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A guy's diet could make his cum hurt your stomach?

YES TF dude what does sex ed teach ya’ll… a guy’s diet is literally hella important like if ur bf is over there eating mcdonalds and coke every night ur gonna have a bad time as fuck… not 2 be that bitch but vegan dude’s have the best cum EVER

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Hiya l need to lose 30 pounds within the next 3 months can u give my some tips on where to start. Xxx

Look at your diet and make is as healthy as possible. Do it by steps, trade chips for salad, coke for soda water, a whole block of milk chocolate for a single piece of dark chocolate. Make choices your body will love and that will stick Xx

Some of the most memorable parts of tonight’s concert:

· Dchovs went into the crowd and hugged a random guy
· He also went in the crowd as he was singing and dancing
· Covered The Band out of nowhere and it was brilliant
· There was a drunk lady in the row over from us who shouted “YOU SEXY MOTHAFUCKA” (only in Boston, I s2g)
· another sober lady tried arguing with the drunk lady because the drunk lady kept making ridiculous trill noises
· at one point, Dchovs noticed someone texting and was like, “unless you’re texting me, stop it! Be in the NOW!”
· after the show there were a group of guys smoking cigs and one of them goes, “it was so good I would’ve snorted a line of coke off David Duchovny’s dick” and then after a brief pause, “or whatever he was up for”

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Dylann asking you to marry him

he’d buy you a dainty ring that he bought with the money he’d saved over four months– he didn’t buy coke as frequently in order to buy you a thin, rose gold band with a diamond on top of it. and he wouldn’t want to be all cheesy or take you to a beautiful beach… so he’d do it after you were elbow deep in a soapy sink washing dishes or when you were reading a book on the couch on a sunday. and he’d bite his tongue as he kneeled in front of you on one knee he’d ask if you’d ‘be my bride? be my girl forever, y/n?’ and his lips would be quivering from being so anxious but he’d be so happy when you threw your arms around his neck and chanted a slew of yes’ into his neck. and dylann would shed a tear after slipping on the ring, promising that he would get you the rock you deserved someday.

love when im trying to do some responsible adult shit and something goes wrong and i have no choice but to give up and finish my rum & coke

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Tagged by @aceofstars16​ – sorry this took me so long to answer! (also I edited it a bit because there were a few questions I had no idea about.)

1. Coke or Pepsi: Coke from a bottle, Pepsi from a machine. They are very different ways of serving. Don’t argue with me.

2. Disney or DreamWorks: Nope. Nope… though, if we narrow it down to JUST the last few years, I’d probably have to go with Dreamworks. They’re just so much more innovative at the moment.

3. Coffee or Tea: Tea, if I have to have either. But only English Breakfast with cream and sugar, or Earl Grey with honey.

4. Books or movies:Books. And then tv shows. And THEN movies. What can I say, I like extended stories.

5. Windows or Mac: WINDOWS ohmigosh I loath Mac.

6. DC or Marvel: Marvel, hands down. DC is stuck in a rut and they have been for a very long time.

7. Xbox or PlayStation: Option three: PC. Though I don’t do a whole lot of gaming.

8. BBC SHERLOCK or Elementary: BBC Sherlock. <3 Though Elementary has become a good show in its own right.

9. Night owl or early riser: Night owl, 100%.

10. Cards or chess: Eh. I don’t really care for games… I’ll go with chess, though. It ends sooner because I lose faster.

11. Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate - the darker, the better.

12. Vans or Converse:  Converse. <3 but they’re sooooo expensive….

13. Hogwarts house: Slytherin!

14. Fluff or angst: Angst, but only if there’s happiness to make it worthwhile. Angst for angst’s sake gives you Arrow, and that’s horrible. :P

15. Beach or forest: BEACH. Give me the sand and water stretching as far as I can see. *sigh*

16. Dogs or cats: I have a tag set for this. It goes cat, cats, always reblog cats. It’s like a mantra.

17. Clear skies or rain: Clear, but cool and windy.

18. Cooking or eating out: I love to cook, but if someone else is paying I love to eat out.:D I just generally love food.

19. Spicy or mild food: Middlin’ spicy. CheezeIt Zings with chocolate milk is my favorite snack.

20. Halloween or Christmas: Christmas. :D I always forget how creepy I find Halloween until it’s on us again.

21. Would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: COLD. Heat is terrible.

22. If you could have superpower, what would it be: Shapeshifting. You could be ANYTHING.

23. Animation or live action: Animation. <3

24. Bard or Rogue: I’d like to think Bard, but honestly… probably Rogue.

25. Bath or shower: Shower. Baths are icky.

26. Team Cap or Team Iron Man: In my ethics, Team Cap. In my heart, Team Iron Man. TONY IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL.

27. Fantasy or sci-fi: Soft sci-fi or storybook fantasy. (not a huge fan of epic fantasy, with exceptions)

28. 3 or 4 Favourite Quotes:

  • “Fairy tales say that apples were golden only to refresh the forgotten moment when we found that they were green. They make rivers run with wine only to make us remember, for one wild moment, that they run with water.”  ―G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy   
  • “Never lose your starry aim.”  ―Natalie Lloyd,  The Key to Extraordinary
  • “This is how the world ends. Not with a bang, but with a… beep-boop.”  ―Stanford Pines, Weirdmageddon p. 1
  • “Milk…and…eggs…”  ― Alex Jefferson, Adventures in Odyssey, Red Herring

29. YouTube or Netflix: Two months ago I would have said Netflix. Then I discovered Markiplier.

30. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson: …You’re kidding, right?

31. When you feel accomplished: Rarely. :P

32. Star Wars or Star Trek: Eh… Mainly SW, but I love the most recent three ST movies.

33. Paperback books or hardcover books: oooh…I like paperback, prolly, except that I hate little mass market editions.

34. Fantastic Beasts or Cursed Child: Fantastic Beasts at the mo, but ask me again after I’ve seen the Cursed Child in either play or film format.

35. Rock or pop music: Compromise and honesty: poprock. LOL

36. What is the most important thing in your life: My faith and my church.

37. Mountains or sea/ocean: OCEAN. Though I love the mountains as well.

38. Name a couple songs you’ve been really into recently:

Great Night – Needtobreathe

Like a Phoenix – Fall Out Boy

This cover of Honey I’m Good

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what is osdd?

it stands for other specified dissociative disorder. *if you’re familiar with the previous dsm, it used to be called ddnos.) there are subsets. i’m specifically talking about osdd-1b, which…well it’s just as severe as anything else so i’m not trying to downplay it, but i think of it as diet DID. u know how regular coke can kill u in one way and diet coke can kill u in another, but diet coke doesn’t seem as bad? it’s kinda like that lmao. ok i’ll start making ssense. what i mean is, with osdd-1b u have alters (alternate personalities) but u don’t meet all the criteria for DID. so, i have multiple personalities but i don’t have amnesia when i switch (amnesia is a diagnostic criteria for DID), i’m usually co-conscious with whoever is fronting and they respect my wishes usually so it doesn’t get as disruptive as it could. also, people with DID usually have highly differentiated and defined alters; i have a select few that are very very defined, but i have innumerable fragments (alters that are very simple andd don’t really count as fully developed personalities) that just act out sspecific emotions from very specific points in time or reexperience certain memories. 

idk why i just typed all of that out when there are resources i can link you to that explain better, like this one

i could’ve turned some text into a link and that would’ve looked better but my high ass is Not Doing THat for some reason

if u have any questions about my system lemme know and i’ll attempt to answer to the best of my ability, but there’s a lot i dont know about it and my understanding of it changes frequently bc im just starting to communicate with alters, acknowledge their presence as legitimate (i used to think they were auditory hallucinations and imaginary friends), and talk about them and let them talk in therapy 

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1. coke or pepsi: cherry of either

2. Disney or DreamWorks: Didny cuz I love Lilo & Stitch

3. Coffee or tea: bRUH I AM A FUCN TEA CONNOISSEUR  

4. Books or movies: eeehhhhhhhh depends. I loooovvee movies, but I also love reading so much

5. Windows or mac: Mac

6. Dc or marvel: Marvel 

7. Xbox or playstation: PlayStation (Project Diva, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Hella major dweeb)

8. Dragon age or mass effect: ???????

9. Night owl or early riser: I tend to be a night owl, but I prefer to be an early riser

10. Cards or chess: Cards

11. Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate, must be dark tho

12. Vans or converse: yes??

13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: wat??

14. Fluff or angst: OH JEZZUS I AM A SUCKER FOR ANGST (#guess who’s procrastinating on LFOR .-. *called out*)

15. Beach or forest: YES OHMY Lo RD but lk beach

16. Dogs or cats: C A T s

17. Clear skies or rain: rAIN

18. Cooking or eating out: ehhhhhhhhhhhh I love to cook but there’s never any ingredients in the house.

19. Spicy or mild food: like mah spice  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

20. Halloween/Samhain or solstice/yule/christmas: !!!!!CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! but I lOOOOVVEE Halloween too

21. Would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot: too cold. being too hot makes me feel yucky and gross

22. If you could have a superpower what would it be: hAH invisibility

23. Animation or live action: ya fam\\

24. Paragon or renegade: ????


26. Team cap or team ironman: cap all the way 

27. Fantasy or sci-fi: pls don’t make me choose ;;

28. Do you have 3 or 4 favorite quotes if so what are they: “If you listen to your fears, you will die never knowing what a great person you might have been.” -Robert Schuller /  “ I’ve been around many girls who have been super outgoing. And a lot of times, they would say to me, “Why are you so quiet? What’s wrong with you?” And I’m like, “I don’t know. That’s just the way I am.” So if I found the perfect girl she would totally get that and say, “You’re quiet, and that’s the way I love you.” -Adam Young / “Love is not defined by gender, by sexuality, by anything- it’s about the soul.”- Eddie Redmayne

29. YouTube or netflix: ehhhhhhhh yes??? YouTube probably

30. Harry Potter or percy jackson: bruh. is. this. even. a. fucking. question.

31. When you feel accomplished: when I can sit down at the end of the day with a cup of tea without any anxiety

32. Star wars or star trek: nOOOO DONT MAKE ME CHOOSE DAMMIT

33. Paperback or hardcover books: hardcover <3

34. Fantastic beasts or cured child: Cursed Child???*** uhhhhhfantasticbeasts?

35. Rock or pop music: yes
36. Favorite greek God or goddess: Persephone

37. How many blankets do you sleep with?: too many

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I dropped a tab
Then I dropped another one
Laying on the floor
Like waves on the shore
Watching the walls and the ceiling
Waving around like my senses were feeling
A little out of sorts

Then I had some rum
Drank it with some coke
Paired it with a bubbler
Smoked it until I couldn’t stop coughing
Like the place was on fire
Can’t believe that these lights
In the bathroom caught my attention
For so long

I don’t want a lecture
I know it’s all bad for me
I did it anyway
Just to see what would happen
I get drunk almost every night
Because you split my heart in two
So one day when I’m an alcoholic
You’ll know it’s because of you