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Isak is that sort of boyfriend.

I mean, Even is the sort of boyfriend who goes all out for Valentine’s Day (even if Jonas is right and it’s just a capitalist scheme to make money). He’s the sort of boyfriend to make breakfast in bed spontaneously one morning or serenade Isak any time a romantic song comes on the radio. He’s the sort of boyfriend who reminds Isak how stunning he is, whether they’re alone or in a room crowded with people. He’s the sort of boyfriend who is loud and obvious about his love for Isak. 

But Isak…. Isak is different. 

Isak is the sort of boyfriend who is quite and reserved in his affections. He’s the sort of boyfriend who learns Even’s body so well that from a single twitch of his eye he can sense that Even isn’t okay. He’s the sort of boyfriend who quietly holds Even’s hand under the table, even if the looks they get scare him to death. He’s the sort of boyfriend who rolls his eyes fondly whenever Even does something silly, but never stops him because seeing Even smiling like that makes him weak. He’s the sort of boyfriend who changes his lock screen to a picture of the universe, because Even is his and because every time he sees it he’s reminded of Even- and that’s always nice. He’s the sort of boyfriend to sit staring at his phone for 10 minutes, waiting for it to hit 21:21 just so he can take a picture and send it to Even to remind him how much he adores him. He’s the sort of boyfriend who sits across the room from Even and simply watches, because Even is just so beautiful and so imperfectly perfect that if Isak takes his eyes away for even a second he’s scared all of this will disappear. 

Isak is that sort of boyfriend. 


INFANTINO STREET (The Flash) FT. OPERATION MONGOOSE In which they know the darkness will come after Regina and Emma leaves her a message on her cell knowing that she would take her place.


CS top 20 - Reunions

Dedicated to my amazing BFF @devilishly-handsome-pirate

These are rated from the least significant one to the most significant one as I see it. I think the ultimate one is the re birth of Killian, because there was no better reunion than after they had their ultimate goodbye, thinking there’s no chance in hell (see what I did there?) that they will meet again.

For the second most important I chose the bed scene. Even Jen knew the importance of that one when she excitingly added the bed to the bed scene lol.

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