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Some small refs for Esther! Before death, as a ghost, and what the Abyssal did with her body after it claimed it for itself. Also Abyssal’s true form. 

The Abyssal hasn’t walked the mortal plane for millennia, and is thoroughly enjoying all the silly things humans do. It’s especially fond of fashion and basically every other “unnecessary-for-survival” thing humans do for fun and pleasure. High heels make it feel powerful.

Esther is horrified by what it’s done to her body.



My final interior and exterior for my Environments and Props class. Since they’re meant to be interior and exterior of the same place, I decided to go with a little canon snippet of Esther’s story. 

Hopefully the colors display correctly! I was somewhat dismayed to learn that my PC monitor displays much more subtle differences in reds than my mac monitor, so the first one looked nearly monochrome before I tweaked it a little.

I’ll be posting processes for both of these in my patreon this evening!


Twitter doodle of Pi (Esther) because I started thinking about mad scientists and missed this girl

Pi was always a tragic character. She was created to be a villainous alt-dimension version of Frances, do some terrible things, and then be killed off, but naturally I fell in love with her along the way and never quite got over her. She’s sort of turned into Esther, but Esther isn’t quite the same.

Oh Pi, my most tragic daughter.


Through their artistry, wherever they wrought their magic, they made us believe, in place, time, light, story, or emotion. They mentored us, challenged us, inspired us, elevated us, and made us only want to be better. Because of their particular gifts, they gave us a greater understanding of the human condition and the human heart.We lost too many of them this year, but because of the great gift of film, they will live forever.

To those who are featured here tonight, and to the many deserving others who are in our hearts, we love you, we honor you, we miss you … but most of all, we thank you.

Remember that interview of Matt at WonderCon when asked about what was it like meeting the fans he said that everyone has been so lovely that he’s started to believe that everyone in the world is a kind person? and then y'all post stuff like this about Esther hm🙂🙂🙂🙂

There are so many amazing people on here I thought I’d acknowledge it <3

Some special mentions:

@gallifreyland: Donna, I have been following you since you pretty much started making graphics and whilst they were always good your style and skill has completely blossomed! 

@ohmargaery: Sabrina, you are so friendly and kind. What did I do to deserve a mutual like you? I’m always looking forward to see what you make and post!

@meraudurs: Elena, you are one of the loveliest and kindest people on here. What more can I say. You put a smile on everyone’s face.

@princessclarke: Emily! Another amazing mutual! I’m so glad I decided to follow you. I love seeing you on my dash <3

@hermionegrangcr: Jen, thank you for putting up with me! Your creations are always beautiful and you’re so thoughtful.

@accionarnia: Esther, I love talking to! You always have post amazing stuff, and it’s always nice seeing another autistic person on my dash :D

@padfootno: Hannah, you are so kind and happy, I love watching your blog grow and see you receive the attention you deserve

@dylanosbrien: Flora, I don’t talk to you often, but I always enjoy it when we do! 

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