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some other adult in the fandom: uwu i’m the fandom mom i’m so responsible i will look after you my children!

me, rolling in at 3am with a truck full of salt and 12 crazy conspiracy theories: what’s up babies i’m the fandom vodka aunt

Things I love: how scientists name fish

The flabby whalefish? It’s a fish that looks kind of like a small whale and also has loose, flabby skin

Flashlight fish? Has things on its face that light up

Barreleye? It’s eyes point up and look barrel-like

Stonefish? Looks like a fucking rock

And, one of my favourites, the stoplight loosejaw? Has a really big mouth and two different spots that light up red and green

Fish scientists are like the astronomers of biology

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My hc on Hanzo's dragons: he was born with one, and only had one until he pseudo-murdered Genji. The internal rift caused by killing his own brother split his soul in two, in a way, giving him two dragons. Every time he summons his dragons it's a reminder of how he fucked up

I know I’ve had this sitting in my inbox for awhile now bc yeah, I basically agreed with the hc; I’ve seen a handful of people say it before as well

The big ol’ obvious thing is the one south wind dragon in the lore, but I realized just now that Hanzo never refers to his dragons as plural; all his ingame voice lines refers to a singular dragon. I know the ingame stuff isn’t considered canon, and I know how Blizz just loves having “””accuracy””” (lmao) in writing their characters, but you’d think considering how many times he references a dragon in his voices lines, there’d be at least some kind of canonical connection there.

I’ve got more friends than I’ve had hot dinners

Some of them are losers, but the rest of them are winners

Rick, John, Sally, a connection named Paul

Only low on money, their intentions are tall

We smoke and talk in my room and we dig everything

Dig…cause I dig everything -

dig everything

Oh yeah

273. I DIG EVERYTHING - (unreleased in 1966) released in Toy, 2001

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YO GOGO ANON BACK WITH EVEN MORE LOVE FOR SHIRABU. please think about the miya twins flirting with him. (you legit cant convince me they havent met before okay) atsumu has probably kabedon'd him before while osamu prefers more subtle (but not really) approaches like brushing their hands together and giving shirabu small smiles. either way shirabu is slightly fed up and just wants to play volleyball but doesnt have the heart to tell them to stop - gogo anon


Evan Kinori

all about the layers. Evan’s work makes me think of Jan-Jan taking on workwear. Plenty of relaxed - but not sloppy - cuts, lovely fabrics, muted tones. The silhouettes are classic and comfortable. Everything is made either by Evan himself or his small team and have plenty of nice small details, hence the extremely small batches (sometimes less than 20 pieces of an item are produced each season).I have a few pieces from him that I paid way too much for, and I’m looking forward to paying way too much for more.