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In case in some people have forgotten about shipping mlm

Fujoshi: Typically a straight female (yes not all) who fetishises gay pairing and calls then her ‘yaoi babies’, can’t stand 'yuri’….etc, puts tropes like 'who’s the submissive fem or the dominant male in the relationship’, labels mlm smut as 'sinning’

A normal shipper who likes mlm and supports LGBT: Anyone who ships a mlm ship and treats them normally, doesn’t objectify gay pairings, is inclusive and supports trans characters and lesbian ships and other LGBT characters…..etc

Edit: Also we already complain about straight men fetishizing wlw ships but a lot of people don’t realise that straight women do this with mlm too. (And yes I get it….not all straight people do this but A LOT of the time they do)

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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Reading yaoi does not make you an ally to the LGBT+ community in any way. Furthermore, assigning the "seme (top, dominant, masculine)" and "uke (bottom, submissive, feminine)" roles to gay men in fiction--and sometimes real life--is blatantly heteronormative. However, heterosexual girls and women producing and consuming LGBT+ content because they enjoy the dynamic between two characters rather than fetishizing them and describing the production/consumption as "sin" is perfectly acceptable and doesn't make you a homophobic dumpster fire.