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AO3 Mature Drarry Fic List

here we go again ~ My Explicit List

(again excluding locked fics and series)

A Dance in Three Parts by Lomonaaeren (2k)

Contagion by sesheta_66 (11k)

Fulfilling Dreams at the Club by happyfangirl289 (3k)

Inexplicably I Find Myself With You by bafflinghaze (6k)

Hearts and Dreams Are Also Fragile Things by valinorean (14k)

Blind Revenge by cami_soul (1k)

The Art of Seduction by playout (2k)

Home for Christmas by Calacious (2k)

Drarry Amortentia by Snakemoony123580 (1k)

Rehearsed Steps by ashiiblack (1k)

Impossible by saraste (100)

Maniac by stuckymarvelbuckycaptain (1k)

Height-Difference by saraste (100)

The Perfect Green by AddictedToRavens (656)

Emergency, Indeed by stargazerlilith (1k)

Something I Don’t Want to Stop by traintracks (16k)

Reigning Champ by LadySlytherin (14k) (100/10 would read again)

The Limits of Kindness by twistedmiracle (501)

Headlights in the Snow by Saras_Girl (72k)

A Fair Chance by moonshoespotterr (6k)

Payback by BlackandGrey (2k)

A Year in Training by Omi_Ohmy (25k)

The Standard You Walk Past by bafflinghaze (46k)

In Those Final Moments by Francisthebee (574)

The Rabbit and the God by who_la_hoop (19k)

Single and Ready to… Teach? by Blue_Eyed_Mardoll (3k)

Waiting for Draco by Rospberry (712)

Second Chances by jaded14yaoi (79k)

Twilight Moonbeams by Kittylin15 (73k)

Storm in a Teacup by faithwood (8k)

Harry Potter and the Steel Mage by megyal (15k)

Painted Bodies, Painted Minds by Lomonaaeren (3k)

The Boxers by kinky_kneazle (454)

Anything by mee4ever (4k)

Harry Potter and the Dragon in the Pond by AsMyWimseyTakesMe (998)

Thou Shalt Not Cheat by roelliej (100)

The Way We Are by lemondrops154 (76k)

Take Your Shots by Sorrowfull (9k)

Members Only by betweentheloins (17k)

(I’m in Love with) Your Body by sempreme (400)

A Thin Line by felixfvlicis (5k)

Kiss the Light Back Into Me by loveglowsinthedark (727)

Trapped in the Ministry Elevator by harrypotteryaoi (1k)

Interruptions! by Sprout2012 (2k)

Étoile des Neiges by BloodyFlammable (33k)

With a Candle to Guide Me by daftfear (29k)

A Trip to the Vet by PenguinObsession (5k)

The Taste Still Lingers On by wentzdigo (6k)

Rejoicing in Their Strength by Lomonaaeren (34k)

Beside Myself (If This Is For Real) by noctiluca (1k)

Like Father, Like Son by teShara (5k)

Marking Time by Elfflame (5k)

On the Last Day of Our World by erin_myecourt (85k)

The Arrangement by create_serenity (16k)

Lift Your Open Hand by firethesound (19k)

Grilled Cheese by digthewriter (1k)

And Goddamn the Love that They Share Between Them by seaworn (3k)

Alive by FleetofShippyShips (3k)

Between the Lines by plumeria47 (3k)

Candy by bixgirl1 (6k)

A Relaxed Harry by digthewriter (400)

It’s You That I’ve Been Waiting to Find by spacepixie (9k)

Actually, It Was by Affectiion (14k)

Turning, Again, to Being by setissma (2k)

A Dented Old Street Sign by orphanghost (27k)

Morsmordre by mikeynovacaine (478)

Touch by Augustus (440)

Understanding by deepsix (2k)

Branded by Augustus (2k)

Oookay that’s it for now sorry it took so long to actually finish this

Stay tuned for the next rating (Teen) which will probably be shorter ngl

obsessedbybucky  asked:

Any good drinking games ones? 💕💕

Of course!

Truth or Dare

I Dare You  by sherlock_and_the_doctor

In a slightly drunken game of truth or dare, Tony makes a mistake that turns out well for Steve and Bucky.

May, 2014 by  what_alchemy                

“Let the record state that no one should ever play junior high games with Bruce Banner.”

Everybody Knows by  deepsix                

The Avengers play truth or dare. Then just Steve and Bucky play.

god bless america by navigat1on                

It’s Steve’s birthday, so the team plays Truth Or Dare. Everyone ends up humiliated, especially Steve.

Drinks, Games and Not-So-Surprising Repercussions by Jessleewardie

Natasha suggests a game of Truth or Dare that has some unexpected, but overall not-so-surprising repercussions for two Super Soldiers.

Spin the Bottle

First Kiss by OhCaptainMyCaptain               

Steve’s fifteen, and though he’s never played this game before, he’s pretty sure this isn’t how the rules go.

Where the Bottle Lands by biggrstaffbunch  

Steve doesn’t know how to kiss. Bucky’s more than willing to help.

[Pre-serum fumbling in the dark.]

Avengers Play Truth or Dare, of course a bottle is brought out. by      AliasAnonymous                

Steve has forgotten what it felt like to be drunk but thanks to Thor’s asgardian brew he and Bucky have no problem drinking their friends under the table, but that was for another night. All together the avengers begin messing and teasing each other playing stupid games until it’s suddenly quite serious for Steve- when it’s Bucky’s turn to spin the bottle.


The cloth hanged by the bed
Draped over the metal chair
A silky white dress
Meant to spread love in the air

It had been picked by both of them
Neither caring for traditions
Just as Dean didn’t even taste the cake
And decided the angel should do it instead

They hadn’t done much
Their friends and family helping them so
That neither even knew
Which flowers had been picked

In the end it didn’t matter, not really
For the dress was never used
As she was already buried deep
Six feet underneath