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Agent Kallus in Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion

You know one of the things I love about Sara Lance is that when she is the only actually practical hero in the DCTV verse. Sure most of the time she keeps to the hero codex and sticks to her staff and knives but she has zero trouble resorting to guns when she needs to.

We have the Flash resorting to random elaborate tranq darts, energy guns, speed tricks, traps etc.

We have Oliver doing huge dramatic fights with his bare hands or swords or elaborate plans with drugs.

Meanwhile Sara when faced with a opponent with super strength that she can’t deal with conventional means immediately just takes a huge ass gun and says”Well why don’t we just shoot him in the head?”

Honestly Sara is the only one with some common sense in the entire universe

That is so wrong in so many levels. BamBam lost his father when he was a child, for fucking sakes. The fact that he considers Mark’s father his own, is beautiful and some people are just twisting everything and turning into something dirty? What the hell? Know limits.


(undertale spoilers)

this post will attempt to dissect what exactly chara’s plan entailed and what they hoped to accomplish with it. all the information stated as fact will be accompanied by screenshot proof. the latter portion of this post will contain speculation based on the facts.

★ for the sake of simplicity, i’ll refer to chara and asriel’s shared body as “chasriel”. chasriel will not be referred to using pronouns. 
★ “they/them” will always refer to chara and “he/him” will always refer to asriel (unless i’m clearly not talking about either of them).

★ direct quotes are in quotation marks. links will be provided for people to verify them.


  • when chara climbed mt. ebott, “it wasn’t for a very happy reason”
  • chara didn’t jump into the underground – they fell
  • “chara hated humanity” and “they felt very strongly about that”
  • “chara wasn’t really the greatest person”
  • chara and asriel fed asgore a pie with buttercups inside instead of cups of butter
  • asgore became terribly ill
  • asriel felt bad, chara “laughed it off”
  • chara asked asriel if he remembered this incident and then asked him to turn off the camera
  • asriel says he doesn’t “like this idea”
  • chara convinces him that together they’ll “free everyone” and to “go get the flowers”
  • “the human became very ill”
  • “six, right? we just have to get six…”
  • “the sick human had only one request.” chara asked “to see the flowers from their village.”
  • as the monsters couldn’t pass the barrier, chara’s last wish could not be fulfilled
  • the next day, the human died
  • asriel absorbed chara’s soul and “transformed into a being with incredible power”
  • waterfall writings: “a monster with a human soul… a horrible beast with unfathomable power.”
  • “(it’s an illustration of a strange creature..)”
  • “(there’s something very unsettliing about this drawing.)”
  • after combining souls, control of the body was split between both chara and asriel
  • chara was “the one that picked up their own empty body” and carried it “back to the village of the humans”
  • after arriving in the human village, chasriel carried chara’s body onto “a bed of golden flowers”
  • the villagers saw chasriel holding the body and assumed chasriel had killed the child
  • the humans attacked chasriel
  • chasriel “had the power to destroy them all”
  • chara wanted to use their “full power” against the humans
  • asriel resisted chara’s will and chasriel “did not fight back”
  • chasriel “was struck with blow after blow”
  • chasriel smiled and walked away
  • if chasriel had killed humans, monsters “would have had to wage war against all of humanity”
  • because of asriel’s actions, chasriel was mortally wounded
  • chasriel returned to the underground and collapsed
  • asriel’s dust, which contained asriel’s essence, “spread across the garden”
  • the “plan had failed”

pacifist route: true lab / vhs tapes
neutral route: new home / monster tale
pacifist route: ruins / asriel
neutral route: waterfall / wall writings
genocide route: chara / first encounter


so now we know the facts. what exactly can we infer from them? 

originally, the unhappy reason chara climbed mt. ebott could have been anything. they may have suffered bullying. they may have been abused by humans. their family may have been killed by other humans, leaving chara homeless and alone. whatever the reason, it planted a deep hatred inside chara. it prompted them to go to a place they probably thought they would never see another human again – a place where people were said to disappear from and never return. humans are superstitious and would likely have taken a legend like that seriously and so nobody would look for chara there. chara wasn’t necessarily suicidal, but it can be assumed that they wanted to escape humanity nevertheless. maybe they thought they could survive alone in the wild.  

it is quite possible that chara had genuine feelings for their adoptive family for the most part. after asgore’s buttercup incident, however, it seems that a plan began to formulate in chara’s mind. from that point onward, chara prioritised their goal – murdering humans – above even the safety of those closest to them. chara’s hatred became more important to them than asriel and everyone else. their hatred of humanity was the driving force behind their actions.


[for more details about why chara would have used buttercups, see here]

  1. chara would get asriel on board.
    asriel would be absolutely vital to the plan’s success. as the game makes no mention of whether or not humans go through any particular changes after absorbing a monster soul (besides being able to cross the barrier), chara could only become strong with asriel’s help. chara may have employed manipulation tactics to get asriel to go along with it in the end – he was clearly not a fan of the plan to begin with. chara would insist that together they would “free everyone”, although chara’s version of freedom may have been death.
  2. chara would convince asriel to get the buttercups for them.
    this would cause asriel to feel directly responsible for chara’s death and make him intimately involved in chara’s plan. physical contact with the flowers would also blister chara’s hands and it may have been necessary to avoid that for the sake of making the suicide look like a natural death.
  3. chara would eat the flowers and fall ill.
    it couldn’t look like a suicide. a slow death would increase asriel’s guilt and dedication to the plan. chara’s suffering would be unbearable – it’s doubtful that anyone would assume chara chose this. the symptoms may not have been linked to asgore’s as humans have physical bodies and monsters are mostly made of magic.
  4. chara would tell the dreemurrs their dying wish.
    chara’s impossible wish to see the flowers from their village would give asriel the excuse he needed to absorb chara’s soul and leave the underground without having his motives questioned.  
  5. asriel would absorb chara’s soul.
    the monsters assumed that asriel only absorbed chara’s soul out of grief, but it was part of the plan all along. chara’s last wish just made it look that way, although asriel was probably also genuinely mortified by the events that occurred. while chara laid dying, asriel steeled himself by telling them, “six, right? we just have to get six..”
  6. chara would have their dead body brought to the surface.
    in the event that chara had no control over asriel when they combined their souls together, chara probably arranged for asriel to bring the body to the surface to make the last wish excuse look more believable. as it turned out, the control was split between chara and asriel, and it was chara who forced chasriel to move chara’s dead body to the human village.
  7. chasriel’s presence would provoke a human attack.
    but why bring the body all the way to the human village if they just had to deceive the monsters? there are two reasons: 1) it would provoke a human attack by making them think chasriel had killed an innocent child, 2) even if chara had no control once their soul was absorbed, they probably banked on asriel retaliating in self-defence when the humans saw asriel with the body, and 3) it would allow chasriel to tell the monsters afterwards that there was no choice but to fight back and take the human souls. after all, from the perspective of the monsters, asriel would have just been bringing his best friend’s body to its final resting place. as a result, the human attack would seem malicious and unjustifiable to the monsters. chasriel couldn’t be blamed for self-defence.
  8. together, asriel and chara would take six human souls.
    the plan was always to carry everything out as a team. on chara’s deathbed, asriel reaffirms that the two of them will “do it together”. it seems that chara never truly intended to disappear when they died; chara wanted to be reborn in a body that had power. with this body, chara would easily be able to steal six human souls and become godlike with asriel. according to asriel, it was chara who wanted “to use our full power”.
  9. monsters and humans would declare war on one another.
    monsters would have felt victimised by humanity once again, hearing about how the humans attacked for no discernible reason while asriel did nothing but mourn the loss of his best friend and sibling. humans would have felt their fears about monsters realised and decided that they should be wiped out and not just imprisoned underground. according to asriel: “if i killed those humans… we would have had to wage war against all of humanity.”

multiple routes: instances of the ambiguity of the word “free”


considering how meticulous chara’s plan was, it seems likely that they would have come to the same conclusion about war that asriel did. each step of the plan was wracked with contingency plans that dealt with “what if” scenarios, likely because chara wasn’t sure what would happen once they became a part of asriel. between having godlike powers and an army of monsters behind them, chara was determined to see humans die. after all their effort, it’s very possible that the last thing chara expected was to be betrayed by asriel’s desire not to kill.

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Star Wars?

I am really the type of person who hates characters that are overhyped that don’t deserve to be overhyped.

With that said…I hate Boba Fett.

He is not special

He’s just a dude with cool armor, who barely speaks and just flys because of a fucking Jett pack and every boy creams himself over it?

Y’all are mad about Han Solo movie. I am mad they are fucking making a Boba Fett movie because for gods sakes, THE FACT THAT DUDEBROS LOVE HIM MORE THAN LEIA!!!

Give me a Leia movie based off Bloodline, or an Obi Wan Movie.

Send me a Series and I’ll tell you my least favorite character.

I Have To Tell You Something (Olicity, Season 4 fix-it, post 4x08)

I’m choosing to live in a little world of delusion where the second they got home from Central City, after they cleaned up from Savage’s attack and they were laying in bed, wrapped around each other, Oliver whispered,

“I have to tell you something.”

His voice is full of trepidation, worry and concern marring the quiet in the room, but it’s not the only thing: fear. He’s scared, out of his mind; it’s the kind of fear that you feel in your bones, that makes you feel like every single bit of you is being torn apart because what if

What if…

It’s dark, the only light in their room coming from the city outside their window. He feels her stiffen, only slightly, and he knows without a single doubt that she knew something was wrong, the entire time… and that she’d trusted him to tell her.

And he hadn’t.

The fear is a living thing inside him, slowly choking him, squeezing his chest until he can barely breathe…

He almost says, “Nothing.”


He can’t let it control him anymore, he won’t, not his actions or his future. God, for as long as he can remember, he’s lived his life in fear. It’s driven his actions, for years, long before the island, before the Gambit ever went down… and he can’t do it anymore. He finally has someone in his life who knows him, who he can trust with anything and everything, including the kind of man he is, someone he can rely on, someone he can lean on… and he trusts her to keep this secret.

Because there is no other choice to make.

Oliver holds her closer, his eyes slipping shut, steeling himself.

“You’re kinda freaking me out a little bit here,” she whispers, and he takes a shaky breath, knowing she’s trying to make light of it, just a little, because she knows him, she knows he’s struggling… and he loves her all the more for it.

He presses his face into her hair, breathing her in… and starts.

“When we were in Central City, I saw… a woman that I had known a long time, a very long time ago.”

She’s quiet. 

He feels her heartbeat pick up.

“She had a little boy with her,” he continues, his voice cracking, and she stops breathing. “Felicity…

“I have a son.”


Felicity says nothing, for what Oliver quickly starts to consider the longest second of his entire goddamn life - what happens now? What if she’s upset, angry with him, pushes him away for lying to her, for keeping this from her, for trying to keep this from her? And he just did exactly what Samantha asked him not to… what if she finds out, what if tries to keep William from him?

The mere idea of that is enough to take his breath away and he holds onto her a little tighter.


Felicity finally takes in a quick breath and sits up, her movements jerky and uneven as she pushes back, away from him. 

Tears burn his eyes before he can think twice and he moves to follow her, the apologies already on his tongue when she spins around and turns the light on.

Oliver blinks as the sudden light pierces through the darkness and he props himself up on his arm, his other hand still reaching for her, but falling short. 

Felicity grabs her glasses, taking another breath before turning to look at him.

“You have a son,” she repeats slowly.

“Yeah,” he whispers, nodding. He looks up at her where she’s sitting next to him. His elbow starts to hurt from leaning on it but he ignores it.

She’s quiet again, for a long minute, and he can read her like a book - he sees the second she reaches a conclusion, and it sends his heart plummeting.

“And you weren’t going to tell me,” Felicity says, her voice so soft it’s barely audible. She stares at him. “Were you?”

The hurt in her voice is like a knife slicing through him, and he closes his eyes for a second, biting his tongue, before nodding.

“She asked me not to. His mother. Samantha.” Oliver sits up, pushing himself back to sit against the headboard. “Not just you, but everyone. Anyone. She said… she told me… I wouldn’t be able to see William, if I told anyone.”

“Wow,” she says… and then follows it up with a soft, almost reverent, “William.”

Oliver closes his eyes… and waits…

Felicity grabbing his face and pressing a soft kiss to his forehead has them flying open again, finding hers.

“Wow,” is all she can say, and he sees the tears in her eyes… and the hint of a smile on her lips.

All he’s capable of is a nod.

“It seems Central City was pretty busy for you.”

An incredulous laugh slips out of him before he can stop it. “You could say that.” Oliver’s hands come up, cradling her forearms. “Felicity, I’m sorry. You were the first person I thought of, the first person I wanted to tell when I… when it was confirmed.”

“And… it is?” she asked. “Confirmed?”


Felicity nods, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. 

And then she looks at him.

“Tell me about it.”

Oliver stares at her for a beat. “You’re not…”

“Oh no, we’re gonna have words, about some of the choices you made, don’t think you’re getting off that easy, mister.” He gives her a breathy chuckle, or maybe it’s more a sigh of relief than anything. She holds him tighter, her thumbs running over his cheeks. “But you told me…” 

Felicity smiles.

“You told me, Oliver, and now… now I want you to tell me about it. If you want, I mean, I’m not trying to insert myself where I’m not-”

“I want to,” Oliver assures her, sliding his hands down her arms. “I want to.”

And he does.

He tells her everything.


I didn’t get it.

The Harry Potter series as educational children’s books about science

Harry Potter and the Dilophosaurus Bone
“It’s a lizard, Harry.”

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Magma
“It’s been fissured, Harry.”

Harry Potter and the Principle of Least Action
“The function is curved, Harry.”

Harry Potter and the Climate of Prior
“It’s a blizzard, Harry.”

Harry Potter and the Order of Operations
“Multiplication is third, Harry.”

Harry Potter and the Half-Dead Cat
“It’s been Schrödinger’d, Harry.”

Harry Potter and the Healthy Tallow
“It’s a gizzard, Harry.”


There is so much anger and hate inside me I haven’t the slightest clue what to do with it. I have no positive outlets. All the outlets I have don’t seem to work because it’s still in me. It’s like a deep self sustaining fire. I literally could just be calmly sitting somewhere with a calm demeanor. But my fucking soul is set ablaze. That’s what it feels like. Fire. Like I’m burning inside all the time. But I have to hide it because I don’t want to be evaluated or what ever. I’m already in fucking therapy for fucks sake.

The fact that I am more aware of what it is to struggle as a darker skin black woman doesn’t help. I’m not angry that I am any of those things. I’m fucking angry because of the people who constantly MAKE IT an issue, due to their unjust and idiotic biases. I often feel these people should be eradicated, and if it were not for the current laws set to protect them, I would happily eradicate them myself.

That’s my fear. That I think that way.

But that’s not what I wanted to get at. I literally feel a great deal of pinned up hate inside me. It keeps me up at night. I can’t sleep because all I can think about is vengeance from those who’s wronged me. But I know I’ll never get that satisfaction. Ever. And that makes me angrier. It also doesn’t help that black women aren’t entitled to having emotions. Let alone being entitled to being angry. Else all the fucking stereotypes and what not starts flying.

But this anger and hate I feel is not your sassy black woman stereotypical bullshit. This is deep rooted, primal and often disturbing and I need to find a way to handle it. I shouldn’t be so consumed with hatred that it literally makes me sick to my stomach and keeps me up at night. The only time I can sleep well is when I’m buzzed or drunk because my head isn’t racing with a million and one thoughts. And my hate is tamed. I seriously need help.