for doctor it is yet another parasite

Pretty sure Yuya and Ruri had the most chill introduction out of all the counterparts.

It seriously went like this:

“HI, I’m Yuya”

“You’re Ruri”

“Now lets get out of here”

“Sure thing person I just met”

Ok not really but it was probably the quickest first meeting with little amount of drama, before the parasite factor, I’ve yet to see. 

I was impressed how quick they were to get with the program. I’m sure if that doctor wasn’t around Ruri would have aligned with the Lancers quicker than Serena did.

If you check under the cut, I have a bunch of examples of counterparts meeting for the first time.

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Heart Sealed By The Madman’s Curse


“Are you sure this is going to work Doctor? I mean we haven't tested-”

“Don’t question me! This is going to work out just as I planned! No more resistance out of her. She will be just another pawn in the Professor’s plan!”

Screams of pain and agony could be heard from a struggling green haired girl; trying with all her might to be freed from the shackles on the lab table that held her. She had been a bit too rebellious and a nuisance for the Professor’s liking,and his loyal and creepy doctor decided to try and fix that. His parasites were not developed yet at this stage, and thus tried to due it through some neural surgery. Everyone around the old man was trying to say it was way too risky, and they shouldn’t risk in on someone Akaba Leo had such high importance for. He shrugged them off though. This was his lab and we would do as he wished.

“Now, now…don’t be afraid little girl. This won’t hurt a bit…” The old man chuckles; about to lower an instrument that would cover her entire head. She shrieked in terror; trying to move her legs up to kick him off of her, but it was too late.

“Please…please don’t do this! I-I will be a good prisoner! STOP! STOP! I’M SORRY YUGO!”

Everything then went black…

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