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  • Clint: That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard!
  • Pietro: Why don't you just shut up for a second!
  • Wanda: What's going on in here?
  • Pietro: He's a jerk! He is being such a jerk! That's an awful thing to say to a human being!
  • Clint: Are you crying?

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omg can you write a hc for drunk race please? ily

honestly this is such a good one there’s a lot of potential here lol so sorry for the length. also this is newsies!race since the preference wasn’t specified hope that’s fine!

  • first of all, every newsie in their right mind wouldn’t even think about giving race alcohol
  • so every time he shows up with it, which isn’t all too often tbh, no one even knows how he got it in the first place
  • but then again no one even knows how he really got his signature cigars, so at this point everyone just assumes that race is either really awful with money management or he’s just really good at stealing things
  • it’s the second one
  • but anyway, you know how race acts towards weisel when he’s buying papes? that whole like teasing, flirty “i’ll call ya sweetheart if you spot me 50 papes” thing?
  • that’s drunk race
  • that’s exactly him right there except 10x worse
  • he gets all physical and clingy and giggly and flirty towards all the newsies and he’s met with different kinds of reactions
  • jack is the most used to it having known race for a long time. he’s at the point where he just plays along, flirting back, letting race hang onto him, etc. while also making sure he isn’t overdoing it with the alcohol
  • (“hiiii jackyy” “how’s my fave boy doing?” “better now that you’re here now dollface” “aww thanks pal” “d’ya love me jack?” “always baby. now have some water so you won’t be grippin’ so hard when you wake up in the morning.”)
  • davey gets super shy and embarrassed but not in a bad way. his face gets super red whenever race is all over him since he’s not used to attention like that, but he usually doesn’t fend off his advances 
  • (“hey davey?” “yeah?” “you have… the prettiest eyes” “oh my god race” “seriously they’re like two big, green jewels” “race please” “waitwait waait don’t move imma get in closer to look” “r a c e”)
  • crutchie loves drunk race. it’s cause he loves how normal race is all sarcastic, snarky comments and bad attitudes while drunk race is full of love, affection, and sentiment. once race sobers up, crutchie’s always there to tease and remind him of all the sappy things he’s done 
  • (“c’mon race we had such a beautiful moment yesterday” “crutchie i swear to god-“ “gather round boys and girls cause i’m about to tell the tale of how race spent 20 minutes improvising poetry about all the things he loves about me-“ “say one more word and you’ll be wakin’ up in the mornin’ with two bum legs.” “i love you too bud.”
  • albert is the biggest victim out of all of them tho lol. cause since race is p much his best friend (even though they always nag, tease, and make fun of each other) and they’re “roommates” in the sense that they sleep in close quarters, he’s always the one who has to deal with race the morning after, along with also receiving a decent amount of the flirting and clinginess. 
  • (“race. c’mon get up the morning’ bell rang like 5 minutes ago.” “nngggghhhhh” “…don’t make me do it.” “*slowly looks up, looking like death, anger blazing in his eyes* you wouldn’t da-“ “*uses a metal pipe to SLAM the metal railing repeatedly* WAKEY WAKEY MR. HIGGINS TIME TO START THE DAY!!!” “if i wasn’t half dead, tomorrow’s pape would be reporting the death of an ugly orphan boy who toppled over the railing and smashed his brains in, i swear to god.” “drunk race would never treat me like this, he loves me.” “drunk race is dead. and so are you.” “*screeching*”)

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(and please specify if you want newsies hcs or modern hcs. thank you!)


my halloween playlists from the past three years

the dead shall be raised: instrumental playlist with both fun and eerie songs.

it’s halloween motherfuckers: both instrumental and lyrical, more on the line of remixes. put this on at a party.

spooky: some jammin songs with themes such as ghosts, the supernatural, etc. good for the car.


After requesting time off and rearranging Grayson’s time with Don the camping trip was finally a go.

Lorelei: I was expecting it to be a bit rougher.

Clark: Did you really think I was going to make my pregnant girlfriend and her toddler actually rough it? I’m trying to win you over to the outdoors not make you hate it! Unless you’d like to rough it?

Lorelei: No! Where did you find this place

Clark: An old friend of mine owns this place. She set up a room especially for Gray too.

Lorelei: Oh! That was nice of her.

Grayson: Inside!

Clark: You heard the boy!

Voltron Meets Cards Against Humanity

So… I made a Voltron deck for cards against Humanity, but the sad thing is is that I’ve got nobody to play it with except for like, @trash-loner and @takashiis-tiddies and possibly @voltronxpaladin and @rebelgirlmatrix1213 and I think even @outerspacewhale if theyre interested! I’d love it if you all could play with me! Anyone is welcome to join, including anyone of the wives from wifetron, or any of my new followers, or followers of my friends!  Anyone is welcome and if you wanna play, lemme know! I’d love to have you all join a game with me, cause I’m a literal loser and I freakin love company! plus, it’s Voltron and CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY! If yall wanna play, lemme know and I’ll attempt to figure out how to make a game on one of the servers! I have the deck made, but I don’t know how to transfer it to the Cards Against Humanity Site, so If you all could help, that’d be great! Also, it’d be huge if you could like, reblog it so I know you all want to play, thanks!

hello so @vampixing tagged me to list ten facts about myself!! thanks for tagging me 💝💝💝💝

i hope someone finds these interesting lmao and i tag @gay-taehyung @1hoseokie @7ju @ilysmjhope @gothjeon @4thislove @4oseok @movetaemin (only if you want to!!) and anyone else who wants to do this tag!!

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Choose your stylist: Jojo edition

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