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[Hey guys! @1-800-pipedream​ did these absolutely AMAZING cosplays for our AU and I’m honestly so flattered! Starry and I were both freaking out earlier about how great these two looked and honestly I still am freaking out, lmao.

Thank you guys for submitting and showing your cosplays to us! Everything about this cosplay is gorgeous! 💕  If you’d like to see more of their work, you can visit their Instagram page here! ]

teenage fever ❖ baekhyun

Somehow your mother caught something in the way both of your hands gripped into each others, something at first you and him didn’t notice, but that you were sure was going to ruin your life.

@byunshim requested: HI! dunno if ur still taking requests but can u do one where Baek is ur college professor, u have a crush on him and then find out later that he’s ur little sis’ boyfriend? Like maybe a 5yr age gap between the two… but when he realizes that ur sisters, he starts to act weirdly… because apparently, he had noticed u during lectures too. LOTS OF ANGST (like u trying to push him away but he won’t leave u alone) but happy ending for Baek x Reader. Thanks!

admin : - velvet
genre: baekhyun! philosophy uni professor au, age gap (if you don’t like, please don’t read), angst, slice of life and fluff + a lot of sexual tension!

[this turned out as a fourshots because i wrote in a day a 20k words story and i was shook when i saw the count, so i’m going to divide this in four parts that i’ll post almost every day (a part from tuesday because i have an exsam) hope you’ll like it!]

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

| Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

First days were hell, I mean all days at school were hell, but first days always had that extra demon that poked your stomach and made you want to throw up all the breakfast you had in the morning. That was your younger sister’s first day in university and your first day on your second year in the same place, sadly the thought of having your own sister in the same place where you spent most of your daily hours wasn’t that exciting, thanks God she took a different path from your. Meanwhile you decided to follow your heart and take Art and Philosophy, she decided to welcome your parent’s suggestion and took Accountancy and Mathematical classes, which surely was something suitable for her perfectionist mind.

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After the ride to school Y/N got out her door, carrying her backpack.

Just as she walked out, Archie was already marching from the other side of the truck and towards her.

Just then the bell started ringing.

“Gotta go, Big Guy.” She gave him a tight smile and was about to run away to her first class but Archie grabbed her arm. She looked back at him questioningly.

Leaning against the side of his truck and pulling her to him, he smirked at her.
“You haven’t kissed me yet, Kitten”

She blushed lightly and leaned in to kiss his nose, then started to pulling away again. He grabbed her back, his hands gripping her hips and pulling her body to him. He leaned in and this time, he kissed her softly on the lips.
Closing her eyes, she kissed him back and meant in only to be a simple kiss, but he licked her bottom lip asking for entrance.

“Archie” she murmured into his lips, slightly pushing away.

Because she was freaking late for heaven’s sake and she would be very late if the kiss would go even further and deeper.

His arms tightened around her as she tried to pull away from him. She could actually feel herself being trapped around him and she felt like there were wondering eyes burning holes at her back.
Her cheeks burned red, thinking about how embarrassing it was to be watched by everyone in her School. But for somehow, she felt eager.

“Archie, I’m late–”

He bit her bottom lip and she gasped silently, lips parting as he quickly explored her mouth with his tongue.

She exhaled a soft breath, almost in a reluctant submission, as her hands gripped his shirt. No sooner was she responding to him and had already lost trac of time.

After awhile, they pulled apart breathless.
She wlowly opened her eyes to see him smirking down at her as she was blushing under his haze.

“I think you’re late for your first class” he whispered in her ear and she felt it crawling under her skin, making her hair stand on her neck.

She pulled away and glared at him. “No more kisess for you, Big Guy” she said.
Pulling herself away, she turned around and jumped when he lightly slapped her backside. She turned her head and saw the look in his devilish eyes, as if he was about to seize her once again and pounce on her.

So she run away quickly without glaring back at him and went to her first class, late.

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Y/N Rogers [ Peter Parker ]

Anonymous said to peteypxrker:

A Peter Parker imaginer where she is Captain America’s daughter and she’s dating Peter. She gets kidnapped by a villain (you choose) and both of them go rescue her. Once they save her the reader is glad to see them because they arrive just on time before she was about to be tortured. Once she’s safe Steve is mad at Peter for not protecting his daughter basically Steve goes all overprotective dad on him. But Peter and the reader talk with Steve so that he isn’t mad anymore. Sorry this is long ty!

A/N: I changed up the plot a bit to where she isn’t dating Peter just yet!

Warnings: some hoco spoilers I guess, some swearing.

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Yoongi Scenario: Spoiled Baby.

Request: Hi girls😊 I want to request a scenario of our min yoongi where y/n is jealous after she sees a mv of bts where yoongi is rapping to a girl and when yoongi goes to visit her and ask for her opinion they have a little fight? Fluff ending please

Genre: Romance.

You were waiting in front of your laptop, seeing the youtube page and the hour, refreshing and wondering when would the music video be out. Remembering you could actually watch it on your TV you went for that, the bigger the screen the better, as any other Army you were waiting for the new BTS music video to be out and you couldn’t wait. Yoongi had been looking so extra hot lately you knew that music video was going to be fire.

You giggled to yourself thinking about it, Yoongi was so handsome, you didn’t go around telling him all the time but you loved your boyfriend to pieces and for you he was the most attractive man there was.
The music video started and you squealed clapping watching the Big Hit intro and it came, this concept you were loving so much, for this one they had gone for a bad boy image mixed with the classiness of wealthy powerful men and each of them were pulling it off perfectly.

Yoongi was wearing all black which was the look that was as godly as it was sinful, you were afraid the stylists were going to go crazy with he clothes but they had stuck with these clothes and you were sending your appreciation to them and all holly beings.

The music was amazing as well, hype and a bit dark and the song had the right amount of sexiness, so much they even include a girl.
You nodded watching her, they had chosen well, she was really pretty and was dressed sexy but not trashy, it was all good until the scene changed to an alley in which was only her and Yoongi.

It was Yoongi solo part and as expected he was putting to work all his tongue technology that if it was true turned you on, you didn’t enjoy seeing so close to another girl. The way he rapped to her was insinuating, the way his body leaned to hers like demonstrating interest and sexual desire, the attraction between them making the scene and the rap be more intense, it got you distracted from the mv itself as something inside of you was shot. A sensation that started in your stomach and brain and then you felt everywhere, you wanted that girl out of the picture and Yoongi as far away from her as possible. It was stupid since you knew this was just the mv, acting, but then you couldn’t help it, seeing him with another girl was hard. And then you frowned, Yoongi was a terrible actor, could it be that some of this attraction was real?

The music video ended, it had been good but all you could think was of that scene and the hours of filming, they practicing.

-I’ll watch again- you mumbled to your self seeing the video again which only made you angrier. Yoongi hadn’t mentioned this little detail with the girl, why was he hiding it?

You frowned and watched your phone, the last thing he had said was that they were going to be at the company doing the live pre show, then they would watch the video and film reaction and do some practice of the choreography. Then he was supposed to come to your apartment to have a rather late dinner together.

You inhaled sharply telling yourself to calm down and wait, instead of starting to recriminate over the phone like you wanted to do. But you knew it was best to do it in person, you wanted to see his face when you brought the issue over, Yoongi had some explaining to do.

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ravenclaw-of-cabinseven  asked:

Writing prompt: Danny is a League member who is den mother to YJ. Superman doesn't know what to expect when Danny calls him for a meeting but he isn't expecting an angry halfa to rip into him about being a responsible family member to Superboy. Little does he know that Danny knows just how violating it feels to learn you've been cloned. Does Danny convince him where even Batman failed? Please write it!

“You have to be the stupidest person I have ever met.” Frost covered everything once those words left the mouth of one Phantom. Phantom himself didn’t exactly look all that threatening due to the fact that he looks like a fourteen/fifteen year old boy with a black and white jumpsuit. But the way that his voice echoed and held that icy tone, the way that his usually acid green eyes was blazing with a fire made out of ice, and his pure white hair stood out from his tan skin made him look VERY intimidating. Oh and he was the reason for the frost in the room.

“Ex-excuse me?” Superman stuttered in shock. He knew that Phantom called for him for something, but he wasn’t expecting this.

He wasn’t sure what he was expecting honestly. It was rare for Phantom to call meetings with heroes. So rare it was unheard of.

Well, except with Batman. And Captain Marvel. It was like Phantom had a connection with the two.

“You heard me,” Phantom’s voice was clear, cutting Superman out of his thoughts.

“Uh, if I could have some context for why I’m the stupidest person you have ever met, that would be great,” his hand rubbed against the back of his neck. The Man of Steel was uncomfortable to say the least.

Phantom scoffed. “I’ll give you a hint. His name starts with a ‘C’.”

Clark stiffened.

“Why does that make me stupid?” He asked, unsure if he wants the answer.

“Because he needs you!” Phantom snarled.

The man flinched.

Phantom never snarled.

“Because you won’t give him the time of day! Because he needs a family and you won’t give it to him!” Phantom was eye level to him now, “You don’t have to be his freaking father for crying out loud! You could be a brother, a cousin, or a freaking uncle for Pete’s sake!”

Stalagmites and stalactites of ice were growing from the floor and ceiling.

Superman’s anger grew along with the ice.

“He’s a clone! My clone! DNA was taken without my permission to create him!” He yelled back. He had felt violated when he found out about Superboy’s existence. And hearing about it from not only Batman and others from the League about it made it worse. Now Phantom topped the cake.

“He didn’t asked to be made!” Phantom shouted back.

“Don’t act like you know everything!” How could this CHILD possibly know what was going on?

“I don’t know everything,” Phantom admitted, “but I do know what it’s like to find out that someone took your very essence to create a clone.”

The Kryptonian froze. He looked at Phantom straight in the eyes and saw no lies.

“My nemesis wants me as his son, but I won’t join him. His solution? Make a clone of me.” Phantom told.

“All of them were failures,” he paused, “except for one.”

Phantom watched as the man before him blinked.

“Her name is Danielle, but she likes to be called Dani with an ‘i’. She looks to be twelve but isn’t really that old. She looks to be my sister or even my daughter if I was older,” Phantom continued, “unfortunately my nemesis didn’t like this. He tricked her into thinking that he was her father since he created her, but he wanted what made her stable to create a BOY clone.”

The teen stopped to let what he said sink in.

“See, at first I wasn’t a big fan of her, but she grew on me. Eventually I found out what was going on and stopped it. Now she’s traveling the world because she wants to and I won’t stop her. We agree on calling each other cousins, but sometimes I see her in a little sister light. I’ll admit that I worry for her and I want her to be ok. She didn’t ask to be made, she didn’t ask to be a girl while HE wanted a boy, and she wants a family. I will be that family and I’m sure that my friends at home could be family to her.”

Phantom flew closer to the alien. So close that their noses nearly touched.

“Conner needs a family like Dani. I gave her one and you should give him one too.” With that Phantom flew off.

Clark Kent stood there, feeling a chill as his feet were stuck to the floor due to the floor with ice that continued to crawl up his legs.

He had some things to think about…

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so like,,,, this one person told me i'm not a "real army" because i started stanning them so late. specifically i stanned them on july 4 and now it's august and it hasn't been a long time... but i love them a fUCKING LOT. i don't even have a bias bc i cANT FUCKING CHOOSE. but now i'm just thinking that i ain't even a real army because of some dumbass saying i wasn't and now i feel weird. thoughts? opinions? yell at me if you have to

Just because you know a bit more about BTS does not give you the right to tell new ARMYs that they don’t belong in the fandom. Also being part of the fandom is not based on how much merch you own or the amount of knowledge you have. If that’s the case 90% will be out of this fandom ASAP. Not everyone can invest a lot of time and money on what they like. Everyone’s situation is different. What makes you part of this fandom is when you love, support (be it just by streaming their videos) and respect them. PERIOD. 

Whoever bullies any new ARMY, is really weird. BTS is working so hard to get more recognition and fans and you are out there making them lose them? Where is the logic? We are in this fandom to help one another. So for Suga’s gummy smile, Jimin’s pinky, Jungkook’s biceps, Namjoon’s dimples, Jhope’s smile, Jin’s shoulders and V’s collarbones FREAKING SAKE STOP IT.

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Dear, you are loved, you are appreciated and you are needed. I love you and I am sure BTS do too ^^

The course of life - James Potter x Reader[AU]

Request: this is kinda weird and a really, really fucked up AU but the idea was in my mind for days and your writing is pretty. 💘 So I was thinking that James survived when Voldemort attacked them (didn’t think why/how) and he got to raise Harry with a lil help from the reader who was with them in Hogwarts (also harry’s godmother). So years pass by and he realize that he’s starting to fall in love with her and he asks harry’s permission cause he knows how harry cares so much about her and vice-versa.
Warnings: It’s an AU. My English and language(it’s me!) Gif aren’t mine/ Credits to their original owners. 
Word Count~3.6k
Pending Requests

It was always James. Since the moment you met, it was only him. It had always been him. His hazel eyes and his pouty lips; his crazy messy hair and his round nerdy glasses. His kind nature and his sassiness. Everything about him was intoxicating and calming at the same time.
At first, you were not very concerned about it because he seemed like a good guy and you immediately became friends. You were closer to him than the others but you considered them family. In fact, it was you that had insisted to find a way to help Remus every full moon. It was James though, who forbid you to tag along and told you that it would be too dangerous and that it was for the best if you were there afterwards to help them. You would have kept pushing him to change his mind but it made you feel too important to him. So, you didn’t. Maybe, just maybe, he actually saw you as more than a friend.
All your hopes died when he started flirting with Lily. He would bombard you with questions about your best female friend and he would confess his undying love for her to you. Which was a bit ironic and a tad painful. That was when you decided to put all feelings aside and move on.  Of course, that was easier said than done. Sirius noticed and so did Remus. They saw that their best friend was trying to avoid being in the same room as James and Lily; not when they were on their own but when they were together. They never said anything.
It became almost unbearable to be around them. You had done everything in your power to move on. You had dated other guys and you had been in a very nice relationship. But it didn’t last, mainly because none of the other guys was James.
You thought that he was so dense. How could he not notice that you had feelings for him? How could he look at you straight in the eyes and instead of seeing how much you loved him, all he would do was talk about Lily? You wanted to be mad at her. You wanted to hate her once she agreed on a date with him. You truly wanted to. But you couldn’t. Lily was a very, extraordinary kind person and an amazing friend. Besides, you could see how happy he was. You had never seen him that ecstatic. It was that exact emotion of his that made you realize that you never stood a chance.
Once they were together, there was nothing left for you. And you grew colder and distant. You would never try to ruin their relationship; they were your best friends and they were perfect for each other.
Sirius was the one to make a move. He kind of had formed a crush on you, even though he knew that it would always be James for you and well, it would always be Marlene for him. He couldn’t exactly handle though, seeing you sad and hurt. And since neither of you could be with the person you truly wanted to, why not be with each other? It wasn’t like you had never thought about it. And he moved fast. It was your last year after all and even though he knew that you wouldn’t just cut the ties with them after that, he was also aware that you would try to keep your distant. And in all honesty, he couldn’t blame you. He would do the same.
You hadn’t even taken a second to think your answer. It was simple as that. Being with Sirius was easy as breathing and as hard as that. It did feel natural; like being best friends but with…benefits. But it also felt wrong.
Surprisingly enough, your relationship had lasted a year. It was when Remus talked to you and voiced his concerns that you understood that you weren’t over James- who, by the way, didn’t even seem to be bothered… and why would he? He was with Lily and they were planning the freaking marriage for Merlin’s sake. And it was when both of them wanted you and Sirius to marry them, that you had to be honest with the gray-eyed man and with yourself.
You talked and talked for hours. You both knew the truth and you both saw it coming. There were no hard feelings between you and you still were very close. He was actually concerned about the whole ‘being the one to marry the man you loved with your best friend’ thing but you just shrugged it off. James didn’t even know. Honestly, you didn’t want him to know. It was better off like that. And with Sirius… it had gone back to being just friends- who would hook up occasionally, but that was okay.
The wedding arrived and you were in pain. You physically felt it. Your body was sore and your mind, clouded.
The wedding passed and you got wasted. You couldn’t remember a thing from the wedding reception. Well, you did remember one thing. How they glowed with happiness and love. That was the final hit. You kept on drinking and drinking.
You had woken up with a terrible hangover and a headache that made you want to bang your head against the wall. You tried to move but you felt a body next to you. You froze and tried to focus on – oh, it was just Sirius. And you had your clothes on. That was a relief.
You hadn’t mentioned to anyone that morning, afternoon really. You had made a promise to yourself. You would stop dragging Sirius into your mess. It was more than enough that his ‘family’ was with Voldemort and every time he went on a mission, he would stumble across one of them. He didn’t need your messy feelings.
You tried to stay away. For a while, you were just a muggle; did the things that Muggles did; got a flat near the Wizarding World but outside of it. You did try to make it work. You had gone out on dates and gotten an interesting job.
And then, your world came crumbling down. You were still in love with James and you loved him deeply. But life had different plans. You got a letter from Lily. A howler, really.  She was so excited that she could barely contain herself. And then she was too worried at the same time. Why? Because she was pregnant.
You didn’t get to listen to the rest of the letter as you apparated to Remus’ place. He would be lying if he was to say that he didn’t expect you to appear to his room right after you would find out. He knew you way too well. He knew that you didn’t want to go to Sirius because Merlin knows where that would lead you. The moment he saw you, you were already wrapped around him, your body shaking
with sobs. He held you close, whispering comforting things as you just fell apart.
Not only Lily and James were going to be parents, but they had the nerve to ask you to be Harry’s-that’s the name they had agreed on once they found out that it was a boy-godmother. It felt wrong. So wrong. Yet, seeing them so happy and so in love, made you swallow your emotions once again. Sirius saw it. Remus saw it. Peter wasn’t anywhere to be seen. It felt like you were drowning and your demons were holding you down, never let you breathe. Sirius tried to make it better by suggesting James to make someone else godmother/father. James didn’t really know why his best friend would say something like that for you. Well, he did. He truly did. But he had decided to bury it deep down, years ago, never letting it come to the surface. Instead of just pointing someone else, he told Sirius since he was your man-you never really told them that you had broken up in order to keep your emotions hidden- he should be Harry’s godfather as well.
At least, you would have someone to share the pain. Because he was truly asking you to be the godmother of his child- his child with Lily. And it hurt. Immensely. For everybody’s sake, you smiled and laughed and cheered. But when you were left alone… that was a different story. So, you tried to numb the pain. Alcohol, sex, sleeping pills. Whatever it took. But the pain was there. Every time you saw them smiling at each other, your heart- what was left of it- would break a bit more. Until you had a meltdown.
Thankfully, both Sirius and Remus found you and helped you. They were growing even more worried about you. It had been almost nine years. They realized that it wasn’t just a crush. You loved him. You loved him so much that you sacrificed your own happiness for him. And you cared about Lily too; she was like your sister. You had given up on your heart for the sake of theirs. For the first time, they saw how difficult it was for you and the got why after the whole ‘godparenting’ thing, you left.
The next thing you learned, had left you absolutely broken and almost too numb to react.
You were with Sirius and you had decided to visit them together, after almost a year that you had been abroad. You had travel quite a bit and you had found out that you would like to settle down in Rome. Well, the handsome Italian guy that you were in a relationship with had kind of helped your decision. You were well. Even happy. And then, the world fell upon you.
Peter, sweet, innocent, shy little Peter had betrayed them to Voldemort. And Lily was dead. She was dead. She was gone. Living a toddler and a broken James behind. Remus had rushed there and you had just apparated with Sirius, who was not just shaken but a complete mess.
And then you saw Lily’s body. It made your heart drop to the floor. This wasn’t right. She was just twenty-one. This was just a messed-up nightmare. It couldn’t be real. It just couldn’t.
In the years to follow, you could never remember that night. It all was so blurry and maybe it was for the best. Maybe your brain was protecting you.
James never asked you to ditch your life back in Rome. He never asked you to stay away from Jason-your fiancé as he was later informed- or to break the engagement. He didn’t have to. You did it, anyways.
It was difficult, in the beginning. You didn’t know where you stood. Everyone just got together and moved to your flat, since it was hidden in the Muggle world and it would draw less attention. The empty apartment was filled with four grieving adults and a toddler, who knew very well what had happened. James couldn’t handle Harry at first. He had Lily’s eyes and it felt too much to even look at him. At the same time, he felt guilty. He was, in his mind. He was responsible for her death, according to him.
You had stepped in, took Harry under your wing, helped your friends when you were just too numb to feel the pain at that point. You hated yourself. For a couple of reasons that would start to bother you after a few weeks.

Years had passed. Harry was already ten. You were living with him and James. James… well, he wasn’t exactly the boy you used to know. He had changed a lot. And who wouldn’t? He had lost his wife, his son’s mother when he was twenty-one. No matter how many years will pass, something like that cannot be forgotten. You hated yourself and even though you tried to put some distance between yourself and him-it never worked.
You were there when he couldn’t sleep, when he couldn’t function; you were there when he had a breakdown; you were there when he couldn’t stop crying behind closed doors; you were there when he couldn’t change Harry’s diapers; you were there when he would go days without coming out of his room; you were there when he started smiling again because you were the one who scowled him about his behavior-it wasn’t just him anymore, he had a child; you were there when he first laughed and it was genuine; you were there when he started cracking awful jokes with his friends and you had to run after a mini-him.
You were there all the time. You had been there forever. And you felt like you would die. Because your feelings were there as well. You pushed them away, buried them six feet under. You couldn’t possibly believe yourself. You had feelings for your dead best friend’s husband. It felt like you were the most sickening person in the world. That’s why you never even let them free again.
You had an amazing relationship with Harry. He was a wonderful kid. Lily would be so proud of him. When he was younger, you played with him, chased him around the house, fed him, tacked him in… That little creature had stolen your heart.
Once he grew older and he was asking questions that James couldn’t answer, you told him stories about his beautiful mother and his toe-rag father. James snorted but he smiled at the memory. Even though there were tears in his eyes. You kept telling Harry everything you could remember and it might hurt you but you couldn’t resist his big green eyes and his pouty lips. What you didn’t know was that you were never alone. He was always watching you-you hadn’t even realized it. James was speechless because he knew. He knew how you felt about him. At least, when you were all attending Hogwarts. He knew that it must have been one of the most difficult things you had ever undergone. He knew that you had broken your engagement with an amazing guy that you were truly in love with-for him and his son. He was admiring how strong you were and how discrete- you never told him how you felt because you valued his happiness way too much to care about yours.
One day, you were all in the living room, watching a muggle tv-show that Harry found hilarious. It was late and Harry knew that had to go to sleep. He was ten and he didn’t want to be tucked in. He was a man as had stated. The freaking Potter genes. But he was complaining and honestly, you would have laughed at the stubborn kid if it wasn’t for the word choice.
“But I don’t want to go to sleep, mom”. You froze. You could hear the stillness. Your heart wasn’t beating and you weren’t breathing. James had gone wide-eyed and couldn’t move. Harry seemed to realize what he had just said. He hugged you with his little hands and you found yourself on the verge of tears.
“I just have two moms” he said calmly as he looked at his father. The world was so much simpler and more beautiful through a kid’s eyes. James didn’t really know how to respond and that’s why you smiled at the little boy.
“You still have to go to sleep, tuff guy” you playfully tickled him and he giggled like someone who had just been busted. You carried him in your arms since he didn’t let go. Once you put him to sleep, you returned to the living room, only to find an empty couch. You knew that James had looked his door before you even tried to open it. And that’s why you didn’t.

After a few months he realized why he kept glancing your way and why he always felt more like himself around you; why you were his… what were you exactly?
He knew now that you weren’t just a friend- to him. He felt this sickening almost nauseating feeling. Again. It couldn’t be true. However, every time he looked at you, holding his son, playing with him or helping him with his homework- you had insisted that Harry should attend the elementary school as every Muggle kid did and James just couldn’t say no-his heart was beating a tad faster and he felt lightheaded. A good dizzy. When Harry had called you mom, his whole world stopped spinning. It didn’t slip. He had told you that he had two moms. He was acknowledging you as his mother and James had to admit to himself that he was right. He did have two mothers. But why had you stayed? Why had you given up your life willingly?
He needed to talk to you but first, he had to come face to face with his emotions. And the truth was that he was falling in love with you all over again. Because he had feelings for you before. He did but he was too coward to admit it. That was when Lily happened and he didn’t saw a reaction from you, so he thought that you didn’t see him like that. It was only after he had gotten together with Lily, that he realized everything. And okay, maybe Remus had let a hint or two, or a dozen. He was dense. But then, you and Sirius happened. What the hell was happening?
He was sitting down, next to his bed. The door was half-opened. He knew someone was there and he expected to be you. But it was Harry, who waltzed in and went and sat right across from him. James raised an eyebrow, stunned by his son’s actions.
“It’s okay, dad. I know you love her”. Say what, now? To say that James was shocked, it would be an understatement. He was choking on his own breath. Harry laughed at him, which didn’t exactly help. You heard a noise and went to check it out, but halted when you saw the two of them in the room. You stood behind the wall, far enough to not be seen but close enough to actually listen.
“Of course, I do. As I love Uncle Moony and Uncle Padfoot” he said carefully but the ironic expression that Harry had, reminded him of himself way too much. He knew that his kid knew.
“Dad, please. I am ten, not two. You are in love with her. Even if I don’t really know what that means. I heard Moony and Padfoot saying it” he stated matter-of-factly. You gasped and quickly placed your hand on your mouth. What did Harry say?
James closed his eyes. How was it that a ten-year old knew more and could see clearer? And why on earth would those two talk about his personal life? And in front of Harry?
“You are okay with that?” he asked before he could stop himself. He had just admitted his feeling for you. Feelings that were there for the last eight years. You didn’t dare to breathe.
“She is my other mom, dad. I love her. Not like you do, but I love her”. You didn’t know you were crying until the tears reached your lips and tasted the salt. Your boys. Your precious boys. You heard a sound that you guessed it was the sound of a hug and your heart melted.
“Mom would like her” you heard Harry whispering a little over-emotional. You must have done something extremely good for- no. How could steal Lily’s men? It didn’t feel right. Like, what? You waited for her to die and steal her man? You felt sick.
“She did” you heard James whispering. You were about to turn and leave when they walked on you. James was taken aback but Harry rushed over and hugged you so tight that you thought you would stop breathing.
“You make my dad happy and you make me happy” he simply told you before heading off to his room. You stayed there frozen. What could you do? You both just stood there, before he enveloped you in a bone-crushing hug. I need you, I need you, I need you, you kept screaming in your mind. You weren’t teenagers or school kids anymore. You were two people with a very disturbing past and a child. Because he knew that Harry was your as much as his; if not more. 
His hands were around you, holding you tightly close to him, as his head rested in the crook of your neck. He didn’t feel guilty anymore. He didn’t feel guilty for loving you, for moving on. And he slowly made you accept that too. From the way you hugged him like your life depended on him, he realized that your feelings hadn’t changed. You loved him for almost twenty years. Twenty years. You had kept your feelings hidden for so many years, just because you wanted him to be happy. You loved him for dear life. And he found out that loving someone is something selfless. And he gave himself to you- and Harry. Always Harry.
“We can take this slowly” he gently said, pulling an inch apart. You smiled. It was a real smile.
“I would like that very much” you answered truthfully. He was about to lean down but alas.
“Guys, I’m hungry!” Harry screamed and made both of you laugh.
It wasn’t going to be easy but it was at the same time. You were not replacing Lily. You were you and that was all they wanted. It might had started out as’ James, always James’ but it had turned out to be, ‘Harry comes first. And then James’.
And that was… a family. A happy one. 

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In Sickness and in Health

Okay Mark, what should you be working on?

Benefit of the Doubt, the long one you’ve been whittling at way too slowly?

The angsty chapters where actual things happen?

oh wait i know


All while writing this, I couldn’t help but think, eat it, eat the soup. XD

A lot of betting goes on in this household. I should stop making people bet on things.

Previous works in chronological order: Hired, Lovestarved, Trial & Trust, Deeper Than Skin, A Small Solace


The Black Hat manor is very spacious. There are a few rooms in it that hardly ever see any use, maybe aside from storing random junk. 

Flug could only assume one of those places was where Black Hat disappeared to whenever he fell ill.

It didn’t happen often, mind you. Maybe four or five times a year, sometimes more. But whenever he did get sick, Dementia, Flug, and 5.0.5. would never see him. He’d always have disappeared, simply leaving them notes that usually read something along the lines of, “Ill. Expect me back within the week. PS: No slacking off while I’m gone!!!” This time was no different. 

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No “you shouldn’t write for reviews” people yet. But I’ve been getting a lot of a different one I want to talk about.

“Just because people don’t review doesn’t mean the story isn’t good!”

Yes. This is true. However. If people aren’t reviewing, the writer also doesn’t know if people are interested. I know the story is good. That’s why I’m posting it. I’m not asking you to tell me the story is good. I’m asking you to tell me you’re interested in reading it so I know that it’s worth the time to continue posting.

rayrayswimusic  asked:

May I please request Ouran AU for Yoi pleaseeeeeeeee

s/o to discord for prompting! this is a bit hasty lol. for the purposes of this ficlet let’s say they’re all high school age. all of them.

“Terrible! Absolutely atrocious! Not refreshing at all – minus fifty points!”

“But Hana!”

Yuuri turns away from the window where he had been sweeping. So much for spending golden week tucked away at a different resort in order to get away from the Ice Castle Host Club. No, the rich kids of the host club just can’t get it through their thick heads that their presence is not always appreciated, especially not when it comes roaring in overhead from a helicopter and then insisting on a competition to see who gets to stay in the last free room at the Paradise Bed and Breakfast.

Of course a part of him is a little glad to see familiar faces – Christophe, the Crispino twins, Yurio and Otabek – but the happiness is tempered somewhat by the beautiful and loud presence of one Viktor Nikiforov, who is currently being yelled at by Hana for doing a cruddy job at fixing a broken fence.

Honestly, there was no need for him to show up in a helicopter, thinking Yuuri had been kidnapped. It was sweet, but embarrassing. As are a lot of things that the beloved co-founder and president of the Ice Castle Host Club does.

(Yuuri hates being embarrassed. It really drives up the anxiety.)

He heads out after finishing up his sweeping with a couple glasses of lemonade, intending to deliver them to the host club members who are working outside. He finds Christophe first, lounging at a table drinking a cappuccino while surveying the mayhem that is a pack of rich high school kids trying to do manual labour with an amused expression.

“You’re not joining in on the competition?” Yuuri asks.

Christophe shakes his head. “The Giacomettis have a summer house here!” he replies. “Why bother with a hotel room when I can sleep in my own? Far more comfortable, at least.”

Yuuri resists the urge to roll his eyes. “I bet,” he remarks. “Lemonade?”

Christophe nods, so Yuuri pours him a glass. “You know,” the Swiss man remarks as he takes it with a grin, “it won’t be a big deal for the people who lose this, right?”

“Yeah, they can find lodging in other parts of town,” Yuuri replies.

Christophe laughs. “No, they’ve all got summer houses here.”

Yuuri resists the urge to groan. “Then why are they all fighting over the last room here?”

Christophe shrugs, almost carelessly. “Maybe one of them really does care about you, and just has a terrible way of showing it?” he wonders innocently. 

A couple paces away, Viktor accidentally hits his thumb with the hammer and screeches. Next to him, Yurio starts yelling at him to pull himself together and get over it.

“Want to bet on who’s going to win?” asks Christophe.

Yuuri raises an eyebrow. “Does this come out of my debt?”

“Maybe,” says Christophe.

“What are the odds?”

Christophe shrugs. “Well, at the current pace, His Majesty won’t be winning anytime soon,” he says, pointing to Viktor’s current slumped position by the fence. “The twins only really work well when Sara can stop Mickey from yelling at any man who bothers to smile in her direction. Yuri is clearly not interested in winning this, either, which means that Otabek, even though he’s clearly been the most helpful one so far, won’t be accepting a victory if it means he can’t stay with Yuri.”

“Those are just your observations,” Yuuri points out.

Christophe shrug again. “You can tell who my best contender is, though,” he points out. 

Yuuri huffs. “If I win this wager, then what?”

“I’ll knock half of the remaining balance off your account. If you don’t win, nothing happens. You’ve nothing to lose in this, really.” Christophe’s eyes twinkle. “What do you say?”

Yuuri sends a look over at Viktor, who is trying to convince a deeply disturbed Yuri to kiss his sore thumb better. 

“Deal,” he says, and steps away with the lemonade tray.

As much as the president of the host club mortifies him on a regular basis, it doesn’t necessarily mean Yuuri doesn’t want to see him win. After all, Viktor’s genuine, not-for-the-clients smile is actually quite a wonder. There really is no point to doing things like calling up an entire horse-drawn carriage to take Yuuri to campus or custom-ordering him fancy outfits (especially dresses. It’s not that Yuuri doesn’t mind dresses – gender is fake, after all – but the ones Viktor tries to buy for him are just a little too much) or showing up at his holiday workplace in a freaking helicopter, for god’s sake. Not when all Viktor really has to do is smile, truly and genuinely, and be himself.

Not the president of the host club, not the bastard-turned-heir of the Nikiforov dynasty. Just himself.

“I brought you lemonade, Viktor,” Yuuri says.

Viktor looks up at him with wide, adoring eyes. “Lemonade, served to me from the delicate fingers of Yuuri Katsuki himself? What a delight!”

Yuuri resists the urge to groan. “You know you’re just wasting away your potential out here doing something you’re not even good at, right?” he asks.

Viktor pouts. “You don’t like my handiwork?” he asks, gesturing to the fence. For a moment Yuuri’s half-convinced he’s looking at a Salvador Dali painting instead of a picket fence.

“No,” he says. 

Viktor’s pout grows. Yuuri pushes the cup into his hands.

“Clearly carpentry isn’t your calling, Viktor,” he says. “Maybe you should… find a better tune.”

He steps back towards the inn after that, leaving Viktor out by his Surrealist fence, and hopes his hint had been enough. 

When the lovely strains of a violin begin to emanate from the dining room moments later, he knows it had. 

-You’re basically more than Klaus’ girlfriend, but not officially engaged/married yet

-You met him a long time before he even went to New Orleans before it burned down, being his sanctuary to go to when things got hard for him

-You both bordered on having a relationship, and it was finally solidified when he asked you to leave (home city) to go to New Orleans with him and help raise the baby with Hayley

-You agree obviously, and when you get there, you’re hidden in the shadows of the Mikealsons throughout all the drama

-You’re only named the Queen because of Klaus and how much you’re seen with him

-He has a tendency to rip out the hearts of people who bump into you in the road 

-Or people who stare too long

-He also has a tendency to brutally torture people who try to harm you purposely

-And sends their limbs back to their boss as a threat

-It doesn’t bother you how gruesome he is, you’re used to it

-You have supernaturals coming on your doorstep asking to serve “The French Queen.”

-You have no idea where you became so famous

-But you’re not complaining

-Eventually you gather a big enough army to take back the Quarter

-And don’t get me wrong, just because you didn’t do much to be named “Queen”, doesn’t mean you’re not a total badass

-You keep all of the hybrids and witches who joined you in line

-People would rather deal with Klaus than you when they do something wrong

-Once this girl tried to kill you and be named Queen instead

-The next day her body parts were torn and hung up as festive decorations in the courtyard

-With you sipping her blood out of a wine glass

-Klaus was very proud of you

-Marcel tries to take you down

-Because he realizes he takes you down, then Klaus goes down with you

-He sends Davina to try and find your weakness/be a spy

-You found out immediately

-”So Marcel can’t kill us himself, so he has to send a little girl to do it?”

-She tries to give you an aneurysm, but it doesn’t work and you speed forward and grab her neck

-”Tell your pathetic vampire that if he wants to take down a Mikealson, do it himself next time. Because my Klaus will win this war, and the day he does, Marcellus better be in another country.”

-You pause, looking her over

-”You can tell him after we fix your split ends, they’re bothering me.”

-”Have you been locked in an attic for a majority of your life?? Fix your hair for Christ’s sakes.”

-You freak her out, by not killing her, but by taking care of her

-Better then Marcel ever has

-Rebekah is your ultimate best friend

-You’d rather avoid Hayley at all costs 

-Elijah and you have an interesting relationship

-A really strong platonic one

-Kol is a pain in your ass, but you know he just needs love so you just baby him all the time

-”Kol, you’re not going to kill her.”

-”I AM A CREATURE OF THE NIGHT WOMAN–are those blood cookies?”

-You’ve never really met the rest of his siblings

-Do you want to though???

-Many people who know you and the siblings personally don’t know whether to be extremely afraid or gawk in how adorable you guys are to each other

-Like once Stephen walked in to you wrestling Kol for the remote, while Rebekah was doing yoga

-Elijah was wrapped in a bunch of blankets like a burrito on the couch, sleeping

-Klaus was baking cookies

-So does Stephen laugh??? Or back away from a family of killers?

-No one knows

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Party Like A Stark

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Peter Parker x Stark Reader

Part (3/6)

Part 1 Part 2  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

Summary: Today is your 19th birthday, and you also happen to be Tony Stark’s loved daughter.  What’s a better way to celebrate this special day than a party?!  All the Avengers and family friends will be there, even your secret crush Spider-Man.  You’ve always wanted to meet the famous spiderling, but little did you know you already know him.  Your party will definitely be one to remember.

Warnings: some sexual stuff but not smut


AN: Alright things are getting a little steamy!! thanks for all your support on this little mini fic! I really didn’t expect it to be this popular!! you guys are great and don’t be afraid to tell me what you think of it!! 

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Here’s some Genderbent!Marauder head cannons you didn’t ask for!

- Jamie Potter was that effortlessly beautiful girl that everyone wanted to be or be with.

- She was the sportiest girl going, too.

- She’d wake up at the crack of dawn to go for a run around the Hogwarts grounds in sun, rain, sleet or snow.

- She was a health freak for health sake (and not for beauty-sake like most people thought)

- In fact, she couldn’t give two hoots about looks.

- Her hair was usually messy bed-hair style; wild and unruly that she ran her fingers through quickly in the morning.

- But it somehow still looked as if it’s been styled perfectly that way.

- She had large, square, Hipster glasses before they became ‘cool

- (She still think’s that she made them cool)

- She always wore colourful braces with her short school skirts, wore her tie loose and short and had her top button undone.  

- She was the epitome of Geek-Chic.

- Jamie laughed loudly, joked constantly and her presence was always known.

- The only other person who could match Jamie on loud presence was Sirius.

- Jamie was head over heels in love with Lee Evans

- For a long time, though, Lee wasn’t interested in her because he believed that Jamie was a ‘mean girl

- But that was the furtherest away from being true.

- Those were just the horrible lies that his friend Severa would tell him.

- It wasn’t until the end of fifth year when Lee saw Jamie in a deserted corridor with a first year Slytherin that was crying his eyes out did he realise he had her completely wrong.

- At first, he thought she had bullied the young boy to tears and went for his wand, until he saw that she was gently wiping his tears away and letting him cling to her shoulder.

- He hid behind the wall and eavesdropped on the conversation to find out that actually, Severa (who he was starting to figure out wasn’t the person who he thought she was), had actually bullied the young boy for being the ‘wrong sort’ for Slytherin. 

- “Hey, hey now. It’s okay to cry. You’re not the wrong sort to be in Slytherin, kiddo.”

- “But … but … she’s right … I’m not … evil … or … Pureblooded”

- “That doesn’t mean you’re not a real Slytherin! And she’s not a pureblood, either. Do you remember the Sorting Hat’s song?”

- The boy shook his head and wiped his tears.

- “He says: in Slytherin, you’ll make your real friends, those cunning folks use any means to achieve their ends.” She smiled. “Does it say you have to be a Pureblood or evil?

- The boy shook his head.

- “Exactly! Because you don’t need to be either of those things. Cunning isn’t a bad trait to have, it just mean’s you’ve got a good brain on these shoulders.” She beamed, poking him lightly in the middle of his forehead earning a cute little giggle.

- “Thank you,” he sniffed and threw his arms around her neck.

- She hugged back just as enthusiastically.

- “Don’t you listen to that Severa. If she gives you any more trouble, you come to me, okay? I’ll drop some boogers in her potions for you.” She winked.

- Lee didn’t tell Jamie that he had seen that exchange until seventh year when they were finally together. 

- He knew that that was the moment when he saw Jamie in a new light and had started falling for her.

- Sirius Black was the type of girl that boys would fight each other over but could never have.

- She had high cheekbones that could cut, stormy lined eyes that could kill and a wink that would.

- Sirius was a huge flirt, but she was completely unaware of it.

- It wasn’t until Petra told her that that was why unwanted guys were constantly fawning over her did the dam break and she realised.

- Then she made sure to only flirt with people to get her way (like with McGonagall) or who were her closest friends and knew that was just her nature and wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.

- However, when she tried to flirt with Rema, she would always get a little too flustered, blush profusely and wasn’t as smooth as she usually was. 

- It took her nearly a year to realise why.

- She used to wear her hair loosely curled around her face until she met Rema, braiding queen extraordinary.

- Then she always had extravagant hair styles that involved braids.

- She had her hair half up half down, braided buns, French platted fringe, braided pony tails.

- If it was a type of braid, Rema had styled her hair that way.

- And Rema was the only one allowed to touch her hair.

- She just had a gentle, calming touch that made Sirius’ eyes flutter and breathing hitch. 

- Rema Lupin was a natural beauty.

- She always wore her hair in two french plaits, or in a high pony tail.

- The only time she ever had her hair down or styled was only for special events like the Yule Ball (and Sirius’ and her first date).

- She loved to braid Sirius’ hair because it kept her hands busy and her anxiety under control.

- Her uniform was always pristine.

- She had her tie the right length, her skirt just above her knees and wore knee high socks.

- The socks always drove Sirius’ insane with lust.

- She always had to sit with her legs crossed and clenched in lessons and had to keep her fantasies of Rema in pretty black underwear and her knee high socks under control

- Rema definitley knew the affect they had on Sirius and wore a pair of them pretty much constantly.

- She would wear one of Sirius’ oversized band tees and black lacy underwear to bed with her knee high socks and braided hair

- It took Sirius a long time to calm down before she could fall asleep.

- It took even longer when they started sharing a bed and Rema would casually throw one of her legs over Sirius’ so she could feel the slither of Rema’s thigh against her skin

- Rema suffered with anxiety a lot and sometimes had to go and be on her own for awhile which her friends would respect.

- She could always been seen curled in the armchair in the common room in oversized jumpers that looked like a dress and the high knee socks reading a book.

- Sirius could never help herself when she saw her like this and would have to go and sit in her lap and cuddle with her, which Rema never minded. 

- She always seemed like the studious, innocent one out of the group but she had the darkest humour and was the queen of Sass.

- She’d would always whisper sarcastic comments under her breath so only her friends could hear and would have to try and keep themselves under control lest they get in trouble for an outburst of laughter in lessons.

- They didn’t do very well with that and many detentions and points were taken because of it.

- And she just sat there with a killer poker face.

- And that’s why no one realised that she was the most devious out of all of them.

- Petra Pettigrew was the cute one of the group.

- She was the first one to have a boyfriend at the age of 15 and dated him for nearly three months until he expected her to do more than just kiss.

-  That was when she realised that she was sex-repulsed. 

- But that didn’t mean she didn’t have crushes on boys and didn’t want a relationship - because that’s exactly what she wanted! 

- Just with someone who understood how she felt and that it wasn’t a ‘phase

- She always had the best hugs and the best advice.

- She was the one who convinced Jamie that acting crazy in front of Lee wasn’t going to win his affections, and to just start acting like herself instead of showing off - which worked.

- She was the one who convinced Sirius’ to finally admit her feelings and ask Rema out on a date - which also worked.

- She was the one to comfort Rema when she suffered with anxiety about her scars, friendships and Furry Little Problem.

- Petra was the glue of the group.

 Just, ughhhh, these Genderbent! nerds. My heart.


Pairing : Dean Winchester x reader

Warnings: Angst , so much angst , grab your tissues . Anxiety . Alot of feels tbh 

One shot , Drabble* , Imagine, fluff *

Word count :3975

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“can I apologize? would that be fair?
is it fair to love you? ” You spoke quietly
the answer is no.
“because in it I’m asking for you to give your all. ” You look away your heart racing and eyes watering in the small dingy motel room . Sam would be back soon and you doubted he wanted to get in to all of this . You breathed a sigh . “and right now I understand that you don’t have much… but believe me. I will help you find it . ” You said your eyes finally baring into his , for the first time .
He was standing up in front of you , the dim lighting catching his blondish hair and his beautiful green eyes glazing over . He parted his full lips to speak . “What if I don’t ? What then? What about you ? What about us ?“ His voice was low and tired .                                                                                                 Your heart sunk at the words you were about to say , standing up from the creaky bed. Walking up to the towering hunter over your small figure, you took his calloused hands in yours. His warm hands soothed you,” If you do not love me then, I will see it through that you’re happy . “ He looked away from you , guilt trumping his shoulders.
Why? What about your happiness (Y/n)? Why should mine be anymore important to you than your own ?
This confused you. Was he listening ? You chuckled , more of a quiet huff “After everything we’ve been through, you still have to ask that, Dean ?”
A teared trailed down your cheek , you rubbed his knuckles waiting .
He is silent : the pain in his chest too much to speak .
You continued , “because to love someone is to love them
always; alone ,heartbreak , pain , happiness. 
to love someone is to give them your all.”

His chest heaved , you saw tears now running down his cheeks. This surprised you , the stone cold hunter Dean Winchester was crying and it was because of you .

I can’t lose you (Y/n). You and Sammy … you’re all I have left. I need you .”

“ Dean-” You tried to reassure him , but he cut you off .

No (Y/n) , “ His voice was low and gruff .” I can’t lose you , I won’t . “

He shifted , his arms wrapped around your waist , pulling you toward him. Your heart thundered , your breath quickening. Instinctively , your arms went up , wrapping around his neck . His warm breath was against your cheeks , his forehead pressed to yours . “ Please,” he spoke.

“ Dean , I can’t make you love me , and you shouldn’t just because you don’t wanna lose me ; because you don’t wanna be alone. “ You kept your eyes closed , afraid to see him walk away .

(Y/n) , I love you . “ That was all he said searching your expression .

“ No you don’t Dean …” You trailed off , turning your face away . Your anxiety smothering you , sending you all the reasons why he doesn’t .

Tear slid down your face . Dean huge hands cupped your face , forcing you to look at him .” I love yo-”

You cut him off ,” No you don’t !! “ You snapped the familiar anxious knot in your chest . You didn’t want to yell , but the screaming doubts raced through your brain , slipping past your lips .

His made sure his chest was flush against yours. Putting his head in the crook of your neck , his warm breath tickling you , a smile tried to tug at your lips ; no dice .

Yes I do ,” he spoke louder than you , not assertive , just offended . Before you could interrupt him again he said , “ You wanna know why ?

Shaking your head , he ignored you . “ I love you because of your smile , the way it dances on your mouth as you say some smart ass comeback . I love you because of your eyes , they trace over mine and who I am and never falter . You make me wanna be a better man …

Your hands , the way they hold mine ,the way they fight off the things that go bump in the night as if it was the easiest thing in the world . You’re so strong , you’re my rock . “

Your laugh , it never fails to make my heart flutter , I’ve never felt that way about anyone . Ever … You’re one of the most badass hunters I know . The most perfectly made person I’ve ever seen in my life .

Your heart flutters at his voice in your ear , though you still here that succubus voice in your head , draining your hope .

Dean turns , his arms wrapping under your thighs , walking backwards he sits on the bed , placing you in his lap . Your head now lie in the space where his neck meets his shoulders . One of your arms now wrapped around his neck , the other hand curled and snuggled against his chest .

I love you because of the way you feel against me , your warmth comforts me . Feeling you next to me is the only way I can sleep at night . And when you’re not there I’m restless and wary . You’re the only way to make me feel safe .” A smug smile jumped at the corner of his mouth . Funny how someone so much smaller than him makes him feel safe .

“ Dean… “ You started . At loss for words . One of his hands stroked your hair , while the left was still wrapped under your thighs; holding you close as if you’d disappear .

You’re my home (Y/n) . “ His voice sounded shaky and strained.” I need you. Without you I am lost . Not the bunker , not Sam , hell … not even Baby makes me feel as safe as you . You put your arms around me and I’m home.“

Your head cleared at his words , your anxiety sinking away . Everything was bright and you felt as if you could breath again . You tried to pull away , his arms tightened around you . Holding you there . “Don’t leave .”

“ I’m not . “ Turning to him , his hand that was in your hair fell to your hip , softly biting his lip as he looked down on you .

Good , because I’m not sure what I would do without you, sweetheart . “ He said , gingerly rubbing your side . 

You sat like that for a long time , tangled up in each other , listening to the sound of each others heartbeats , your breathing reminding Dean that you’re real and that you won’t disappear . His heart reminding you that he’s still alive . Unlike everyone else in your life , the Winchesters didn’t die on you . I mean they were the freaking Winchesters for christ’s sake . Death to them was a regular Tuesday morning . 

(Y/n) ?” Dean said quietly . His deep voice rumbling on your side , awakening you, half asleep in his arms . 

You hummed your response . Sleepy gazing at him through narrow eyes . His green eyes mesmerizing you , putting you in a trance like no other . Something so strong it was hard to break . 

Because when he looked at you like this , your journey , your fall , your memories flash in your head. Reminding you of exactly when , how , and why you feel in love with this green-eyed messy-haired hunter .

Flash 1 - 

You didn’t tell your legs to run , they just did .Racing away from whatever the hell was after you . This had been a tough case , no doubt . But your mom was tougher . Thinking you were dealing with a Werewolf , you and your mother armed yourselves with sliver . You couldn’t be more wrong when the monster immediately ripped your mother’s head off right in front you . 

Flash 2 - 

5 years after your mothers death . There you sat 25 years old and drinking your troubles away by night , constantly going from hunt to hunt . Barely living . Your viscous cycle of wake , search , kill , and drink replaying after every finished case . 

Except this was the night that changed your life forever . The night you met none other than the Winchesters . 

Sitting at the bar , you lazily twirled your bourbon in your hands . Downing it and motioning for another at the aged bartender . A slow Bob Seger song played in the background of the murmuring bar . The bartender slides your your drink and you toss it back . Not really caring about manners or driving back to your skeezy motel room for that matter . 

Looking up you feel someone sit down next to you . A tall guy with black hair and tanned skin to background his devilish figure . He was hot sure . But you were to drunk and to tired after closing this last case to be bothered . 

He flashes an evil grin at you and says “ You alone ?” 

You just nod , not really acknowledging his words or his presence . Hoping he’d just piss off , getting that you’re not interested . 

Over and over , you ignored the guy’s advances . Too tired to be a bitch . But when he snaked his arm around your waist , you’d had enough . You smiled sweet at him and pushed his arm off , politely saying “ I have a boyfriend. “ Of course you didn’t , the life wasn’t safe to have attachments and you feared of getting to close and losing them . 

“ Oh really ?” He said cockly , “ Where is he ?” he put his arm around your shoulders. 

This really pissed you off ,” Up your ass and around the corner if you don’t knock it off .” you spat at him 

He chuckled , “ Oh fiesty ! I like .” He said . “Well see about that .” He put a blade to your abdomen , and whispered in your ear ,” Why don’t you come with me , baby . I see it in your best interest .” He pushed the tip of the knife into your side , not enough to break skin , but still enough to make you wince sharply . 

You nodded slowly getting up , and looking around no one really seemed to notice this . You knew you could kick his ass easily right then and there , but you didn’t really feel like getting kicked out of the only bar in town . If you got him alone you could knock his ass out and come back to your Bourbon . 

As this all was going down Dean had damn near stopped moving completely , other than his jaw clenching and unclenching , the younger Winchester shaking his shoulder as Dean watched the guy walk you out the bar . 

Standing up abruptly he handed the pool stick to Sam , whispering a quick “Be right back .“ to his brother and hurrying out the bar into the cold November rain. 

After rounding the corner , the guy pushed you against the wall trapping your limbs . You tried to fight back , and that’s when you saw it . His fangs and glowing eyes. Fucking werewolves . 

You reached for your pocket , only coming up short when you realized that your gun was in your jacket , back at the bar . You huffed when he pushed all of his weight onto you . He put his hand around your throat squeezing tightly . Your eyes rolled back as you gasped for air . Choking you as you picked up your small frame with one hand slamming you back against the wall but not dropping you . 

“Where’s your boyfriend now ?” He hissed mockingly . Punching you square in the mouth , stopping your smartass comment . 

“Why don’t you just get it over with you dick ?” You spat at him . 

“ Ha ha ha , no . That would be to easy sweetheart .Plus I like my meals weak.” He taunted .

You raised a shiteating grin , exposing your bloodied teeth , chuckling you said ”Coward , afraid your foods gonna bite back ?” You’d given up at this point . This was a hunters end , and you deserved it for being so dumb not to double check yoyr case and clean out the whole nest of them . You were lazy , your anxiety tittered in your head . 

Dean had searched almost the whole lot and the 2 alleyways . Rounding the second one he hissed at himself as he saw you pinned against the brick of the building , your throat about to be ripped out . 

Dean grabbed for his gun , aiming it at the son of a bitch “ Hey asshat ! “ He yelled distracting the guy . He dropped you , hitting your head when you hit the ground ,and turned to Dean . Not hesitating he pulled the trigger and shot him in the heart .  

Once the wolf was down , he was completely forgotten about as Dean ran over to you . Pulling you into his lap he checking your face . 

‘Damn’ Dean muttered . As his eyes scanned over your face he inspected your bruises and cuts. 

“Hey ?” He said cupping your face , “ Come on , don’t tell me it wasn’t for nothing “ He shook you , but you were completely unconscious , your body limp. 

“Shit , “ He muttered, pulling out his phone calling Sam . Informing him to ditch the game and get to the car . 

He picked you up racing over to the end of the alley waiting for Sam to pull up , thankful the surrounding street was empty . Sam pulled up surprised to seeing you in his big brothers arms , but didn’t say anything as he saw the body behind you two . 

Sliding into the backseat Dean was careful not to hit your head on anything as he cradled you into his arms . “Dude what the hell happened ? Who is she ?” Sam questioned . 

“Just drive !” Dean boomed . The blood on your lip had dried , but the gash on your forehead was new and Dean worried of blood loss . 

Pulling the Impala sharply into the motel lot , Sam hopped out , quickly opening the door for his brother then racing to their shared room door and swung it open, thankful that the room they got was out of sight from the main office .

After patching you up all the boys could do was wait . You lay knocked out there on Dean’s bed for about 5 hours . The morning light peering through the rooms windows . You opened your eyes . Your head felt like it was on fire . Searing pain splitting your vision , from being hungover or the gash you didn’t know . Dean saw your tiny figure move from beside the bed . Relief washing over him . 

You coughed and tried sitting up , a migraine hitting you, you muttered “Holy shit.“ Sitting up you put your head in your hands , trying to remember how you were alive. 

“(Y/n)?” Dean said . Making you jump . 

You looked at man in front of you taking in his worried expression , “Who the hell are you ? How do you know my name ?” You questioned , getting completely up. 

“My name is Dean Winchester .” His green eyes looked over you , “I saved your life .” 

That was it ;that was how you met the man that is the love of your life .

Flash 3 -

You laughed drunkenly as you and the brothers joked in the motel room . After Dean saved you , you stayed with them . Not really sure why you had stayed, just great full that you did . Because you were no longer alone . The boys weren’t real sure why either , but Sam didn’t mind because it was nice to have someone else around that wasn’t Dean ; and by that he meant , someone who wasn’t bossy and older than him . Also , you were fun to be around , like a little sister to him . But Dean ? Dean could tell that after about a year and half of having you around : he really liked you . In no other way than he had before . You understood the life , and you were more than just a one night stand . You were funny and hot (though you’d never believe it yourself) and drove him absolutely crazy , but in a good way . And if there’s something Dean Winchester loves : its a challenge . 

And you liked him to . That was obvious to everyone but you two . Cas and Sam teased that they were about ready to set you two up themselves . Dean would always brush it off with some smartass comment . And you would just blush wildly and act as if it was absurd . 

Until one night you got really really drunk and admitted all of your feelings to the younger Winchester in a drunken sob . His teasing became relentless since . 

This wild circle of events repeated up until Dean bared the Mark . And eventually becoming a demon after being killed by Metatron . The day Sam had done the spell to cure him was the day it happened . 

It was a couple of hours since he’d been cured . But you hadn’t talked to him . Let along looked at him . 

While walking back to your room from the Bunker’s kitchen you walked past Dean’s room pausing when you heard very-very faint sniffles .

Walking in you saw the older Winchester on the floor next to his bed his head was low and his expression blank . You didn’t even think he knew he was crying. 

“Dean ?” You said , slowly walking up to him and sitting down next to him . You put your hand on his shoulder . He flinched , whipping his swollen green eyes at you ; startled . 

“ Are you okay ?”  You said ,you weren’t expecting an answer . And he didn’t give you one . You just pulled him into your chest , holding him there . At first , Dean tensed , then slowly relaxed . Wrapping his arms  around your waist . He didn’t care about how it looked and neither did you . He just needed you there . He needed to feel your warmth once again . He needed to feel safe . 

You noticed he was crying when felt your chest wetten. He tried to pull away but you didn’t let him. Running your hand up and down his back , soothing his cries . Every once in a while he would shudder and hold onto you tighter. The two of you sat like that for what felt like hours . One hand rubbing meaningless shapes in his back the other running through his hair , trying to calm him down . 

His hands stayed gripped to your shirt , puling at the fabric on the expanse of your back . Tugging when he was crying harder than usual . 

There you sat , this grown man in a puddle in your arms . And you knew that was the moment you feel in love with him .You could only imagine the guilt he felt , the pain he caused while being a demon. It was silent , for a while and you almost thought he had cried himself asleep , until he took in a shaky breath . 

“ I’m so sorry (Y/n) …” Dean heaved a breath, “I am so fucking sorry .” 

You pulled back , and cupped his face in your hands , “ It’s okay Dean . I forgive you .“ You stared intently into his beautiful green eyes , getting lost in them . 

Dean could only think of one thing , “ God you are so fucking beautiful.” He said without thinking . 

“What ?” You said , still stuck in the trance of him . But you still heard him . He’d called you beautiful . 

Dean sat up a little , realizing what he had said . He tried to play it off , “ Oh, uh, nothing …” He trailed off , when he saw that you were smiling at him . “ What ?” 

“You big doof .” You said , and with unknown confidence you pulled his face to you , smashing your lips to his . At first he was surprised , then he smiled into the kiss, sitting up and pulling you to his lap, deepening the kiss . Right in that moment you two had everything you wanted . 

Until Dean pulled , away reluctantly , “ Wait ,” He said his blossomed cheeks and red lips showing how much it had gotten to him . His hands were on your waist, yours tangled in his hair and sinful thoughts teased your mind . 

“ Yes ?” You questioned . Wishing his lips were on your own again . 

“ I don’t want to do anything stupid … “ he said slowly reading your soft expression, “Unless its what you want . “ He finished the sentence just as your heart did a 180 in your chest . 

“Dean , I wouldn’t be in your lap right now if you weren’t what I wanted .” You teased , smiling down at him . 

His green eyes sparkled with hope , no longer wary . “ You know , you keep smiling at me like that you’re gonna make me think something  crazy like you like me or something .“ He half joked , something in his toned worried that you didn’t feel the same way . 

You chuckled , “Asshat .” leaning back in placing a sweet chaste kiss to his lips , pulling away slowly . 

“Only for you , sweetheart .“ He said  , his smile making your heart jump . 

Snuggling into his chest , you two stayed like that for a long while. Peppering each other in small kisses . 

Now - 

Dean laughed, waving his hand in your face , “You wanna share with the class or are you just gonna stare at me like I’m Dr.Sexy M.D for the rest of the night ? “ 

You laughed deeply , “You wish .” 

He feigned hurt , and sat back a little , “ Am I at least Dr.Adorable M.D.? “ He stifled a laugh . 

He sounded like such dork . You jokingly looked him over , “ Ehhh..” You joked, “Close enough .”  You shrugged . 

He laughed and pressed a deep kiss to your lips , electricity passing through you just like it was the first time . 

You noticed you were staring at him again when he cocked an eyebrow at you “What ?” He asked . 

You sighed tangling your hands in his soft hair again , "I just really love you . “ You said simply.

He laughed a little , blushing , “ I really love you too , sweetheart . “ he said pressing a sweet kiss to your cheek “So”he whispered so low you thought you imagined it , he pressed a kiss to the other “So” he said again , he moved to the edge of your mouth teasing you , “So”he drew this one out ,you giggled as he pressed a kiss to your jaw ”So” he whispered again , Finally pressing small soft open mouthed kisses to your neck he  said “ So much…” He looked at you his green eyes glazing over . You leaned in , wanting to feel him on your lips again.

“Wait . “ He stopped you . 

Laying his head down right above your heart , where you were sure it was thundering . “Just as I thought ..” 

“What is it ?” You asked .

“Home .” He said , his deep voice rumbling against you.                                       “It sounds just like home . “ 


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Hi!😊 Could you do something really angsty where you're Buckys girlfriend and he's is out of control cause of HYDRA and he wants to protect you and considers getting frozen down again and the reader literally freaks out bc she doesn't want to lose him You can totally decide how it's gonna end tho' ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Your eyes were filled with tears. Bucky was looking down, his last words still hovering your head, making you dizzy with how cruel they were.

Maybe we shouldn’t be together anymore, he said.

“You gotta be kidding me, right? I-I mean, you must…”

“I’m not”, he replied without looking at you. “I’m doing this and I don’t want you waiting for me. I can’t private you from life just because I have issues and demons I can’t deal with.”

You threw your arms up, shaking your head and closing your eyes until you couldn’t see a thing. That was a nightmare, it could only be a freaking nightmare.

“For fucks sake, James, listen to yourself!”, you yell at him. “You’re way stronger than this, look at all the things you’ve been through this whole time. You don’t have to go back to cryo, this is not the answer! Everything will be alright and…”

“No, it won’t”, Bucky interrupted you, finally staring at you now. “This is not just a mission, it won’t be something that will make me leave for a few days and come back with just some bruises, (Y/N). This is real, this is serious! You have no idea of what Hydra is capable of, absolutely no fucking idea, and I’m not gonna ask you to stay with me through everything. You could get hurt, you could get killed! So this is not a discussion, I’m not asking your opinion - I’m just letting you know that I am going back to cryo, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

And with those words, you felt your heart breaking inside your chest. The tears rolling down your face were stopable, and the pieces of your heart were cutting your body from inside out.

It wasn’t fair.

“No. N-no, James, I won’t let you… I-I… you’re not gonna do this”, you mumbled, throwing yourself at his arms. You held his face on your hands, clearly seeing what that whole situation was doing to him too. He sniffed, shaking his head and taking your hands away from him. “I love you, I’m not leaving you!”

“No, but I am”, he said, a single tear falling from his left eye.


Summary: You’re the new forensic scientist at CCPD and have to share the laboratory with Barry Allen for a while. The thought of that doesn’t please him too much, but that’s only until he meets you.

Pairings: Barry Allen x female reader

Word count: 851

A/N: Hey! So this is the first part of a little serie I have in mind. In this part there’s no interaction between Barry and the reader, it’s just a kickstarter so I can figure out how to proceed.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12


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bts member : jungkook x reader

Genre: angst /smut

rated mature :  but not in all the chapters

summary : if you want to and if you don’t want to, things are bound to happen and you broke the rules and run away only to find your self in a lion’s Den , jungkook a man who has every thing; power wealth and fame all together to burn your heart and existence if you moved away, in a land full of horses what could happen between both of you ,two young persons who meant to share the same dream  !

one | two | three | four |five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

“Mrs park the car is ready ”

The driver said as he stepped towards the black car to open the door
Finally your dad was coming to see you even you were with him days ago but the vocations and family gathering had it special taste 

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Pairings: Jared Padalecki x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader (it’ll make sense I promise)

Warnings: Fluff, maybe some angst but Fluff!!

“How is my wife/girlfriend more badass than me?!”
“Sorry isn’t going to help when I kick your ass!”
“Stop being so dam cute”
“What are you¦ five?!”

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“Y/N we’re being called to set! Let’s go!”
“I’m coming!”

I grabbed my phone, placing it in my back pocket before I made my way out to set. I was dressed as my character, Natasha, a badass huntress who’s a pain in the ass to the Winchesters. I made my way to set where Jensen was already waiting for me on his marker. I went to hand Jared my cell. I gave him a pointed look as I handed it to him,s
“Do not get on it or do anything stupid with it. If you do I will kick your ass.”
"Yes mam.”

I laughed and went to my marker waiting for them to tell us we could go.
“And, action!”

I don’t care that I was put in danger Dean! What I did save your brother! If I hadn’t made the deal, Sam would be dead right now!
“Hes going to kill us both when he finds out what you’ve done!”

There was a flash and then a bang, causing both of us to duck and grab our guns. We both went behind some type of furniture and started to shoot. I looked over at Dean and nodded at him before I jumped up from behind the table and went after the demon that was close enough to me. I jumped up, wrapping my legs around his throat and squeezed while I started to enchant the Latin phrase. He smoked out and dropped to the ground. I turned to see the others taken out but only because Sam had came in to help.
"Since when is my girlfriend more badass than me?”
"Since I don’t know, always!”
Sam laughed and came over to me wrapping his arms around me and kissing me.
*End Scene*

Me and Jared seperated and as I got dolled up for my next scene I heard a crack. I turned to look at Jared and Jensen, Jared who looked like he was going to die and Jensen was going to die of laughter. I walked over to them both and the first thing I noticed was my cell in Jared’s hands, broken in pieces. 
"Jared! I specifically said do not do anything to my phone!”
“Y/N/N it was an accident. I am so so sorry.“
"Sorry isn’t going to help you when I kick your ass!”
"Oh shit man, you better run. She’s turning red.”
"Jensen I will gladly kick your ass too!”
“Nope, I‘m good.”

I watched as Jensen held his hands up and backed away, a small smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes and placed my attention back on Jared who was already backing up.
"Jared don’t you dare run. Running will only make it harder.”
"I’ sorry Y/N, truly!”

And with that Jared started to run away. I groaned and flipped him off before I started to chase after him. I didn’t want to chase after him, I mean he’s a freaking giant for christ sake so I went down the sides of the trailers and jumped out behind him on top of his back.
“Hey moose! How you doing?“

Jared just laughed and carried me inside his trailer not paying attention to the mess he had in there and we ended up falling over. Jared managed to catch me fall so i landed on top of him, my hair fanning over both our faces. 
"I really am sorry about your phone.”
"Stop being so dam cute.”

Shit shit shit did I really just say that out loud? I could feel the blush starting to form so I did the only thing I could think of doing was hiding so I buried my face in Jared’s neck, inhaling his scent.
“Y/N, Y/N, look at me.”
I shook my head and then I felt Jared grab me by my thighs and pick me up so he could get up. He walked us over to his bed and dropped me down onto his bed, kneeling in front of me. I refused to meet his gaze and he pushed my hair back out of my face and pushed my chin up to look him the eye.
"I luv you too Y/N.”
I started to giggle and Jared gave me a funny look.
"What are you…five?!”
Jared gave me his famous puppy dog eyes and I could have sworn my heart melted. I leaned down and kissed him. I went to sit up when he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me down on his lap. I smiled into the kiss and we both jumped up when there was banging on Jared’s door.
“Come on guys! They want you on set!”
I looked down at Jared and gave him one more peck on the lips before I got up and ran to his door,
“I love you Jared but you owe me a new phone!”

I laughed as I ran out of his trailer and to set. If someone told me yesterday that this would be how my day would go, I would have told them to shut up. But for now, I can’t wait to start my new life with Jared.

Originally posted by jaredgifsdaily

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