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Tears fall from my eyes as I fear the pain he will inflict on me. “No, no, no. There will be none of that,” he says as he wipes them away with his gloved hand. “You are way too special to me…way too special to float with all the others.” “Will you let me go?” I ask. He smiles and shakes his head. Pennywise says, “Once my feasting is done, I will take you into my cocoon for our long sleep.” “What will happen until then?” I ask. He replies, “Until then, my dearest, we will mate.” His face softens as he leans in and kisses me with his full, red lips. His kiss is intoxicating and I cannot resist. As our lips part, I feel the first pangs of arousal. Pennywise smiles, then whispers, “And now my precious girl, it is time to make you my queen.”

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In what way Devil and King Dice have Bendy?

I’m not the best to ask this to since it was @curious-shadow-cat that created this au. 

Buut, I can only speculate it could have went like this

( p.s. he followed a diy to create Bendy )

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I wish you would write a fic where Ravus gets his hand stuck in a jar or can of some sorts

‘I Wish’ Writings

“Uh… You need some help there, buddy?”

A heterochromatic glare pierced into the photographer the moment he asked that question. How dare this buffoon assume that he needed any sort of assistance. This situation was under control – it just faced a minor miscalculation. By minor, it was more of a ‘mistakes were made’ scenario, as the commander so frequently heard the prince say. He had thought that perhaps if he slipped his hand in for a slip moment, he could taste what Ignis was preparing before the spectacle-wearing tyrant knew. He always was so against people sampling his meals before they were fully prepared…

And so the commander continued to pull, and pull, and pull, feeling the tugging on his arm as the edges of the glass jar only seemed to rub against the sides of his hand to make it more tender. For a man who survived his arm being burned off and replaced with a metallic monstrosity, getting his hand in this jar fucking hurt.

“I will have you know, this situation is not as dire as it appears to be.” The commander twisted at the jar, trying to see if that would do anything to help his endeavor, but alas. “You need not concern yourself, Argentum.”

“You sure, Rae…?” Prompto looked to the door. “Iggy’s gonna come back in a sec, so if he sees you-”

“He’s coming back right now?” Ravus’s urgency immediately rose before he swung his hand out, nearly hitting the freckle-faced photographer with the glass jar on his hand. “Quickly! Remove this Astral-forsaken death trap from me at once!”

Prompto’s cheeks huffed out, lips curling as he suppressed the laughter in reaction to Ravus’s mortified expression. “O-Okay, Rae. I gotcha!”

Leave it to Ignis to be the only thing Ravus was truly terrified of.

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Naoki-san! I would like to help the members and yourself out by taking Gun-Chan off your hands! Is he single?

Dear Anon,

Thank you for your offer, but you might have to ask Gun-chan that yourself because I am not quite sure. I will be quite sad to see him go, but if he agrees, I would very much like to meet you in person to discuss the particulars. You may want to bring a folder and a notebook.