for fondue



sometimes taurus can seem ‘too dull’ or ‘vapid’ to onlookers, sometimes even doe eyed and entranced. they can completely conceal the inner world, traveling through responsibilities on mature autopilot. like a ribbon, pull apart the taurus and taste the cosmic fondue. they live in a temple of their own clockwork, where time is a variable and not a constant, everything has its own pace and peace, and rushing is futile

ca: tfa has the best mcfucking love triangle ever alright and it’s sad that most people don’t even know all the details

so there’s peggy, right, who steve thinks has a crush on howard but really has a crush on steve, and howard who everyone thinks has a crush on peggy but really has a crush on steve, and bucky who everyone thinks has a crush on peggy but really has a crush on steve, and steve who has a crush on both bucky and peggy

basically everyone wanted to fondue with steve and it’s incredibly gay and bisexual


Officially today is February 14th then Happy Valentine’s Day 💃

Oficialmente hoy es el 14 de febrero, entonces Feliz Día de San Valentín 💃

When you find out that Cole and KJ basically went on a couple’s trip through Death Valley & literally got stranded in the middle of nowhere.

They lived basically every romantic film plot ever - Girl + Guy go somewhere together. Car breaks down. They break each other’s walls down quickly when walking through the desert trying to find signs of humanity. End up fondueing. The end.

marvin/whizzer headcanons
  • whizzer sometimes catches marvin getting a midnight snack (an entire pot of fresh macaroni)
  • if whizzer doesn’t have any photograph appointments after his morning job at a local gym he waits for marvin to come home by sitting on the living room couch and playing with his dog
  • half of the photos whizzer takes is naked marvin
  • (modern au) the two spend an early saturday morning binge watching sex sent me to the er and whizzer wont shut up about whatever was going on
  • for anniversaries and birthdays they go get fondue together. they fight over which fondue to get and whether to get salad or some weird meats
  • when marvin gets drunk (which is a lot) he gets super clingy like if whizzer tries to go to the bathroom marvin starts sobbing
  • whizzer has a super obscure taste in music and when marvin finds out he just yells “what the fuck is folk punk”
  • on weekends whizzer doesnt have to go to work so sometimes he wakes up to marvin singing in the shower. sometimes he yells at marvin to stop and other times he just enjoys his boyfriend’s beautiful voice
  • sometimes the two take midnight strolls through central park and kiss when no one is nearby
  • regarding the trans whizzer headcanon: marvin buys whizzer a lot of resources. hes so supportive and whizzer loves him so much