for doing my makeup and picked out my clothes

I think im doing good when comes to fight my social anxiety and depression. I already go out alone and even use bus, i go to my hairdresser alone, I already started using makeup and im trying to block my thoughts about how people are probably judging me and i have been successful in that part.

Im still not comfortable in take care of things alone but it will probably be my next step. The next one should be able to pick up phone calls and go to stores and try clothes without thinking people are judging me. 

About my depression, i’m actually feeling a little better. Ups and downs but not bad thoughts lately.

In class today we were talking about women’s outfits and one of my female classmates said that she shops in the men’s section bc it’s comfier and everything is so low-cut in women’s clothes that she constantly has to be telling men to stop staring at her cleavage and a male classmate said “We’re supposed to it’s for us!!” and I turned around in my chair and shut him DOWN he did not make it out of the classroom alive

I don’t do anything for you!! I do not wear my hundreds of dollars worth of makeup on my face to make YOU happy when I don’t even know you and I owe you nothing. When I pick out my clothes in the morning I don’t do it with the intention of what will please you. I do not purchase any accessory for the purpose of benefiting you in some way. You do not have to honk at me to let me know you think I’m pretty. You do not have to scream things at me out your window to make me aware of what you think about me. I did not ask for it and I certainly do not care to hear it in an obnoxious way that I can’t even respond to. I look good for me.