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Happy Valentine's Birthday.

2 of My Favorite People. 2 different women in 2 different countries and both of you deserve to enjoy this Sweetheart Day in your own way. Cheers to you!!! @elegantpaws and @aliasvaughn

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Tricks bef-OR-e Treats 🎃 Fitness Fright Challenge: Day 1

Let’s get that costume fitting right! 10 days ‘til Halloween and I’m supes excited! Let’s work it out now, so we can stuff our faces later! Take the fitness fright challenge now!!
Who’s with me?!

50 jumping jacks

40 crunches

20 power lunges (10 per leg… jump and land in lunge position switching legs each rep)

30 sec high knees (as fast as you can.. as high as you can )

15 V-ups (start on back, keeping legs straight, lift hands to form a V-shape.

20 squats (10 regular, 10 wide leg)

30 sec plank hold

30 sec wall sit

10 burpees 😘😉

*Let me know if you want to be on the list!! I forget all the time! 😔*
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So, according to THR and Vulture, quoting the showrunner herself, what people always said on here about her ginormous issues in real life is nothing but truth.

I tried, for a long time, to separate the professional from the person and not draw conclusions on her personality based on the show… but now SHE is saying herself that her views on real life prevent her from writing fully functional characters. Hence why she is saying exactly what was always said on here… her incapability of having relationships is why she can’t write relationships, her incapability of loving others and commit to others fully is why she writes what she writes. Her hatred for men is why she writes men the way she does.

I commend @elegantpaws in particular because she nailed it down to a tee. You were always right, my dear.

Now we know  FOR SURE why the BS we see on screen is like that, and why it can’t change.