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The One That Got Away- Jeff Atkins x Reader

  • Warnings: You will need tissues is all i’m saying, i cried writing this
  • Italics means flashbacks

“Please not her, don’t hurt her.”

The words rang in your head as you sat in the open field of soft grass, the autumn breeze blowing gently through your soft curls, your back leaning against a large tree. The words somewhat haunted you, making you feel like you were suffocating in a deep ocean of memories.

The sounds of soft mumbles made you look down in your lap to see your baby boy stirring in his sleep, his lips making a permanent frown, whimpers soon leaving them.

“Mama! Mama!” He cried, rubbing at his eyes. “Shh, its okay my love, it’s just a dream.” You whispered, hugging him into your chest, trying to subside his cries. “Want to tell me what it was about?” You asked.

“There was a bad man and he tried to take you away from me.” His words had no meaning, but it reminded you of the most dreadful night you had ever experienced. The night your love was taken away from you.

“My baby!” Your mother smiled, pulling you into a hug. “Congratulations!” She cheered, tears threatening to fall from her eyes. “Ma, don’t cry, you’ll only make me emotional.” You mumbled with a smile, hugging her back.

“I’m sorry but i’m just so happy for you and Jeff, honey.” She whispered, finally letting the tears fall.

You and Jeff had a small party with friends and family to announce your pregnancy at a local restaurant. All of your friends were excited since they knew both of you would be great parents as well as your family.

“It took four years for Jeff’s pull out game to get weak.” Was the first thing your best friend, Monty, said to you when he came to congratulate you, all your friends laughed at his joke.

“At least it was the best feeling she’s ever felt.” Jeff’s cheeky response made you push him away playfully, only for him to pull you into a hug. He looked you in the eyes and you smiled you at him with so much admiration. “I love you.”

Your heart clenched hearing those words, it felt like he had told you those words for the first time, it always had made your heart skip a beat. Somewhere deep inside, your chest felt like something was wrong, your stomach filled with butterflies and your mind held a small feeling of anxiety, but you pushed it aside, blaming it on feeling overwhelmed with so much happiness.

“I love you, too.”

“It’s okay baby. Nobody is ever gonna take me away from you. Remember what i told you? Daddy will protect us even if he’s not here with us. Why don’t you try to go back to sleep?” You whispered, running your hands through your son’s hair.

“I’m scared when i wake up, the bad man will hurt us. I’m scared, mommy.” He whimpered, clutching your blouse.

“Daddy saved us from a bad man once, he was a hero, he was my hero and now he’s your hero. He’s up in the sky right now, chasing the bad man away from your dreams right now. By the time you go back to sleep, the bad man will be gone and you will see him in your dreams.” Your voice was broken to think about the love of your life, but you had to be strong for your boy. For Jeff.

“Thanks for coming guys.” Jeff was bidding a goodbye to your parents as you helped your friends clean up the restaurant.

“Y/N, you and Jeff go home. We can clean up.” Justin said, stopping you from picking up the cups on the tables. “Yeah girl, go home. You’re exhausted and you need rest. For you and the baby.” Jessica agreed, walking over to you with a stern, motherly look.

“But we held the party, we should clean up after ourselves.” You try and argue with the group, but Hannah shook her head, “No, we will clean and you and your lover will go and rest. It’s okay, we got this.” She reassured you, grabbing the rag out of your hand. “Go.”

You sighed, looking over at Jeff, who nodded, knowing you needed to rest even if you were too stubborn to admit it. “Fine! But next time, i will help clean. Pregnant or not.” You said, making your friends chuckle at your stubbornness. You hugged every single one of them as Jeff grabbed your purse and jacket. “Bye guys, i love y'all.” You hummed, grinning at them. “We love you too, now go and rest for my niece or nephew!” Jessica fussed, opening the door for you.

Your apartment wasn’t far from the restaurant so Jeff and you decided to walk. The both of y'all were giggling and smiling with every step you took, if someone were to look at the two of you they would think y'all were just two kids in love.

“I really freaking love you, y/n. I’ve spent four years of my life with you and it’s been nothing but an amazing journey. Yes, we may have our ups and downs, but i know by the end of the day, i will always be coming home to you, no matter what. You’ve been the most amazing girlfriend i could ever ask for and i am blessed to say you’re mine. This baby is another step in our future, but i’m hoping this is a solid promise to forever between us.”

Jeff stopped walking and you turned confused to why he was suddenly quiet, only to see him down on one knee, looking up at you. The street lights illuminated his face perfectly and the starry night made the scene so perfect. You gasped as he pulled out a small black box.

“Will you, Y/N Y/L/N, do the honors of marrying me and blessing me with the promise of forever?” Tears filled your eyes and you looked at him with a smile.

“Yes! Yes! Forever!” You cried, making him stand up and pull you into a kiss. In that moment, the anxiety came back when you heard the squeals of tires.

When you pulled away, a car pulled up in front of you and two men came out with a gun. “Give me your money!” They yelled, pointing a gun at both you and Jeff. The line was cliche, but it was real.

Jeff being his selfless self, stood in front of you and you clutched tightly onto his arm, fear evident. “I have the money, man. Not her.” One of them grabbed Jeff and threw him on the floor and you cried out for your boyfriend.

“Whatever you do, please not her. Don’t hurt her. Not the mother of my unborn child.” The words seemed to take effect when one of the guys dropped his gun from your head, but he still held a grip on your arm.

“Give me the money!” Was what the guy, who held Jeff down in a kneeling position with the gun pointed to his back, repeated. Jeff looked into your eyes and he mouthed, “I love you, forever.”

Your sobs were hitting harder as you mouthed back, “I love you, forever.” For once, your life flashed before your eyes and soon you heard a gunshot go off. The men were quick to run when they grabbed the ring. In the quick second, you dropped to your knees to catch your boyfriend.

“Jeff!” You cried, holding his head in your lap. “Please, stay with me. Baby, keep your eyes open!”

You studied his face and saw that he wasn’t frowning, but smiled with a soft look. “It’s okay, my love. It doesn’t hurt, i’m not in pain.” He whispered, blood starting come out of his mouth. “Will you tell him? Tell him, i love him.” He asked, knowing he was referring to your baby, you nodded with tears as he held his hand to your cheek, trying to wipe your tears. “It’s going to be a boy, i just know it.” He whispered, coughing up more blood.

“Just stay with me, please. Stay with me, Jeff.” Your voice wavered, trying to find your phone to call an ambulance. “I-i want you to know baby, y-you’re going to be a great mother. I love you. Forever-r, I p-promise.” He stuttered, causing you to cry harder.

“I love you, too, baby. Forever. Please stay with me. Please.” You whimpered, trying to grasp that he was going to leave you. The life felt like it was being sucked out of you with every second passing by. When Jeff’s eyes finally looked up at the starry night, your breath hitched. “No! No! No! Jeff! Oh my god! Someone help me!” You sobbed, frantically trying to get some help.

“Y/N-” Your group of friends not to far from you called out. “O-oh my god, Y/N!” Monty ran faster than everyone else, stopping when he saw his best friend’s body on the ground, lifeless.

“Jess! Call an ambulance.” Justin called out, running to you with a heavy heart by the sight in front of him. You cried into the chest of your lover, broken hearted with nothing left, but the child in you.

You looked down to see your baby asleep with a small smile on his face and you smiled softly. He looked so much like his father. Brown hair, soft blue eyes, dimples.

You looked at the stone in front of you and smiled with watery eyes, “You’re his hero, thank you.” You whispered to Jeff’s grave stone. “I love you, forever. I promise.”

#232 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompt “Van takes care of his pregnant girlfriend? I know you have written some dad Van ones where you mention stuff like it, but maybe you could write one full of it. Like, going to malls and getting stuff for the baby and waking her up with a wonderful breakfast, making her feel not insecure about the changes in her body, helping her deal with the morning sickness, staying up all night with her when she can’t sleep”

Bonus mini-request of the inclusion of At Last by Etta James.

As you watched condensation drip down the mirror, you considered the reality of the situation. There just wouldn’t be moments like that for much longer. Neck deep in sparkly bubble bath water, everything was still and quiet. Dead peaceful. The only sound was the far off traffic from the main road a block over. If you wanted, you could splash in the water and listen to it settle. But you didn’t. You laid with your eyes closed, hands running over the stretched skin of your pregnant body. In a couple of months, there would be no such thing as perfect baths. There would be a baby though, and that would more than make up for it. Regardless, you’d miss those moments of solitude.


And, it was gone.

Van’s voice was loud and excited. You listened as he dropped keys somewhere and kicked off his boots. As he padded through the house, you were grateful that he was a socks inside type of person. If he clomped around in boots he’d cause such a racket. Through the open bathroom doorway, Van walked in and put an armful of bags on the ground. You looked over the side of the tub at them, then up at him.

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What is your absolute favourite ship?

“She smiled at him.
And then it arose and struck Vimes that, in her own special category, she was quite beautiful; this was the category of all the women, in his entire life, who had ever thought he was worth smiling at. She couldn’t do worse, but then, he couldn’t do better. So maybe it balanced out. She wasn’t getting any younger but then, who was? And she had style and money and common-sense and self-assurance and all the things that he didn’t, and she had opened her heart, and if you let her she could engulf you; the woman was a city.
And eventually, under siege, you did what Ankh-Morpork had always done – unbar the gates, let the conquerors in, and make them your own.”

Sam Vimes has been in love with the City forever.

So he gave, and gave, and gave and Ankh-Morpork, being Ankh-Morpork took. Took until all that was left of Sam Vimes was cynicism, cheap alcohol and cardboard-soled boots.

Lady Sybil Ramkin was the City finally giving back.

Even then, the way the City gave was so, so, so selfish: All the places Vimes couldn’t go before, he could with Sybil. All the shadowy, golden rooms where the Rich and Powerful sat, where they could carelessly disregard the lives of the “unimportant people” for Greed and Convenience, cozy in their knowledge that they’re Above the Law, were now available.

And Vimes, actual personification of Justice Sam Vimes, brought the Law with him.

By giving Sam Sybil, the City ensured that, for the first time in a long while, someone would clean up the muck that floats at the top of society.

The fact that two middle-aged loners came out of it happy and in love, well, that’s just there to make it a story.


The Tyson’s (the boy that Chanel is with is her brother Charlie ;D )

Chanel: I don’t have to, I have to spend my weekends looking for colleges. I’m not gonna spend my weekends at McDonalds or at a cranky old man’s house, mowing his God damn law.

Charlie: Chanel, grow up. Face it, we need this money. All we’re eating is microwave dinners and using paper plates and cup for eating. We can’t live like this forever!

Chanel: My weekends are precious, I go out with my friends and socialize, socialize! I haven’t seen you leave the house since…

Charlie: Since what, eh?

Chanel: You know Charlie, don’t be moody with me.

Charlie: Says you! Look at yourself, your being really self centred. Bless Chris and Charlotte, their in the lounge playing with plastic toys from Kinder eggs. 

Chanel: I’m not blind! If I get a job, I won’t have time to look for colleges. I need a college otherwise I will end up like you!

~Charlie sighs and attempts to compromise~

Charlie: Fine, live in a mansion with your rich boyfriend and forget about your bankrupt siblings.

~Chanel realises her mistake and rolls her eyes~

Chanel: Fine, I’ll apply for some job and I will get some extra cash. But I get to keep some.

Charlie: That’s not-

~Chanel leaves the room and slams the door behind her~

Advice for up and coming creators

Reading a lot of fellow pros go off on social media lately about the state of comics and/or their careers. Complaints about compensation, fans, and treatment by companies. It’s disheartening and completely avoidable in my opinion. So for those hoping to break in one day, here’s a bit of advice. I don’t pretend to be the authority on any of this, just some things that have been working for me for years and I don’t see any reason why they can’t work for you. And while this focuses heavily on comics, I think a lot of it can apply to other creative fields.

1) Be nice! It’s simple really but I’m shocked by the amount of people that don’t follow this. It takes so little effort to be kind and I’ve found that 99.9% of fans and editors will return the kindness in full. This isn’t to say you should be a push over but please, thank you,and I’m sorry go a long way.

2) Be honest! Don’t lie about how much work you’ve completed for the deadline and don’t make bologna excuses why you were late. And don’t make promises you can’t keep. Any editor or fan will tell you that complete honesty is always appreciated over excuses no matter how good. I have never had an editor or fan get angry at me for being honest but I have gotten myself in trouble for making excuses or avoiding calls. You’d be shocked how far “I screwed up, I’m sorry” goes. Editors want to help, they’re on your side but they can’t help you if you’re being dishonest.

3.1) be positive! This is the one that gets people in trouble because it’s easy to fall into negative emotions when things don’t go your way. As a creative person, we often wear our emotions on our sleeve and it can be tough to fight the negative feelings when things aren’t working out the way you planned. Don’t like the project you’re assigned but took it because you need the money? Fake it. Fake it until you make it. I’ve been amazing with how many times I’ve found faking a positive attitude has turned into a real one. And trust me, your editors and fans notice. Having a positive attitude has done nothing but gotten me bigger and better things. And share your positivity! Comment on and encourage other creators and fans. I promise you that it will be returned 10 fold.

3.2) Don’t be our own worst enemy! On the flip side to 3.1, if you’re having one of those days where you just can’t be positive? Shut up. Vent to your best friend or your minister or your spouse but don’t go blasting your negative attitude into the universe. the universe has a nasty habit of giving it right back. Besides, most people don’t mind someone who has a complaint every once in a while but I think you’ll agree that those people who are constant complainers aren’t much fun to be around and are usually avoided. I’ve seen so many artists that let jealousy or contempt take over their career and, in the same breath, they don’t understand why they’re not getting more/better work. it’s all about the attitude. Don’t worry about what’s on someone else’s plate, worry about your own. The only reason you should be looking at someone else’s plate is to make sure they have enough.

4) don’t avoid confrontation! You have a problem with an editor, fellow pro or a fan? March right up to them(or email/PM them) and talk it out. But remember points 1,2, and 3!). Be kind, honest, and firm and always go in with a notion that you might be wrong no matter how right you think you are. Confrontation is about getting someone to see your point of view. I don’t know about you but I’ve never wanted to see the POV of someone who’s yelling and cursing at me. Everything you say should be from a position of wanting the other person to hear and understand you. Which also means you have to shut up and listen as well. But whatever you do, DO NOT take your grievance to a third party whether it’s another editor, pro, or fan or the entire universe(i.e.- social media). It does you absolutely no good and in the end and will only end up being self destructive.

5) Save your money! No gig lasts forever and there will be down times in your career where you’re waiting for that next paycheck. Live below your means as much as possible and plan on the dry spells. it’s very difficult to become wealthy in comics but you can be very comfortable if you keep a good head on your shoulders. Don’t work for the times you have work, work for the times you won’t. And as soon as your able, get a financial planner. They know things you would never think of and can make your money work for you. Have fun but be smart.

6) Grow a thick skin! You’re going to hear all kinds of things about your work or even you personally. You have to work on not letting it bother you. If more people like you or your work than dislike you, you’re winning. Focus on the positive and let the negative roll off your back. And if you have to respond, do it kindly-“I’m sorry you feel that way. Hopefully I’ll produce something in the future that’s more to your liking!.” It’s not as fulfilling as telling someone to $%&@-off but in customer service we call this “disarming”. When you meet anger or negativity with kind positivity you often take all the power away from the aggressor. Most times they will completely back down and in a lot of cases even apologize. It’s literally like magic.

7) be good to your fans! They are your biggest ambassadors and your fan base will grow on the good words of the fans you already have. These are the folks that talk openly in the comic shop about you and your work. They’re the folks that will flood your latest posted piece with likes and positive comments. They’re the folks that can make you want to draw that next page when all you want to do is crawl back in bed.Talk to them and and for god sake, smile! You can’t control how people see your work but you can control how people see you. That 10 seconds you take to say hello or thank you may mean little to you but it could mean the world to someone else. And let’s face it, your attitude and personality can color how your work appears to someone. How many times have you heard “I loved his stuff until I met him at a con and he was a dick.”? Or “He was a real jerk to me online”. Don’t let that be you.

8) Be open to criticism and learning! You are never as good as you can be and there will always be someone better. Put your ego aside and realize it as fast as you can. And if someone is better than you? Shut up and learn. Listen to and seek advice from them. You are never above criticism and often times it will only help you get better. No, not all criticism is valid and you will learn to separate the wheat from the chaff soon enough but writing off any criticism or advice because “They don’t understand my artistic process” is foolhardy and you are only hurting yourself. And if you’ve asked for criticism from a professional more skilled than you, be thankful and never defensive. They’re taking time out of their day to give you a gift. Be appreciative. And when in doubt, see numbers 1 and 3!

9) Lastly, You are not a special snowflake! I don’t care how good you are. This is COMMERCIAL art, not FINE art. You, at the end of the day, are a cog in the wheel in order to produce a product. Yes, you should take pride in what you do and push yourself artistically to new and better things but being a dick because of “artistic integrity” will get you nowhere. You know what the gig is before you get into it and if you don’t, you figure it out pretty quickly. If it’s not for you then step away and find something that is but don’t hang around punching at the sky trying to change things. You are no better or worse than any other artist working in the industry. Yes, some artists can be a bit more demanding because of their skill, experience, and the large demand for their work but at the end of the day, they are a cog just like you or me. Be a team player and if you can’t, try to work it out and if you can’t work it out, walk away.

So that’s it. I know I have a ton of fellow pros on my friend’s list so, if they read this, I hope they’ll chime in with their own lessons they’ve learned along the way. I’m sure there’s things I’ve forgotten to mention and I would love to hear them. I’m positive I still have a lot to learn.

Sorry this is so long and, if you’ve gotten this far, thank you so much for reading along!