for earrrings

Model in front of Tom Wesselman’s Seascape #5 painting wearing Galanos’ wide-leg Roman-striped evening pyjamas; Michael Hic earrrings and Dal Co sandals Photo by Horst P. Horst.
Vogue US, November 1966


Guinevere’s style 


sword earrings-

red flower earrings-

dragon earrrings-

2nd ring-

ruby pearl earrings-

3rd ring-

4th ring-



snas x grillzb

on day it as botyful. teh himan freed us froam the undfrgound. it was a hpapy day. i was sittigna in s piel off hot dogd. it wasd noice. thena i saw him/. the hot man. he aws the grillzb. i wasa theeee smans. he asw so hoat. hah was wakln ovr to meh. hea squatd.

he mootersd inmy earr hoel. hee was sexylay sayin it. then he saaid it. “pay your fuckign tab sans

thatsa enwh ia.


the end.



BUAINIDH mi an earr reidh,
Gum bu cheinide mo chruth,
Gum bu bhlathaide mo bheuil,
Gum bu gheinide mo ghuth.
Biodh mo ghuth mar ghath na grein,
Biodh mo bheuil mar ein nan subh.

Gum bu h-eilean mi air muir,
Gum bu tulach mi air tir,
Gum bu reuil mi ri ra dorcha,
Gum bu lorg mi dhuine cli,
Leonaidh mi a h-uile duine,
Cha leoin duine mi.


I WILL pluck the yarrow fair,
That more benign shall be my face,
That more warm shall be my lips,
That more chaste shall be my speech,
Be my speech the beams of the sun,
Be my lips the sap of the strawberry.

May I be an isle in the sea,
May I be a hill on the shore,
May I be a star in waning of the moon,
May I be a staff to the weak,
Wound can I every man,
Wound can no man me.

 . - Carmina Gadelica