for cold knights


Been loving the dlc in Eleum Loyce. Hunted those rampart golems until extinction to make my new favorite frozen knight, so i wanted to draw it. Couldnt think of a cool name so fridge knight. And now i made an actual fridge knight. He seems quite worried.

“I know you’re busy but…can we just stay here a little while longer? I need you all to myself…”


He just wanted his 25 minutes. Why doesn’t he ever get his 25 minutes. Kana don’t worry, they’re just hugging, I promise.

High Down Rocket Test Site on the Needles Headland, the Isle of Wight, during the late 1950s. The facility was built and run by Saunders Roe, at the time developing the Black Knight rocket - a technology tester for Blue Streak. Britain was, for a brief period in the late 1950s, a very real contestant in the Cold War’s space race. Black Knight flew 22 times from the Woomera Test Facility in South Australia, every rocket first test run here, on the Isle of Wight, and every launch a success.

I actually do not know oodles about the knights of Ren,but I had this humorous concept of Hux suddenly revealing he was some sort of sleeper knight of Ren all along. He had ample clothes to hide under.

Snokes secret babysitter. Stuck with kylo, poor Hux.

ah well, just have a sketch regardless. I may do a full view of this cause damn, Hux would make the stingiest most cold hearted, majestic Knight.

OK! Knights of Ren oc. Her name is Nomi. She was a slave who worked as a mechanic in her owner’s shop. One of the Knights, Yula, comes in to have her vehicle repaired. She senses Nomi is force-sensitive while she converses with her during repairs. After her vehicle is fixed, Yula basically orchestrates this whole situation to coerce Nomi to use the force against her owner which then provokes him to retaliate against her. Yula then swoops in and kills him, making it seem like she saved Nomi’s life. She easily convinces Nomi to come with her as she returns to the Knights of Ren seeing as Nomi would likely be blamed for her master’s murder and she has nowhere to go.

She eventually begins training under Yula and starts to see the Knights of Ren as family despite their cold tendencies. However, the Knights think she’s still too compassionate and regard this as weakness. She loses Yula to a fatal injury in a fight which propels her down the path of darkness. When she is knighted, she is named Jos Ren.

“I had no past, no future, but with them at least I had something.”

“You foolish girl, you were not meant for darkness.”

  • Jedi Council: We have exiled the returned Jedi in a move best for her and the Jedi in general.
  • Kreia: You fucked up a perfectly good Jedi is what you did. Look at her. She's got anxiety