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Jungkook and Tae’s mischievous plan: MAFIA AU

Genre: Smut

Tags: sex talk/ spanking/ bondage/ office sex/ kinky play/ dirty language


Pairing: Jungkook/Reader

Other characters: Kim Taehyung, Min Yoongi

First part: Jungkook: When you catch him masturbating

Second part: Jungkook: When you grind his thigh

Setting: A follow-up to the previous two parts of the story. Takes place some time after the events from the prequels, when your relationship with Jungkook is already developed. 


You: The leader of a mafia organisation.

Jeon Jungkook - Master of burglary and a hitman. You were childhood friends but now he works for you. 4 years younger. Doing his best to prove that despite his age, he’s the right man for you.

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Being a head of a mafia organisation undeniably has its disadvantages, but there is one huge benefit that makes you love this job. You have always found it amusing and entertaining when money has been flowing into your pocket thanks to a variety of different profit-making ventures and shady deals with questionable individuals. You have always managed to make the money find its way into your wallet without breaking much of a sweat. Heck, you’re just very good at it. The more illegal and immoral the method the easier and more exciting it is for you. No risk no fun, as they say, and yeah, you certainly know how to play that game.

For this reason, recently you’ve been very busy with looking for new ways of generating even more income for your gang. Not that you’re having any problems with the budget… It’s just that the more the better, isn’t it? Bearing that in mind, you’ve been having your eyes on some big fish in the city. Initially, you somewhat hoped that Yoongi could make use of his insane hacking skills, and simply steal the passwords of their bank accounts but, much to your dismay, he failed miserably. Despite his impressive experience in doing works like that nothing much came out of it. Turns out that their security systems are just too damn good even for him.

Due to these unfortunate circumstances, you’re now sitting with Yoongi in your office. He’s been trying to complete his task but, unfortunately without much success. He is visibly annoyed and frustrated. It becomes apparent that you will not lay your hands on their money all that easily. It is getting late already and both of you are too tired to go on…

Y: Mmmmkay, let’s call it a day, Suga.

S: No fucking way. I told you I could do it and I will.

Y: Oh, common. We both know you’re not getting that money for me anytime soon.

A sly smirk creeping over your face. Finally, your overconfident friend and right-hand man, Min Yoongi, hit a dead spot. It is the first time in the history of your cooperation that he hasn’t been able to carry out your order.

S: Shut the fuck up, will you? I can’t focus.

He spits out, knowing all too well that he should admit defeat.

T: Oooooh… Touchy.

Mocking words come out of Taehyung’s amused face. He’s getting all too comfortable sitting in your chair, stretching his legs on the desk while squeezing a pink anti-stress ball in his slender hand.

J: Somebody should teach you how to address your boss, hyung.

Jungkook remarks, stretching on the sofa. A loud yawn escapes his pretty mouth.

J: Oi, Tae Tae! Maybe you should borrow him that ball? Suga hyung is visibly tensed!

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S: How about you both cut that shit already?! All you can do is sit on your asses and shit talk. If you’re so clever why don’t you get that money by yourselves?!

Suddenly, the aura around Tae changes. He is now sitting on the chair. Eyes sparkling with obvious excitement.

T: Damn sure we will, hyung! Am I not right, Kooks?

Jungkook isn’t certain at all but, knowing Tae, he must be already devising a plan in his pretty head. 

Jungkook’s clueless expression reveals hisdoubtful thoughts.

J: Will we, Tae?… Like, really?

Too long silence follows his unanswered question. Two boys are gazing at each other and then, Tae stands up from his chair and briskly moves in your direction.

T: Y/N, baby, let me take care of it. That is, me and Kooks. We will get that money for you, I swear!

Suga laughs out mockingly, holding his belly. Tears are forming in his eyes.

S: How would you two even plan to do that? That was a good one Tae, you got me…

He nods his head in approval still laughing.

T: I’ll make you choke on that words, hyung.

S: I’m waiting in anticipation.

And then Tae looks deeply into your eyes, taking your hands into his.

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T: Will you trust me, boss? I’ll give you what you need… I promise.

He is so close that you are getting nervous, his eyes gleaming with hope and eagerness. You swallow hard…

J: Wow he’s so good…

Jungkook mumbles to himself, watching him attentively. He tilts his head to get a better view of Tae’s face, making mental notes for future reference… These two damn tricksters.

Being utterly lost in Taehyung’s eyes, you only manage to deliver a silent nod.

Y: Yeah, whatever… Just do your job.

Suga growls angrily

S: No fucking way! Will you let these two clowns do as they please? Have you lost your mind?

Yoongi continues rambling like that but you no longer listen to his outburst of anger. You are too pissed off to put up with this kind of behaviour. Besides, you know pretty damn well why he is so reluctant to call it quits. It’s not only about his pride. It’s not only because he is just a stubborn little ass. There is something more to his persistence, and it is very much connected to your sister, Lulu.

Y: Oh, shut your trap Suga, will you?!  All you care about is that stupid bet with Lulu. You’re more concerned with losing than actually not giving me the money.

Obviously, Taehyung wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t use this little exchange of arguments to his own advantage. He cuts in with a disappointed look on his face.

T: I knew right away that he wouldn’t win. They’re like children with Lulu… Fooling around instead of doing their job. Can’t you just tell her you like her, hyung? 

He shakes head disapprovingly so as to spice up this dramatic and fake act. You quickly glance at Yoongi. He looks as if he was about to explode after hearing that. Out of a sudden, he springs to his feet. It doesn’t look all too well so you do the same, positioning yourself between Suga and Tae.

Y: Enough.

It might sound a bit too harsh, but the boys immediately realise that they have reached an invisible boundary. It’s precisely the time to stop getting under your skin and simply listen to your orders. No more talking and pissing you off for today.

Y: You have three days. When you’re done with the plan come and report.

Taehyung grins widely, being obviously very proud of himself.

T: Splendid! .

On your way out of the office, you catch a glimpse of Jungkook. He’s sitting there a bit terrified and dumbfounded at the same time. His signature shocked face making you smile a little.

Two days later

You’ve been sleeping peacefully in your bed when a phone wakes you up. You glance at the phone screen and see that it’s Taehyung. He calls you to announce that their plan is almost done, but they will need you in order to carry it out. 

Lazily, you crawl out of bed and start preparing yourself for another long day at work. Some time later, you arrive at the headquarters and head straight to the conference room, just as you were instructed by Taehyung.

The moment you open the door your feet refuse to move any further. Eyes quickly scanning the room. You’ve counted as many as four women sitting at a round table with their eyes glued to Jungkook and Taehyung. Two said man are standing in front of the ladies, all dressed up in suits and ties. Behind them, there are several pieces of art neatly spread out on the ground and propped against the wall. From what you have managed to register, though, nothing major or readily recognisable to your critical eye. In fact, you cannot get rid of an impression that they are pretty shitty… Nonetheless, what is certainly worth admiring, are these two elegant boys, looking all fly and hot. Not surprisingly, you’re standing there staring at them, just like these women. Moments later, Tae’s deep voice brings you back to reality.

T: There you are, Ms Y/N. We’ve been waiting for you.

Confident smile beaming in your direction. You are completely taken aback and so are the rest of the ladies. Apparently, they haven’t even noticed your presence in the room but, seeing as you are nothing interesting, once again their attention shifts to these two handsome boys.

At this very moment, your gaze lingers on Jungkook who is slowly approaching you. Oh so smug… Hair brushed to the side, a hand in his pocket, and that promiscuous smile that makes your heart skip a bit. With every step, he is getting closer and closer. If you only could you would turn around and run away from this room but you are very well aware that you can’t give him this satisfaction. You can’t make it that obvious. Truth to be told, doesn’t he already know that you are a putty in his hands? Whom are you trying to fool, girl?
Suddenly, he is inches from you, placing a hand on your lower back and gently pushing you in the direction of the chair.

J: Please, have a seat. The presentation has already begun.

The situation seems to be a bit too odd for your liking but you decide that it will be best to disregard these sceptical thoughts for a while. You comply and let Jungkook lead you. He moves the chair away from the table, trailing his hand down your back. Before going away he makes sure that you sit comfortably and then, one last time, he playfully brushes your shoulder with his fingers while slowly proceeding to Tae.

T: Very well. Now, that we are all gathered here, we can quickly move on to the presentation of our valuable pieces. My friend, will you take charge?

Taehyung`s sweet words do wonders to the gathered public. All of the ladies absolutely hypnotised, sitting there as if they were spellbound. You can’t believe your own eyes when you see their reaction once Jungkook’s clear voice echoes in the room. There is a sharp intake of breath, and you could swear that some of these women simply forgot how to breathe for a couple of seconds when he opened his pretty mouth. It is as if they were afraid that their breathing could muffle the sweet sounds coming from this handsome boy. 

J: Thank you very much, huyng. It’s an honour for me to be able to present our collection of these extremely beautiful pieces to our guests.

A pause followed by an innocent smile.

J: I’m sure all of you ladies will be as infatuated with the pure elegance and artistry of these paintings as I was when I first saw them.

He takes a deep breath and then continues with a stern expression on his face. Voice cracking due to the intensity of his speech.

J: It’s extremely painful for us to part with these beautiful pieces but… There’s nothing to be done. Due to very inconvenient circumstances, we no longer can stay in possession of these wonders.

He frowns his forehead and scans the room with eyes full of hope.

J: Only you can put our mind at ease and properly take care of our collection, without letting it get into the hands of some abominable people… That would be heartbreaking… I dread to fear of such possibility!

The Ladies are now visibly distressed, probably dreaming only of taking that innocent and suffering pretty boy into their arms…You’re sitting there and thinking to yourself.
“For fuck`s sake, these paintings are total crap…”
Thoughts are flowing in your head. Their plan to cheat these silly women is as clear to you as a day now. You are observing Jungkook and Taehyung all the time. You have never really expected them to have such damn skills. Of course, you know they are good at fraud. They wouldn’t work for you if they weren’t, but you didn’t expect them to be so smooth and so successful at selling people shit right in their face… You keep on observing Jungkook, paying attention to the expert choice of words and his body language. Everything under control and acted out just perfectly. Jungkook casually talks about the paintings, describing them to the smallest detail. Although, in all honesty, there isn’t much to describe since it is a total farce and you are the only one being able to see through their mischievous plan. There is no denying, though, that Jungkook really looks hot and you can’t blame the ladies for dropping their guard. Jungkook radiates confidence and sexiness. You reprimand yourself for letting your mind wander away, but then… Oh, my. Jungkook turns around and kneels so as to take out yet another painting from the pile near the desk. His back in full view. Your eyes involuntarily scanning his body only to stop at his ass. Not only yours, though…  

“So hot… “ you think to yourself. Now, that the images of his naked butt continue flowing into your head in a speed of light.

“It’s not really the time to be thinking about this, you idiot.” Mental struggle going on. He is facing you now again, more talking follows. The same scenario: gestures, grins, or little sheepish smiles, used interchangeably to manage the mood of his excited public. He is slowly moving around the room, getting closer or further from the ladies. All so well acted and with such confidence. You are lost in thoughts, biting your lip when you hear Tae’s voice:

T: So, my dear ladies. Once my friend is done with his presentation, I’ll talk to you about some more mundane matters.

“Money,” you think to yourself.
It seems that you are not the only one who got that message straight, though. You can hear a comment from the lady sitting at the very front.

X: And what makes you think we`d like to buy anything from you, pretty boy?

Taehyung is a bit shocked for a moment, but fortunately, Jungkooks breaks in:

J: And what makes you think you don’t? We have many things to offer. I’m sure we can cater to your needs… All of them.

He answers with a nonchalant smile. A hand resting on his hip, the other one spread out on the table to prop himself. Big chocolate eyes focusing only on her. You can feel his gaze, even though you are not the one he is staring at.

 Y: Damn he smooth… 

A whisper escapes your lips and your cheeks flush immediately. 

“It’s not my baby boy,” your mind screaming at the obvious contrast. In fact, it dawns on you now that you have never ever seen him working and you would never expect such a change in his behaviour.

T: Yeah…. Having discussed that, let’s move on

Taehyung continues as if nothing happened. You gulp, being angry at yourself. Also, you can’t deny that the way all of these women ogle Jungkook, and his stubbornness to avert your eyes as if you weren’t even there, don’t make you bitter. He’s been purposefully ignoring you ever since this little show has begun.

Taehyung resumes talking again, and Jungkook, having nothing better to do, decides to sit. Not surprisingly, he chooses the chair right next to you. He sits down, all too close. His knee brushes against yours and he doesn’t even bother to move it away. You peek at him, his eyes intently watching Tae Tae, not giving a damn about your presence. He is boldly ignoring you. The very thought is driving you mad. You jostle him with your thigh, not being too delicate. A small smirk on his face, almost mocking. But still, he doesn’t look at you. You are fidgeting nervously in your chair and, once again, you bump him under the table… Or maybe you only try because his strong hand catches you in the middle of the act, keeping your tight in place. He digs his long fingers into your sensitive flesh, completely exposed because of the short dress that you are wearing. He lets out a deep breath as if he was annoyed with you. The grip on your thigh is becoming almost too painful so you decide to let go. Slowly his hand relaxes.

J: Behave, noona. We’re working.

He whispers very quietly with his hand still resting on your thigh. A shiver runs down your spine. “What’s wrong with him,” you are thinking to yourself. Unconsciously, you press your thighs together, trapping his hand between them. When you realise that you let go immediately, but it is too late. He shifts his gaze at you, now obviously interested. He scans your face, and you can feel your cheeks burning again. You refuse to look at him, afraid of giving away that you maybe got a little bit too excited… He reads you like an open book, though. His hand still lingering on your thigh, lazily beginning to move and stroking your leg. He plays with the trimming of your dress, moving it between his fingers, bit by bit uncovering more and more of your thigh. You get a bit flustered, worried that somebody will notice… But then again, all the ladies are too focused on Tae. Still, when he rolls the dress so high that you can almost feel the chair with your naked ass, you try to protest, gripping his hand tightly. He stops moving up then and decides to play with what is already available. He gropes your inner thigh fiercely, making you squeeze your legs instinctively. He is not too pleased with your disobedience so he forcefully separates your legs with his hand. Under the table, you feel yourself being held in place by his leg that has just curled around yours. Your throat goes dry. His fingers now freely roaming between your legs, stroking you whenever he wants to. Obviously, you could struggle more but you are painfully aware that it would attract even more attention… So, he keeps on caressing you there, his face not even once giving out what he has been doing to you. Smug motherfucker. You are getting uncomfortable and too hot, frustrated even. He even dares to throw in some comments, making little jokes with Tae. All the ladies oh so fucking amused. “Since when is he such a flirt?” you desperately try to answer this and some other questions, but it is all too difficult, given the present circumstances. His hand skillfully distracting your thoughts and making sure that you’re focused only on his ministrations. You almost melt in that chair when without any warning he covers your pussy with his inner hand. You hear a low chuckle. Suddenly, you realise that you did not wear any panties. “Shiit… He will bring it over and over,”  you are panicking mentally. But then, oh boy, he starts massaging your folds with two fingers, making slow circles. You want to disappear from that place. Pleasure building up in your belly. You cover your flushed face with one hand, mentally praying to be as quiet as possible. You are afraid to breathe even, stealing Jungkook a pleading glance. But fuck him, he doesn’t even look back. Your fists clench. “Fucking overconfident brat,” stream of profanities in your head. And then, as if he mentally sensed that, he shoves a finger into your tight entrance. The walls of your vagina clenching at the unexpected invasion, but he only thrusts deeper. Soon enough, he buries his finger completely inside you, so that even small movements give you immense pleasure. You are so tight, not too wet yet and it causes a bit of pain, but it is oddly satisfying. This kind of pain that makes you stretch your legs even wider because it is never enough. Your vision is hazy. He sets up an awfully slow pace, shoving his finger in and out of your pussy. Each time he pulls it out you want to cry out to express your dissatisfaction. It just feels so empty then. He is tormenting you and enjoying this too much…

T: Jeongguk, would you be kind enough to distribute the brochures? It will be necessary for you, dear ladies, to read through them in order to acquaint yourself with our offer.

Taehyung flashes a smile. If you could you would kill the bastard right away, without any second thoughts. You hate him right now. Fuck the money… You need Jungkook now.

J: With utmost pleasure, hyung. 

Jungkook stands up, completely unfazed. You shot him a murderous look, but he isn’t too concerned with that. And oh god, he is so handsome, handing in the damn leaflets to these oblivious women, chit-chatting. So cute…

Who would expect that he has been fingering you just a moment ago? You frown at the memory of his fingers inside you. You want him back. You want him there again. He stops in front of you to give you the leaflet. He bends down lightly, and only now your eyes finally meet. You give him that needy look: “Kookie, please do something or else I will lose my mind.” He touches your hand.

J: Hyung, it seems Ms Fay has already decided on some purchase. She’s a terribly busy woman, so please, excuse us. Carry on without me, hyung. 

T: Oh, so we have the first angel who is ready to take care of our priceless paintings!

You quickly stand up, and once again Jungkook is motioning you in the direction of the entrance. Your legs a bit wobbly, so you don’t mind a bit of help. Before you are out, you can hear a hell breaking loose inside of the conference hall. Ladies are raging.

X: Why is she first? Does she have some special treatment or something? I have money I can pay as well!

Y: Don’t let her have that painting! I’ll pay more for it!

T: Easy, easy, my girls! I’ll have something for each and every of you!

Tae tries to ease the sudden tension in the room, already happy that their plan goes just as he wanted it to.

Meanwhile, Jungkook takes your hand and leads you to your office. The moment he slams the door and turns around, you are already on him, looking for his lips with yours, and then pushing your tongue into his mouth. The kiss is so sloppy and you can barely stand on your feet. Legs pressed tightly together because your clit is burning with need. You are so angry at him, jealous, and horny at the same time. You don’t even know what makes you more frustrated. You bit his lip, pissed off, digging nails into his hips. Jungkook hisses, reaching for your ass and squeezing it so hard that it is painful.  

Y: You fucking brat. You and all that teasing.

J: Noona, please correct me If I’m wrong but you were the one who got all wet just by looking at me.

His mouth at the nape of your neck, hot air making you ticklish. You want to make that cheeky smile disappear from his face. You intended to grab his cock through the pants, but before you can do anything, he turns you around and pushes you up against the wall, standing behind you and keeping your hands in place. You are squirming in his tight hold.

J: So frustrated, aren’t you baby girl? Don’t tell me you got jealous? 

He is practically purring into your ear. Oh my, it feels so good.

Y: Jungkook, you’re a fucking jerk!

Upon hearing that, he lifts your skirt exposing your naked ass and slaps you hard making your cheek red and throbbing.

Y: Ahhh…

You have never expected him to do that to you. A cry of pain mixed with pleasure slips out of your mouth. He has never done that to you and you didn’t really think he is capable of doing that either. Your brain is trying to process what has just happened.  

J: Be nicer, noona, will you?

And then he starts massaging your butt, trying to ease the stinging pain. Soft caressing strokes.

J: Baby girl, I’m so sorry. I can’t control myself when I’m around you.

He murmurs softly, feeling guilty out of a sudden. You can feel as he presses his cock tightly to your ass, trying to let go of some steam as well. He is rock hard. You wouldn’t be able to wiggle out of his grip even if you wanted to. Dominating Jungkook. Your mind is screaming. You need more of that.

Y: Tell me, which girl would you like to fuck the most, you dirty brat? I saw the way you looke…

He slaps you again. You cry out loudly. 

Y: I saw the way you looked ahhh…

Another slap follows, making you arch your back. Clit contracting involuntarily at the sensation. He won’t even let you finish the sentence. 

J: You’re such a bad girl, noona.

His voice is so strained, almost as if it was more painful for him than for you. 

J: You’re making me do this. You’re such a bad girl.

Y: Oh yes, Kookie!

You keep on begging like a slut and then he slaps you one last time. His hands are shaking. He hugs you from behind, remorseful and angry at himself that he was enjoying this too much… 

J: It’s all your fault, your fault.

He goes on mumbling like that and petting your sore ass. Your head is spinning and you feel your thighs getting wet. You are leaking a bit from your core. Then, he abruptly turns you around. His face all red. He is angry, visibly angry. Brows furrowed, veins popping on his neck. He spits out, breathlessly:

J: Get your ass on that fucking desk.

Y: Kook…

He cuts in, right away.

J: No talking, just do what you are told. On the desk and spread your legs as wide as you can.

You nod silently. The task isn’t all that easy because your legs are really too weak at this point. You stumble on the way, clutching on the desk at the last moment. You really look so miserable. Jungkook is standing there, observing your struggle to get yourself ready for him. He unzips his pants and starts stroking himself while watching your naked ass. When you sit down on the desk, a bit unsure of what to do next, your eyes go down, focusing on his member. He is shamelessly stroking himself in front of you. He urges you again. 

J: I said spread your legs. 

You swallow hard and follow his command. Eyes closed tightly due to embarrassment. Suddenly, he grips your legs, spreading them even wider. You thought he would just fuck you right then and there because, quite honestly, you don’t have that much time with Tae and the ladies waiting in the conference hall. Much to your astonishment, he takes the chair, moves it closer to the desk and sits down on it. Your cunt is now fully exposed for Jungkook. He puts his hands back on your legs to prevent you from closing them. He takes in the view for a couple of seconds and then licks you all, from your ass cheeks to the tip of your clit. You moan so loud in response. Too loud. You instantly regret that when you realise that somebody could barge in and destroy your much-needed orgasm. You bit your tongue and promise yourself to control this from now on. He takes your entire clit into his mouth, sucking very harshly. He covers your folds with his hot tongue and continues making circles around your sensitive tip. You are so ashamed because of how wet you got. You don’t want him to lick all of that and you grab his head to make him stop.

Y: Kookie, please. It’s enough.

You are wriggling so much that he gets really pissed off. He stands up, gazing into your eyes and takes off his tie in order to immobilise you. He ties your hands to the desk, disregarding your protests and pleas.

 J: Stop this nonsense baby girl. I don’t have all day here. Tae is waiting for me.

He lowers himself and gives you a soft peck. You can taste yourself on his lips. He quickly resumes pleasuring you by licking your clit with his tongue and pushing a finger inside your wetness. You moan and moan again. On the one hand, you don’t want him to stop, but on the other, you don’t want to cum into his mouth. You repeat his name like a mantra. You are so lost at this point that you are almost fucking yourself on his mouth.You are pushing your hips so hard that he has to keep you in place and control everything because your walls are getting tighter and tighter, each end every time he shoves his finger up your pussy. When you are about to finish, he unexpectedly stops.

Y: Oh lord… Kooks. I’ll fucking kill you. Get back there!

He starts laughing, and then he unties you, already positioning himself between your legs.

J: You should really make up your mind, noona.

He palms himself a couple of times, coating his member in precum. You see his cock twitching in anticipation and you lick your dry lips.

J: First you say noo, then you say yes…

Y: Just shut up and fuck me already.

Oh so frantic and needy that you can’t believe it is your own voice. He thrusts inside, all at one go, burying himself to the very balls. At that moment you are completely breathless, your body tensed, and tears are forming in your eyes. 

J: Fuck, baby…

You feel his muscles tightening.

J: I’m so sorry.

He notices your teary eyes and immediately starts kissing them. His cock swelling even more inside you.

J: Baby I could come any minute now. You’re so fucking tight, so perfect.

You know that he is so close and you place a kiss on his forehead, rubbing his back 

Y: It’s alright Kookie, you can come for your noona.

You don’t want him to feel guilty because he got too excited. He shakes his head in response. 

J: No, no, no. Not now.

His cute reaction makes your chest feel heavy. He takes a deep breath and starts rocking his hips. First thrusts very shallow, adjusting himself to your tightness 

Y: Oh, Kookie, you’re so big

J: Ahhh, noona!

He gets so enthusiastic with your praising that he keeps on pushing deeper and deeper, faster and faster. The desk is cracking underneath you two and all of your papers land on the floor. You wrap him tightly with your legs to make it even easier for him to hit the right spot, and oh yes, he really does. He keeps on rubbing you there with the tip of his erection. Finally, he reaches your clit with his hand and massages you while pushing in and out at an amazingly fast pace. Needless to say, you cum moments later, moaning his name while grabbing on his hair. He follows you shortly after, the way your walls are clenching around his dick pushing him over the edge. He shivers, goosebumps on his body, and his nipples hard. 

J: Baby I love you.

He squeaks like a little boy, as always looking for your affection after sex, especially after this kind of dirty play.

Y: I know Kookie… I know baby.

You let him lay his head on your breasts, both of you trying to catch a breath and recover from your high. When he is more or less ok, he lifts his head and gives you a soft kiss on your bruised lips. 

J: Tae… I got to go back…

He mutters reluctantly.

Y: I know dummy. Go and get that money for your noona.

He grins, overjoyed like a little puppy. You have an impression that even his eyes are smiling right now. But, before going out, he helps to put your clothes on and clears the mess from the floor.

Some time later, when you are absolutely sure that all the ladies went home, you go the conference hall. Taehyung is counting the money that they`ve managed to squeeze from these poor women. When he gives you the precise numbers, you are positively surprised. Like hell, that is really a substantial sum of money. 

T: I told you, didn’t I?

Taehyung wants to be praised, happy with his achievement.

Y: I’ve never doubted you, boys.

You pat his head, earning even a bigger grin in return. Jungkook is standing nearby, gazing deeply into your eyes. A small smile forming on his face that makes you blush a little. 

T: But Jungkook, next time you decide to disappear in the middle of the business, please just remember to put back your tie on. That was highly unprofessional!

He pouts, winking in your direction. Your stomach making somersaults while Jungkook stands there troubled, scratching the back of his head.

J: It got lost somewhere in the act, hyung…

T: I’m sure it did… I’m sure it did.

Taehyung responds all too happily while getting out of the room.

Coffeeshop AU where Grantaire is an asshole barista and misspells his customer’s names all the time. It’s the small glint of happiness in his day when he can laugh at a customer overreacting to a sharpie mark on a cup. 

He does this the first time Enjolras comes in too. Except Enjolras fucking goes up to him and clearly spells his name and tells him for future reference. 

If only he were a good person. Because the next time Enjolras comes in Grantaire purposely spells it wrong. 




And Enjolras gives him shit for that last one because oh come on that’s not even a name.

But it works because Enjolras starts frequenting the cafe and Grantaire is happy to rile him up if only to get the beautiful man to talk to him.

the one where he’s a cookie thief // c.h. college series

I initially started writing this series to be posted alongside of an Ashton blurb series written by @thesaltyspice​. We designed them so that they could be read/stand on their own. 

Anyway, here’s the start of my ‘Calum dates a college girl’ series. Enjoy!

It’s not everyday that Y/N walks into her kitchen after a long, grueling, and just plain shitty day with tense shoulders, a sore back and a snappy temperament. Okay…that’s a lie, it definitely happens more than she cares to admit. But generally, she’s the kind of person to retain a good, upbeat mood even after everything’s gone to shit–but today has not been one of those days.

But, seriously, it’s really not everyday that she comes home with aforementioned tense shoulders and sore back to find a famous, six-foot-something tall Australian leaning against her kitchen counter and stuffing his face with the homemade cookies she was looking forward to. “Who the fuck are you?”

He glances up from his phone, one thick eyebrow raised at her while the front door slams shut. “Seriously?”

The question is simple enough, but for some reason, it only serves to incite Y/N foul mood even more. It’s said like he’s shocked she couldn’t possibly not know who he is.

Of course Y/N already knows who he is. How could she not? Not only is her roommate (Ainsley, for future reference) dating the drummer of their wildly popular band, but it’s not like she lives under a fucking rock. She may be busy–always at work or in class or studying, but of course she knows who Calum Hood is.

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Bromeo & Dudeliet - Snippet #1

so, uh, this is a complete clusterfuck. It’s set in Verona when the original romeo and juliet was, but they talk like modern-day people. also the characters are wherever the fuck i want them to be. lmao i know barry’s supposed to be a Neverbone but idgaf.

based on @therubyjailcell​ ‘s excellent egobang romeo & juliet au.

for future reference: i’m only gonna be doing lil snippets here and there, probably not even in chronological order. this is just a silly thing i’m having waaaay too much fun with.



Of course, he’d heard of the Neverbone family before.

How could he not? They lived in the same fucking city, after all. Besides his family, they were the most prominent family in Verona. They were not only rich and affluent, they were also gigantic goddamn snobs.

To say the two families didn’t particularly get along would be an understatement. They despised each other. But that was to be expected.

Even Danny had to admit to himself that his family was a little…rambunctious. The Sexbang family, his relatives, had a long history of throwing wild parties, doing whatever they wanted, and generally always taking life one day at a time. They rarely married, instead preferring hook-ups and quick relationships. Danny liked to think his family just knew how to have a good time. It didn’t hurt that the Sexbangs had a long history of being extremely good-looking and, ahem, charismatic.

While he’d never met or even seen the main family from the Neverbone house, he’d crashed enough parties to mix with some of the outer family members. The Neverbones threw very “respectable” parties—more like formal dances than actual parties. It was a hobby of Danny and his cousins to crash said parties.

The Neverbones were high-and-mighty, too. They never had sex before marriage, did everything the “proper” way, and were sure to hold it above everyone’s heads. They did not mingle outside their social class and everything in that place was pristine and polished. They took being wealthy very seriously. They never swore, dressed properly to everything, and had a code of morals. Even Danny had to admit, though, they were respectable people and held fast to their beliefs. He just thought the whole thing was so boring.

Danny had always wondered about them, though. He was the son of the head of the Sexbang family, but since the families were always quarreling they’d never been invited to a Neverbone dance. Part of the reason he enjoyed crashing the dances was in hope that he’d spot the main family. Try as he might, he’d only ever seen the head the Neverbone family, but not his wife or siblings.

There was also a son of the Neverbone house, around Danny’s age, but the boy had never made an appearance. Danny had never seen him before and neither had anyone else. He was always in the innermost part of the main house, or so the rumor went. Danny was extremely curious about him. Was he bored all the time? Was he also a huge snob?

Danny found himself wondering about all this as his cousin, Barry, approached him from where he lounged under a tree. Barry was a little more reserved than the rest of the Sexbangs, preferring to watch rather than participate. He still knew how to have a good time, though.

“What are you doing here?” Barry asked, settling down beside Danny. “Weren’t you with that girl earlier?”

“Oh yeah. Rosaline, I think her name was,” Danny yawned, stretching. “Yup. She went home.”

Barry nodded. “Gotcha.”

The pair sat for a moment, enjoying the beautiful weather, before another pair of footsteps was heard and then Brian was grinning down at them.

Brian was another cousin of theirs, and he had a sadistic streak a mile long. His favorite activity was initiating conflict with the Neverbone family. “All in good fun,” Brian would claim, his eyes glittering mischievously.

“Hey, you shits,” Brian grinned. “Have you heard? The Neverbones are throwing a huge soiree tonight.”

“Again?” Danny asked, surprised. “They just had a dance last week. I would’ve thought they’d be too prim to throw another one so soon.”

“Yeah, they might be called partiers like those damn Sexbangs,” Brian cackled. “But this isn’t just any party. Rumor says he’s supposed to be there tonight. It’s his birthday.”

Barry sat up. “Who’s?”

Brian smirked. “The son of the head of the house. Arin Neverbone.”

Danny’s pulse quickened. “Really? He’ll actually be there?”

“So the rumor goes. I think it’s good information, though, because I confirmed the fact that it’s actually his birthday. What better birthday gift from the Sexbangs than to make his party a little more…interesting?”

Danny got to his feet, a grin already splitting across his face. “What kind of party is it?”

“The best kind. A masquerade ball.”

“So, there’ll be a few extra masks on the dance floor tonight.”

Brian smirked. “I’ve already got the costumes. How d’you feel about being a bard?”


A few hours later, Danny found himself decked out in a bright blue bard outfit with a red star on the front. His boots were white and his mask was blue. His curly hair had frizzed out, framing his face.

“We gotta tie this back,” Brian mumbled, yanking back Danny’s mane. “The hair’s a dead giveaway. You need your cape, too.”

A simple white cape that only went halfway down his back completed the outfit. Danny admired himself in a long mirror. You couldn’t even tell it was him.

“This is kind of dull for a costume, though,” Danny complained. “It needs some fluff and a bigger cape. Some more interesting shoes, too, and this costume could be more low-cut.”

“You forget we’re trying to sneak into a Neverbone party,” Brian grunted, putting on his ninja costume. “It has to look “modest and presentable” or those damn snobs will pick you out right away.”

Danny grunted in acknowledgement, smoothing out his costume. “I guess. I can’t wait to find Arin Neverbone. I’ve always wondered what kind of person he is.”

“He’s a Neverbone.” Brian shrugged. “He’s a snobby brat. My guess he’s a spoiled little boy that was waited on hand and foot. I’ll bet he doesn’t want to see common folk and that’s why he’s locked away all the damn time.”

“To be fair, he might just be following orders from his parents,” Barry put in, finishing slipping into his samurai costume. “They must be really strict.”

“Either way,” Danny replied, staring at his masked face, “he’ll be getting a few new party guests tonight.”

Brian let out a whooping laugh. “This’ll be the best goddamn birthday he’s ever had!”

hi i spent my entire afternoon browsing through your au prompts and saving pretty much all of them for future reference. i thought it was only fair i gave something back as a thank you, so i wrote some lists. i hope they’re helpful! i’ll write them all in here but feel free to make separate posts for them or let me know and i’ll write them separately


  • “i’m due in two weeks and we don’t have a single diaper i know it’s 3am but i need to get everything we need because no, we can’t keep a baby in the dog bed”
  • “hi i know you’re across the world in a business trip but our surrogate went into labor a week early so long story short you’re coming home to a baby i can’t do this alone get your ass in a plane”
  • “we’re at the er in the middle of the night wearing pajamas and scared as hell because our baby hasn’t moved in days oh the baby is just asleep? okay sorry broke your pen i’m just a really worried parent to be”
  • “i know it’s a weird craving but i want pickles ice cream i don’t care where you find it just GET IT also put bananas on it and chocolate chips”
  • “yes it is too early to install a car seat i’m only ten weeks pregnant”
  • “i’ve read seventeen books about pregnancy and i’m constantly worried about every single thing every book warned about but also trying to remain calm”
  • “i used to drink five cups of coffee before i got pregnant and now i’m going through withdrawal and i’ll slice your head in three if you give me that decaf crap again this is all your fault”
  • “hey honey you’re home i spent the last eight hours watching birth videos and i know i’m eight months pregnant but i changed my mind i’m not doing that birth thing no way”


  • “i know you hate my mom but i touched our newborn’s soft spot and it freaked me out so she’s moving in until the kid can walk and talk get used to it”
  • “i had no idea something so tiny could poop so much and oh shit, you have poop on your cheek and jesus christ how did it end up on my knee”
  • “you need to stop holding your child like it’s a time bomb whAT ARE YOU DOING SUPPORT THE NECK YOU DIMWIT”
  • “we went a overboard on the newborn clothes but our child was born too big for them and now we have nothing that fits them”
  • “we’re so sleep deprived we bathed, changed and fed our child’s teddy bear while it slept soundly for the first time in almost a month”
  • “our pediatritian fired us after calling them at 2am claiming our child had measles when it was just a diaper rash”
  • “you saw me napping with our newborn in my arms and started yelling about safety and how i could crash them in my sleep now the baby is crying and i’m crying and we both feel like terrible parents/partners”
  • “i caught you staring at our baby’s crib like they’re the love of your like and making sure they slept soundly now we’re both cuddling on the floor beside the crib looking at the beautiful little thing we made”
  • “we both have hundreds of videos of our newborn making accidental spit bubbles and no one cares but we’ll show it to literally everyone”
  • “i know they’re only ten days old but we need to look into good preschools already i’m serious”
  • “i left you alone with the baby for four hours and you dressed them in formal wear while you wear only a tshirt and underwear what HAPPENED here”


  • “you’re a really unpopular senator and i’m a journalist determined to make your life hell but fuck you’re cute when you stutter and did i said that out loud?”
  • “you’re the only barista at the coffee shop near my office that is working at 6am so you get to hear my undercaffeinated ranting about how much politics suck and oh shit sorry yes i am your governor i should not have said that”
  • “i’m the new governor’s bodyguard and holy shit no one told me they’re smoking hot”
  • “i’m the first openly gay president and all the republicans are Losing It including my parents-in-law which are the ones making this even more awkward by going on tv saying i corrupted their daughter/son”
  • “i’m a secret service agent having an illicit affair with the president of the united states i deserve another shot even if i’m saying these things to the entire bar”
  • “we’re both running for the same government position and things become so heated between us during debates people are starting to bet on when we’re gonna bang”
  • “we’re old buddies from law school and i helped you with your campaign and we fell in love but you’re married and about to become president wtf we do”
  • the good wife au
  • scandal au
  • “i think it’s really cute you come to the bookstore to work on your campaigning but shouldn’t you have a staff for that oh yes i can help”
Only In The Movies

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where they are colleagues but not really friends (because of course they harbor feelings for each other and won’t admit it XD). They tend to butt heads and the reader gets angry whenever Spencer corrects her. One day, she ends up yelling at him and he kisses her (babes, I would not recommend this. Cute in the movies. In real life? I’m mad, don’t kiss me lol). Finally, they confess their feelings. Trope-y af, y’all. I love this shit. @coveofmemories


Why did the cute one have to be such an ass?

You’d been working at the BAU for nearly a year and during that time you’d gotten pretty close with everyone - everyone except Spencer Reid or Dr. Spencer Reid as he insisted being called. He was a certified genius, but fuck that, so were you, and almost every time you spoke, he was right there finishing your sentence and correcting you in some way. It was like he felt you were stealing his spotlight as the team’s resident genius. It was too bad, because he seemed to be nice with everyone else, could be funny in his own genius way and you liked a lot of the same things. Also, he was really cute - like really cute, like ride him into the sunset cute. Dammit, why did he have to be so thick-headed?

“We’ve got a case,” JJ said, walking in between Emily and yourself. Spencer, Hotch and Rossi were already on their way to the conference room. “Kansas.”

After everyone gathered in the conference room, Garcia started to brief everyone on the case. They were headed to Kansas. A black man, age 41, has been found in his home with stab wounds to his eyes. There was no indication of another victim yet, but given the rarity of enucleation, the local authorities had asked for their help. “Enucleation is exceedingly rare - seen in less than 2 percent of assaults,” you said out loud. “A rare paraphilia in general, no less as the only visible injury to the victim. There was no other injury, Garcia?” Just as you finished you heard Spencer say that the actual statistic for enucleation assault was actually 1.74 percent. It took everything you had not to turn around and sock him in the face.

“The local M.E. said there was a bump on his head. Probably knocked out before he was…stabbed in the eyes,” she said reluctantly, closing her own eyes and attempting to block out the disgusting image that was painting itself before her.

The entire team went through the rest of the case as you seethed. Why did he always undermine? Did he even realize he was doing it? Maybe he didn’t. Maybe he did and was just being an asshole? Maybe he was insecure about himself and felt that his intelligence was all he had? You had no fucking clue, all you knew was that if he did it to you again, you might punch him in the throat. “Wheels up in two hours,” Hotch said. Good, that gave you enough time to pull Spencer to the side and ask what the fuck his problem was. 

As you left the conference room, you motioned toward Spencer. “Can I talk to you for a second?” you asked, leading him toward an empty office that had been vacated recently by a retiring agent. With a scowl, he followed you inside, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest. Once you made sure the coast was clear, you spoke, trying to keep your voice barely above a whisper. “You wanna tell me what the hell your problem is? Ever since I started, you’ve finished my sentences, corrected my statistics and frankly it looks like you’ve done everything you possibly could to make me look like an asshole and I really don’t appreciate it.” You could practically feel the smoke coming out of your ears. A year of this shit was wearing on you.

“I’m just doing my job, Y/N,” he said somewhat smugly. “If I hear something incorrect, I say so, it’s nothing against you.”

Oh, he was so dead. “Look, I’m all for correcting me if I’m dead wrong, but like you, I’m never dead wrong. Unlike you, I give roundabout statistics because giving the actual statistic doesn’t do anything for our case, and it makes me seem more conversational. I learned to do that when I was kid because I used to do the same thing as you and everyone made fun of me for it,” you rambled. You were on a roll. After a year of being undermined by his dumb, beautiful face, you couldn’t stop yourself from yelling at him. “I mean, I really don’t fucking understand. I have been nothing but nice to you - to everyone - since I got here. I tried not to step on your toes. I knew you had a reputation in the Bureau and I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize that.” 

In your rage, you’d been pacing around the room, but you took a second to breathe and when you looked at Spencer, his lips parted, as if he was about to say something - you were still pissed. “One more thing. I swear on all that is good and pure in this world, if you make me look like and idiot in front of the rest of the team again, I swear I’m going to turn around and punch you right in the nose.” You hadn’t realized that you’d gotten right up in his face. “What the hell is the matter with you Spencer? I mean…”

You were about to build yourself up into another rage when Spencer crashed his lips into yours, keeping you from yelling as another agent passed the office you were in. Not-so-gently, you bit down on his lower lip before realizing what you were doing and what the hell just happened. “What was that about?” you asked, breathless from yelling - and maybe that kiss. He had soft lips.

“Kissing you,” he said breathlessly as he stared at your lips, “Been meaning to do that for a while. Seemed like a good time.”

“Bad time,” you insisted, pointing your finger in his face. “Really bad time. You’ve been wanting to kiss me? Is that why you’ve been such an ass to me?” 

Spencer crossed his arms and looked down at his feet - shameful. He looked like a puppy that’d just been kicked. “I honestly didn’t realize that it bothered you that much. I can’t help it, it just happens. I’ll try to stop. I’m sorry.”

“For the record, I’ve thought about you too…romantically, but you were being such an ass,” you said. You couldn’t believe that you were both still in high school. Why couldn’t you just be adults and tell each other how you felt? Goddammit.

“Again,” he replied, looking around to make sure that no one was around, “I’m sorry for what I did. I just don’t have a lot going for me. My intelligence is all I have.”

“Spence,” you sighed, your fear about him coming to the surface. “People may have made you feel that way back when you were a kid, but you have so much more to offer people than you realize.” He looked so sad, like he didn’t know how to take a compliment. “Maybe when we get back from the case you can give me a proper kiss.”

A little smile worked up at the corner of his lips. “One more thing,” you said. “For future reference, never kiss a woman when she’s mad. That only works in the movies.”

Welp, there are screenshot of Demencia and Flug and Black Hat, but what happens to 505?? He’s precious too!!

Here goes every happy/normal moment for of our markiplier fursona in screenshots :) Enjoy <3

‘ve been hesitating to post this since the beginning of January but my style changes so fast that I’m not sure whether I’ll like it next month or so. 
Anyways, I know there’re few sea turts AUs already on tumblr but after watching Moana thrice I couldn’t help making Polynesian AU and that’s it. I’ve got so many ideas and hope to make a reference for all four turts in future but for now the only finished thing I’ve got is this sketch of Leo and Karai :)

I promise I’m not gonna spam you guys with comic panels but I really wanted to put this here if only for my own future reference. Because this is a VERY good example of how to comic.

This is out of context, but to try and explain it as loosely as possible, this is at the end of a storyline… and those aren’t tears of joy.

I’m putting this up here because it has 2 of my favourite things. 1: detailed breakdown of movement and acting and 2: having a single line of dialogue have a multitude of meanings while not making it clear if the meaning is positive.. or very very negative.

Anyway it’s a cool page if nothing else.

Anyway no more comic panels I promise.

aceofkings9  asked:

A few things to get off my chest, some good, some not: Cycling is awesome, the invocations are second only to inventions, I love far future references, I think it's nice to see commons and uncommons as early previews, and, since I won't have access to electricity on my birthday for voluntary reasons, could you give me a little bit of trivia about one of my favorite cards, Cabal Therapy or Ensnaring Bridge?

Cabal Therapy was called Go Fish in design. I had previously tried to print it without the flashback but it was too weak.

Happy Birthday!


I’d like to hire a couple of admins to focus on different things (ie: sns, concert/fantaken, endorsements, programs, news updates). It’s hard enough as it is to handle sns updates but all of the other things is quite a work load so it would be best to divide the duties among different admins.

If you are interested in applying to join FYSR’s team, please submit the following application and we’ll let you know if you fit with what we’re ideally looking for. I’d like to make sure this site remains active.


Blog URL you will be using:

Do you check twitter/tumblr/instagram at least once a day?:

Can you post updates at least once a day?:

Will you check previous updates on FYSR prior to posting new updates? (This is to be sure no duplicate posts are made):

We have a variety of tags that need to be applied to new posts. Will you be able to adhere to the current tags and apply them all to the post? (ie: A photo of Seungri and GD uploaded on instagram by Seungri that is a brand new, unprofessional photo would be tagged as “seungri, g dragon, gri, 170122s, sns: insta, p: selca, with: g dragon, pair: gri” where as a post uploaded by TOP on instagram of a fantaken photo of Seungri would be tagged as “seungri, t.o.p, topri, 170122s, sns: instagram, pair: topri”):

We’re looking for 1 separate admin (at least) for each division; social media, endorsements, programs/dramas/film, concert/fantaken, music promotions, new updates. Which of these divisions will you be able to handle? You would have to check daily for new updates. (We have a list of sources we’d be sharing with you to do so): 

What is your email associated with the blog you will be using? We need it to add you when accepted. (Don’t worry, I’ll be the only one looking over the applications):

For future reference, what is your expertise with themes and html?:

Thank you! Don’t worry if you don’t hear from us right away after applying. It may take me a bit of time to review them but I’ll try to get through them as quickly as possible.

- Adri

anonymous asked:

I don't mean to be pushy but when do you think you'll update your fic's cause I literally come on your blog everyday to check lmao

Well you are being pushy lmao maybe tomorrow maybe in October :) for future reference: don’t send these kind of messages to writers cuz it only gives them anxiety and makes them stress over updating. Writing is something I enjoy for me and my stories are my way of expressing my creativity. They don’t belong to you and I don’t write them for you I’m sorry but I refuse to let writing become a chore cuz it’s not its one of my hobbies, just like playing basketball is. I don’t play basketball for you, do I? 😂 so why the hell should I write for you??? I mean I appreciate that you enjoy the things I write, honestly I truly do it makes me feel wonderful that someone actually likes something I create. But lately I haven’t had time to do the things I enjoy, like play basketball and write fanfics for example because I do have a life off of tumblr and you know what sometimes it’s hard to take your thoughts and ideas and turn them into a story, it takes patience and motivation and inspiration and to be quite honest, those things are hard to come to you when you’re ANXIOUS AND STRESSED. Leave me alone with update asks. Deadass. I don’t want to be one of those writers who get sick of the pressure and then leave, cuz mama didn’t raise no quitter so do me a favor and STOP TEMPTING ME frfrfr

Celegorm ❤️ (i am becoming obsess by curvo tyelko buuuh i am crazy 😑)
So i think i will do all the feanorian boys for futur reference for upcoming comics 🤔 i don’t know if i am the only one but sometimes i see great art and i am like OMG it is exactly how i pictured this character and when i read the description … it is not the chara i thought it was at all 🤣😳😐
My tyelpe and annatar have some constant feature already in my drawing and i want to do the same for the other.
So when you see me draw a blond guy with dreads, a scar, tan skin and kind of bulky… for an elve lol it is Celegorm ❤️
Hope you like it 😳😳


…training with Piccolo, but things don’t exactly go as planned when you realize he’s being more rough than usual and decide to walk away.

Request: anon –  Could you write a Piccolo x reader with lots of fluff? Maybe even with a confession or a kiss? Oh, and for a scenario I was hoping a full saiyan female training with him.

Words: 1, 563 (Obviously, this got a lot longer than intended. 😅 For future reference to all, I only do drabbles – I just got a bit carried away with this one, because, well… it is PICCOLO!)

Originally posted by vgeta

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Araki Has Future Vision But Only For Musical References

So here’s what I’ve discovered in searching for Jojo songs for playlists.

There is a music reference with Kakyoin that is almost hilariously predicted by Araki.

Okay, so here’s what I’ve found out:

Kakyoin’s favorite musician is Sting.

Sting in 1999 Released a song called “Desert Rose”.

What is pictured in the scene where he is confronted by Dio?

Desert Roses.

Also this song is about being seduced by a powerful vampire woman


Despite having quite a few assessment items coming up, and one in particular that I feel entirely unprepared for, I suddenly find myself not really caring because I’ve discovered exactly how much I’ll be getting paid to work in an area I’m interested in that’s directly related to my studies and I’m just, really super excited right now…! To the point where I’m almost not fretting over the fact that I have a 4,000 word essay due in a week. Almost


The little Keaton charms I ordered came in! I think they turned out cute.  Unfortunately they came when I’m not currently at home, so I had to ask my mom to take pics of them for me.  These were just a little test run to see how they would look.  Still need to find a place that sells straps for them.  If there is any interest in buying these just let me know (they’d probably be like $8+shipping), there’s only 10 at the moment. Also for future reference, do you guys prefer charms with white or clear backgrounds?