for each there is like 40 frames

30 presumably exhausted artists hand-painted the 56,800 separate frames that make up a film about Van Gogh’s manic life. And no – not every European animation is done by artfully daubing each canvas-sized animation cel; this one has been specifically done to look like the entire story takes place in our protagonist’s paintings. It’s an endeavor that took a total of two years to complete, at a rate of one painting every 40 minutes.

And it’s not just the visuals that are obsessively intricate, as the plot itself was pulled from 800 different letters by the artist and is presented as a series of interviews and reenactments surrounding the circumstances of his death. It comes out this September, and it’s still being completed in Poland and Greece. The film’s production raises the question of why more biopics about visual artists aren’t done to mimic their style. Just imagine the cinematic wonderment of H.R. Giger’s childhood depicted as a roiling ocean of disembodied dicks.

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headcanon that joly is a bubble tea FIEND. he goes to this bubble tea place where they have like framed photos of angelina jolie and johhny depp on the walls and blast top 40s hits mixed with kpop. the rest of the amis don’t understand his passion for bubble tea but they indulge him.

headcanon that claquesous is ALSO a bubble tea fiend and frequents the same place as joly. (the other members of patron minette don’t say shit to him about it because claquesous is legitimately terrifying.) he and joly become unlikely friendquiantances because they see each other there so much.

headcanon that one day the amis go to meet joly at his favorite bubble tea place and find him talking to the scariest motherfucker they have ever seen in their lives and he just waves them over like “hey guys! this is claquesous, he’s in a gang!”


Posting these all together ! !

Top is a cute pommie for @rosemarytea ! The other two I had posted previously here and here !!

I loooove doing these! They are each about 5inch not including the outside frame. Gouache on wood with some embellishments, glitter and metallic paint. I’m going to take one or two commissions on these!! $40 USD for a small character similar to these !!
Send me an ask or an email if you would like one!

I have ten slots for portrait commissions open! I’m offering a shoulders up shot of a character, making any expression for $40. Please note, any extra’s - such as complex jewellery, back grounds or tattoos on the face will be $7 extra per item. 

Each commission will be invoiced, and you’ll be given a time frame for completion (however, due to odd hours at work, please bear in mind that this is subject to change). 

If you would like to see more examples of my work, please click here 

As I said - if you’re interested or have any questions please message me, I will get back to you ASAP!

Even if you can’t (or don’t want) to commission me, if you could do me the favour of reblogging and signal boosting I would be incredibly grateful, thank you.