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How would the chocobros react if their s/o painted their nails/ gave them a makeover while they were asleep??

Quick story time! My mom painted my father’s nails when he took a nap on April Fool’s day. I get my savagery from my mama. Hehehe. <3

Since Noctis sleeps a lot, so I’m certain if he’s ever in a relationship with a makeup lover, this situation happens a lot. The first time it happens, however, he honestly doesn’t notice until he finally goes to use the bathroom. He’ll use the sink to wash up, look up at the mirror and notice the canvas his face has become. He gasps and hears his s/o giggle from the other room. He “calmly” hurries to his bedroom to find his s/o laying on his bed laughing hysterically. “Ha. Ha. You’re so funny. Now, take it off,” he’ll say, seriously. Even his natural blush shows through the powdered blush his s/o put on his cheeks. His s/o will playfully decline and say, “if you can catch me first,” before running off in circles around his apartment.

Prompto’s s/o wakes him up the moment they finished with his makeover, showing him the final product with a handheld mirror. Prompto’s eyebrows shoot up in surprise as he’s left speechless for thirty long seconds. Sunshine personified begins to giggle hysterically, and begins to praise his s/o’s work. His freckles never looked so perfect. After he stops laughing, he will turn to his s/o and ask for his turn. “What?”  They will ask. “I wanna do your makeup and nails now!” His s/o allows him to continue and they’re the prettiest damn couple on all of Eos.

Gladiolus wakes up half way through his makeover sneezing like crazy. Poor guy is apparently crazy allergic to makeup. Who knew? He does have some intense allergies, that I’ve have mentioned before. Of course, a manly man such as Gladio wouldn’t really know if he had a specific allergy with makeup. Until his s/o gives him a full makeover. Only the right side of his face is complete when he wakes up with a world shaking sneeze. His eyes get all watery and he can’t stop sneezing. His s/o runs to get the makeup removers. Then they realize; Gladio is more allergic to the makeup remover than the actual makeup. Whoopsie. Gladiolus now sleeps with one eye open.

It took Ignis’s s/o to build up the courage to pull a prank on the Royal Advisor. He’s a very, very light sleeper… so his s/o has to be extra careful. His s/o was faring well in keeping Iggy asleep, but he finally woke up while his s/o was applying red nail polish to his left hand. The finishing touches. “What are you doing?” ABORT MISSION. His s/o will bolt immediately at the sound of his voice. Ignis will quickly notice exactly what his s/o has done to him during his well deserved nap and runs after them. The situation ends up being very similar to Noctis’s. Ignis ends up chasing his s/o through his home, requesting them to take it off. 

Ship: Jared/Jensen (J2 RPF)
Rating: Explicit
AO3 Link: Here
Wordcount: 20,459
For: @immortalwriter
Content Warning: fluff, smut, angst, slowburn, college AU, high school AU, slices of life, drinking, punk!Jared, athlete!Jensen, unrequited love, pining, friends to lovers, first kiss, first time, virgin!Jared, bottom!Jared, top!Jensen, abusive relationships (not J2), brief mention of Jensen/OMC’s, mention of Jensen/Austin.

Summary: Jensen was the type of guy that people wrote poetry about. He was the hero of epic novels and dime store romances, the savior of The Final Girl™ in horror films, the star of every teen romance movie released in the past twenty years. At least, that was how Jared saw him. And Jared? Jared was Jensen’s best friend. And nothing more.

A/N: Written mostly from (3rd person) Jared’s POV - follows through his life from Freshman Year of high school into adulthood. Mind the chapter titles for time jumps! Enjoy!
A/N2: Beta’ed by the amazing @brothersonahotelbed
A/N3: Tags at the bottom. If you’d like to be added to any of my lists, including this series tag lists, send an ask or add your url.

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“Jay,” Jensen called. Jared looked up quickly, squinting behind his sunglasses.

It was a beautiful Saturday morning nearly two weeks after the school year had begun. Jared was enjoying the weather, stretched out on a blanket in his back yard, reading a book he’d been assigned for English.

“What are you doing here?” He asked. It had also been nearly two weeks since his best friend had spoken to him.

Jensen looked as radiant as ever. His long shorts did nothing to hide the bow of his toned legs, a white tank top accentuating the muscles beginning to form in Jensen’s chest and along his biceps.

“A guy can’t see his buddy on a weekend?”

“Are we buddies anymore?” Jared asked simply, sitting up and closing his book. He reached for his water bottle, still eyeing Jensen. Hurt or not - Jensen would always his perfect fantasy.

“What? Of course we are.” He loped toward Jared, flopping onto the grass next to him. “Sorry I’ve been gone so much, man. I didn’t mean to. Just with practice and–”

“And all your popular friends,” Jared admitted. He hated how petulant he sounded. Maybe Jensen wouldn’t pick up on it. No such luck.

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(this is a bit long, I got carried away sorry)
93. “But I said I love you”
The Host hugged the Doctor, adjusting the blanket on his lover.
“Host… this is the first time we…”
“you know.” The Doctor blushed, making his eyes wander to the floor covered in their clothes.
”Well, the first time after years.” The Host whispered with a hint of guilt in his voice. After all, he was the one who left.
“Yeah, and there’s something… I’ve always thought of saying but I never did.” “Tell me everything, dear.” The Host smiled.
“I really think I’m… in love with you.” the Host laughed softly.
“But… I said I love you. What’s so funny about it?”
the Doctor instantly felt cold, the Host probably didn’t think he was serious, he would have been dumped again and he would have cried again every single ni-
“Of course you do. When we first met, I had a vision.” the Host’s voice interrupted his catastrophic imaginations.
“W-what vision?” the Doctor stuttered.
“I had a vision of us, here, I had a vision of you telling me you loved me.”
The Host smiled, deeply moved by his memory.
“But why did you leave me, then?”
“Because I had to face my destiny, I still didn’t know what it was, but I saw me facing it alone.”

“Meeting you was like listening to a song for the first time and knowing it would be my favorite”

Aries x Gemini
Taurus x Cancer
Leo x Aquarius
Virgo x Capricorn
Libra x Saggitarius
Scorpio x Pisces

  • Missy: Oh, don’t be disgusting, we’re Time Lords, not animals. Try, nano-brain, to rise above the reproductive frenzy of your noisy little food chain, and contemplate friendship. A friendship older than your civilization and infinitely more complex.
  • also Missy: I hope my boyfriend wasn't too mean to you...He can be very mean sometimes. Except to me, of course, because he loves me so much.
  • also Missy: *makes out with Doctor against wall*
  • also Missy: My heart is maintained by the Doctor.
  • the Doctor: Two hearts.
  • also Missy: And both of them yours.
  • also Missy: Oh Clara, Clara, Clara. You know, I should shoot you in a jealous rage, now wouldn't that be sexy?
  • also Missy: Stop shouting, love....
  • also Missy: Ask me! Come on, you know you want to. You want to know what my plan is. You'll be surprised. I've got a gift for you. You know, I've been up and down your timeline, meeting all those silly people who died to keep you alive. And you know what I worked out? What you really need?...To know that you're just like me!
  • also Missy: I need you to know we're not so different. I need my friend back. Every battle, every war, every invasion. From now on, you decide the outcome.
  • also Missy: We can, we can go together [to Gallifrey], just you and me. Just like the old days.
  • Doctor: You'd be clapped in irons.
  • also Missy: If you like.
  • Clara: Since when do you care about the Doctor?
  • also Missy: Since always....
  • also Missy: Doctor, listen to me. I know traps. Traps are my flirting. This is a trap.
  • also Missy: Listen to that. The Doctor without hope. Nobody is safe now.
  • also Missy: The Doctor gave it to me when my daughter....
  • also Missy: *travels through a Dalek infested sewer and city in heels while keeping his pet safe* No. No, no, no, no. Doctor, what have you done? *runs towards danger to save the Doctor from his own stupidity*
  • also Missy: *laughs at the Doctor's sarcastic comeback like a schoolgirl with a massive crush*
  • also Missy: In a way, this is why I gave her to you in the first place. To make you see. The friend inside the enemy, the enemy inside the friend...Everyone's a bit of both, everyone's a hybrid.
  • also Missy: Please, I'll do anything. Just let me live...I'll be good, I promise. I'll turn, I'll turn good. Please. Teach me, teach me how to be good...I know I'm going to die. I have to say it, the truth. Without hope, without witness, without reward, I am your friend.
  • the Doctor: Of course she's not dead, she's a friend of mine. I may have fiddled with your wiring a little bit.
  • also Missy: *stays in Vault for decades even though she could escape at any time*
  • also Missy: C'est super. So, what have you got so far? *drapes herself across piano whilst encouraging the Doctor to puzzle out how to defeat the monks*
  • also Missy: *cries* ...You didn't tell me about this bit.
  • the Doctor: I'm sorry, but this is good.
  • also Missy: Okay.
  • also Missy: *peers shyly around console rotor*
  • also Missy: Sure, that's fine...But Doctor, please tell me, really. Are you alright?
  • also Missy: *cries* I don't even know why I'm crying. Why, why do I keep doing that now?
  • the Doctor: I don't know. Maybe you're trying to impress me.
  • also Missy: Yes. Probably some devious plan, that sounds about right.
  • the Doctor: Well the alternative would be much worse.
  • also Missy: Really?
  • the Doctor: The alternative is that this is for real and it's time for us to become friends again.
  • also Missy: Do you think so? *Takes step forward. The Doctor steps back, then tentatively takes Missy's hands in his own. Missy gasps in surprise.*
  • the Doctor: I don't know. That's the trouble with hope. It's hard to resist. *Lets go of Missy's hands and walks away.*
Ella no era cursi pero tenía sus momentos conmigo, ella no tenía paciencia pero a veces por mi esperaba tranquila con una sonrisa en su rostro, ella no extrañaba pero una noche me dijo que me extrañaría, ella seguía las reglas pero a veces las rompía por mi, ella dijo no amar a nadie pero el 25 de diciembre recibí un correo de ella confesándome su amor. Creo que ella tuvo algunas de sus “primera vez” conmigo y se siente bien, el corazón se siente bien, el alma se siente viva.
—  Your first time

“You’re not allowed to want me.”
“I’m not planning on it.”

I lied, I lied, couldn’t you tell? I wanted you, the heat and flicker of your hands devouring me, the way every inch of my body seemed to melt when you pressed your lips between my shoulder blades. I wanted you, oh how desperately I wanted you. Boy made of fire, made of want that burned like a quickly dying flame. I would have donned wings and flown to you again for even the chance to feel you break me open.

“You can’t fall in love.”
“You’re not my type.”

I lied, again and again. I was enthralled with you, the way you tasted like summer days and one night stands. There was something so addictive about you, about the way your hands were rough tugging on my hair, my skin, nails digging moons and shooting stars into my flesh. I would have become a galaxy at your fingertips if you wanted me to.

“You’ll have to leave eventually.”
“Only if you ask me to.”

I’ve learned, since then, that it was never meant to be. Fate wrote our stories, threw us together as a warning: don’t give up your life for the boy who burns so bright. But I would live this life again just to feel your gasp of breath like a warm wind on my neck. just to feel your fingers graze my hips. We were destined to collide and tear each other apart, destined to crash and sink and destroy ourselves. Or maybe that was just me, I can’t remember.

“I don’t want you anymore.”
“Please don’t do this.”

Don’t forget about me. For all the angels and stars that find their way to you, for the centuries to pass and lives to decay, don’t forget about the boy who only wanted to kiss the sun one last time.

—  fates written like a tragedy

Little first moments between the Inquisitor and their love interest that it makes my heart happy to think about:

- The first time Cassandra finds he’s left something for her, a rose lying across her favourite book or a little message scrawled on a piece of parchment cut into the shape of a heart, and realises that the flowers and the candles and the moonlit glade weren’t a one-time thing, this is going to be forever. The first time she picks up the gift and holds it close, knowing it’s not just a gift but a promise that he’s always going to make her feel like one of those women from her books, always going to see the woman inside the armour.

- The first time Blackwall wakes up beside her after she learns the truth, and remembers that he’s not hiding anything from her anymore, she knows exactly who he is and what he’s done and she’s still right here in his arms. The first time he looks at her lying there, and feels tears of a kind he’s not familiar with sting his eyes, tears charged by joy, and at last there’s no burning pang of guilt and grief clawing at his insides - because she knows, and she still chose him, and he can just look at her and be happy.

- The first time Bull slips off his eyepatch, feeling… not awkward, exactly, just very aware that this is the first time his kadan has seen him without it, that so, so few people have ever seen his face just as it is. The first time his lover smiles at him and reaches up and takes his face into their hands, traces the jagged lines of his scars with gentle fingers and presses their lips against them, and murmurs to him that he’s beautiful (and hot, of course).

- The first time Dorian kisses the Inquisitor in a street or in the throne room or in the courtyard, where everyone can see, and his smug grin has a touch of wonder behind it because yes, they can do this, they can show what they feel in front of the entire world and no one is going to come up to them and wrench them apart. The first time he glances at the people who’ve seen them and realises that some of them are even smiling to see them together, that the people around them want them to be happy.

- The first time Solas looks at her and realises with a jolt that he’s stopped seeing the vallaslin, that the silent voice inside him has stopped screaming about the wrongness of it every time he sees her, that while he still wishes it were gone, her face has become the most important thing. The first time that the way she smiles and the warmth in her eyes seem to outshine the marks of her slavery and ignorance, and he aches to think of all she doesn’t know, but she is so beautiful, so beautiful.

- The first time Sera hears the Inquisitor call something shite or frigging and stands frozen for a moment, her grin too wide for her face, because her girlfriend’s speaking like her, those are her words coming from the mouth of the woman she loves. The first time she realises that she’s become a part of the Inquisitor, part of the way she speaks and thinks and lives, and feels joy sweep through her because the Inquisitor is part of her, too, always will be.

- The first time Cullen goes through a whole day with no feverish longing, no shaking, no sick feeling in his stomach, and he knows the battle isn’t over and that all the pain could come back tomorrow, but right now he can look at the Inquisitor and think, this is what the rest of our life could be like. The first time he can really picture long nights and longer mornings beside her with no nightmares and restless sleep, years ahead of listening to her laugh, and he almost cries from the terrifying beauty of it.

- The first time Josephine pens a letter to her family and then stops and stares at what she’s written, because she’s told them all about the Inquisitor and how she hopes to introduce them some day, and just like that it seems so official, it’s set down in ink on parchment that she wants the Inquisitor to be part of her future. The first time she gazes at the letter in awe, because it suddenly seems to be the most precious thing in the world.

ks thoughts: chapter 19

I feel like my blog is turning into a killing stalking blog lmao, if you don’t like it, please just ignore this post ;;

So my thoughts on chapter 19, I PREDICTED THAT SHIT!! No, for real, I wanted to see Bum go full berserk and I can see why Koogi did it. Bum is a very unstable character but also, very tragic in a way. We know that he was bullied, he had no friends, he was abused (and he still is), he has BPD and so on. Koogi emphasizes the pathos in order for us to sympathize with Bum. We only get his point of view, making the reading quite subjective, and so, we tend to forget that Bum is in fact, not that innocent… (+ Bum is a very unreliable narrator, he’s withholding a lot of informations)

I think this chapter was a turning point for Bum, but also for Sangwoo. We have finally discovered Bum’s dark side. Sangwoo did not expect Bum to react this way and this pannel is indirectly telling this: (SANGSHOOK)

 (maybe he thought that Bum would not be able to do it without his help, maybe he expected guilt, remorse and a lot of crying at the end of the murder, but not… this kind of expression, for sure). The fact that Bum’s unleashed his rage just like that, mixing past and present was really interesting. In fact, I think Bum’s past will play a really important role if they decide to kill more people, and Sangwoo won’t hesitate to trigger this little button because HE KNOWS that Bum is driven by his own emotions, he knows his reactions now.

So my predictions for the future chapters are numerous. First, they’ll have sex in order to conclude this night, this “proposal” which Bum accepted, it’ll be a sort of honeymoon I guess? 

Then, now that Sangwoo can fully trust Bum (I mean, they’re both murderers now), maybe he’ll teach Bum about certain aspects of “this fun game”, he’ll give him more confidence, I don’t know? I’ve been thinking that, since it is a game for Sangwoo, he’ll probably catch Bum’s uncle, as a sort of reward/gift for his lover. Maybe that’ll be Bum’s second (or third if you count the old guy as his first) murder. I don’t think Bum can kill people from cold-blood because he’s different from Sangwoo, but still, I do think that Ji-Eun’s murder won’t be his last, for sure.

This is a quick analysis and my english is shit right now so i’m sorry haha

Far Away.

Words: 57,031 
Chapters: 7/7
FandomOne Direction (Band)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik/Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson/Original Male Character(s)
Characters: Ed Sheeran, Nick Grimshaw, Jay Deakin
Additional Tags: Post-Break Up, Break Up, Friends to Lovers, Exes to Lovers, Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending, First Time, Blow Jobs, Anal Sex, Flashbacks, Fluff, Long-Distance Relationship, Jealous Louis, Tattoos, Smut, Eventual Smut, Drinking, Musician Harry, Teacher Louis, OT5 Friendship,  Pining, Jealous Harry, Premature Ejaculation, Past Harry Styles/Original Male Character, Songwriting, Young Love, Masturbation, Best Friends, Rimming, Anal Fingering, Unresolved Tension


Harry swallows hard, clearing his throat. “Hi Lou,” he says, looking at Louis reluctantly. He’s even more gorgeous than he remembers, so much, he feels uneasy looking directly at him, he’s so beautiful.

Louis looks at Harry, does a quick once-over and smiles, eyes so bright and blue—just how Harry remembers. “Harold!” He gets up out of his seat and embraces him into a warm hug. It’s a friendly platonic hug; one that ends way too soon. Harry wishes it would last longer so that he can breathe Louis in and memorize his new but somehow still familiar scent. It instantly leaves his body aching for more.


Harry returns to London after five years. Stuck in the past with “what ifs” and “what might have beens”, he sees that his friends and ex (and possible love of his life) Louis have all moved on with their lives while he finds himself questioning his own life choices, past and present.

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Written for round 5 of @1dbigbang

Artwork by @accidentalziam

i know people have laughed about marvin calling whizzer his “friend” instead of boyfriend or lover in what would i do, but to me, that’s one of the most poignant parts of the song.

the word “friend” isn’t just what it seems at the surface. it is so, so loaded in this context. think about gay couples back then–how many gay men were forced to hide themselves or live in secrecy? how many were “confirmed bachelors” or had “roommates” or…had “friends?” that’s what jason calls whizzer, after all–his father’s “friend.”

it’s an awkward compromise between openness and secrecy. it’s a dance between admitting what’s there and hiding it. and for marvin to recognize how painful that is, not to be able to refer to him as something more than a friend, either because of his own remaining hang-ups around being gay, or because other people would refuse to recognize whizzer as anything more–that’s so incredibly emotional to me. after all their love, and all they’ve been through, whizzer is always going to have been marvin’s “friend.”

and let’s not forget how far marvin and whizzer’s relationship has come. at the beginning of the show, their relationship is explicitly admitted to be nothing but sex and fighting. they have very little in common whatsoever, and their immaturity in act 1 only contributes to their problems.

in act 2, though, after taking a break and reflecting on themselves, they’re able to get back together in an actual mature, happy relationship. for the first time…they’re friends. they talk. they enjoy each other’s company. they love each other. and that makes a world of difference. it’s why it hurts so badly to see them ripped apart at the end. whizzer and marvin’s act 1 breakup doesn’t have a quarter of the emotional impact that whizzer’s death does in act 2, and it’s because we’ve finally seen the better sides of whizzer and marvin–sides that they’ve helped bring out in each other as lovers and, for the first time, as friends.

whizzer was marvin’s greatest love. and he was his friend.

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Hello, I was wondering if I could have an ask of a Dalish Inquisitor sneaking off in the Abor wilds and when the companion finally find them hours later they're surrounded by a bunch of halla just laying around them while they sleep peacefully, something they haven't done in awhile (Romanced please)

The Dalish are my soulmates.

Solas: High Approval: He’s been hunting for hours, but his skills are rusty and it took him far longer than it should have to finally track the Inquisitor down. When he does find them, they’re asleep in a meadow filled with halla, looking more peaceful than he had ever seen them. He can’t bring himself to interrupt. He smiles at them, sets a few protective wards, and starts back to camp. Then he stops. He looks at the Inquisitor, how peaceful they are, and he sits against a nearby tree. A nap might be nice. Low Approval: He stumbles upon the Inquisitor’s hiding place by accident. He wasn’t actually looking for them, just looking for a place to be alone for a while. He rolls his eyes at them. They looks so Dalish and it’s almost sickening. Despite his distaste for the whole scene, he leaves them in peace. Just before he leaves, he sets a few wards. It wouldn’t do for the Inquisitor to die during a nap, after all. There’s more to do yet. If Romanced: He’s been frantically combing the forest surrounding the Temple and the camp for hours, unable to focus long enough to dredge up his ancient tracking skills for a forest like this. When he finally catches up to the Inquisitor, the sight nearly takes his breath away. He’s never seen them looking so peaceful. The halla have clearly accepted them as a friend, as kin, lethalen, and are grazing peacefully all around. He wonders if the skittish creatures would defend the Inquisitor if a threat neared, and as he watches he thinks that they might. He walks the perimeter of their meadow, setting wards and making certain it’s safe. Then he settles himself beside his vhenan, taking them into his arms, and falls asleep.

Josephine: One of the scouts found the Inquisitor, and she thought it would be a good idea for her to go get them personally. Yet when she finds them, she discovers that she can’t disrupt the scene. It’s so foreign to her, halla roaming nearby and the Inquisitor sleeping peacefully in the grass. They look like some lost barbarian royalty. Just a few more minutes. If Romanced: She smiles when she finds her lover, asleep in the grass. It’s not the first time she’s found them taking a nap outside and she knows it won’t be the last. After a short internal debate, she winds her way through the grazing halla, careful not to startle them, and lays down beside her lover.

Cullen: He’s been searching for the Inquisitor for hours, worried that they’d been taken or something. When he finds them napping instead, looking more at peace with the halla than he’d ever seen them, he’s annoyed. But only for a moment. He understands the need to find some peace. He leaves them alone, but sends a couple of soldiers to make sure that their peaceful nap stays that way. If Romanced: He was frantic with worry as he combed the forest, and he nearly fell to his knees with relief when he found the Inquisitor at last. They look so peaceful, more so than he’s ever seen. He knows that what happened at the Temple must have been hard, awful for them. They deserve some rest. Rather than leave them alone, however, he lays down next to them and smiles, just watching them until sleep takes him, his hand steady on his sword hilt.

Leliana: She found them first, before the others. She knew where to look. She stands at the edge of the meadow, hands on her hips and a smile on her face. She considers waking the Inquisitor, but she’s never seen them so at peace. The halla will alert them if there’s danger. She posts a couple scouts nearby and leaves without interfering.

Vivienne: She clucks her tongue at the scene before her. The Inquisitor may be Dalish, yes, but they need to maintain their image. What if someone saw? There’s twigs in their hair and dirt on their armor now. She’s about to march over and straighten them up but then she notices how peaceful they look. She can’t help but soften. They deserve a rest. She returns to camp, determined to send anyone looking for them in all the wrong directions.

Varric: Aww. This is the kind of thing that he wishes he could put in his books but that no one ever wants to read, the quiet moments after the battle, between one crisis and the next, when the hero just needs to be alone. If he were a poetry kind of guy, this scene would probably be pretty inspiring, the Dalish hero napping in the sun with some halla. He leaves them to it, but lets Nightingale know where they are.

Iron Bull: He tracked the Inquisitor to their hiding spot when he realized he hadn’t seen them for a few hours. When he sees where they’ve been, asleep on the ground with halla all around, he just grins and goes back to camp. No need to interrupt. If Romanced: He breathes a sigh of relief that his kadan is safe. After everything that happened at the Temple, he was worried. But there they are, asleep in the grass like a wild elf should be. He grins as he lays down next to them. He’ll keep them safe.

Dorian: He went for a wander for his own health, to be alone after everything they just learned, but he finds the Inquisitor instead of peace of mind. He watches the Inquisitor sleep for a few moments, looking very Dalish, and thinks about his homeland. Then he walks away. If Romanced: He smiles when he finds his amatus asleep in the grass. They both needed some time away, then? That’s fair. He settles himself on the ground beside his lover and watches him sleep, thinking about his homeland.

Sera: When she finds the Inquisitor, she nearly makes a very loud comment about elfy elves sleeping in the dirt with halla, but she stops when she sees their face. They look so peaceful that all her ire fades away. She knows how much they need some peace. She leaves them alone. If Romanced: There’s her honeytongue! Finally! She runs up to them, startling a few halla as she goes, but stops short when she sees how deeply asleep Inky is. After a few moments thinking about it, she lays down too. It’s not so bad, laying in the grass.

Cassandra: She’s been searching for hours! When she finally finds the Inquisitor, she almost launches into a speech about recklessness but stops short when she realizes they’re asleep. When she realizes just how deeply asleep they are and how much they must have needed it, she finds that she doesn’t have it in her to wake them. If Romanced: After hours of searching and worrying, she finds her lover asleep on the ground with halla all around, and she melts instantly. It’s such a romantic scene, the sun shining on their sleeping face and the breeze ruffling their hair. She looks around to make sure no one else is nearby, then lays down beside her lover. She can’t resist.

Cole: He knew exactly where they were and why they were there. “Haunted, hunted, too much, too much. We didn’t know. Need to be away, sort it out. I’ll help.” He turns away anyone who might wake them, redirecting them without anyone noticing.

Blackwall: He’d been walking, wandering around and thinking about the Wardens when he found the Inquisitor. He almost went over to them, he almost just walked away and hoped he wasn’t noticed. But then he saw that they were asleep and he stops. They look so peaceful, even after what just happened and all they learned. Maybe that was what he needed, too. Just let it go for a little while. He leaves feeling better than he has in weeks. If Romanced: “So careless. What would I do if you got hurt out here alone?” he murmurs, gently brushing the Inquisitor’s cheek with his fingers. He’d almost left and hoped he wasn’t seen, but they were asleep out in the woods alone. He needed to protect them. And they looked so peaceful that he didn’t want to leave. He lays down beside them, gathering them in his arms, and hopes their peace will rub off on him.
Get Some

Author: sara_holmes | Word Count: 75k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: Harry is getting rather fed up with everyone treating him differently afterthe war, and catches hold of the one person who doesn’t seem to care about his hero status.

Review: Oh wow this absolutely pulled me in, almost like a Harry Potter sequel but much more personal! It’s such an honest and real story about Harry and Draco and how the way the see each other develops, along with their relationship and their own characters. 

Harry’s frustration at everyone deferential treatment towards him feels almost visceral, and so plausible it almost makes you want to slap him the way Draco does at the beginning. Because we know, as well as Draco knows how very much Harry needs that reminder that he is a normal human being after all, and Harry in return reminds Draco to care about himself again. Harry coming to terms with his life post-war, his feelings towards Draco as well as his sexuality was so gradual, yet so sure - with Draco beside him his acceptance of these things become so easy.

There’s Hogwarts and the Gryffindors and Slytherins and lessons and everything else that lends a sense of this fic picking up from where Deathly Hallows left off *hysterically yells EWE???*. And it really is fantastic, how strong and true the friendship and love between Harry and his friends, as well as Draco and his friends is. 

Content/Warnings: Eighth Year, Secret Relationship, Some Harry/Ginny

Mood Music: Couldn’t Believe - BROODS

Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden: Mukami Azusa (Dark 04)

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