for every lonely heart


‘Get lost!’
‘You’re the one who asked me to do it in the first place! What is it? What are you saying I can’t do?!’

This is what the lonely gets you:
nights spent trying to look anywhere
but at yourself, because then
you’ll have to admit that it isn’t
the mirror
that’s broken.
All this crying alone in an empty apartment
won’t teach you how to say the word “love”
when you feel it, just like it won’t
help you let go of the ones
who make your skin crawl just to talk to
except you don’t want to hurt them.
(You can never bring yourself to hurt anybody.
It is your best and worst quality.
You keep on hurting yourself.)
This is what the lonely gives you:
shaky hands and a shakier heart,
second guessing every good thing
you ever got.

The ending of the mission “Rising Action” where Angel says “We aren’t friends anymore, are we?” That breaks my heart every time. She just sounds so sad and lonely and I think it’s this point where she decides that having the vault hunters kill her is the only choice she has left. This is the point where she gives up on ever finding someone who wants her around and it kills me to think that.

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Insatiable need

Shifting into night mode for a silent dance
triggering a harsh winter grace to take a chance
out of my safety, opening the doors
to where my hollow passion roars

Breaking ground rules for an insatiable need
fueling my obsession as my time limits exceed
dark glamour, my dazzling eyes in an empty crowd
yearning for what is just barely allowed

Chaos and nauseating decay
linger hesitantly, unwrap at the end of day
reminders of an infinite past in garish gloom
I will connect to every lonely heart in this room

Reviving my notorious reputation
sins of powerlessness and immolation
rendered hopeless in the company of other men
fill me up before I count to ten

I never lived between my highs and lows
hidden behind what always shows
breaking free into yet another keep
but never holding back for one more leap

He writes to her on days that he couldn’t sleep, and she reads it on days that she could. And then one day, she falls asleep for a little too long and his letters had grown feet, his letters had grown arms, and his letters walked.

We all walk a path we choose every minute.

The letters she never read,
the lonely heart wishes it were dead.

He stops writing.
She stops sleeping.
He sleeps away his words.
She wakes up to an empty mouth.

Tattered letters on the bed,
sleepy lovers who should have said
the things that we never said.

—  I wish it didn’t always end like this.
// k.c.

headcanon time

naruto hasn’t spoken to sakura or helped her out in so goddamn long because he can’t look at her. he can’t bear it. he feels guilty almost avoiding her and leaving her alone, but his heart bursts every time he sees how lonely and worn out she is from the last 12 years. he can’t help her because it’s not his place to anymore. sasuke should be the one to help her, he has his own family to worry about. 

and he blames himself entirely for the state that she’s in. he let sasuke leave again. he didn’t keep his promise of a lifetime. he can’t protect her. 

and sometimes, at night, hinata can hear him crying when he thinks she’s asleep. a part of her knows, but she ignores it. she’s happy. he’s happy. nothing - no one - will ruin that.

So I loved him and called him beautiful.
He has a song inside me now, and air like feathers,
this time the birds instead of the butterflies,
wings fluttering and my chest detonating every time
they take flight. This goes on for the longest time.
Until my heart is a metaphor for something wild,
maybe foxes, maybe fire, everything I love is painted
and burned, my hands red and exhaling desire.
The body is a poem that speaks what the poem can’t
and the body wants everything. What’s alive and
breathing and made out of bones. Only yesterday did
he show up on my tongue like lost taste, only yesterday
did I swallow in haste. It’s so hard to talk about brown
eyes or long fingers now. The memories are too big
for a poem like this to hold them. We all want things to
survive. And we all want lovers to stay. So it’s the
anthem of every heart, the heart lonely and writing a poem 
about itself. It turns out the chest is something loud.
Even more feline. The throat is open. There’s a noise
it makes. It’s more like a growl but I can’t be sure.
So here’s my mouth with blood in it. The cage for when
I get delirious and savage. Yes, I loved him from the start.
It turns out that things fall apart and I’m not the girl
who’s okay with that. It turns out we’re all wolves
and we’re all in love, the people we want dying or going,
not coming back. The night is wide and hushed.
I go into the woods, make a house of God and stretch 
my body across the table and say a prayer.
Blessed are the hearts that love without fangs.
And blessed are the hands that let go without their claws.
What He Says vs What He Means (Four)

Steal My Girl: She belongs to me
I mean, you belong to yourself because you are a woman, not property, and as a man I cannot own you!

Ready to Run: Cause I wanna be yours, don’t you wanna be mine?
I am putting my heart out on the line! The least you could do is answer me! I AM A SENSITIVE SOUL BABE

Where Do Broken Hearts Go: Now I’m searching every lonely place
While some men are morally opposed to being the rebound, I haven’t been laid in four long months

18: living love in slow motion, motion, motion
Originally, we were just going to say motion once… but then we thought why not three times? Really get the point across

Girl Almighty: I’d get down on my knees for you
DO I MEAN ORAL SEX OR AM I GOING TO PROPOSE?!?! YOU’LL NEVER KNOW!!! (Oral sex, also we still feel bad about I Want, so this is a girl empowerment song. You’re welcome honey)

Fool’s Gold: and I can’t see two feet in front of me
Wow. I should really see a doctor about this! I need glasses!

Night Changes:  He’s waiting, hides behind a cigarette
this line was written for Louis because he is so incredibly tiny it’s adorable

No Control: Waking up besides you I’m a loaded gun

Fireproof: I’m feeling something deep inside, hotter than a jet stream burning up
This was going to be a nice romantic song, but I couldn’t help myself, I had to have a sex reference. I’m not even sorry

Spaces: Who’s gonna be the first to say goodbye?

Stockholm Syndrome: Oh, baby, I’ll never leave if you keep holding me this way
Harry had this wild dream about bananas who were dads with googly eyes wearing sheer saint laurent shirts holding him hostage, and thus this song was born

Clouds: yeah we’re looking down on the CLOOOOOooOOooOoOooOOOUDS!
This one time, I got super high, and I was looking at the clouds and the next thing I knew we were all screaming CLOUDS and holy shit, CLOUDS!

Change Your Ticket: We did that when we were younger
Because I am very old now, mom! I am big kid!… please let me go outside and play!!!

Illusion: No baby this is not an illusion, I’ve really got my heart out on my sleeve

Once In a Lifetime: Not even the bad guys in the dark night could take it all away
In case you didn’t know, the night is dark! #confirmed #Illuminati

Act My Age: I can count on you, after all we got up to, ‘cause I know that you truly understand
This is about our beautiful bromantical relationships because we are sensitive bros that sing to each other about our feelings and it’s no homo because it’s done to the tune of an irish jig!


Don’t Let Me Go: I keep my eyes wide open

I Won’t Mind: Don’t look around cause love is blind, and darling right now I can’t see you
As it turns out, it was just Zayn who needed glasses all along

Just Can’t Let Her Go: I want her, but I better run away

One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks): One way or another (I wanna hold ya, wanna hold ya tight)
This was back in our glee phase when we were totes into mashups and shit