for giving me awesome shit guys let me love u k

L I S T E N   U P   B O O K N E R D S

today is the lovely, the beautiful @readaroundtherosie‘s birthday

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now let me tell you about all the amazing things about alison, why she’s the best to ever best:

  • she gives the most amazing hugs. omg you do not understand.
  • her hair is made of fairytales.
  • she’s super, duper generous.
  • makes me do things i don’t want to do but should be doing.
  • her book knowledge is insane. like she always knows when shit is coming out and i seriously do not know how she does it.
  • she works at a bookstore you guys. (which is probably how she does it).
  • also her book collection is ridiculous.
  • fluffy.
  • she refuses to get her drivers license because she be lazy.
  • she’s a pusher you guys. a book pusher.
  • she’s an asshole that likes to wear heels so she’s even taller than me. so rude.

basically she’s awesome and i love her and you should click here and wish her a happy birthday !!