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fahrlight  asked:

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! OMG and you live in Edi too!?

OMG, thank you so much, that’s really sweet of you to say.

I’ve seen your cosplays on Facebook and they are amazing!

Are you in Edinburgh as well? Where abouts? I’m right by Murrayfield Stadium. 

Have you been watching the filming? 

“beloved sister, you are breaking my heart…with every step we take along the way…”

Photo by @brainbarbie
Costume by @sigynsheart
There will be more photos with Sigyn as Lucille, but I have to edit them first, so stay tuned for more!!!!

Let’s All Stand With Fahr!♡

Hello I am Shey ^-^ and my blog is currently under construction which is the reason for the lack of content. With that being said I want my first post to address a serious matter that’s happening to a person I hold dearly to my heart.  

As we all know @fahrlightloki a.k.a. @fahrlight has been being bullied/attacked/harassed and also being sent rape/racial threats to, online without any reasoning this past week. I felt the need in my soul and spirit to address this situation because it’s personally making me ill seeing such lack of humanity. NO ONE DESERVES THE AMOUNT OF HATE THEY’VE BEEN RECEIVING IT’S ABSOLUTELY SICKENING AND NOT OKAY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE…

Also, Fahr should NOT have to apologize for their feelings or form of verbal expression especially with the amount of crap that they’ve already have on their plate. Anger is an EMOTION in which they’re entitled to express due to a time of distress. If you were in their shoes you’d be feeling the EXACT same way. I want this post to reach out to all their true supporters and send them nothing but love, ACTUAL support and positivity. Fahr is an extraordinary human being who is full of anything but negativity and hatred whom shouldn’t be receiving such inhuman messages. 

We need to learn love and unity once and for ALL.  

Fahr, if you happen to see this  just know that you’ll always have supporters through these dark times. You’ll have my support no matter what fucking happens. ♡


Am I the only one that sees cosplayers like fahrlight and just, like, forget it. I’ll never have the money for that. I’ll never look that good. Cause I do. And it’s kind of depressing but true. I’m just a beginning cosplayer but let’s be real. I’ll never be that good.

Mother, Monster, Lover, Whore” (17 july 2016). 
Mixed media/digital oil painting, still slightly WIP.

Inspired by the Thorki fan fiction “I told you before, I was an epitaph!”. 


Make up test, Loki from Thor: Ragnarok.

(I will say it again, because I feel really silly and proud about it, but I wore this suit outfit in 2012, before it was canon, and now it’s canon - how even!? I wore, black on black on black, as Loki. I thought I would give his suit style my own twist, now look where we are years later?! I feel ahead of my time. damn fine.)