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What the Hogwarts Houses study in college

Slytherin: Chemistry, Architecture, Law, Fashion Design, Business, Marketing, Anthropology

Gryffindor: Theatre, Engineering, Management, Criminal Justice, Communications, Exercise and Sports Science, Gender Studies

Hufflepuff: Dance, Energy Science, Cosmetology, Animal Science, Creative Writing, Public Relations, Botany

Ravenclaw: History, Astronomy, Literature, Language Studies, Research, Neuroscience, Fine/Studio Art



If constantly remembering the way your eyes would light up when we saw eachother is okay than yes,
I’m fine.
If waiting all day to burst before bed while clutching on to the only part of you I have left is okay
than yes,
I’m fine.
If seeing you in every song I hear and every place I go is okay
than yes,
I am fine.
But, no one ever told me that I was planting roots of myself so deeply within you,
and that those pieces of myself would soon be gone once you decided you didn’t want a garden anymore,
that is not fine.
—  Carla Ann, December 5th 9:52

Some people expect my grimoire to be full of illustrations and art purely on the basis that I’m an art student… not the case. Sometimes I really really don’t want to draw, but that doesn’t make me any less creative.

Anyway the point is, if you hate drawing or one day you just don’t feel like it - it’s fine. You don’t have to have loads of drawings in your grimoire! You can use typography/calligraphy (search Pinterest for a buttload of tutorials), or like I’ve done here, collage some papers in and use some pens to write on them.

You can make some really nice grimoire pages without drawing. Just throwing it out there for anyone who, like me, felt pressured to for a long time. It stopped me writing in my grimoire and that was sad. 

I am an architect
sitting with my back to the door
in a room with a single lamp
positioned directly above my head
but this is fine
because I am not concerned with the rest of the space
for I am building a castle
it will be tall
and grand
and complex
its halls will wind in and out of each other
a few will loop through other universes
it’s towers will gore the stars
and some will fall into the gardens
and it will be wall-less
I hope
I will fill in with libraries
and as much art as is willing
and anything I fall in love with
it will be teeming
with strange extraordinary beautiful things
My only fear
is that I will become lost within it
and I will wander forever inside myself
—  A.O.A.M. || I Am Becoming A Castle

Pokeshipping Week 2016 - November 1st - November 7th

Thank you for sending suggestions and voting! Here are the themes you chose!

  • Each theme can be interpreted in any way you’d like. Fanfiction, fanart, edits, gifs, AMVs, fanmixes, headcanons, analysis–be creative! Anything you’d like to contribute with is fine as long as it fits the theme.
  • You can do something for each theme or choose to do just one or two. Every contribution is welcome, no matter how small!
  • You can go with the same thing for every theme (ie a drawing for each day of the week) or pick something different for each.
  • It’s not a competition, so please don’t feel that your art, writing, editing skills etc. aren’t good enough to participate! The point is to have fun and make pokeshipping things.
  • Tag your contributions as “Pokeshipping Week” when you post them, so I can see them and reblog them here! Remember to put it among the first five tags, and please use that exact tag so I won’t have to follow 15 different variations ;)
  • (…I feel that Day 5 might warrant a warning: I guess I can’t stop you from going with the less, huh, kid-friendly interpretation of “sleeping together” if you wish, but I keep this blog SFW, so I won’t reblog anything explicit. The same of course goes for the other days.)
  • Reblog to spread the word! ♥

EDIT: since several people were unhappy with the poll results, here’s an extra set of themes (the next top 7) to choose from if you wish. As you can see, they’re not numbered, so you can replace any of the themes from list 1 with any from list 2 regardless of the order.

Please spread this version of the post too!

ID #88368

Name: Jenna
Age: 17
Country: Canada

Hello I’m Jenna! I’m just getting back into penpaling and am looking for someone to have casual letter conversations with. I’m very easy going and love music, cats, and art. And am fine with writing first :)

Preferences: Age: 16-22, snail mail only, someone artsy and creative, and English speaking

And I know that things will be fine in a few years and that I will probably find someone who makes my heart flutter and my head spin like you do but then there are those days when I feel like no one will ever compare to you and I will never be able to love someone the way I love you.
—  // what if?
If You Were Mine
—  I want to settle down next to you
so our breathing is in time,
I want to rest my head on your bare chest
and be reassured that everything will be fine,
I would leave you small kisses on your lips
and you could leave bruises on my hips,
love bites down my neck
followed by a little peck,
I could trace your tattoos with my fingers
as the scent of your aftershave lingers,
it may happen sometime
but I doubt you’ll ever be mine.
ID #33057

Name: Hannah
Age: 22
Country: UK

I’ve just graduated from University and I’m in a full time job in a new city. I love writing and being creative, especially in photography. I have a terrible sense of direction and I’m forever getting lost. Handwritten letters are a lost art. I love heading to the beach with my dog for some peace and quite and I’m not a fan of busy places.

I’d love a penpall to write to. I love learning about new people and new things!

Preferences: Ideally someone over the age of 20 - anywhere in the world is fine but you have to speak English please

What I love about you is how you can make me happy all the time, I don’t even really care that we will never be a thing. I feel blessed by your company and as long as I get to see your smile, hear your laugh and admire your beautiful mind, I am fine with it.
—  // stuff I recently realized

i go back to my apartment at school on monday and i’m not at ALL looking forward to literally any part of that, but my classes start on tuesday and i have what sound like amazing classes this semester–history of 18th century european art, intermediate creative writing, history of western rhetoric, french iv (or intermediate french ii according to them), and early shakespeare plays & sonnets–so in terms of classes this year’s gonna be LIT


Illustrator has lost her creativity and would like it returned as so as possible. Was last seen about a week ago.

If you have any ideas of it’s whereabouts or find it please inform this illustrator most swiftly.

There is a REWARD for whoever finds it! 

Thank you!

P.s. it took like 25 mins for me to write this…. yeh its bad hahaha! 

Taking your hand and stroking the back of it while making sure that you are fine, waking up with your lips pressed against my neck, finding your arms after an exhausting day, sharing favourite memories and dreams, falling asleep to your voice reading Harry Potter to me, being able to look at you without having to fear that you’ll notice, soft kisses at a concert, being held when I’m too weak to fight my demons on my own, late night talks about the universe and philosophy, making plans, sharing our secret fears and deepest desires with each other and being the reason for your smile.
—  // things I would sell my soul for