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Okay I got a fucking question. Why the heck are you helping this suicidal girl?? Maybe you should leave her be. To die even. Because she honestly not worth it. People who are suicidal are weak. Only wanting fucking attention. Like for real?? Honestly your wasting your time with her. If it even is a her for that matter. If it were me I'd honestly say do what ever the hell you want to do because it won't affect me. Suicide is a fucking joke tbh.


Everyone, this anon is terrifying me and threatening to harass @toribeauty101. I am confused and scared and sickened and repulsed by this anon.


This anon is trash.  

Edit: Tori is at victoriamoore407 now.

dear anon, i don’t have my blog to start religious debates.. i’m not going to answer to all your arguments because i see no benefit in it for me. christians, muslims, jews = live and let live.
and just for your information NO RELIGION promotes war, violence and hatred. if you don’t know the context in the Quran, don’t show me Quran Verses and tell me “here is where God says to kill others” stop it if you don’t know.

and if you want to argue, don’t be anonym. thx

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wow you and colubrina write so beautiful together - can we expect the Unseelie story as an original short story perhaps?

Thank you dear anon, that means a lot <3 writing with her is like the biggest dream coming true for me <3
I don’t know, what do you say @colubrina? I’m definitely up for it because you tempted me. 

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OFB, we haven't heard that much about your Alice yet, what's she like? Is she nice, do you guys get along?

Sorry for the bad quality of this picture, dear anon. It is really old.

What can I say about her? She is one of the most incredible cartoon I ever had the pleassure to know. We were best friends, confidents, and lovers, but is is being a long time since that…

When Sussie Campbell, her voice actress, was fired by Joey,she went with her. She…never said goodbye. She just left behind a letter for Boris and me. I have not seen her since then.

I hope she is alright.

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So tell me... What did you think of Jib con? So many things happened there that my head is spinning!

Hello dear anon!  Thank you so much for your ask!

Jibcon made my head spin as well.  It was a beautiful, magical time with amazing degrees of IDGAF.  I mean the whole Jared sitting on Jensen’s knees and then dropping his phone to adjust himself x was so bold.

I also loved listening to them talk about their friendship and what it means to them. I think this is one of my favorite posts about that moment.

But by far my favorite moment was when J2 came out and were singing Wayward Son to each other and Jensen caught Jared in a very heartfelt hug. x  

I feel like Jensen was very very open at this convention.  He wore his heart on his sleeve and anyone watching could see how incredibly much he loves Jared.  Whether you believe that to be a friendship love or a so deeply in love that he can’t see straight love, you can’t deny that Jensen cares for Jared very much.  And he’s telling Jared as publicly and as often as he can, though song, touch and meaningful words.

I think that with Jared’s chapter in the FDEWB book coming out, and Jared opening up to the world about his struggles, it allowed Jensen to outwardly express himself as well.

J and J are such a beautiful pair.  Their relationship has so many levels.

I’ve kind of wandered away from your question, sweet anon.  But this is what I felt about JibCon.  I know there were many other things that happened at the convention.  More great moments, a few moments that made us go “hm, what in the world?!”  But I feel like the most importnat moments, the ones that we will remember and the ones that J2 will cherish on the moments that Jensen dropped his guard for a second and let us see just how treasured Jared is to him.

Thank you for the ask!  My son’s first birthday (!!!!?how??!?!?!!) is on Saturday, so I am in full planning/organizing mode.  But I always have time to talk J2.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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mm but tuesday it's suposed to be yousana day, right? right?

dear anon if it was up to me everyday should be yousana day BUT YEAH TOMORROW IS TUESDAY PLEASE JULIE I NEED SOME UPDATES

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how are you able to make effective character designs? all of my clothes designs are boring and aren't clear on what pokemon the gijinka is based off of????????? also all the boys are wearing some sort of hoodie or coat????

don’t worry, my dear anon– i give my gijinkas hoodies and coats all the time and there’s nothing wrong with that. i like to mull over fashion/hair magazines and websites for references and buy a crap ton of concept/artbooks… heck even my old main tumblr blog is swarmed with fashion refs

(links/rambling below cut)

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Hi!! I love all your reaction posts!! I was curious if you could do Bts reaction to their girlfriend having an eating disorder and being underweight? I'm struggling right now so I just, wanted to be comforted sorry if this is too much!

Dear Anon, I hope you will like this reaction and sorry for any spelling mistakes. English isn’t my mother tongue lmao

I’m sorry to hear about your struggling. I hope this will help you a little bit, and please don’t forget that you are beautiful! If you need someone to talk, feel free to message me.

How would BTS react if their girlfriend has an eating disorder and is being underweight


Jin would be so worried when you told him about your eating disorder. He couldn’t understand it because he loved food so much and he loved it to cook for you two.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Is my food not good or anything?”

You calmed him down and explained that the last few weeks were a bit exhausting for you and you started to eat a little less, but now it became more a habit that you skipped whole meals and simply forgot to eat. In work you got so much to do and in the evenings you were too tired to cook for yourself and just fell asleep.

“Jagi, this isn’t healthy at all! You have to eat, otherwise you become skinnier! And you already are so skinny, Baby… Please eat again! I’m going to help you, okay? We’re going to cook together and visit your favorite restaurants, what do you say?”

“Sounds good, Jinnie.” You smiled and were happy that you told him. You were worried that he became angry with you because you always told him that he needs to stay healthy and eat properly and now were you the one who skipped your own advice.

Jin suddenly got up and grabbed his coat.

“What are you doing?” you asked when he put his coat on.

“Come on, we’re going to get your favorite pizza!”

You smiled and thanked god for this beautiful man who loved and supported you so much.


Yoongi wasn’t that surprised when you told him about this. He spotted that you lost weight and was relieved when you told him by yourself. Yoongi didn’t care about figure or body index and all this Hollywood-diet-shit, but as soon as you started to lose more weight and became skinnier, he began to worry. Because after all, this wasn’t healthy for your body and your psyche.

“You got an eating disorder, Baby?” he asked calmly and you just nodded. He would understand your problem the best of all the other boys because a few years back, Yoongi discovered himself an eating disorder and lost weight because of all the stress.

He would listen carefully and would help you with this by giving you tips how to eat properly again.

“You should eat all the things you really like. Start with little portions at first and then, when your stomach begin to accustom, you will eat properly again. I also know some good doctors, Baby. They helped me a few years ago. We gotta fix this, don’t worry, Y/N.”

“But was if it’s going to be worse?” you asked worried and Yoongi hugged and kissed your forehead.

“It’s not. I’m here for you and we’re going to make it better. I promise, Baby.”


Hobi knew you had so much stress with all those finals and projects you had to finish, but he would be very worried whenever you skip a meal because of all the stress.

“Jagi, you need to eaaaat…” he would pout and try to make you eat.

“Hobi, I’m not hungry…”

“You are! You’re just ignoring it… I know you have so much stress right now, but please don’t skip meals, it’s not healthy and I’m worried about you!”

“Don’t worry, it’s alright.” You answered but you knew it wasn’t alright. You knew it wasn’t healthy for your body to not eat properly but you couldn’t help yourself. You were so scared of all those finals, you couldn’t eat nor sleep.

“How about we’re heading out tonight and going to eat Sushi at your favorite place?” he asked and smiled brightly which you couldn’t deny.

“Hobi… I have so much to do…”

“I know, but it’s just tonight! Just take a break for a few hours and please eat something, otherwise you’re going to faint tomorrow in class. You lost so much weight now and I’m really worried, Jagi.”

“Maybe you’re right…” you sighed. “Fine… a little Sushi can’t hurt.”

Hoseok smiled brightly and kissed you gently.
“That’s my Jagi.”

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I never knew you could write? could you write something for sebaciel?

My dear anon i don’t think anyone knew i could write but oh well since you asked i won’t turn you down so here you go something short to satisfy your curiosity my dear anon.

Is it your eyes I wonder or is your heart I also find myself wonder.

You held all the magic in the world in these blue eyes of yours that shines with a light, a shine that long time had gone and it is barely noticeable now.

Your heart is cold as ice, or that what you say over and over, maybe to convince yourself when you hold in that tiny heart of yours all the warmth in the world. The worry and the pride of a broken human being looking for revenge, or for warm hands to hold you until you catch the breath you missed all these years.

I promised I would never leave your side or betray you, to be your sword and shield to always look for your needs before mine, not that I need anything and yet.

I look at those eyes of yours, these eyes that stole my peace of mind that eyes bought up emotion I do not fully understand, emotions that I would never think it would be possible to feel.

These emotions kept my demon heart going for the warmth of your eyes and heart, a human heart is all I needed to feel alive in these walls of life you had given me, the life that I seem to enjoy now.

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Remione. College AU. (Your writing is so good have a nice day okay bye *run

I hope you’ll see this dear Anon. 

First, this is not a genre I usually (ever) write, so… I tried? 

Second, I know you said College AU -and I might have taken it one itty bitty step further. 

Right. I’m nervous. 

I’ll be fine.

K, but let me know when u r at ur room.

Stop worrying Harry.

Famous last words.

Hermione grinned at the screen and frowned when it suddenly turned black. It probably died, she thought bitterly, although her battery hadn’t been that low. Thinking that she would have to take care of it, she dropped the phone in her back.

The streets were eerily empty for a Friday night on the campus. There was no one. She looked around to be sure. She spotted few kids far ahead, kneeling over something.

Her heart sped up. It’s not normal, she thought but she couldn’t spot what the anomaly was. She started to walk faster.

The lights flickered.

Hermione thought she was being stupid, but at that moment, between stupid and death, she’d choose stupid.

She ran.

It was there, her safe haven. Gryffindor was the safest House in the whole school. She’d find Wood, and tell him that she felt unsafe, and he’d gather his friends to patrol the surrounding area. It was the Gryffindor way, keeping the campus safe. She’d be fine, soon.

Two redheads jumped in front of her, and Hermione staggered back.

Skin, dried blood, tissue, dirt, the smell.

She screamed.

Their skin was falling apart, and their eyes were cold and hollow.

Fred and George.


Hermione got up, angry and embarrassed. They were wearing make-up. Of course, it was make-up! It wasn’t like there were real life zombies!

“I can’t believe you would do such a thing! Do you have any ide-”

In the silence of the night, her angry shouts were cut off by two rounds of gun shots. Hermione froze, watching Fred and George fall down.

They were her friends.

I am angry at them.

They were her friends.

I was just angry at them!

She looked at the man with the gun.

“P-professor Lupin?” she asked. Why?

He didn’t answer her, instead, he shot the bodies of her friends again. It was only then Hermione saw that they were continuing to move. Crawling, moving, crawling, crawling, crawling towards her. Professor Lupin ran towards her and held her hand firmly in his.

“Run,” he said looking at her, although he didn’t even stop when he said that. They were already running. Hermione’s feet were falling down the ground one after the other, and the momentum caused by Professor Lupin’s unexpected speed was the only thing that kept her from falling down.

That, and his strong grip of her hand.

She looked at his face and remembered the times she watched him in class. He had looked shy, kind, and… normal. The man she had been dreaming about since the beginning of the school.

When did he turn into a soldier that could gun down his favourite pupils without blinking an eye?

Send me a prompt with any pairing you’d like!

So like. I probably shouldn’t even try my hand at this *shyly looks around*. But honestly, I enjoy using your prompts to write things I’ve never written before, to try new things and experimenting a little.

I hope this is interesting!

Low on romance, but like, IMAGINE THEM IN A YEAR YEAH?

ok ok.


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The Cas/Collete parallel is NOT canon. How often did we see Cas snap Dean out of the marks hold? NONE. You know what we did see though? SAM doing it, multiple times, all we got with Cas was Dean beating the shit out of him and threatening to kill him. Cain never hurt Collete. You know who Dean refused to kill though? SAM. Sam was not connected to Abel because unlike Cain and Abel, Dean didn't kill Sam. It was always SAM who brought him back from the edge much like Collete did for Cain Sam=Collet

Exactly, my dear anon. 

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Hey I just want to let you know that all you're followers are there for you,maybe we don't have the words but we all love you. I've been through depression myself and I know how bad it feels. Just wanting to disappear and never feel that awful pain again. I would love to hug you and bring you everything you like but right now I only have words and I sincerely hope it will make you feel better my dear

thank you anon ;-;!! you’re so sweet

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Your favourite color, M?

My favourite color is Blue, my room’s walls are blue, all my notebooks are blue… Yeah, I’m sligthy obsessed with Blue, most dark shades of blue. 

And yours, dear anon??

- M.

SLBP Anon hater

Dear anon,you cowardly piece of shit.
You’re fucking with my friends now and this has pissed me off big time! Are you that desperate for attention that you send hateful and stupid comments hoping to get a response? Or maybe you just feel like you need to push your insecurities onto others. Well congratulations fucker you managed to upset a lot of people, you must be so proud!
We as a fandom will never let stupid little comments like yours win, so just give up. Don’t waste your time….or do, nobody really ares about your sorry little ass anyways.
Have a nice day you pathetic asshole!

Dear pesky anon, I don't know exactly what your goal is with you sending all those rude messages but if it is too make me feel bad? Not working. To make me stop blogging? Not gonna happen. So whatever you're trying to do you're wasting your energy. If I were you (which thankfully I am not) I'd spend that energy in being a nicer and kinder person instead of being saltier than the fucking Dead Sea. Good luck.