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Up next is Figgy’s story and I’m so excited! But it’s going to be a week or two before it starts. I still have a little more work that I need to get done before I can start taking pictures (why did I decided to sort my mods folder…?).

Also - just a heads up - when Figgy’s story starts it’s going to be a couple years after CC started college. Figgy’s going to be about 15-16 years old. :)

sometimes i’m grateful to be clever and sometimes i remember it’s only fair that i be reasonably bright since i’m a mixed drink of ambien and cyanide to any conversations i’m involved in

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   Do you want to buy hamster? I`m surprised why Adam don`t have hamster if so loved their/   

we don’t have hamsters where i live :( i love rats, though. i’ve had lots over the years. i currently have four. soon to be three, because one is going to be put to sleep :( i’m feeling sad about that. they live such short lives.

i don’t know if Adam ever had a pet hamster — i have wondered, because he was really into them. he made multiple references to hamsters in his forum posts, and there were images of hamsters on his hard drive amongst all the mass murder info, haha. there was even a hamster on the birthday card from his dad.

i do recall reading that he was against having pets, but i can’t find where i read that. supposedly, he made Nancy get rid of a pet cat because he did not want it in the house.


the universe has moved for us

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*slams fist on the bar* now this is the kind of content I got Netflix and binge watched Voltron for in the first place. Lololol thank you keep being awesome pal

*slams fist on the bar also* another!!

  • pidge: “i can’t believe i’m saying this but… i think lance is the responsible one now”
    • lance, scandalized: “i- i am not responsible you take that back”
    • lance wants, deep in his heart, to be the badass hero who runs headfirst into danger
    • but then he sees keith doing it and gets stress headaches
  • lance sends all of his best selfies to the paladin group chat
  • pidge: “i’m going to bed” hunk: “but it’s noon??” pidge: “time isn’t real”
  • hunk can say anything in a british accent and lance will be convinced it’s a direct quote from allura
  • shiro: “at least my life can’t get any worse” the universe: “hold my beer”
  • do you think coran has nemeses
    • like sometimes the team’ll just be out and about and’ll hear “well well well if it isn’t coran hieronymus wimbleton smythe”
    • and coran’s always just like “haha! ol’ rianlus! how’re the kids?? and your butt after we whooped it at the battle of lii??”
    • how many peaceful outings end in prison breaks because of coran i gotta know
  • lance: “so yeah i’m feeling kind of inadequate and like i should step aside for the sake of the team” keith: “………that’s uh. that’s rough buddy”