for each song a special line



Coloring Book is a visual album of Chance the Rapper’s latest mixtape of the same name. Each song of the mixtape is represented by a poster, each poster taking on the emotion of the song.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the love y'all. I just finished my latest project, a little throwback this time: Yeezus. I hope y'all like it:

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This actually got me so excited about what Melting has in store for us. I mean they've already improved so much. Jungyeon said she had a lot of fun singing it, I hope she got more parts. And of course, looking forward to each member's unique voice, specially Mina's. Twice ballads might be the death of me.

I was kinda confused when you said Melting, then I checked and realised that was Track 2 of the new album. Is that going to be a ballad style song as well??? Oh my god I’m so ready for this. I’m starting a prayer circle for Twice to get fair line distribution for once. While I’m at it, if Momo doesn’t get her damn lines I swear to god JYPE I’m coming for you. 

Overwatch mini Legendary skins guide

I have been playing a lot of “Overwatch” lately and I got a lot of points to spend and whenever I want to buy a legendary skin I find that each legendary skin got some special effects or voice lines or changes something in the character not only the model. So in this lil’ guide I will show you what are the differences between the skins ( My experience ):

  • Bastion: All the skins ( the only thing I noticed that the bird model changes too ).
  • Pharah: Thunderbird ( She says “Thunderbird online” instead of saying “system online” ) -  Raptorion / Mechaqueen ( She says “Raptora system online” instead of “System online” )
  • Hanzo:  Lone Wolf / Okami ( Changes the ultimate to wolves instead of dragons and most of the voice lines containing “Dragons” in them changes to “ Wolves”.
  • Junkrat: I did not notice anything except the ultimate looks different since the RIP-TIRE on his back looks different.
  • Lucio:  HippityHop /  Ribbit ( The lines on his body changes with the song for example if you r healing the lines or the skin including the eyes will glow in yellow and green for the speed -  Breakaway /  Slapshot ( Did not notice anything except at the beginning of the match he says “I hope I got time to play hookey game or something” not exactly what he says.
  • McCree:  Gambler /  Riverboat ( When he uses his stun he say “I am all in” )
  • MercySigrún Valkyrie skins ( changes changes her ultimate voice line when resurrecting she says ( Til Valhalla ) -  Devil /  Imp skins ( changes her ultimate voice line she says ( Heroes never dies…… for a price ) and I noticed something at the beginning of the match she says ( Mercy is summoned ).
  • Torbjörn:  Barbarossa  /  Blackbeard ( When you use the “Hello emote” sometimes he say “Ahoy Matey” ).
  • Tracer: Mach T /  T.Racer ( at the beginning of the match he say “Team Racer” ).
  • WidowmakerComtesse /  Huntress ( When she uses her ultimate she say “No one hides from the Huntress” ).

note: The rest of the legendaries changes the weapons and the model of the character OFC but these are the unique stuff or aspects of some of them.

P.S I tested that myself and I will try to update the post as much as I discover anything new.


High School with Calum would include:

Being in that inbetween the good and bad spot

Like you guys are able to get away with a lot

Calum always protects you from everyone

Ditching class to go on a date

Sneaking out late a night to hang out with each other

Sneaking him in so he can cuddle with you when you’re sad

Him being the soccer player and you being an art hoe


He asks you to prom with a song

Might have even roped Michael into singing the song too

You find your dream dress

Limo rides

Losing your virginity to him

The two of you studying together during finals

“Your cuteness is distracting me”

“Was that suppose to be a pickup line?”

“We’re already together so no…that was more of a I want to kiss you line”

He’ll always get you starbucks or some breakfast thing for before school

Wearing his sweater when you got cold

Wearing his jersey

You’ll always bring him something you cooked for lunch

Sitting under your tree at lunch

Kisses and hand holding everywhere!

Also wraps his arm around your waist protectively

His parents love you and vice versa

“I think my mom loves you more than me”

Friends always saying you guys are relationship goals.

“So Sami told me that we’re her OTP.”

“Funny, because Caleb told me that we’re relationship goals.”

He’ll always bring you chocolate, movies, and a heating pad during Shark Week

~Wishes for the Hetalia anime/manga~


I’ve already done a list of wishes for the next Hetalia musical (If there will ever be one), so I decided to make a list of what I’d like to happen in the anime, manga and a few other things.


- Season 7

- A special (longer) episode with inspiration from Eurovision where the countries sing one of their character songs to compete against each other.

- An episode about the pets of Hetalia (Nekotalia doesn’t count).

- A Hetalia live concert that uses holograms. Just like the Vocaloid concerts, but with the Hetalia characters and their songs.

- More Nyotalia.

- Sealand in Nekotalia desu yo!

- An episode with NekoNordics.

- The Nordic countries’ versions of the theme song. It doesn’t really make sense how Romano, who only had one line in season 6 (Not including the Hetaween episode), got his own version of Hetalian Jet while the Nordics didn’t.

- Speaking of “new versions of the theme song”, where’s Canada’s version?

- How about some team sports? Like having all (major) countries split up into two teams and play football or hockey together.

- A Hetalia game with an English release. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a RPG or dating sim game. Just a good game.

- Official plushes of China, France, the Nordics, Prussia, Romano, Austria and Switzerland would be nice.

- Mochi plushes of the Nordics, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

- A Hetalia movie where the Hetalia and Nyotalia characters team up to take down the enemy.

- England’s other brothers, please. America, Sealand, Australia and New Zealand are great, but I really want Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to appear. At least in a flashback.


- They’re selling a pin badge of Greenland. That’s great. Just one thing. Where is he?

- More Gakuen Hetalia.

- A scene in the anime where they comment how much Kugelmugel looks like Iceland.

- Why is there no episode featuring Denmark, Sweden and Norway as vikings yet?

- An episode featuring Pirate England (and the other countries who were pirates).

- America apologizing to England and Canada. I love America, but God he’s such a jerk to them.

- Romano referring Spain as “dad” or “papa”. Even if it’s by accident, it would make Spain so happy.

- An explanation to what really happened between Austria and Switzerland.

- An explanation to how Switzerland got his scar.

- An explanation to England’s tattoo. When did he get it? Does he still have it?

- “Interviews” were Himaruya (or at least the anime staff) answers questions as the characters. Like asking the Axis “If you could have a super power, what would it be?” or ask the Allies “What do you think about the Axis?”. There are plenty of scenario blogs and ask-a-character blogs, but I’d really like to know what the “real” characters would answer.

- Himaruya needs to say that these “major pairings” will never be canon. His blog posts, the relationship chart, the events, the characters’ own words and Hetalia’s genres are apparently not enough to make some people get the idea.

- And lastly, a group song. Even if they would just make the Axis and Allies sing the theme together, it would be enough.



Welcome to Made in the A.M. Deep Dive! This is a music series where I’m going to be talking about each song individually, the music (a bit) and the lyrics (a lot more) and also just general thoughts and impressions. Hopefully a bit of humor too. I wanted to do something special after reaching a big milestone on my blog. So this is my thank you to all my wonderful followers, I honestly couldn’t be happier that we’re all here. 

Disclaimer: I really love Louis. I also really love Larry. So if you don’t, you may not enjoy this as much. Sorry, not sorry.


Written by: Ed Drewett, John Ryan, Julian Bunetta

Favorite line: “I come alive when I hear your voice; it’s a beautiful sound, it’s a beautiful noise.”

Standout: Liam’s rapped verse from 2:30 to 2:41 (and when Louis joins in for the repeat! They sound so good together)

Runner up: Niall’s beautifully heartfelt but still gritty breakdown of “I wish I could be more, could be more,” from 2:15 to 2:19

1D Musical Inspirations: “Clouds”

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So my birthday is coming up and I feel like giving stuff away because of it. Sooooo here’s another year of Oren’s/Fractalfloorhugger’s Birhday giveaway!

Same rules from before apply:

- No giveaway blogs
- Those who enter MUST have a GW2 account and HAS to have their ask/messenger available
- It’s open for everyone. 1 Like and 1 Reblog each for a total of 2 entries. No more than that. I’ll keep tally.
SPECIAL to Guildies and friends list: Message me in game starting tonight til the 27th with a line from a Disney Song and I’ll give you another entry :D

- Winners have to respond within 24h or I’ll choose another person.


~~ Top Prize: Both the Dwayna Staff and Dwayna Greatsword Skins

~~ 2nd Prize: “Ascended Booster Pack” - 2 Damasks, 2 Elonian Squares, 2 Spiritwood Planks and 2 Deldrimor Ingots

~~ 3rd Prize: 50 Vials of Linseed Oil


and no I will not tell you when my birthday is. don’t ask since I will not tell you. just know that it’s in January