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In honor of today being the forty-fifth anniversary of the concert in Koshien Stadium, Osaka, I’m listening to the bootleg for the first time. Thus far, my impressions have included:

  • This is a WILD crowd! There’s screaming, whistling, and clapping along to drum lines. 
  • There are women at ELP concerts–I’m definitely hearing female voices
  • Keith and Greg are feeding off the crowd–Battlefield was one long “I CAN SOLO LOUDER THAN YOU GREG” “YEAH I’LL SHOW YOU LOUD SOLOS” and it was amazing.
  • A very calm Lucky Man…I guess Greg was trying to calm the crowd…

More to come. 


Currently watchin Person of Interest for the first time, and I have some big interrogations !

Is Mr Reese some kind of Dopplegänger of Jack Shephard ? Is this the alternative to the end of Lost ? An alternate universe ? Is Benjamin Linus now ruling the world ? With Jack on his side ? That makes no sense at all…

Seriously this Jim Caviezel reminds me so much of Matthew Fox in some scenes, it’s uncanny. It might not help that  I’ve been watching Party of Five all over again for the past few weeks.

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Today in ELP History (July 24):

The trio causes a literal riot in Osaka during their concert at Koshien Statement on July 24, 1972. I’ve listened to the whole thing (as can be detailed in my ramblings over the past half hour or so), and it appears that it was solely due to an excited crowd and some incredible music. 

While Keith Emerson and Greg Lake were taken to safety, Carl Palmer was briefly left in the stadium with no idea what had happened. Fortunately, none of them were hurt. 

While the concert is not available on YouTube, the above photo is the bootleg cover.