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Fluff PROMPT: Mulder and pregnant Scully have a bath together after a long day. I love your writing!!! ❤️❤️

Dear perfect, lovely anon. Your fluff prompt kept me sane today when I drove through Ireland (insanely beautiful country, but roads not suitable for my currently slightly damaged car). So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. I hope you like this cause I didn’t read the ‘after a long day’ and this happened. Oops.

For some reason Mulder is five minutes early. Of course he knows why he is early if he thinks about it (he tries not to think about it, but how can he not). The reason he is early, no matter the minutes, is that his apartment feels lonely, empty even. The only place he feels like himself, where he feels like he still belongs, is at Scully’s place. Luckily, either because of her pregnancy or simply because she really does like him, too, Scully is fine with him coming over every day. Every single day. Just the other day Mulder thought she’d mumbled a ‘stay the night’ when he tucked her in. But she’d hardly been awake and no matter how long he stared at her sleeping form, she didn’t repeat it. So he left. He leaves every night only to return again the next day. Like a stray puppy. Except for that one day when he had a doctor’s appointment and she insisted that she come with him and they spent the morning together anyway. So if he thinks about it (he really shouldn’t), it’s not a surprise he’s early.

These days Mulder has more than enough time to lose himself in thoughts while he waits for Scully to open the door. At 8 months pregnant, she no longer walks, she waddles. Though that is something he keeps to himself. Whenever someone stares at her strange walk he shoots them a dirty look. It’s the least he can do, he figures, having missed so much already. Not that they ever talk about it. If they talk about the baby it’s just that: the baby. Scully turns pink whenever she calls it her baby and neither of them has dared to call it their child yet. It’s been 8 months and it seems too sudden. At least Mulder can claim to have been dead for a great part of the pregnancy. That’s another thought he keeps to himself, though. Whether they talk about it or not, he’s here for her and the baby. The baby. His, hers or maybe even theirs.

Mulder contemplates using his key. It’s been minutes (or at least it feels like minutes) and Scully still hasn’t opened the door. If she gets angry, he thinks, he can always argue that something could have been wrong. If he’s honest, though, he doesn’t want to use the key. Unless Scully tells him to. Even when they were dating, or whatever they had been doing before he was abducted, he hardly ever used the key to her apartment.

“Hi.” Scully opens the door before he can finish his thought and Mulder is so taken aback by her attire that he forgets words altogether. Not that he’s never seen her in her underwear before (hey, he’s even seen her without it), but that was Before.

“Mulder? Can you come in? I’d rather not have my neighbors see me like this.” He walks in behind her and closes the door. Her hair is up in a messy bun and the tank top she’s wearing is sticking to her back.

“Is everything all right, Scully? How are you feeling?” She turns to him and he is certain he’s never seen her like this; her face is flushed as if she’s run a marathon and her eyes look exhausted. He hasn’t told her, because again, he isn’t sure he’s allowed, but this pregnancy looks good on her. Today, though, it really, really doesn’t.

“It’s so hot, Mulder. I can't… I don’t know what to do. My mother took me to the market this morning and I guess it was too much.”

“Oh.” It’s not a clever remark but he’s miffed no one told him about the market. He could have gone with them,

“Did we want to do anything today? I can’t remember. It’s too warm to think, Mulder.” She sits down on the couch where a fan is oscillating into her direction. She moans softly and Mulder bites his tongue as his cock twitches inside his jeans. Definitely not the time.

“No, we uhm, didn’t have any plans.”

“That’s good.” She sighs closing her eyes. Mulder wonders if he should do something, say something or maybe even just sit down. Looking at her pink face, he gets an idea. A brilliant idea.

“I know what we can do, though.” Scully opens one eye, waiting for him to elaborate.

“Do I have to move? Because I think I’d rather not.”

“You do have to move, but you’re going to love it.” Scully opens the second eye and gives him The Eyebrow.


“That’s not-”, Mulder swallows and his face takes on the same color as hers, though for completely different reasons, “Scully, I wouldn’t – I mean. That’s not what I had in mind,” it’s only half a lie after all, “how about a nice bath?”

“I’m not allowed to take hot baths.”

“I know that,” she glances at him; them not talking about things includes him not telling her that he’s read the pregnancy books. All of them, “I was thinking a nice, cool bath so you can relax and you know, cool down a bit.”

“That does sound nice. I just…”

“Just what?”

“I might need some help getting in the tub.” She refuses to look at him so Mulder kneels in front of her, one hand on her knee, the other under her chin. There are tears shimmering in her eyes, as there are so often these days, and he is prepared to wipe them away should any of them fall.

“That’s not a problem, Scully. Not at all.”

The moan Scully lets out once she slips into the tub sounds like ecstasy and Mulder needs to remind himself to keep a clear head. His little head refuses to listen, but Mulder concentrates on the happiness on Scully’s face as he kneels down next to the bathtub. The water is lukewarm (and remind Mulder of pee, but he’s not going to tell her) and covers half of her belly.

“That’s nice. That was a good idea you had, Mulder.” Her eyes close but she cups his cheek in her hand for a short moment and he leans into her touch. The whole bathroom smells like her cocoa butter bubble bath.

“You smell so good.” He can’t control his voice, or his thoughts. Neither can he control his actions; he kisses her naked shoulder before he gently bites into it. Scully gasps and stares at him open-mouthed.

“You taste good, too.” Mulder smiles at her, genuinely happy for once.

“Mulder, can I ask something else?” Here it comes, he thinks, as the water softly splashes against the porcelain. Scully turns to him and he forces himself to look into her eyes.

“Of course.”

“Get in here.”

“What?” He can’t help but laugh.

“Get in here.” Scully repeats and grabs at his t-shirt.

“Scully, the tub is not…”

“You think I’m too big, don’t you?”

“No! You look perfect, Scully.”

“You mean fat.” She is pouting and her nails dig into his shirt.

“No, I don’t mean that at all. You look so beautiful, Scully. You’re carrying our, I mean my, I mean your – the baby and you’ve never looked more beautiful.”

“The first one, Mulder.”

“Hm?” He looks at her and somehow he is defenseless now and she manages to get the t-shirt bunched around his throat so that the only reasonable thing he can do it to take it off all the way.

“Our baby,” she tells him, slightly scratching his now bare chest and this time it’s time it’s him who moans, “I’m carrying our baby.” He nods, swallows hard. “Now get in here.” Scully demands and hasn’t he been waiting for clear, explicit orders? Here he goes. Mulder takes off the rest of his clothes quickly, Scully watching him curiously, and finally he’s naked.

“Where do I…” he wonders out loud and Scully scoots forward so he can fit behind her.

“This is even better.” She sighs when he’s settled in the tub and she can lean against him. She feels warm against his chest, almost hot, and he wonders if them sharing heat isn’t counterproductive. He’s not going to complain, though. Mulder is uncertain where to put his hands and one of them brushes her breast. Scully hisses.


“They’re just sensitive.” She takes his hands and puts them on her stomach where the baby kicks.


“I think the baby agrees with your bath idea.” She chuckles, gently stroking her belly, her fingers brushing Mulder’s hand.

“Smart baby.”

“Wonder where he gets that from.”

“He? We- You’re having a boy?” Mulder thinks he doesn’t care either way, but so far she hasn’t mentioned the gender of the baby and suddenly he can’t wait to find out. They should really start communicating, he thinks.

“We, Mulder,” Scully reminds him, putting her hand over his, “are having a baby.”

“Yes… we are. But you’re not telling me?”

“I’m not telling you.” He buries his nose in her neck and she giggles when he starts nuzzling her.  

“You want to be surprised, Mulder. I know you do.” He doesn’t answer her knowing she’s right. Instead he leaves tiny kisses all over her neck; he lingers a moment longer where the chip is hidden inside and then moves on. She’s moaning again, but he can’t stop. Maybe, he thinks, if he keeps doing this, she’ll ask him to do more than kiss her soon. And maybe, if he’s really lucky, she’ll even ask him to stay again.

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jungkook is 22 and he's going after a 28 year old woman? sickening

Originally posted by penultimxte

Have you read Mr. Min?  Are you just now figuring out that he’s younger than everyone else?  I thought I made it pretty clear with how immature he is and the references to him being just out of college.  Maybe you should work on your reading comprehension?  

I mean, how old did you think they all were?  Yoongi is supposed to be a CEO (and even at 30 that is pretty unrealistically young) and Jungkook is fresh out of college.  Would it be any less disgusting if the MC was 22 and Yoongi, at 30, was pursuing her?  And besides, dear anon, anyone over 18 is able to (in my country at least) enter into any kind of relationship they so choose.  

But let me reiterate, if you are the same anon as all of these other asks (and even if you aren’t) you can hit that unfollow button.  Just pound the shit out of it, anon.  Take out all your frustrations with me not writing the story you want to read by clicking that button as hard as you can.  I hope you find some other writer out there willing to listen to you complain.

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I'm not sure if you remember me, but a long time ago I asked about therapy, and how I wanted to make things right. I ended up not going, because after I said I wanted to, my mom told me "then you're not ill. Mentally unstable people do not want to get help." But your ask helped a lot, and I have a screenshot of it saved on my phone and highlighted. I may be one of the many anons you've helped, but your advice gave me so much hope. Thank you so much. Can I call you mom? You're very sister like.

I’d prefer to just say “Iris” because “mom” makes me feel old and responsible for others, and I’m definitely not either.

Mentally stable AND unstable people seek help from therapy all the time. I’m alarmed by this ask and I’m going to say something triggering so I’m placing a cut here.

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I just need to point out this: JIB Sat J2 panel, Jen says "I'm glad that he's in my life" I could tell Jar was THIS close to tearing up, so much so it almost made me tear up! (which I hardly ever do) then of course Jen rescues him with a well placed distraction <3 - Italian Anon (on a personal level, I really don't know how to feel knowing all this is going on so close to where I live, then add to that that I spent the day with a Texan friend I hadn't seen in 5 years!)

Hello, dear Italian anon! *coughs wildly*

Oh, you and I have so much in common! I almost never cry, but this same moment brought some actual moisture to my eyes. I was so surprised by my own reaction! I wonder how Jared managed to hold himself together - it didn’t look easy.

Damn it, I got emotional all over again while making these gifs. Someone should’ve distracted me too.

These two, I don’t even know what to say. They’re so in tune with one another, knowing exactly what the other needs and how to deliver it. It’s so amazing to watch!

You didn’t get to go to Jib? Gosh, I can only imagine how I’d feel if these guys came to my country and I couldn’t attend the convention! Perhaps you’ll get to go next year? I’m considering it and my partner is already excited about the idea of spending a week in Italy. Anyway, thank you for the message. I hope your weekend is a joyous one. :)

Hush (Merle Dixon x Reader)

Requested by anon: Can I request a fic/imagine/anything where Merle and reader are in the same tent as Daryl so have to stay quiet when they fuck? Please can it include assholeish Merle (like in lustful hate) and almost getting caught?

A/N: Set some time before Season 1. I hope you’ll like it, my dear anon.

Warnings: Smut, Semi-Public Sex, Almost getting caught?, Explicit Language, Merle being Merle.

~ ~ ~

The sun was slowly setting behind the forest, hushing the melodious bird song and replacing it with the echoing chirping from the thousands of crickets hiding in the high grass around the camp.

Staring into the campfire, you listen to the chitchat amongst the group while leaning against Merle’s chest. His arm was around your shoulders, laughs rippling through his body as he was joking around with his brother. Quiet, you sat there, feeling the warmth radiate off of Merle’s skin, thinking that this world might have gone to shit, but you were pretty lucky nevertheless. Merle might be one of the biggest assholes to ever walk this earth but he could be kind and loving. To you. And to Daryl. But for the others…well, to put it into his words; he didn’t give a rat’s ass about them. In his book, the only thing they were good for was providing more safety for you and Daryl. And that was all he ever cared about.

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Hi, hello, I've been reading Autophobia since it was a wee baby on Tapas and let me say that it is one of the most astounding comics I've ever read! I love it so much!!! Whenever i would see a new chapter, it would make my day so much better! And yes, i would indubitably read it if you had your own website for it! (Also: i would totally be a patron if i could afford it. Might actually look into redoing my budget just for that.)

Aw, thank you so much! :) That makes me really happy to hear because well……between you and me, dear Anon…….Autophobia will be getting its own site. :D also thank you for the thought with the patreon! that’s so sweet! Even if your budget doesn’t allow for it, you reading and sending me a message like this is support enough. Thank you again!

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So I have a little head canon for fb video Jared posted recently : when he says I'm in NY with Ackles he looks down for a sec, so I think Jared might be sitting on the edge of a bed or in a chair next to the bed and Jensen was in it sleeping 😉

Hello, dear anon!

Please forgive me for not getting back to you before now, but my job has been sucking the lifeforce out of me lately! I was a little dubious of your headcanon at first and decided to gif it to look at the moment closer.

Hmm, could it be? I’m fairly sure Jensen and Jared shared a room in NYC, as you’d expect of any couple, but I don’t know if Jared’s looking at him right at that moment. One does normally look at the person you mention when he or she is in the same space as you. Maybe Jensen was sitting there, silently cheering him on? :) We’ll probably never know, but I don’t think it’s a far-fetched idea at all.

Jared did avoid showing that spot in his live stream, didn’t he? And he did say “we” all the time, not specifying who else is involved in this relaunch. ;) I do think Jensen usually sticks with Jared whenever he’s livestreaming, but he doesn’t show up on camera.

Anyway, headcanon accepted! I hope you have a lovely day ahead of you, sweet anon. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. :)

Demon Jooheon/Black Aesthetic.
Requested By Anon.
“Black Roses are the symbol for vengeance” For the people who described Jooheon described him black rose".

A/N:I turned into something better lol the demon part is just an added thing I did lmao.I hope you enjoy this one anon dear!

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its not cool to lash out of people when they're trying to give you advice like not calling lesbians yuri

Pardon me dear anon but he threw the word Weaboo at me which I really am annoyed at. Just because I said yuri doesn’t mean I should get called a weaboo too. (Im no japanophile and I aint tryin tuh denounce my country and act like a japanese so just cuz I said yuri doesnt mean Im weeb so its really offensive in my case) And I do apologize because I really have no chill XD

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Hey elf! I was wondering if you were still doing animation? I disovered your Tumblr because of your channel, and Im so in love with your style! So since you didnt post anything in so long I was wondering if you quit animation? ( ps: love your fan art ahhhh /// )

AAaaah fear not, dear anon, I still am animating don’t worry! 

This last year has been extremely turbulent since it’s my last year of highschool and in general just a load of stuff going on. Animating videos hasn’t really been on my top priority list when it came to art (why spend weeks on one thing when you can sketch a dozen other things in the same time) bUT the good part is that I’ve gotten both quicker and better at drawing, which should mean I can squeeze videos out faster.

I’ve joined a MAP which I’ll get to when exams are over, and theres also a few memes and original stuff I’d like to get my hands on >:3c

I got some very simple animated stuff such as this one:

Also thank you it warmed hy heart to see someone still interested in my animations ;;v;;

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Hi, at this time Jared's solo panel hasn't been uploaded, but I read the summary. And apparently he brought up G of his own free will and sent her a text saying that he missed her. It's stuff like this that keeps me on the fence because it seems, I guess, genuine and no one was forcing Jay to speak up about her? Thank you in advance c:

Hello, dear anon!

I apologize for the delay with this response, but I have been awfully busy. I hope you’ll forgive me for saying this, but if you take the J’s at their face value and believe everything they say, you’ll be sitting on the fence for a very long time! I hate to tell you this, but so much of what they say is just not the whole truth.

So many of their stories have turned out to be different than how they originally told them. G becomes Jensen over time and D isn’t the one doing the bad accents that make Jensen laugh - it’s Jared! There are so many examples of this happening that I just can’t take their words at face value.

I mean, why would they place their wives in a story they were not even a part of? Are there really no good stories that have come out of their interactions with their wives? If their marriages are genuine, how is that even possible? They’ve supposedly been married for 7+ years - you’d think something funny would’ve happened during that time.

So, sweet anon, please forgive me but I don’t really buy that Jared was texting G. I don’t buy that he missed her either. A little quip like that is easy enough to compose and he didn’t even make his “wife” look good in the story. The J’s often volunteer small mentions of their wives, but they also often look downright depressed when the fans ask about the ladies.

Urgh! Sorry about the wall of text. I’m not really in the business of turning people into believers, but if you want to examine more of those stories, look here - I compiled a small list on a short notice a while back. I hope you found my response satisfying enough, dear! Have a relaxing Sunday. :)

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previous anon I'm so sorry I meant 54*

No problem dear anon! 

54. Any writing advice you want to share?
Sometimes writing is hard and you notice that your words just won’t flow for a longer story. Open up for requests or drabbles so your followers can give you some inputs or ideas. They don’t have to be completely developed or 5k words long, sometimes 200 words are enough. Write down what comes to your mind, and if you don’t have enough followers or if no one answers to your request just ask a friend to give you ten random words or books, songs, poems, etc. After this exercise your mind will be a lot more open and relaxed to go back to your story.

As for general tips: read a lot, devour books and words and stories until you’re so full of it that your mind seems to burst of informations. Read poems and stalk the quotes tag, read fairytales and children’s books and try to see them with a dark eye, read the classics, read modern literature, ask your favorite tumblrs for their favorite booklists and then consume them, learn of them. Write the same way you read: write every single day, even if it’s just a little drabble, even if it’s just a paragraph with 10 words, write when you’re tired and write when you’re just awake, write when you’re angry, sad, happy, delirious, write when you’re high on adrenaline. Buy a notebook or take an older one and write everything down, your projects, your thoughts, your notes, your rhymes, everything - it will become your soul, your life. Fear of losing your motivation should never stop you from writing.

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What I don't get it, Bobby's thing in the alt universe is to kill angels but why are angles there in the first place ? Didn't they step on earth for the first time in 2000 years to stop the apocalypse ? And why is there a fight between demons and angles didn't demons shit their pants when they heard about angles being on earth like that one demon in the diner with her eyes burnt out

Exactly, my dear anon. 

Angels only came to Earth because they had an opportunity to get Lucifer out of the cage.
An opportunity that only came into being because Dean was in Hell. 
So if Dean was never BORN, than what is the reason for angels being on Earth?

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Thank you for answering my questions. I've been an atheist for most of my life, but now I've come to question that. I want to know God. Do you have advice for someone like me?

You are most welcome!

And dear anon, that is music to my ears! Not only do you want to know God, but guess what? He wants to be known by you too. John 17:3, “And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.”

The best advice I can give you is don’t stop searching out the truth. When doubts arise, and they will, run to the source of all truth - run to the Bible. God is greater than doubts, He has proven Himself a thousand upon a thousand times over to be all that He says He is. From creation to history to the testimonies of others, God’s Word stands firm. Always go back to the Bible and seek God first.

I don’t have a deep founded past in atheism, but someone who did is C.S. Lewis. I would highly suggest reading his book, Mere Christianity, because as a former atheist, his already wise and biblically-grounded perspective could be one that really speaks to you on an even more personal level as he reiterates who God is and what the point of Christianity really is.

Jeremiah 29:13 says, “And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.”

God is worth it. Always remember that.

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5,6,7,13,48,56 (I hope that is not too much I'm sorry)

5. Books or authors that influenced your style the most.
Richard Siken, Donna Tartt, Neil Gaiman, Mark Z. Danielewski.

6. Favorite character you ever created.
Yeshua from Absolution. Or Apollo from Sunblind/Sunchoked.

7. Favorite author.
Richard Siken.

13. How do you deal with writers block?
Write. Just write. Even if you have block write anything. Write about anything even if it’s just what you did that day. Never stop writing.

48. Favorite genre to write in.

There is no 56 dear anon.

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