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I don’t think I ever posted these old strips I did for a class. This is back when Esther was still Doctor Pi

Also, I’m not funny and that’s fine because we weren’t being graded on our sense of humor. I have a bunch more embarrassingly bad first-timer comics where these came from, which I might consider posting…later…

Getting to read Consequence again, and seeing Donovan’s progression within it, is just SO IRONIC. He literally dies ‘cause of the Timepiece and then, after his death, what comes to be of ODAR goes totally against what he did to built it. 

I mean, he literally kept the project alive using blackmail against a gay man. Anf fucking laughed at it. 

I found Mr. Monroe, and he was in possession of some… Rather intimate details about our Mr. Hoover. Really rather shocking, rather vivid details of his encounters with our mutual enemy.

Yes, that’s right my friend: J Edgar Hoover is a homosexual. [laugh] Go ahead, enjoy it for a moment.

Months later, ODAR is being run by a lesbian. Despite ODAR being completely messed up, I can’t help but appreaciate what it became, in this light. And the irony of it. 


The Originals Ladies Appreciation Week: day 3
favorite quote(s)

+ “For every casket girl that was saved, countless others were not. But women are more resilient than given credit for. And some women, well, let’s just say, their oppressors had better watch out. I, too, am resilient, and I’m tired of being oppressed!”

what should i playyy currently i have installed:
- the beginners guide
- beyond eyes
- child of light
- dear esther
- long live the queen
- mirrors edge
- oddworld abes oddysee (???)
- remember me
- civ v
- stardew valley
- terraria
- this war of mine


Some character doodles to try to kick the ol drawing muscles into gear

Between the apartment and carpal tunnel crap, it’s been a little tough to get back into drawing. I feel super rusty. This kind of thing helps!

That last one is me experimenting with the Hard Light layer setting. I’d never really used it, and turns out it’s pretty good for fun lighting.

Characters, in order of appearance: Esther (aka Pi), Frances, Francesmander, Morgan and her Greed worm.

Anyway, hoping to do more character stuff this week, plus maybe some interiors or landscapes. Once I’m suitably warmed up, I might resume commissions before the quarter starts.