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Hi!!! If youre still taking prompts, i would love some cress and thorne. Maybe doing their exploring thing or going to meet up with the others again?-xx

Hi friend! Yes, I am still taking prompts for Lunar Chronicles, and thank you for sending one in!  ♥


It won’t be possible to truly leave Luna behind–to forget those blood-soaked streets and all the people lying dead and dying, to forget the little moon that brought them all together–and Cinder is there, after all, Cinder, their queen, their friend–but being back on the Rampion feels like settling into something that could be home. Cool metal walls, a faint vibration of the ship beneath her feet, the loud call of taunts, back and forth, from the cockpit.

Cress glances at Wolf, who is in the middle of organizing a plastic-wrapped case of rations. He shrugs at her.

“I should,” she begins, trying not to stare at the sharp tips of his fingers, his teeth, just visible beneath his lips and shining white in the bright lights of the galley. She clenches the hem of her dress. “I should… go? To, uh, see if they need help.”

Wolf ducks his head. The shouting grows louder, and Cress is glad for the excuse to hurry away. The tinkling of thousands of antidote vials rings in the cargo bay, a quiet, singing chorus as she walks past the stacked crates and steps into the dim cockpit. Stars shine through the wide windows. Thorne and Scarlet sit in the two pilot chairs, gesturing to various glowing dials and arguing about navigation and measures of parsecs. They’re both wrong, but–Cress clears her throat.

They continue to yell at one another.

“Excuse me,” Cress says.

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Be that person who spends minutes and minutes trying to safely take an insect or arachnid outside instead of letting someone step on them. Be that person who leaves notes on cars if someone left their dog inside. Be that person who puts worms back in the grass so they don’t dry out in the sun. Be that person who helps snails cross the road. Be that person who opens windows so winged buggies can fly out. Be that person who helps pill bugs flip back on their feet when they fall on their back.