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[trans] Z.Tao Femina interview..

very rough trans…as usual. Pardon any inaccuracies.. spelling mistakes..

edit:!!!! I realised that I forgot the credit lunchbox for the scans!!!! =.= I’m so sorry… minor edits… the interview is funny in that… they keep on mentioning that Charming Daddy has aired in it.. when it really hasn’t at all..

Huang Zitao : “Being Anti-ed” is not all there is to him

Born in 1993, 185 cm tall, practiced martial arts since young and equipped with 8 packs… If we ignore the arguments between Hailangs and Faqis (hereafter referred to as FQ), and just judge based on the facts on Baidu Baike, Huang Zitao definitely has what it takes to have attracted so many “Hailangs”. However, his filming of  TV show “Charming Daddy” was overshadowed by the many “emoticon/sticker” packs featuring him. One of the first search result one gets after he attended the press conference for “I’m the Sovereign” was a selection of photoshop-ed images, mocking him by giving him extremely red lips…. The fact that his antis seem to attract more attention than his fans has not stopped Huang Zitao though. He’s currently working on a movie “Railroad Tiger” with Jackie Chan. He also uses those famous “emoticon/sticker” packs of himself  in private occasionally

“My personality is quite frank and not fake. I also have a humorous side to me. So long as it is not too much, it’s really not too bad if it brings laughter to everyone. An artiste should entertain the masses!”

There are not many who dominate the hot search lists so very often. Huang Zitao is probably the only one who has made the lists by being “anti-ed”. “Being late to a show”, “overtly strong eyeliner”, “overly forceful performance”, “not wanted by his teammates”…… his actions have always resulted in two completely different interpretations by fans and antis. They are equally-matched and go into heated arguments with each other.  It’s probably alright if random netizens merely looked on and observed the arguments for entertainment. But even the showbiz people who usually try not to take a stand have done so. Wang Sicong  (son of a rich tycoon in China) mocks him once in a while, probably in boredom. The sharp tongued TV host Jin Xing has also thoroughly criticized him on the show.

As for the netizens who makes up ridiculous remarks on him from out of nowhere, Huang Zitao remarks that “those really aren’t an issue”. He doesn’t know Wang Sicong but he does want to go on Jin Xing’s show. For our magazine however, we believe that rather than try to piece together the truth from what others are saying, it’s better to go straight to the source

In London, Huang Zitao did some photo-shoots for us before returning to Beijing for the interview. When he picked up the phone, we heard his deep voice saying “I’m Tao”. He sounded cautious. He admitted that it’s because it’s his first telephone interview. That is understandable.  You are on the phone with a stranger, and you can’t see each other’s expressions. You can only gauge if the other party is serious by their tone. As such it’s easy for people to make unpleasant associations with even a second’s pause.

Zitao’s not the only person on the other end. His team and his dad are also there. At this moment, he has to be careful. A sensitive topic or a misconstrued remark is all it takes for him to be attacked. Fortunately, the antis have neither affected his mood or his career. His schedule was still fully packed. He attended the “I’m the Sovereign” press conference where Yang Mi teased him for being like “a little rabbit”.  He then flew back to Shenyang for his new movie “Railroad Tiger”. Jackie Chan left a post in Facebook which says that he’s “very talented”. Each single person has a very different opinion of Huang Zitao, which is similar to the difference in opinion between his Hailangs and the FQs.

“I will never throw a tantrum because there’s too much work. Instead, I’ll feel troubled if I have no work.” Huang Zitao is ambitious and doesn’t hide it. He vows to be an all-rounded artiste and to be known throughout the world. With this goal in mind, he is able to face the attacks and laugh them off, “those really aren’t an issue”.

My mental age is over 30.  

“Do you feel that you have grown up overnight in these few months?”

“A lot … all it takes is a day for one to grow up”

The period from August till now is the hardest time that Zitao has had to endure. He decided to accept a video interview from a certain website in August, clarifying all the different questions that people have of him in it.   He cried as emotions ran high.  Following that, he has adjusted “the way he expresses himself” ; that’s the description he chose. Regardless of it being due to youthful arrogance or not, one simply cannot say whatever it is one wants to say. Same goes for one’s actions. That old advice about one having to be cautious and consider the consequences of one’s speech and actions ought to be framed and put up for all to see. Can 93-er Huang Zitao willingly be bounded to this “shackle”?

“I’ve begun to realize that there are two sides to everything. Grateful for this early realization that will enable me go further and stay on the correct path. One has to go through a lot to become mature.”  The one thing that Zitao still cares deeply about is the accusation of him not being patriotic. “As a Chinese, it is impossible for me to not love my country. I have learnt martial arts since I was young. I will bring that Chinese martial arts overseas and I am proud of it.” That’s a clever way of phrasing it (CN puts it as a kind of “chicken soup for the soul” way of saying things?).

He’s only 22 but he has many “mature” views. He feels that he should be in his thirties, mentally speaking.

Too many attacks on Huang Zitao exist. “Likes” can be gotten by simply bashing him without reason in Weibo comments. Several stars have blocked the public from commenting as they are unable to take it. Huang Zitao though, will read it. “Just laugh it off. I won’t block the comments. It is good to hear other voices as an artiste. It can’t be just praises every single day. ‘So handsome.’ ‘That’s great music.’ I cannot control what others choose to say.”

Regarding on him being a “natural magnet for antis”, Huang Zitao finds the whole rather interesting. “My personality is quite frank and not fake. I also have a humorous side. So long as it is not too much, it’s really not too bad if it brings laughter to everyone. An artiste should entertain the masses!”!” He talked about the popular phrase “go die” himself. “I didn’t pronounce the English well when I performed the rap. It’s pretty cool that “go die” is now popular.”

No relationship before he establishes his career

You can feel his very strong desire to succeed, even over the phone. Zitao has a very grand goal. He wants to make music, C-Pop. “To have overseas fans listen to it, for them to like Chinese songs and culture” He wants to act in movies. “Bring action movies to the world, and make my name known to all” He aims to be an all-rounded artiste. “Making music, movies, is all for my dreams. I really like it. I am happy only when I’m doing this. It’s not for the money either. Money will come if you work hard for it.”

This isn’t just some grandiose speech. Zitao is now filming “Railroad Tiger”, a Jackie Chan movie, which is a remake of the famous “ Railway Guerrilla”.

The only thing one can get out of him on the movie is “on war and the railways.”  His name is placed just after Jackie Chan and Xu Fan this time round. His part is naturally heavier than his role in “You are my sunshine”, the movie which has also just earned Huang Xiaoming the Best Actor award in the 2nd China Australia International Film Festival.  It’s also Huang Xiaoming’s invitation that helped Zitao enter the movie industry.

“When I first went, I didn’t know what sort of role I was going to play. I just did according to what the director and the script said.” Netizens of course, poked fun at his first movie appearance. He defends the movie though, saying that “I didn’t look at the comments, but I feel that it is a good movie. I still need to work harder, improve my acting skills.”

Zitao admits that he “has no love life”. He has no time for it.  “Work and music has taken up my time. There’s no opportunity to meet girls. A man should focus on his career as his priority though. There’s not much meaning to being in a relationship if one doesn’t have a career. I want to become a successful man first, before I get involved.  That is to be responsible towards the girl. I don’t want to not be able to return messages and have no time to meet because of work. Now is really not the time for relationships.” He shares what he likes in girls. Being filial, generous, kindness, beauty and a great bod! He has taken in consideration both inner and outer factors.

Willing to let time prove what’s good and bad

Zitao has wanted to be star since young.

“I didn’t know anything then, just that I wanted to be a star. Being a star meant that people will know you, know your talents, listen to your music and watch your works. That was a dream when I was young, and that dream is coming true now.” There’s a great dream, but reality’s always somewhat lacking. “ I want to become an idol”, was a brave claim in the past. Now when he speaks of it, the meaning and how it feels has completely changed. His experience, means that he understands that there’s isn’t just glory to being an idol.

Sometimes he does resists getting interviewed by the media. After the “Fashion show” incident and getting attacked for days, slow but surely, there are media that has started to stand up for him. “The truth is the truth. I thank the media, magazines for showing what actually happened.” Slowly, Zitao has chosen to speak out in the media. “ I want to express my real self, and hope that people now will not, because of society or the views of other, change or give up what is true and correct to oneself.”

Huang Zitao has forgotten when he has cried. Though sensitive, he doesn’t tear up over physical pain. He only cries over his friends and families being wronged. “ I basically don’t cry over myself, but rather, for others.” He treasures the bunch of friends who stuck by him when times were bad for him. They will go driving, sing songs and listen to music. “They are friends I have known before I became a celebrity. They don’t care about news on me in the internet. When we are together, we talk about day-to-day stuff. Privately I am like that. I don’t treat myself as a celebrity.”

The internet is furiously debating. Is he actually a good boy or a bad boy?

Huang Zitao gives a fresh answer here.  “To the people I know, and those who know me, I hope that I’m a good man. I am slowly maturing and constantly progressing. I may not be able to see the returns to all the effort that I’m putting in now. But in the nearby future, I will succeed and get what I deserve.” He needs to prove himself, prove to those who misunderstand him, and make them feel, “I’ve been wrong about this person. I didn’t know he’s such a good person.”

For now, Zitao will not say too much. It’s no use saying so much. He believes, that time will prove everything

Q& A: Zitao doesn’t want to rely on his looks to attract people

Q: Your new song “Reluctantly” is a story about a big star. Is the lifestyle depicted in the MV what you want? 

A: No, my dream life is having those who love me, having time to be with my family. Driving at night to the beach to look at stars in the sky, making a wish and enjoying the sea breeze

Q: There’s a scene where you are running through the streets in London wearing Versace. Some netizens made fun of you by saying that you were late because you were shooting the MV. Do you not want to talk about that anymore? 

A:  The real reason was because of traffic regulations that day, and not because of the MV shooting. I think there’s one thing that is very true and that is you cannot rely on weibo to find the truth. Me and my team were very much looking forward to the show as it is our first time, and we went out early. We regret that we ran into unforeseen circumstances, and are very sorry to be late

Q: It seems that Koreans have very strict requirements on one’s figure. After training there, are you as strict on it too?

A: I think that Chinese artistes are pretty good at it too. but I don’t want to be too big (I think he means too muscular?) because I want to dance, if it’s too big I can’t dance. 

Q; How do you maintain your figure?

A: running and going to the gym if there’s time. If there’s none then I try to control my diet. Before going to sleep I will do a few push ups. I also do that before I shower when I get up. 

Q: Do you have a 6 pack now? 

A: 8

Q: What (features) are you most satisfied with ? 

A: my nose, it’s higher.

Q: Do you think you are narcissistic?

A: I used to be, but not now. Artists still have to take care over their image though. Before I film something I’ll make sure that I’m ok. I rarely do selfies now, maybe it’s because I’m older now.. Oh I know it, because there’s no use taking so many. I’m not someone who depends on looks to attract others!

Q: You think you are considered to be good looking right?

A: Just…… not ugly! 

Q: For your filming of “Charming Daddy”, netizens have started to make emoticons/sticker packs using your pictures, will that put pressure on you for  future performances? 

A: Nope. It’s unavoidable, everyone will get those unflattering shots. If I were to avoid it because of that, it would be too tiring. I won’t do it. 

Q: Is it because you have been attacked too much lately, so it has affected your self confidence? 

A: No way! I have already said. Those aren’t really an issue to me

Q: Have you seen those emoticon/sticker packs? will you use it privately? 

A: I have seen them when I am searching for pictures. Some are quite handy. Thanks everyone who paying attention to me. 

Q: have you have thought that your performance is really too over (over the top)? Have you thought about changing? 

A: Actually some say that I’m not “over” in my performance. Everyone sees things differently. I can’t satisfy everyone, so all I need to do is to be myelf. 

Q: Many people want to know what eyeliner you are using? 

A: that I really don’t know. I know there are people who say that I am nothing without my eyeliner. But I do it because the make-up artists all say that my eyes make them want to do it that way when they see me. I respect their profession and their work, and will not overly interfere with it. I don’t really like to put on eyeliner and strong make-up in private too, It’s okie for Guys to just be fresh!

Q:But there were a lot of pictures of you with “extremely red lips” in the “I’m the Sovereign” press conference. 

A: I didn’t use lipstick at the press con. The staff told me about this. It was the work of some bored netizen which led to this misunderstanding. 

Q: Some people feel that having eyeliners means one is not masculine. What do you wish to say to them? 

A: nothing, what does me having eyeline done got to do with them? 

Q: If you can change something about yourself, what would it be? 

A: I don’t want to change anything

Q: Are you still in contact with EXO members? Some people once screen-capped pictures and said that you were bullying BaekHyun in a performance.

A: This has been asked several times, but still I want to clarify this. I trust that everyone has played with their friends (mock fights and all). It’s just that that scene was taken completely out of context, that’s all. There’s no bad blood between me and EXO members. 

Q: A lot of bad boys in foreign country are still very popular despite being themselves. Are you envious of them? 

A: Nope

Q: Do you want to be a good man? 

A: yes I want to be a good man.

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Educhums Mug Exchange
All sign-ups are due by Thursday, 2/25!

Alright, friends! After a lot of interest I thought I’d hit the ground running for this! Presenting our second ever mug exchange! 


  • I’m not a teacher - can I still participate?
    This exchange is open to any and all teachers, former teachers, students, student teachers, or anyone else who works in the field of education and participates in our little community here on tumblr.

  • What happens if my mug buddy never sends me anything?
    After the deadline to send mugs passes, please e-mail me or contact me on tumblr and I will contact your buddy to remind them. If this fails, I will reach out to other members of the community who are willing to send any additional mugs.

  • Do I need to buy a new mug or can I gift one I already have?
    Either is fine! This is totally up to the gifter - if you have a lot of mugs lying around and want to gift one to your buddy, that’s totally ok. If you’re inspired by your buddy’s interests or personality, feel free to pick one out that speaks to that. I know I personally like giving/receiving mugs with a tie to the place it’s coming from - during the last mug exchange I gifted a mug that featured a favorite tourist destination in my state that I found at a Goodwill (secondhand mugs are always an option, too!).

  • Do I need to include anything else in my package?
    Again, this is totally up to the gifter! The expectation is to send a mug only (and perhaps at least a note saying who it is from, etc.) If you feel inspired to include anything else in your package, that is fine as well!

  • What is the timeline for this?
    I tend to think a quicker turnaround is usually more successful for these types of things. Here’s what I’m proposing:

    By Thursday, February 25 - fill out the Google form I posted.
    By Sunday, February 29 - receive an e-mail from me with your mug buddy assignment.
    By Sunday, March 13 - mail out your package to your mug buddy. 

  • Do I need to do anything once I receive my mug?
    Be sure to make a post on your tumblr and tag your mug buddy, thanking them and showing off your new mug!