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It’ll all work out in the end, I won’t leave your side


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Ok but Matt’s mom gave Stephanie a necklace that says ‘family’ on it and I’m lowkey emotional.


Agent Kallus in Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion

That overwatch female player getting harassed by a bunch of 15 year old boys was so stupid

Maining as Mercy because women just automatically main as Mercy cuz they like to be hot women?

Women main as Mercy because they don’t have any skill?

Women main as Mercy cuz they just naturally like supporting guys?

The fuck kind of logic-

Mercy’s a useful support hero and her Ult is great.

I’ve only recently started using her since I can’t switch between guns fast enough. She’s great, she can carry a shitty team.

it’s just so dumb that you would even say “ugh female characters, always picked by female players.” and then try to justify it with some sexist crap like “women aren’t good as offensive heroes they clearly have to be mercys. and mercys are sexy and that’s all women care about being, since nerd girls are ugly in real life.”

Like dude.

I clearly main Junkrat cuz he’s the sexiest overwatch character and I identify most strongly with his hair and explosive rip tire.

Junkrat is so hot. So hot. I have to play him. Also, my natural urges tell me that I can’t play any character other that doesn’t throw around explosives. Because nothing’s manlier than explosives. Also Junkrat is hot and that’s just how I play videogames.

Who doesn’t want to play a FPS with the sexiest character possible, right, who cares about abilities?

Honestly you kids…

Being bad at videogames is bad, but being sexist?

That’s like.

Super bad.

And more moronic than saying Mercy is for female players, lmao, get real.

Do you not play Mei,, Widowmaker, Zarya, Ana, Symmetra, or Tracer either? Too girly?

Not manly enough?

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I don't know where you stand on the whole Disney owning Star War thing, but you have to admit that they at least brought life back to the franchise. Right?

I’ll admit they brought a lot of money. Which, I guess, makes for a lot of opportunities for future projects. I would argue that life never left it. It was always the fans that keep these kinds of things alive. 

I’ve stated my opinions on Disney before, and I don’t think we should settle for decent when we can get great. From what I understand, it seems that Disney is more interested in money vs caring about what the fans want. 

Sanji and Nami – Fights and danger

I always rant about how Oda seems to put emphasis on Nami when it comes to Sanji, which is also one big reason for me thinking that Nami is in fact special to him. I decided to make a post that goes through their fights specifically and how often there seems to be some type of connection to the other person in their fights. Of course it’s not the case in all fights, but still there is a considerable amount, especially from Sanji’s side. I also bring up some other instances when the other person is in danger which I find interesting from a story-telling point of view.

It’s super long (and it took a long time to make too) but I hope you’ll read it and like it anyway. ^^’‘

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I didn’t get it.

Manspreading Pt. 2

Genre: Smut, angst, fluff

Word Count: 2,641

AUTHOR’S NOTE: OK so I absolutely hated the 2nd chapter of this series. I feel like I’ve built a nice and comprehensive backstory in the first chapter and then went right and fucked it up in the 2nd one purely for smut purposes. But now since I’m going to be continuing this story, I went back and made changes to the 2nd chapter to make it more realistic and set the groundwork for part 3. 

It’s still smutty but now with a more realistic approach to tae’s first time.

Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Epilogue

“Seriously, Taehyung?” He scratches the back of his head sheepishly and gives you his best boxy smile, “Sorry, doll, I’ve waited for too long, and I’m not gonna wait another minute.”  


He wipes your chin and leans down to give you a kiss. You swerve at the last minute and he ends up falling face first onto the floor, ass sticking up in the air. A bark of laughter escapes you before you can stop it, and Taehyung looks absolutely mortified. The blood was rushing to his face so much that you start worrying his head might explode. Clamping your hands on your mouth to try to stifle the laughter, you say through a muffled voice, “I’m so sorry, Taetae. It’s not funny, I know.” But try as you might, you can’t stop the giggles shaking you like an earthquake; the sight in front of you too absurd for you to take it seriously. Your best friend since childhood was laying in an awkward position on the floor of your shared apartment, his cock still out, moments after you just gave him a blowjob.

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Drabble. Bucky's wife pregnant and he's on a mission always panicking even though she's like 5 months along. Or.. drunk bucky calling or texting his gf/wife adoring messages. Idk. I'm in the mood for fluff. Sorry

don’t be sorry for fluff! and these are great ideas. just a disclaimer: i personally have never been pregnant so obviously i have no idea what pregnancy is like. so if i miss the mark, i apologize. and i kinda like the second prompt too so i might do that in a different post. this turned out to be longer than i anticipated. i hope you like it! 

Originally posted by caps-bucky

You were supposed to be doing computer work. It was part of this “light duty” shit that Steve forced you on when he found out you were pregnant. At five months, it had become too difficult to explain away the prominent, growing bump as you just getting fat. You kind of thought he did it as revenge for not telling the team sooner. But you didn’t want it to be a big deal. You were having a hard enough time fending off the ones that had known already. Like Wanda, because she could read freaking minds and had known pretty much exactly when you did. Her extra attention to you had gone mostly unnoticed, as well as the way that she’d use her powers to get you things rather than have you actually get up and retrieve it yourself. Admittedly, it was kind of nice, but unnecessary. You explained to her that you didn’t want to sit like a bump on a log for the next nine months. She had backed off some after that. But she was only half the problem. 

The other half of the problem was the one who you let knock you up in the first place. You loved your husband, you really did. And when you showed him the pregnancy test, you had to admit you were nervous. It was just a year into your marriage; the two of you weren’t even out of the honeymoon stage. Which was probably why this happened in the first place. You had been afraid that it was too soon for a baby. Hell, you guys had barely even talked about it. Bucky had seemed indifferent, and you hadn’t put much thought into it either. So your voice trembled as you told him the news, showing him the pregnancy test and explaining what that little plus sign meant. 

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The Signs as Fleetwood Mac Songs
  • Aries: "Tusk" - like Aries, this song is forceful and dynamic. The song has an objective and asserts itself with raw, unbending power that might seem obnoxious to some and immensely attractive to others.
  • Taurus: "Gold Dust Woman" - firm, uncompromising, and powerful, this song, like Taurus, hammers home its message with blunt intensity. It tramples on the bullshit of its intended audience but not unjustly.
  • Gemini: "Gypsy" - fun, quirky, and a party favorite. "Gypsy," like Gemini, embraces the spontaneity of fleeting social encounters but shies away from emotional depth at first glance. No one really understand you or this song, but we love you nonetheless.
  • Cancer: "Landslide" - deeply sentimental, this song focuses on the subject of change. Like Cancer, it expresses deep emotional ties to the world around it even as it struggles to understand itself in relation to an impermanent reality
  • Leo: "Go Your Own Way" - well-known and well-loved, Leo, like this song, puts itself on a pedestal. Fun and playful, this song is about giving a big "f*** you!" to those who felt they could do better. Reality was you were too good for them. You go Leo.
  • Virgo: "The Chain" - written by all five members, this song focuses on the brutal practicality of unity. Virgos can relate to this song as they often sacrifice emotion or the sake of fact and practical reason which can lead to tense social relations.
  • Libra: "Seven Wonders" - though you might not be the next Supreme, "Seven Wonders" is a light and flirtacious song that captures Libra's appreciation for aesthetic beauty, no matter how permanent or transient.
  • Scorpio: "Rhiannon" - the song about an old Welsh witch captures Scorpio's tendency to play aloof and yet harbor intense emotions. Like Rhiannon, you may hurt people or push them away to protect yourself, but you ultimately want to be loved.
  • Sagittarius: "Don't Stop" - adventurous and optimistic, "Don't Stop" embodies Sagittarius' tendency toward social engagement and worldly ambition. Like this song, Sagittarius' is future-oriented and chooses to focus on the road ahead despite the past and present.
  • Capricorn: "Dreams" - despite the somewhat cosmic nature of the music, "Dreams" offers a sober understanding of relationships to which practical Capricorn can relate. This type of post-breakup clarity is one that is derived from Capricorn's logical way of looking at the world.
  • Aquarius: "Everywhere" - light-hearted, self-aware, and a little spacey; "Everywhere" defines Aquarius' inner conflict between desire for detachment and intellectual/emotional investment in other people
  • Pisces: "Silver Springs" - intense, dualistic, emotional, and deeply spiritual; this song embodies Pisces' affinity for both mysticism and complex feelings. This song is a reminder to never underestimate the depth of a Pisces' emotions.
Glannithro/Sportarobbie playlists I made

Okay so apparently, 8tracks won’t let you listen to music anymore without PAYING for it, …so I’ve made some playlists on youtube that I’ve decided to share in case any of your wanted to listen to them or something. Each playlist is a little under 40 minutes long with both consisting of 11 songs,  and I tried to order the songs in both of them in a way that it seemed like they were telling a story (not sure how well I managed that tho) 

The Glannithro playlist: 


1. “Nothing to you” -Two Gallants

2. “Nemeses” -Jonathan Coulton 

3. “Misery” -Maroon 5

4. “Spring again” -River Jetty 

5. “Introduce facts for the sake of fiction” -PlayRadioPlay! 

6. “Romance is boring” -Los Campesinos! 

7. “All your reasons” -Matchbox Twenty 

8. “Whenever we finish” -Two Hours Traffic 

9. “Love you for a day (hate you for a week)” -the Pigeon Detectives 

10. “Broken cash machine” -Modern Baseball 

11. “Change your mind” -We are Telephone 

The Sportarobbie playlist:


1. “Haven’t had enough” -Marianas Trench 

2. “Snow White” -Jaymay 

3. “Sleepwalker” -the Wallflowers 

4. “Overjoyed” -Matchbox Twenty 

5. “Tightrope” -Peridot 

6. “Accidentally in love” -Counting Crows 

7. “Shot out of a canon” -Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness 

8. “Dissolve” -Jonathan Coulton 

9. “Where did the love go?” -the Seihos 

10. “Excuse me” -Salvador Sobral 

11. “Clarity” -Leftover Cuties 

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omg i was reading the bsd manga cause i hadn't yet, and after dazai escapes the port mafia basement/torture cellar/whatever it is in chapter 13 there's a panel where he's lying on a bed and there are wine bottles scattered on a table and he's like "i'll escape from the mafia tomorrow" BOI there is a whole night unaccounted for between him 'escaping' and him going back to the ADA, and he's in a room with wine bottles everywhere?? coincidence - i think NOT

HAHAHA YES ANON. At least I’m not the only one who had this headcanon of Dazai staying at Chuuyas place after their meeting. Because in the manga it really looks like there are wine bottles on the table. Also we all know Dazai wouldn’t be Dazai if he didn’t just invite himself to stay at Chuuyas. It seems to be very obvious.

However, in the anime the bottles on the table are in fact Sake bottles. That said he didn’t stay at Chuuyas place. So we’ll never know what really ‘happened’ in that night.


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If Kaneki dies, who do you think will be the next main protoganist ? If both Kaneki, and Touka die, who will become the caretaker of Kaneki's child ?

That’s exactly what Kaneki and Touka would be risking, if the pregnancy plotline were a thing that is happening. Which it still might not, I cannot emphasize this enough. 

However, both of them have clear situations where their parents were otherwise inhibited by the wold around them, and by their own choices, from giving a proper upbringing to the children they too decided to have in the tumultuous world. 

Hikari most likely attracted attention from the CCG for her wild past, and Arata after gaining strength to protect them became a target. There’s also Touka’s own misgivings about her father, and how he went missing for long amounts of time presumably to protect his children or perhaps to pick fights with CCG officers.

The second obvious parallel is Kuzen whose decision to instead of raise the child himself, abandon Eto in the 24th ward with another caretaker is the point of origin for her great grudge against the world. 

Both of these sets of parents knew the world would be against their children and decided to have those children anyway, and both of these sets of parents failed to adequately rise to the occasion and fight the world in order to protect those children. 

Yoshimura knew that Eto would grow up alone and unloved, he knew the words that would comfort her, but never directly said them to her himself. He never fought the world for her sake. The fact that Touka herself might be pregnant in the 24th ward right now is a clear parallel to Yoshimura’s same decision to hide in the 24th ward and pursue pacifism rather than risk fighting the world for his daughter. 

The question is will Kaneki and Touka succeed where their respective parents and father figures have failed in the past?

It’s not so simple an answer as one might think. Simply knowing the feelings of being a left behind child does not automatically guarantee one can raise a child with consistent love. 

Sasaki Haise’s birthday poem says this [x]:

Someone said this:

“Even if you have no memories of being loved, for as long as you have memories of loving someone, you can continue to live.”

…But how is someone who has never been loved be capable of loving someone else?

A child who wasn’t able to receive the minimal love they required at the time they needed it the most will continue to gaze at the illusion of affection and never know how to love until the day they die.

So, anon the exact scenario you bring up in your question is a scenario that has a possibility, a danger of happening in the story itself. Will the past just repeat itself, because Touka and Kaneki really are given no oppurtunity to learn? 

How exactly can they love others, when they’ve never been shown love themselves. When their own parental figures were cut out too early and too sudden from their lives to develop any healthy sort of attachment.

The fact that they risk repeating the same mistakes of those parents, even aware personally what it felt like to have that pain inflicted on them is exactly where the conflict comes for both of them. 

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At least now I know why Ben hates Louis. Because Harry used to sneak him up the stairs and they used to have loud, loud, loud sex in Ben's attic and keep him up at night.


Though for the sake of straight-talking (lol), I feel the need to to specify that Ben doesn’t hate Louis or want Harry to be the hetero-ladyfucker he talks him up to be, he’s just a particularly annoying closet-accessory who I want to shut up.

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I hate when people say something is canon when it is not even romantic, like nothing in that interview you just linked about the ackerbond suggests romance to me? Like the only canon thing is Ymir/Historia (I think, my info could be wrong for that) but people insist on it being canon (and not just in the lighthearted or jokey kind of way, but in a serious way). This goes for a lot of ships, but I've seen it for the two in that post the most, and it puts me off them (this is just me venting btw)

You can come vent here anytime because it annoys the shit out of me when people keep saying their ship is canon when it is not? I’m not saying it could never be canon, but jesus put off your shippers glasses and look at the facts for fucks sake. Ackerbonds are made on the fact that they look up to a person and see them as their superior, romance doesn’t have to be involved. Like I said in that post; Kenny wasn’t romantically interested in Uri Reiss. Romantic feelings could be involved ofcourse but that isnt something that has to be there to make someone your liege. And Yes what you said about Ymir and Historia is right, as far as I know that is the only ship that is actually canon. (And Bertholdt that he had/has romantic feelings for Annie, apparently)

Family Fun Fact: Beau Edition

Originally posted by jypnior

  • Beau is the most nurturing and protective out of all the brothers. Phillip is the eldest, but Beau has taken on the role as unofficial leader bro.
  • He has perfected the art of sneaking in and out of the house past curfew hours. He’s only been caught a few times and has, for the most part,  craftily avoided severe punishments for doing so.
  • Beau can finesse his way put of most situations. He flashes a doe eyed look and weaves such elaborate tales that one cannot help but to forgive any of his offenses. His saving an injured bunny on the side of the road story, which caused him to be late from returning from a party, is still a classic that Esther and Keith discuss to this day.
  • Beau’s claim to stardom is his modeling career. He’s graced the cover of many magazines and ads. He’s currently the face (or should we say body) of “Beautifully Buff”, which is an exclusive posing oil used by bodybuilders worldwide.
  • Beau has a soft spot for senior citizens. He’s the one grandson that always accepts Grandma Kay’s invitations to her swanky senior social club for family events. Her little BeauBeau has bewitched all of the seniors with his charm and good looks. The upside for Beau is that he’s gotten a lot of phone numbers from some cute staff and grands of the senior members.
  • Speaking of chatting up cuties, you can find Beau at the mall hanging in front of the Cinnabon with his homeboys getting those digits left and right.
  • Beau’s favorite movie is Zoolander and Derek Zoolander is his ultimate hero. Check out more on this subject here.
  • Beau never misses an opportunity to strip off his shirt to bless the people with a view of his perfect physique. Need a shelf to be mounted? No problem, let Beau call the number of the shelf mounting shop. But first, let him get rid of this pesky t-shirt. Need a pie to be baked? Cool! He‘ll look up the number of a bakery, but this jacket is gonna get in the way.

Unfounded fact: Beau is so cute and persuasive that, if given a position at the United Nations, he could resolve all major world conflicts and still have enough time to get back home for Kevin’s raging party.