for for lack of dw

  • doctor: no one ever measured up to danny, eh?
  • clara: *smiles at him* there was one other man. but that would never have worked out.
  • doctor: *softly* why not?
  • clara: he was impossible.
  • doctor: i'm sorry. i was stupid. i should have come back sooner. i wished i had.
  • ...santa, alien face sucker dies, clara's still young...
  • doctor: all of time and space. please. don't even argue. (marry me)
  • clara: *kisses him* merry christmas doctor. (yes)
  • large group of dw fans: i just love that paternal relationship.
  • me: genuinely worried for that large group of dw fans.

So, so, I wasn’t this excited before but it’s 12:04 right now….

Anyway, I’m trying not to freak out. But, it’s nearly impossible.

It’s a very attractive, humorous, super sassy short British man’s birthday. So, yeah.

Happy birthday, to this little cute shit right here.


Doctor Who episodes | Story: 055 | season 8 [1/5]
↳ Terror of the Autons

“Nonsense, what you need, Doctor, as Miss Shaw herself so often remarked, is someone to pass you your test tubes, and to tell you how brilliant you are.”

My dad finally watched “Dark Water” and...

Missy: “Well, I couldn’t very well keep calling myself the Master, now could I?”

My dad: “Oooooh. I thought he was dead for good.”

Me: “Well the Master always comes back.”

My dad: “Wasn’t he a man?”

Me: “Not anymore.”

My dad:*ponders on that information* But still an asshole, though.”

Me: “Yeah.”