for foofy :*

im just so tickled by the idea of Pumpkin being a fat, puffy pomeranian though

anonymous asked:

Hi Saeran!! I've felt sorta bad today so I just wanna relax and watch a movie with a buddy! Would you like to watch with me? - with a respectable distance between us because I respect your personal space and I don't like to be touched either >< also hi Seven!! I don't want you to feel left out so I'd like to ask you as well!! If that's okay of course ^^;;

Do you mind if Cheeto and Foofy join us? They want to watch a movie too. You aren’t allergic like that annoying actor guy are you?

saeranshoe  asked:

Saeran I read what you just said and your right I don't want to be happy either but you've got to try or remember that idiot brother of yours he'll try and do it, I know it's hard fucking trust me I'm there too *gives you a baby bunny*

Well what if I do want to be happy? Also wtf am I supposed to do with a bunny? I mean it’s cute but I….

I don’t want to accidentally hurt it. I’ll pet it but could you take it back?