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“An extra hour in the ball pit” will always be my favorite thing that’s ever come out of Tumblr. Ever.

  • And Dashcon not paying the Night Vale cast after the WTNV team went out of their way to be there.
  • Or their asking all of the con-goers to donate money again so that the convention wouldn’t be spontaneously shut down.
  • Or them not tracking who gave what so that when they returned the money, they just used “The Honor System”.
  • Or that they had a panel dedicated to helping people deal with Anon Hate.
  • Or that they had a panel dedicated to fetishizing British white dudes.
  • All of it. All of it ties for my favorite.

DashCon is just the absolute epitome of “Why we can’t have nice things”.

So a little while ago at Vancon 2016 we were all graced with the presence of Gen, Tom and Shep. They were adorable and had cute moments with Jared and Jensen which have already been described on tumblr by other con goers. I happened to be in the merch area while they came through and took a look around at the items. Fans and sellers there were trying so hard to be polite and cool about it that there were a lot of studiously averted gazes. I’m not sure if that made it more normal feeling for them, but it was a nice gesture. Anyway, I wasn’t strict about that myself, and watched Shep spontaneously give his big brother a hug. Ah, how cute, a hugger like his dad, I thought. Then he collapsed his weight on Tom, rode him down to the floor, and lay on top of Tom who was flat out on the floor. They both giggled like mad. Wow. Looks like his mom, but has a LOT of his dad in him. :) I didn’t realize quite how accurate that thought was until I watched this clip of the lovely and talented Ruth Connell talking about her castmates, though.

Well, that certainly explains Tom being taken down so easily and calmly by littler Shep. They’ve had practice I guess. I wonder how many times those little guys have been squished by their big moose of a dad pulling that trick on them?


((I’m hoping as many people will see this post as possible because I feel that it’s very important.))

As I think a lot of you are aware of, for the last few years, conventions have been a place where people have felt the need to tell the actors of Supernatural (particularly Jared, Jensen and Misha) their personal stories of mental illness, suicide attempts/survival, and everything that comes along with those subjects. There have been multiple posts that I know of here on Tumblr and on other social media outlets begging people to stop treating the boys as therapists because it’s obviously a very hard subject to listen to in an environment where they are unprepared and put on the spot.

We know that the boys handle these encounters with fans graciously and kindly and that they do their best, but we also know that hearing these stories from fans have had negative effects on them. We know that Jared has, multiple times, had to excuse himself from autograph sessions to gather himself. In a fan convention setting, putting this kind of emotionally heavy subject matter on the boys isn’t right- as so many have said.

And now I’m telling you that if people don’t stop doing this to them, the boys will stop doing conventions altogether.

I’ve been in touch with the head of Creation Entertainment and though I can’t share the emails with anyone because of confidentiality reasons, I will tell you that he said himself that the actors have stated that if they continue to be treated as therapists without any control by Creation’s staff that they will no longer do conventions.

Because of this, Creation is going to be implementing rules that ruin the experience of photo ops and autographs for everyone in line who just wants the chance to say “hello” to the boys. By ignoring Creation Entertainment’s request (on their website and at the conventions) to not treat the boys as therapists and ladle heavy stories on them during a time that should be enjoyable for them, we as a fandom have potentially ruined conventions for them altogether.

If we want to keep the boys happy and healthy and enjoying the conventions like we all do, then we have to stop treating them like our personal counselors. It’s unfair to them, and to the other people in line, and it’s obviously taken enough of a toll on them for them to say something to the heads of the convention.

Please stop. There are other people and other ways to talk about your problems that are completely healthy and in environments that are safe.


Gonna be at AX with my pals, @wilmuck, @nargyle, and @ctchrysler at tables F20&F21! GO TEAM NJ! Made a few new buttons and a holographic mini print. If you’re having trouble finding it, apparently you have to go downstairs to where the tabletop and autograph lines are!

FYI, this will be the last AX that most of us are tabling at! So this is your last chance to get goodies from us if you’re a frequent anime con goer!

This didn’t happen to me personally, but at Katsucon two weeks ago, a few con-goers decided to have an orgy on the now-infamous Floor 14. The reason that I say “now-infamous” is because someone went on Tumblr and made a joke about poking holes in condoms. The staff found out, detained him, and told those who participated in the orgy to go to the nearest health clinic to make sure nothing bad happened.

Boundaries and the differences between ‘friend’ and ‘fan’ in the cosplay community

Okay, time to get serious, folks.

In the last year I’ve suddenly found myself friends with some pretty damn popular cosplayers. I don’t say this to be a braggart, I have a point to make, promise. In my conversations with these excellent human beings there’s a topic that comes up quite a bit and that topic is the unsettling reactions they sometimes receive from their fans when they meet them at events.
Now whilst the majority are, I’m sure, genuinely positive experiences for all parties involved, there are a few situations where lines have been crossed.

Having experienced similar things myself and having been a part of the cosplay community for seven years this year (and having seen this sort of thing a lot in that time), it seems fair to say that this is pretty common among cosplayers, their fans and casual con goers. 
There appears to be this perception that popular cosplayers are celebrities, just much more accessible ones. And that apparently makes it okay to treat them in a way you would not treat, say, Scarlett Johansson. And more importantly, in a way you would not and should not treat a perfect stranger.  

The international cosplay community has been excellent at tackling the notorious ‘con creeper’. We’re all familiar with the phrase 'cosplay is not consent’, but a much less widely discussed topic is this newer culture of idolising popular cosplayers to the point of objectification.

To me it seems that there are two obvious forms that it takes, the first being the illusion of friendship. The second being the illusion of something more than that, or, at the very least, that romantic or sexual advances are desired and will be appreciated.

In the first of its forms it seems to be most prevalent among young female fans (aged 13-16 ish). This sounds relatively harmless but I can promise you that being followed around all day at conventions by fifteen year olds that you barely know, or stalked -for want of a better word- on all your online accounts (even private ones), is hardly harmless. Outside of the cosplay community and the internet these things would be considered social taboos, so why are they okay here?

Something that I really think needs stressing is that just because you follow someone’s cosplay Facebook or Instagram does not make you their friend. It is totally one sided. You may feel like you know each other because you see everything they post but chances are they only really know your name and that you like their cosplays. With that in mind, being approached at a convention with the exaggerated familiarity usually displayed is pretty unnerving.

The second form of this illusion of familiarity does fall under the 'cosplay is not consent’ umbrella. The same as above applies here also, you do not know the people you follow and they do not know you.
To that end, you cannot and should not hug them, touch them or their costume/props without their permission, ask them out, make lewd comments or take their picture without asking. These things are harassment and just because we as cosplayers put ourselves out there, regardless of the size of our following, it does not mean we waive the right to personal space and boundaries.

If any cosplayers with personal experiences of this sort of thing want to add to this post, please feel free to do so. It’s a topic that I believe needs to have some light shed on it as it can have quite serious and negative ramifications for the cosplayers involved.

tl;dr: just because you follow someone, that doesn’t mean you are friends with them. Treat popular cosplayers and cosplayers you meet at cons with the respect you would afford a stranger and by all means be excited and enthusiastic but try not to breach their personal space or make them uncomfortable. Please and thank you.

first-time con goers:

im gonna b your con mentor for a bit, take you under my spray-painted and duct taped tutelage 

  • if you’re bringing a weapon prop, check the site to see what’s prohibited. otherwise you’ll probably be made to check your weapon and youll b sad.
  • if you want to take a picture of/with someone, ask.
  • you have the right to deny pictures. if someone doesnt respect that, find staff
  • speaking of staff, be nice to staff and security. they just want to keep everyone safe and being a dick doesnt make you funny or cool.
  • if youre staying in a hotel, dont fuck shit up. it’s not cool and it puts a bad light on con people. be courteous. that goes for wherever the con is held too, dont fuck anything up
  • if youre wearing heels as part of your costume, bring comfortable shoes to change into. you will get tired. everyone will understand, you wont look weird. im being mettaton this upcoming ab and i am NOT wearing those gogo boots all day. 
  • this ones a little tougher to remember but it goes a long way: try to use gender-nonspecific pronouns when referring to a cosplayer unless they tell you. you never know who’s trans or nb when everyones dressed up.
  • bring an emergency kit: thread/needle, scissors, safety pins, duct tape, etc. 
  • bring a flat tote bag or something wide to carry prints, if youre going to buy them. i speak from experience when i say that if you try to carry them, they will get wrinkled and youll b sad

feel free to add on!!! happy conning!

Supernatural Shout-Out

Kudos to all you clever meta writers and speculators.

Kudos to all you lovely fic writers and perfect coda producers.

Kudos to all you artists making gorgeous, humorous, sexy, and cute fanart.

Kudos to all you gif makers capturing Dean’s micro expressions and Sam’s beautiful Moose Mane frame by frame.

Kudos to all you graphics creators and image manipulators taking the best of Team Free Will and making it even better.  

Kudos to all you con-goers sharing your photos, videos, and stories so I can live vicariously through you. 

Kudos to all you fan-video designers seamlessly arranging moments from over 250 episodes to perfection and pairing them with the best possible soundtrack. 

Kudos to all you live-bloggers sharing your reactions to every precious moment Cas is on screen in all his head tilting ‘Agent Beyoncé’ glory.

Kudos to all you enthusiastic fans reblogging all the good stuff so that positive SPN content is always filling my dash. 

I may be alone on my couch watching, but you all make Supernatural such an amazing experience. Thank you!  Never stop sharing your head-canons, anonymous asks, and what-if scenarios.  I love them all.

Anime Boston??

Thanks to a friend of Leigh’s, we’ll actually be attending a con! This one, in fact!

This’ll be Leigh’s first-ever con while I’ve been to one before…but it was so long ago (Naka-Kon in its infancy, 2007).

We’ll just be regular con-goers this year. I know at some point, I would LOVE to have a table at a convention, but hey! If anyone else is going, I’d love to know! We’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday (Apr 1-2) :3

anonymous asked:

Lol at Seb staring at the girl's boobs. I've seen some con goers say they purposefully went there with some cleavage. It' s free country I say, everybody can do what they want :P I wonder if some of them truly go to cons thinking they can maybe sweep him of his feet and be 'that one' that he fell for. Also I've been watching some con photos and videos and he's REALLY up for hugging and physical affection. He seems to soak the attention (in a good way).

Anon #2:  It’s natural to look at boobs, even if you aren’t attracted to them. They just look nice, the eye naturally falls on nice looking things. For people who are attracted to them it must be worse because then you probably end up looking at them even more.

Anon #3:  Omfg! I’m laughing so hard! Yo he totally was looking at her boobs chest! Oh Stan the man you dirty dog you lol.


Mod: I’m pretty sure many girls dress provocative trying to get something with him, let’s not forget that one who created a story of how she had a one night stand with him.

I always thought he was an ass man like Evans but hey, everybody loves tities! :)

Supernatural Convention Autograph Freeze

Recently, some con goers at TorCon had their J2 autographs refunded and were given the explanation that it was a “scheduling/time conflict”. Not long after, all the autograph sales for 2017 cons were “sold out” or frozen.  This left a lot of con- goers a little nervous about the fate of their own J2 autographs at other cons and wondering what happening.  And because I have two J2 autograph tickets for SeaCon, I wanted to find out what was going on.  Was it a scheduling conflict for real? Or was it something else? So, I emailed Gary Berman of Creation. Keep reading below to see my conversation with him.

Keep reading

The Family that Cosplays together

I noticed a change in the audience of Comic Con goers this year. (I had been a few years ago.) It was interesting because there were a lot of families. And not just walking around together but cosplaying together or encouraging their kids to cosplay. 

Okay I’m not gonna put this in the official tag because I dont want to make it a Huge Thing, but thank you to everyone who hung out with me and was kind to me at this con. Some other con-goers I used to be friends with have a history of public shittalking and aren’t afraid to name names, so I wasn’t sure what I was going to be walking into for the first con since we stopped talking. I ended up finding so many sweet, amazing people! I had so much fun hanging out with everyone I met, even those that I didn’t spend much time with. I appreciate the kindness all of you showed, as well as the understanding for how terrible I am with remembering names and faces. Please feel free to send me an ask or message of you haven’t already! I want to hear from all of you!


Jensen Ackles Smut- Senseless Whispers

A/N- i havent posted a lot today, and  i apologize. Doe Jensen smut make up for it? ;) 

     The crowd screamed and cheered as you, Jared and Jensen walked on stage. Taking your seats, Jared looked over at Jensen, a bright smile on his face. As they started to talk over you, you interrupted. “We’re not the only one, right guys?” You asked, looking out at the con goers . Cheering “whoo”’s and “yes”’s, Jensen and Jared looked out at them too. 

    “Alright, first question.” Jensen said, looking left to right. “That’s my line.” You said, looking at Jared. Giving a chuckle, Jared turned your attention to the asker on the right. “Hi guys” the girl spoke nervously, her hands shaking with a huge smile on her face. “Oh god I’m so nervous. Anyway, my question is actually for you, Y/N..” You nodded, and she continued. “What’s it like to be on set with them?” You smiled, shaking your head as the crowd clapped for her. “It’s new, uh.. It’s great though, on set they’re goofy and they really make it seem like it’s not work.. But I love it. Honestly, they pull pranks and they help you through a lot of things that have become struggles, in the show and in real life.” The girl nodded and clapped along with the rest of the crowd. 

   Questions continued, and you had ended up sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with Jensen, your laughing right next to his. Jared was acting out an incident on set when you leaned over, mic’s in your laps. “When we get home, you best be bending me over a table…” You were whispering into his ear, and even though nobody else could hear or see it, you heard his breathing hitch in his throat. “That is not what happened!” You interrupted Jared’s performance, standing up. “It was like this.” 

        On set, you were standing behind the camera, and Jensen made eye contact with you. Slowly, you bent over, a pure joke of the situation. Jensen lost his words, stuttering. The crew and cast all laughed with you, as you walked to deliver your lines. 

      “That is what happened.” You said, standing up and sitting back in your chair. As the time went by, you  had become more confident in your words, leaning over every few questions or so, whispering dirty thoughts into his ear. At one point, you leaned, Jensen listening to a fan ask him about your life at home. “Daddy please..” You half moaned, pulling away and hiding your smirk. “I’m sorry, can you repeat that?” Jensen asked the girl, her cheeks turning red. 


     As you blew kisses to the crowd, you gave the front row high fives and followed the boys backstage. Proceeding to be there for a good ten minutes, you fell silent, thinking of how you would tease him at home. 


    Jensen had been sitting on the couch when you went into the bathroom, taking a bath and shaving before you drove him to the edge. Putting on a matching black bra and underwear set, you wrapped your black silk robe over your body lightly, going down the hall. As you turned the corner, Jensen’s attention was completely on the TV as you walked over. 

     The second his eye caught your body, he was standing on his feet, his hands on your arms. “Take me, Jensen..” You said, searching his eyes for emotion. In one swift motion, Jensen removed his shirt, his stiff chest exposed to your leisure. Your hands went to rest on his chest, your eyes locked again. 

    Jensen grabbed the small of your back, walking you backwards as he kissed you hungrily. Your back ran into the granite counter, the fabric too thin to protect your skin from the cold. Jensen pulled away from your lips, looking into your eyes as he slowly pulled the string on your robe. The fabric opened, revealing your soft skin to Jensen’s curious eyes. 

     His hands slowly came around your body to hold your sides, right under your ribs. “Turn  around, baby girl..” Jensen spoke into your ear, kissing under it. Obeying, the fabric fell from your shoulders. You hear Jensen fumble with his belt, the sound of denim falling to the floor. A moan fell from your lips, just thinking about what he’d do. 

     Jensen’s hands came slowly from your back then up, undoing your bra then pushing the straps over your shoulders. “So beautiful…” You heard his speak before you felt his hot lips on your spine. Kissing up, Jensen pulled your bra off you, pushing it off the counter. Reaching around, he began to toy and pull at your nipples, causing you to push back against the counter, your clad ass hitting his bare cock.

    Feeling him twitch, he let out as groan as his hands began south. You let out an anxious breath, his hand coming to your thighs. Slowly, he pushed your legs open, cupping your core. “Like that, princess?” His chest was bare against your back, his mouth so close to your ear you could feel his stubble. “God- fuck yes..” You spoke fast, your pussy throbbing as he cupped it.

       Slowly, he began to play between your folds over your underwear. You tried to conceal your moans, but he continued to move his hands again, pushing your panties down your legs. Stepping out of the fabric, you pulled your arms completely out in front of you on the counter, the cold meeting your breasts, causing your nipples to become erect.

     Opening your legs wide, you felt your arousal slowly drip down, Jensen’s chest no longer touching you. “You ready, baby?” Jensen asked, pressed his tip on your slit, running it up and down, collecting your juices. Groaning in unison, Jensen took it as a ‘yes’. Slowly, he pushed his thick girth inside you, maxing out your walls. 

    Gasping, you felt him open you up, his length and width alone enough to cum. Jensen grunted, his teeth finding their way to bite at your back softly. Hands finding your hair, one held your hip as he pulled at the long strands. Slowly, Jensen pulled out, your walls closing, but being busted open as he quickly thrusted back up to his base. “Oh fuck you’re so tight baby..” Jensen was speaking through gritted teeth, holding in his moans, but not able to conceal the grunts. A moaning mess under him, you felt his hand leave your hair as it went to your front, finding your clit. Every time his finger circled your bare clit, your legs shook and walls clenched. Jensen moaned with you, his cock being devoured by your walls. 

    Thrusting faster, Jensen began to twitch inside you, causing your walls to come down on him, your juices flowing out onto him. Jensen let out a loud groaning, following your high as he sent hot cum spurting deep inside you. Pulling out, Jensen turned you around , kissing you harshly. His wet tip was pressed against your stomach, and you slowly began to stroke him, his cock hardening again. 

Hi. I’m Jess. 35. INFx. Ravenclaw. Queer. She/they.

[ EDITORS NOTE: This is a re-post to my tumblr account, because I’ve retired the old one. Whee! ]

I’m posting this because in a month I’m going to be taking a flying leap outside my comfort zone by attending 221b Con in Atlanta. I’ll know a very small handful of people there (2 or 3)and I’ve heard good things about the sense of community and inclusiveness there, but I thought introducing myself and getting in touch with a few fellow con-goers might help quell the mild anxiety I’m trying not to let dictate my life.

I do have anxiety and while it’s manageable for the most part, down days are down days. I’m hoping to spend as much time active and at the con as I can but I might also end up hiding… Either way, be patient and forgiving, please. I also don’t like to be randomly touched by people I don’t know. Ask permission and I’m likely to accommodate but don’t just run up and glomp me.  (glomping. Is that even still part of the lexicon…? Forgive me, I’m old.)

So here’s me. I’m a fan of BBC’s Sherlock and the Sherlock Holmes universe, obviously, but I also love lots of other shows and movies and the actors and actresses associated with them. I love theater in all its many forms from Broadway to the Bard. I read, I write (hell, half the people I follow on tumblr are people I’ve written or Roleplayed with on Omegle at some point), I cook, I work, and if you’re reading this and want to know more, please pop a message in my inbox and lets start up a conversation!

winchester-wannabe99  asked:

Hey! I'm going to my first ever con in May and I was wondering if you had any tips? What should I expect? How exactly do photo ops work? Thanks! P.S You're awesome and I love your blog!

Ah…what to expect…good question.  Expect to have a lot of fun.  You’ll be very busy and you’ll be rushing around a lot, but it’s a blast.  I’m going to put together a list of general tips soon, so I’ll tag you in that.

For photo ops - they move very quickly.  Chris Shmelke is an amazing photographer, and he’s really good about catching mistakes.  For most photos, you’ll just go get in line at the designated time.  There is always music playing in the op room and it’s got a fun vibe.  You get to watch interactions between the cast and con-goers during that time.

For any op with Jared, Jensen and Misha, you will be called to the photo op based on the number of your ticket.  For example, if you are number 25, you’d line up when they call numbers 1 through 50.

It can be overwhelming the first time you get to meet the stars.  I know that I was having an internal freak out for my first photo op.  Try to relax, have fun and enjoy the moment. If you don’t have a pose in mind, go for the hugs!  The SPN cast seriously give the best freaking hugs.

Thanks for the question!