more complicated than just “there are these genders and these are the possible genders everybody and anybody can be” tbh

as a very very basic outline, and keeping in mind that while I’ll try and explain this as accurately and respectfully as possible, i am still cis and may mess up, (please let me know if i do) there’s binary genders (male and female), and there’s non-binary genders. some people identify with more than one gender, their gender may feel like it changes (genderfluid), they may feel they have no gender (agender) and so on. they may also feel that their gender is a gender completely different from male and female, and outside the gender binary. somebody could identity partially with a binary gender and partially with a non-binary gender. a gender outside the gender binary could potentially be anything and there’s a potentially infinite number of gender identities - and one non-binary person could define and relate to their gender identity completely differently to somebody else :)

there are also genders specific to certain cultures or races, but as a cis white person, i’m not going to do more than acknowledge that they exist bc i don’t feel it’s my place to do more than that. 

hopefully this gives you an idea of how complicated the concept of gender can be? and how it can’t necessarily just be organised into neat little categories and boxes? and if you want to learn more about some of the gender identities/terms you might find associated with gender identities, specifically non-binary identities, you can find some here :)

Hetalia Fandom Hub June Interview: @inspirationalhetalia

For our first interview, I’m talking to @inspirationalhetalia, an edit maker and quote enthusiast!

Hi! Can you quickly introduce yourself for everyone?

I’m @inspirationalhetalia, but thankfully that’s not the name on my birth certificate. I’m CC. I have a name, it’s so surprising, I know. I’m 19 so a college sophomore and I cry as I write this, how am I 19 and still liking Hetalia. My blog’s actual purpose is putting Hetalia quotes on top of pretty pictures which is the dumbest idea ever but listen. On the side I do edits and graphics, which I know is what most people follow me for, ha. 

How long have you been in the fandom and how did you get into it?

I’ve been in the fandom since December 2010. Actually, how I learned about Hetalia is… probably not how most people did. So at that point in time, the website I frequented most was Cracked. And I was reading an older article. ‘9 Beloved characters Made Horrifying by Japan.’ And then I got to the second spot, awarded to Hetalia. But god I was actually kind of intrigued? So I checked it out. And I liked it. Here I am now. I actually took like a year-ish long hiatus in 2011 I think (the years blend together) but I came back. My strange addiction.

Did you check out anything else on that list? Could there be an alternate dimension where you didn’t end up a Hetalia fan?

I HAVE ACTUALLY. Hellsing is on there. Well I just saw a bit of the anime. And the top entry was Jesus. Never found the manga but god it looks so terribly fun. You know, I never had a Naruto phase. So alternate me who never liked Hetalia probably liked Naruto. I think I got the better deal.

What is your favourite thing about the fandom?

I think my favorite thing about the fandom are the creators. The ones who translate, who write, who make art. A lot of Hetalia is fandom-driven because Hima lives in the Twilight Zone or something. And that keeps it active and alive, which I’m thankful for. 

What do you enjoy most about making edits?

God, can there even be a favorite thing about making edits… every day when I open up GIMP I get to urge to punch it and then myself. That’s a joke. Mostly. I have a love-hate relationship with making edits. Since you asked about what I like about it, I’ll talk about the positive right now. When I actually have an idea, it’s so fulfilling to have what I had in mind come to pixelly life. But of course, I’m nothing without feedback. So I stalk tags like they’re zebras and I’m a hyena that hasn’t eaten in a week. And when I see someone has said something nice about what I made, it makes me really happy (yes, I see what y’all write on everything I make). Not just in the tags though; also when people tell me directly. I actually keep a folder of all the nice things people say to me to cheer me up and keep me motivated. 

That folder sounds so cute! Maybe you can rummage through it and tell us what the nicest thing someone’s said to you has been?

Ohhh my god. Okay. Um. I’m looking through it but I don’t think I can pick like THE nicest thing. They’re all varied, from people saying they like what I do, to people just thanking me because what I do makes them happy, to people actually thinking I’m neat. Jesus I can’t pick. They all matter to me.

What usually gives you ideas for your edits?

I find inspiration (ba dum tsh) all over. Sometimes from seeing graphics for other fandoms. Sometimes in the real world, like seeing actual graphic design makes me go ‘Hey that gives me an idea.’ The layout of some websites sometimes set off a spark. Advertisements, too, especially when they use animation; I’m always looking for new animations. And TV shows and other anime, too. Okay so to sum up, in everything. I’ve done edits inspired by the opening to The West Wing, the opening to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the bags from Sephora, a painting in our bathroom, a bottle of soap, and a mousse bottle, to name a few.

Is there anyone in the fandom you look up to?

There’s some people I think are great and knowing they’re around makes me go like America in that one Beautiful World episode where he eats blowfish and doesn’t die and makes a victory pose.

Thank you very much to @inspirationalhetalia for being our interviewee! Please show this creator your love!

Okay so I spent some time catching up on Welcome to Night Vale yesterday and there's  some really neat context I wanna give you guys about Episode 46 (Parade Day).

At the end of the episode, Tamika Flynn quotes Bertholt Brecht, and when I heard her do that, I lost my shit so much that I had to replay that part just to hear what the quote actually was, and let me tell you why.

Brecht was the “creator” of something called epic theatre. (I say “creator” in quotation because it was actually Erwin Piscator and Vsevolod Meyerhold who invented the practices, Brecht just unified their ideas to develop a style.) Epic theatre came about as a contrast to the popular styles of drama at the time, namely melodrama. The wealthy theatre-goers who often saw plays like this would see suffering presented to them on stage, but while they developed an emotional investment in the characters, they did not really consider that such suffering was going on in the real world. They simply patted themselves on the back for being able to identify the suffering and were thankful that they didn’t have to. Epic theatre sought to create a more proactive response in people. Its purpose was to appall people, make them angry, make them do something. It was a call to action. Instead of just witnessing and identifying suffering in the world, epic theatre called upon its audience to change it.

Epic theatre was also structured in such a way that it denied the audience their ability to suspend disbelief. Popular theatre practices of the time relied on the engendering of illusion on the audience and created an immersive experience where the viewer set aside their conventions of reality vs. fiction for a time to become part of the world of the play. Of course, they still knew they were in the theatre, but theatre was structured so that they wouldn’t concentrate on it. Epic theatre, however, was written and staged so that audiences were perpetually reminded that they were watching a play, that what they were seeing was a performance, not reality, and they were not allowed to forget, not for one second, that the action of the play changed nothing. That if they wanted a better reality, they would need to leave the theatre and go make it themselves.

As such, I thought that the invocation of Bertholt Brecht was really, really relevant to that episode, and a worthy idol for the mighty Tamika Flynn.  I love that the writers of Night Vale include things like this.

davis-viola  asked:

This isn't necessarily AU, but I have a prompt: Connor goes to Oliver's workplace. Maybe Annalise has a case that requires them to go to the advertising agency and investigate (like they did with Marren's employees in episode 4). Or maybe something simpler, like Connor is just meeting Oliver for lunch. Whatever the reason may be, I just reaaally want a fic where Connor sees Oliver at the IT department where he works.

Note: This took for freaking ever and I am incapable of keeping things light-hearted.

As he pushes the glass doors to the advertising firm, a ridiculous grin on his face and his hair still wet from a shower it occurs to him that Oliver may be right. He might be a little impulsive. It’s just not any day that his second class is cancelled and Annalise has decided she doesn’t want to see any of them today. He tries not to worry about that part, about what it might mean that Annalise has effectively banned them all from her presence going on 45 hours. The others are panicked, huddled in Wes’ dungeon staring at the claw marks on the wall and planning the perfect prison break. Connor has better ideas. Ideas like brunch.

“Good morning,” he says as he leans on the marble reception desk, flashing a much more subtle smile at the receptionist. “Could I talk to Oliver?”

“Oliver?” the girl – she must still be in undergrad or have some serious baby-face going on, she looks twelve, “Oh, Mr. Hampton. Of course, do you have an appointment?”

Connor felt the way his eyebrows rose just a little bit, he wasn’t aware IT people had anyone schedule appointments with them if there wasn’t a porn virus in their computer. “Uh, no.”

“I’ll just see if he’s available,” the woman says as she grabs pokes at the keys on her switchboard and holds on to the sleek headset on her ear.

“Becky? Is Mr. Hampton available for a Mr …”

The girl looks at him and he jumps in without further prompting, emphasizing his name with a hushed whisper as she nods. “A Mr. Walsh?”

She continues to nod to herself and notes something on a pad in front of her before giving the switchboard another poke. “You can go ahead, it’s all the way down the hall, and he should be in or around his office.”

Connor raises his eyebrows in earnest now and taps the reception counter in acknowledgement. “Great, thanks.”

This morning has been bizarre enough by the time he gets to the back of the advertising firm to find a sleek wooden door with Oliver’s name, only surpassed by the moment a woman in a pencil skirt dodges him and knocks needlessly before pushing said door open and sticking her head in. “Mr. Hampton, Alice has the tracking ready we need your approval. And you promised donuts if we got the bastard, they haven’t forgotten.”

And then he can hear Oliver laughing, not his regular shy laugh but a quiet weirdly professional thing because this is the Twilight Zone and Ollie who cries over Legend of the Falls is actually Mr. Hampton here. “I’ll be right there I’ve just got to – is there someone out there?”

The woman in the pencil skirt taps at her phone in a way that exudes I’m doing my job and not I’m totally on Twitter. “Yeah one of the models wandered away again.” Her eyes snap up to him, “The people you’re looking for are in the next floor, sweetie.”

He crosses his arms over his chest, suddenly feeling out of place, “I’m actually here to see Oliver.”

The woman does a quick double take before stepping aside and pushing the door open for him. She doesn’t even try to hide the way she checks out his ass as he walks inside.

“Hey, sorry am I interrupting?”

“Connor,” Oliver gets up from beside his desk, hell that’s a large desk – plenty of room under that desk, and moves to him looking worried, “Becky, said you were on your way back here is everything okay?”

“Yeah.” Connor nods even though at this point he really has no idea. “Yeah my phone died… did you get a promotion?”

Oliver tilts his head, “Uh not recently. Not for three years now. You sure everything is okay?”

“I just wanted to get some lunch. Brunch? But if you’re busy…”

“I can stop being busy.” Oliver says, with a tiny tentative smile, “Just. Give me ten minutes? You can come with.”

Connor nods, still dazed as he follows Oliver to the cubicles where he’d actually pictured him. But no, the people here are more harried looking than Oliver – their ties and blazers not as neat as Oliver’s suit. How had he never noticed that before? How well Oliver dressed to go fix fax machines and delete viruses all day.

Oliver stops abruptly at one of the cubicles and Connor looks around himself to make sure he’s not in the way of the headless chickens running around him with lanyards full of USBs bouncing on their chests.

“Okay let’s see.”

“It’d be beautiful if it weren’t such a low blow,” the woman, presumably Alice, says at a screen full of white text jumbles.

“Yeah, Henry is gonna pitch a damn fit but that’s not our problem anymore. We did our job. And yes,” he says the last out loud for the crowd of jumpy tech people, “I do remember about he donuts.”

There’s a general cheer, halfhearted from some and too enthusiastic from others and Oliver leans over to whisper in Connor’s ear, “You ready to go?”

Connor nods dumbly, reeling from all the new information, from this whole new perspective on this man he’s been practically living with for months. The office continues to buzz around them as they make their way back down the hall to the desk where Ollie left his jacket and it strikes Connor like a bucket of iced water, a thought that wouldn’t really occur to anyone but him and anyone else working under Annalise. Oliver isn’t the disgruntled over worked office drone, he’s the big guy on the floor – not the obvious suspect but the potential victim. And if Connor looks over their shoulders at the mass of on edge too frantic technicians and holds Oliver’s hand a little harder just then well, a little more paranoia about his boyfriend’s workplace wouldn’t hurt.