for da haterz

If Pentagon had Tumblr blogs


  • memes 
  • @s literally everyone on everything
  • his tags are worth a fortune 
  • reblogs the most random (occasionally questionable) shit
  • answers asks with pictures of Pepe the frog
  • total trash blog
  • has no directory 


  • blog is 50% selfies
  • reblogs “deep” motivational shit
  • has a nice aesthetic 
  • #living #filter #travelswithfriends #lovinglife
  • spams his followers with heart emojis 
  • safe-search on 24/7
  • hearts literally everything on his dash


  • uses the default Tumblr theme 
  • starts drama 
  • is kind of a troll
  • follows people he hates for “reference”
  • safe-search off 24/7
  • lives on the dark side of Tumblr 
  • disappears for a few months then reblogs something


  • reblogs funny comic strips
  • dashboard is a mess 
  • tried to custom HTML and failed
  • doesn’t remember half the people he’s following
  • blocks da haterz ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪
  • complains about how hot everyone on Tumblr is
  • posts the occasional derp selfie 


  • doesn’t really understand Tumblr 
  • rarely goes online
  • only follows friends
  • minus Wooseok because his reblogs are too extra
  • doesn’t have an icon
  • hearts cute puppy/cat pictures
  • has never been to the dark side 


  • is a Tumblr pro
  • has an insane amount of followers
  • never goes on anon
  • always up to date 
  • has Tumblr besties and baes
  • always at the top of your dash
  • posts original shit more than he reblogs


  • got Tumblr because everyone else did
  • doesn’t post, just reblogs 
  • doesn’t tag either
  • secretly goes on anon to ask people awkward questions
  • mostly follows celebrities and FY blogs
  • low-key trash for cute aesthetics 
  • his asks are turned off


  • Did a rant post that went viral 
  • follows like… two people 
  • throws a bit of shade
  • pastel aesthetic is his guilty pleasure
  • isn’t on that much
  • but when he is it’s serious business fam
  • also blocked Wooseok


  • Gets triggered
  • a lot
  • links to his IG 
  • probably got turned into a meme
  • random one-sentence text posts
  • captions things with deep quotes
  • mainstream trash blog tbh


  • Food porn
  • workout motivation posts
  • follows news blogs 
  • posts pictures of his abs
  • is kind of late to the Tumblr party
  • doesn’t understand what custom formatting is
  • on good terms with mutuals

I’ve been silently obsessing over the Daddyofive thing these past few days and it’s shocking how much has unfolded. I’m glad people saved their videos, because from the looks of it Mike and Heather aren’t going to change and CPS needs to step in. I’m genuinely scared for those children. Especially Cody.

The parents are still painting themselves victims of “da haterz” and expect us to feel pity for their crocodile tears when they laughed at their kids’ agonizing sobbing and being physically hit. Fucking disgusting. They’re not apologizing, it’s back peddling. It’s damage control.

I don’t understand how they expected people to be okay with the shit they pulled. Like in the tablet destruction prank video, if he really believed the other kid truly went too far breaking the thing and the brothers getting physical with each other (and flinging Cody into a bookcase) then he wouldn’t have posted the damn video on YouTube. He would’ve stopped recording, quit the prank and gave the kids some space. If he really didn’t mean to shove Cody into the bookcase, he would’ve apologized for it as it happened. If this shit really was staged, it would’ve said so in the description. He wouldn’t have put “real freak out” in the video’s fucking tags. The whole “Cody’s gonna be an actor” thing seems like it was something they pulled out of their asses to cover their asses.

Mike expects people to take him seriously and believe what he says, despite people who suffered abuse point out the signs in the parents’ behavior and in the children’s’ behavior. They convinced their kids that most parents beat their own children, which is obviously utter bullshit. They give the kids expensive toys to manipulate them into believing they’re good parents. The stepmother flat out stated Cody is “crazy” and wishes “he would act like a normal kid”. They humiliate and terrorize kids and see nothing wrong with it because “it’s just a prank bruh learn to take a joke”. And people are DEFENDING this bullshit, Jesus Christ. I’m scared to know what happens when the camera is off…

Sorry this was so long. I don’t usually make posts about things like this but this is just awful. I hope the kids get taken away and end up with someone who will genuinely love and care for them and get them the help they need.

anonymous asked:

Lucy to be honest I find it pretty disgusting how anti-vaccine you are. Promoting it to be something scary or cried over is NOT going to help the cause.

I know you guys hate it when we reply to ~da haterz~ but I can’t let this one slide cause there’s an important message to be learned here.

You’re saying I can’t be afraid of vaccines, because I’m influencing others not to get vaccinated (even though I AM actually getting vaccinated). Listen up: I am not the poster child for vaccination. They terrify me.

Gasp! Heaven forbid I express emotions!

I’m not going to sit here and claim to be excited about the prospect of having needles shoved into me. That shit hurts, and I would be lying if the thought of it didn’t make me sob hysterically into Alfie’s fur (he’s currently being towel dried in the next room).

HOWEVER. Vaccines are so important. If anyone is pro-vaccine, it’s Kaelyn and I. Vaccines are safe and they are effective. They protect future generations. They can save us time, and money. Immunisation saves lives.

Heaven forbid I’m afraid of spiders because I’m influencing others to kill them all. Heaven forbid I’m afraid of cloth (don’t laugh) because I’m influencing others to run around naked….