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Can you do 99 with Edwin, please? :)

“This bath is too damn hot.” 

“This is why we can’t do cute things. You complain too much.” 

Winry’s pointed statement caused Ed’s ever-present scowl to worsen. At this point it was really his only defense against the fact that he and Winry Rockbell were both sitting naked at opposite ends of the bathtub, their limbs intertwined. She was giving him a self-satisfied smirk, and Ed was more convinced now than ever that this plan of hers was made up solely for the purpose of torturing him. 

He wasn’t quite sure how she had convinced him to take a bath with her. Even after three months of marriage, taking the time to just be themselves (in all their glory) was still something the former alchemist struggled with. His cheeks were heated and he couldn’t tell if it was from the steam permeating the bathroom or the sight of the tops of Winry’s rather plump breasts. 

His wife sat up a little and immediately Ed had the answer to his question. The latter, definitely the latter. 

“We never get to just sit and relax. You’re always complaining about something,” Winry finally spoke, her smug expression not faltering in the slightest. 

“And you’re always trying to provoke me,” Ed muttered under his breath. 

“What was that?” Winry gritted out pointedly. 

“Nothing,” he immediately responded with an air of nonchalance. 

Winry couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him. “At least try to enjoy yourself, Ed. I might even do a little something to make it up to you.” The blonde mechanic’s eyes immediately flickered from Ed’s face down to a particular part of the former alchemist’s anatomy that was currently obscured by bubbles. 

The blood immediately drained from Ed’s face and he realized he’d gotten the answer to his other question. She was definitely doing this to torture him. Funnily enough, he found he was starting to mind it less and less. 

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Edwin Jarvis: Peggy no!

Peggy: Peggy yes!

Almost every guy ever: PEGGY NO

Peggy: Screw you! PeGGY YES!!

Steve Rogers: Peggy Yes!!!!!

Peggy: PEG-

Peggy: oh.

Peggy: Ooh I like him