for cruco

Terra came running through the crowd, their bare feet slipping on the slick floor, the blood on their feet making running treacherous, their right arm was swollen and bleeding from a deep cut near their shoulder, and their right hand was bleeding as well, the knuckles the source. red lighting crackled past their ear as they ran. The Death eater had caught up, and was gaining on the exhausted teen, they flung a body binding curse backwards with their left hand, it going widely past it’s mark, but it gained them a few seconds. they saw charlus and hope blossomed in their chest, they sprinted, almost reaching him when they heard a scream of “cruco” they tackled charlus, knocking him down, and the curse only brushed their injured arm instead of them or charlus full on. the pain was still immense though, and they struggled not to scream. 

“help” choked terra with terrified eyes before rolling off him and standing up, ready to stand their ground, to live or to die.