for fuck's sake

i’m so into the no control project it feels so nice tbh

like sure 1DHQ will make money off our free efforts and there’s something to be said about the evils of capitalism, but to me the fact that we’re doing this simply because we want to is what makes it beautiful (hah). it’s just straight up passion about music from us and i fucking love that. any movement where people come together makes my heart soar. 

also i love no control and i want to hear it at every goddamn club this summer.

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All feminist women should be poly. "Your body belongs to your husband or boyfriend, you're not allowed to do anything sexual with other men" is not something a woman who respects herself should settle for. He feels sad when you experience sexual bliss because it's not with him? Well, do you want to be with someone whose happiness depends on controlling you? What if he felt sad when you left the house- would you deny yourself that right too? Your pussy is not his property. Poly people pls reblog.

Whoa whoa whoa there.  No.

All feminist women should have the number of partners they want to have.  (Assuming availability/willingness.)  Sometimes that’s many.  Sometimes that’s one.  Sometimes it’s none.  If a woman is happiest with one partner, she doesn’t need to go out and sleep with other people just to prove that she can.

A woman’s pussy is not a man’s property.  Correct.  It’s her property, and she can use it as she pleases.  This might mean using it with only one person.  If this upsets you, too bad, it’s not your property.

It’s controlling for a man to force an unwilling partner into monogamy.  It is not controlling to seek out a partner who also enjoys monogamy.

Freedom doesn’t look the same for different people.  (That’s why freedom is necessary in the first place.)  Some people can have all the sexual freedom in the world, and freely decide they only want one partner.

and here i thought Louis was free to enjoy his family time home on his own


It’s annoying and makes it harder for the the writers to keep track of it. And then ignoring requests to take it down is NOT cool. It often makes us uncomfortable, or simply unhappy. If we ask, take it down.

There are a million posts out here like this one, but apparently this had to be remade.






Hundreds of thousands of eyes are on the auditorium as the Bethesda press conference begins. The opening bars of The Ink Spots’ I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire play out over the darkened hall. “War… war never changes,” croaks Ron Perlman grimly. The audience are slavering. The word “Fallout” fades in on the large screen at the back of the stage. The people cheer. But the “4″ never arrives. The cheering stops dead, and a colon appears.


Oh no.


Dear God, no.


One man stands, shrieks; a savage, animalistic sound.

“of Steel 2″.

Panic spreads like a virus throughout the bodies gathered in the conference. Chairs are heaved up from the floor and become makeshift bludgeons. Some members of the gaming press forego weaponry, choosing instead to simply beat each other with their fists. The room inexplicably catches fire. Jeff Gerstmann, stood at the back of the auditorum, can only put his head in his hands and weep quietly.

“Coming 2016.”

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Naah, Twilight was never about abuse or anything like that. The one thing that people keep mentioning is that Edward used his superpowers to watch her sleep without her knowledge. Which is creepy, and illegal, but it's not actually that terrible

I worry for you anon. Please read over what you just wrote. Furthermore, Edward controls her phone usage, who she sees, what car she drives, where she goes, what she says. He tries to withhold things she wants to manipulate her into decisions. He tries to pressure her into an abortion, and his family are so concerned he would try and enforce one anyway with or without her consent they have to stand guard over her. If anyone you know is exhibiting these behaviours, please for the love of god see the police. 

Holy fuck one of the rumors from the hoaxmap is “Muslim Man Rips Toilet from the Wall and Throws it out the Window because a Non-Muslim Used it Before Him”

Did some dude sit down and make up his mind to pursue racism and islamophobia in the spirit of dadaist art, or did he decide that “they’re all terrorists and rapists” is too mainstream, so he’d have to go for something more unique, like…super-human strength jihadist plumbing

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People block and ignore gemshipartwork because the ship and defend pewey and stevidot they are erasing lesbians by shipping pearl with a man

Hey, Anon, you’ve sent this copypasta to me twice.

And I don’t care about your weird little personal crusade against this random blog I don’t follow or know anything about. This isn’t the type of thing you should send to other people. This is basically harassment and bullying, and in a pretty condescending manner as well. (I know what erasure is.)

If your intention was to somehow ‘protect me’ from seeing a ship I don’t like, just know that I have blacklists and tumblr savior for just this reason and there’s no reason for you to contact people on anon out of the blue just to spread your own beef/ stance. If I see content I don’t like on my own dash even with these safety measures, I block/unfollow and move on, without making a fuss or imposing my views on others. The fact that you’re trying to make it other peoples’ business speaks volumes to your own character.

I don’t like pewey/stevidot myself, but I’d never start anonymously messaging people telling them to block a blog that does, especially one that has never bothered me. That’s just going out of your way to spread your vitriol. ‘Ship hate’ is a tumblr drama thing that I’m too old and too tired to want any part of and the fact that this was on anon so I couldn’t privately reply was manipulative because it forced me to engage in your stance publicly.

If your intent were to help me somehow, then fine. Thanks for your concern. But you did it in a pretty rude manner and I’m not on board with it. If your intent was to rope me into going “ewwwww okay i’ll block them” or “nooooo let people ship what they want” to get a black/white read on where I lie on your own problematic/cinnamon roll binary, then fuck right off. Your need to view me as either a fellow histrionic brigader or a dirty amoral apologist is deeply flawed, and that’s not the way the real world works at all.

I’ll take care of my own dash, thanks.