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There is an ayah in the Qur'an where Allah promises us that if we thank Him then He will surely grant us more. And subhanallah, it’s not just to do with wealth. It’s to do with everything. If Allah has guided you, thank Him. He will keep you steadfast. If He teaches you something new regarding the deen, thank Him and He will increase you in knowledge. If happiness surrounds you, then thank Him. He will give you even more things to be happy about. Just a few moments of pondering over the bounties of Allah can increase our Imaan.


happy birthday, dearest soonyoung! thank you for being one of seventeen’s pillars, for working tirelessly on creating choreography for us to enjoy. your talents are incredible, and I genuinely believe you’re going to go so very far. thank you for giving us so much, we love you ♡

I think one thing specifically that I really love about Yoongi is that every month or so, he’ll just kinda pour out his heart to the fans on Twitter. He’ll write paragraph after paragraph about his thoughts, his worries, really anything that’s on his mind.

Sometimes it’s about something he’s done, and sometimes it’s words of encouragement. But the fact that he does this really means something special.

Not everyone does this, and a vast majority of idols close in their worries and just don’t think about them, they just put on a smile and let it be. But Yoongi doesn’t do that. He knows doing that won’t do anything. He knows that people out there worry for him.

The thing about Yoongi is that, he pretty much never thinks he’s giving it his all. He can always try harder, or spend more time on this, or should’ve put more effort into that, he’s never satisfied with himself, and that’s his curse.

He’s aware of the chance he was given to spread his music to the world. That he can travel all about with his friends and bring smiles to people’s faces, but he also knows that with his health getting the better of him at some situations, he’s let people down and made people worry and that’s what he’s the most sorry about.

He thinks he’s not good enough for us, and that he can always show us a ‘better’ Yoongi. He is who he is, and that’s what we’ve grown to love. The quiet Yoongi that falls deep into his music, who stays up night after night perfecting things that will probably never be perfect to him. But the passion is all still there.

Yoongi we know you try your hardest, and you can’t control everything that happens to you or to others, but you need to realize that we love you for everything you are. Your flaws and all.

You know what made this past album one of the greatest ones yet? Because YOU were proud of it, YOU were proud to say that you loved the way it came out. YOU felt great to say you made that. Knowing that all the stress and worry and sleepless and unprogressive nights you had finally paid off.

To hear the album preview and see you smile.

That’s what we’re here for.

Yup. 50 000 of you are following my gay ass.

Thank you so much for sticking around and always having my back when my life gets too messy and stressful. Thank you for supporting my art and for inspiring me to draw more everyday with you lovely comments. Thank you for the dozen kind messages I get everyday, and sorry for not being able to answer to everyone! Thank you for not getting (too) tired of those ever-changing interests/obsessions of mine. Thank you for following me.

In other “milestone news”, I also reached $1000 of pledges on Patreon last month. The deal was that I had to draw a long (20/30 panels minimum) comic when that happened, so I’m working on that!

Thank you everyone for being the best (and gayest for the most part) followers a little artist from the countryside of France could have ever hoped for. You’re making my dream come true a little bit more every day. Je vous aime. ♥

- Maryne.


Gah, its already been a year? Where there heck did the time go 
Everyday I wake up and wonder just how did I get so blessed to have found you. You make me so happy and you brighten up my whole day just by your dumb smile /)/u\(\ 

I love you /so much/! Thank you for you and everything you do!
Your’re my sunshine~ <33

Other artists: “I have so many brushes in Photoshop! I use this one for clouds, I’ve got this one that does really nice leaves and I have a different one for grass too. This one has just the right texture for doing skin, this one is good for hair, and this one is really good for short fur like on a dog or something. I’ve also seen a really nice brush pack that I am looking forward to trying tonight!”