for everything

Other artists: “I have so many brushes in Photoshop! I use this one for clouds, I’ve got this one that does really nice leaves and I have a different one for grass too. This one has just the right texture for doing skin, this one is good for hair, and this one is really good for short fur like on a dog or something. I’ve also seen a really nice brush pack that I am looking forward to trying tonight!”


There is an ayah in the Qur'an where Allah promises us that if we thank Him then He will surely grant us more. And subhanallah, it’s not just to do with wealth. It’s to do with everything. If Allah has guided you, thank Him. He will keep you steadfast. If He teaches you something new regarding the deen, thank Him and He will increase you in knowledge. If happiness surrounds you, then thank Him. He will give you even more things to be happy about. Just a few moments of pondering over the bounties of Allah can increase our Imaan.


happy birthday, dearest soonyoung! thank you for being one of seventeen’s pillars, for working tirelessly on creating choreography for us to enjoy. your talents are incredible, and I genuinely believe you’re going to go so very far. thank you for giving us so much, we love you ♡

And with that, we say goodbye to The Vampire Diaries. After 8 years of epic loves, tragic heartbreaks, passion, adventure and even a little danger. These characters brought me through high school and into college. They have been there with words of wisdom, jokes on a bad day, and a familiar comfort. They fundamentally shaped the person I have grown to be- not just the characters, but the cast. And while this is the end of TVD, I take the lessons and the memories with me. This show spoke to me and changed me and proved to me that friends can become family and that love is out there and that above all, we have the strength and power within us to do whatever we put our minds to. It gave me hope, a lust for life, and the courage to chase after everything that I want to achieve. To the cast and crew, thank you so much. Words cannot describe the gratitude I am feeling. The tears streaming down my face are a pretty accurate description of it all though… but they are tears not only of sadness, but of joy. Joy for this wild ride. 

forever yours,