for clara it is a brand new world

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Ellianna is in a a new musical called ‘Dance Divas Nutcracker’ is it based on a book of the same name written by Sheryl Berk. (Synopsis in a different message)

Synopsis part 1: Based on the popular book series, Dance Divas, this brand new World Premiere musical is being presented this holiday season in Times Square. The story follows a group of ambitious young dancers, and the struggles they face as they pursue their dreams. When a famous ballet academy is looking for ballerinas to star in their annual holiday production of The Nutcracker, Scarlett, Anya, Liberty, and Bria all think they’ll be a shoe-in for the lead role of Clara.

Synopsis part 2: But it’s actually little Gracie, with her big smile and bubbly energy, that catches the directors eye. The dancers learn that teamwork and friendship can get you through anything, along with some holiday magic! Im assuming Ellie is playing Gracie

see not radio city guys! thanks for the info! i could see her playing gracie with her cute personality!

What you start to see, as the show unfolds, is Jenna and I get to know each other. The Doctor, although he’s the same character, he’s also brand new. He’s also unfamiliar with his own personality and discovering things about his own personality, and they’re not necessarily welcome. But he has a very, very deep bond with Clara. He finds it difficult to express that, but it’s there. And she’s one of the few people who can actually push him around.
—  Peter on the Doctor/Clara dynamic

I’ve only watched the first 10 minutes of Into The Dalek and already, wow.

This is what I think the thought process for Clara and Danny Pink was in Moffat’s mind:

MOFFAT: Hmm Clara+The Doctor are no longer romantically linked.
MOFFAT: They can be besties like Donna and 10 were….
MOFFAT: Let’s add a brand-new character for her to flirt with! So many zingy one liners!
MOFFAT: Hmm what should this character’s backstory be…
MOFFAT: GOT IT! Soldier returned from Afghanistan trying to adjust to post-war life who stumbles in to the world of a exceptional main (cis-het-white-male) character! It’s genius!
MOFFAT: I have never worked with a character who fits that description!

Oh boy, this is going to be a loooooooong season.


Doctor Who fanfilm: The Tragedy of Time and the Lady

In Spanish with optional English subtitles, this short film tells a rending Gallifreyan fairy tale in gorgeous visual style. It stars the Ninth Doctor (as seen in The Imperfect World), Rose Tyler (The Imperfect World, and alongside the Tenth Doctor in That Time of Night, where the Tragedy in this film is first mentioned) and Jack Harkness (also starring in brand new short The Captain’s Fall), and follows on the short Mother’s Day with the Eleventh Doctor and Clara Oswald.

Multi-Doctor epic set in Barcelona The Imperfect World received worldwide acclaim for being a celebration of Doctor Who filled with heart and with excellent casting.
Vision Factory then unveiled ambitious plans for a series of shorts leading into a sequel for the 10th anniversary of the New Series. It is hoped that these shorts will garner similar popularity or they’ll be unable to fulfil their plans, which include three more shorts (The Shadows of Tara starring the Fourth Doctor and Romana, War Council and The Master Plan) and the already mentioned sequel.

Playlist here.