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You ever have this happy feeling where you see your ships being all cute and dorky. It makes you all giggly and happy because you can see how perfect they are for each other. Because it does for me

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To elaborate on the khal drogo anon. Like you said people are so eager to forgive him because it's hot and 'romantic' when he calls Dany 'his moon' etc but will overlook his rapey tendencies. Then they'll say 'well it was just in his culture'?!? So if you were raised in a culture that excused raping women suddenly it makes it ok? I have a friend that doesn't like Mon-El but ships Dany x Drogo. And I'm like ok so you can forgive a killer/rapist but not a spoiled boy trying to be better. Ok then.

Once someone told me that men on Game of Thrones can’t be hold to the same standards because apparently GoT is an alternate universe where our values don’t apply and that’s bullshit honestly. They do apply. They will always apply. Rape is rape and cruelty is cruelty in every freaking universe, dimension or place if it causes pain. Drogo raped Dany and he never showed remorse. There’s nothing romantic about that and it bothers me how their relationship is romanticized. But even worse are those people who like Ramsay and defend his actions. It drives me up the fucking wall when people say that he didn’t rape Sansa because she didn’t say no. She was literally terrified and crying in pain. He was the worst kind of scum and I watched his death scene countless times and enjoyed it lmao So if people defend these men who showed no remorse for their actions or willingness to change then they should also accept that a spoiled brat who has found it in him to become better and is genuinely regretful of his past can be redeemed. 


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