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Robert Rauschenberg | HOW TO SEE the artist with composer David Lang

A virtuoso of the most difficult piano music sitting on stage in silence. Fluorescent lights repurposed as instruments. Pulitzer prize-winning composer David Lang looks back on how Robert Rauschenberg’s “relentlessly collaborative” spirit impacted pioneering experimental musicians of the New York School including David Tudor, John Cage, and Christian Wolff. 

Spoilers: The Accountant

So what I liked about The Accountant was that some of the typical format for the “high functioning autistic” movie was subverted.

First off the main character. Christian Wolff is an accountant who cooks the books for criminals. The typical plot would be the brainy guy who needs to be protected, and that gets flipped right off the bat. He’s a badass who can shoot a cantaloupe from a mile off and defends others around him, rather than the other way around.

Second there’s his relationship with (SPOILERS) his brother. It wasn’t the typical patronising keeper kind of relationship, but it wasn’t ambivalent either. And in the end when (SPOILERS) they’re after the fight, you’re kind of expecting them to hug it out, because that’s how emotional reconciliation goes down in Hollywood. That doesn’t happen, because Christian doesn’t like hugs or physical contact, and Brax respects that. It’s a nice change to see the autistic person being accommodated, not the other way around.

Lastly, and honestly this one is my favorite, it portrays low functioning, high support autistics so much better than I have ever seen. In the end it is revealed (SPOILERS) that the voice is Christians high support autistic sister, who is communicating with him and masterminding most of his deals and clients through her digital communication aid from a home for autistic people. She’s a big player and a hero, despite the fact that she is nonverbal and high support. You don’t see that a lot in movies. *EDIT* turns out she wasn’t his sister, she was his friend, the kid of the therapist that runs the home. Thanks to @meowmart01 for pointing that out!

Point being, it’s a good movie. It’s surprisingly good representation, and is definitely worth a watch.

May 23 in Music History

1644 Birth of composer Thomas Eisenhut.

1696 Birth of composer Johann Caspar Vogler.

1741 Birth of composer Andrea Lucchesi.

1753 Birth of tenor Etienne Lainez in Vaugirard.

1756 Birth of composer Nicolas-Joseph Hullmandel.

1759 Birth of composer Antonio da Silva Leite.

1794 Birth of Czech composer and pianist Ignaz Moscheles in Prague. 

1814 FP of Beethoven’s Opera Fidelio in its present form at the Kärntnertor Theater in Vienna. 

1825 FP of Spontini’s “Alcidor” Berlin.

1826 FP in USAmerica of Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni sung in Italian by the Garcia family with Mozart’s librettist Lorenzo da Ponte attending at Park Theater in NYC. 

1831 Birth of American composer William Oscar Perkins in Stockbridge, VT.

1850 FP of Hernando’s “Bertoldo y Comparsa” zarzuela, Madrid.

1851 Birth of composer Antoni Stolpe.

1864 Birth of Danish composer Louis Glass, in Frederiksberg. 

1871 Birth of Norwegian composer Sigurd Lie.

1878 Birth of French music critic Emile Vuillermoz.

1879 Birth of English pianist Harold Samuel.

1887 Death of tenor Gaetano Fraschini.

1894 Birth of German baritone Heinrich Rehkemper.

1895 Birth of baritone Josef Krikava in Rakovnik. 

1895 FP of Houseley’s “The Juggler” light opera, Denver.

1889 Birth of composer Jose Padilla.

1901 Birth of English composer Edmund Rubbra in Northampton. 

1902 Birth of composer Mark Lothar.

1906 Birth of composer Hellmuth Christian Wolff.

1911 Birth of Russian-American composer Boris Kremenliev. 

1911 Birth of Danish baritone Frans Andersson Copenhagen. 

1912 Birth of French composer and pianist Jean Francaix in Le Mans.

1913 Birth of German baritone Horst Gunter in Leipzig. 

1921 Birth of English trumpeter Humphrey Lyttleton

1922 Birth of Swedish tenor Per Grunden in Eskiltuna. 

1923 Birth of Spanish pianist Alicia de Larrocha in Barcelona.

1926 Birth of Hungarian baritone Zsolt Bende in Budapest. 

1926 Birth of German tenor Hanns Nocker in Westfalen. 

1926 Death of German composer Hans Koessler in Budapest. 

1926 FP of Miaskovsky’s Symphony No. 8, in Moscow. 

1929 Birth of German bass-baritone Konrad Rupf in Pohlau.

1929 Birth of bass Dalibor Jedlicka in Svojanov. 

1929 FP of Vasilenko’s “Sin solntsa” Moscow.

1933 Birth of German soprano Ingeborg Hallstein in Munich. 

1933 Birth of American pianist John Browning in Denver. 

1934 Birth of American experimental composer Robert Moog.

1937 FP of William Grant Still’s Lenox Avenue for narrator and orchestra.

1939 Birth of German mezzo-soprano Evelyn Dalberg in Leipzig. 

1941 Birth of American composer Jackson Hill in Birmingham, AL.

1941 Birth of Dutch composer Roderik Deman in Bandung, Indonesia.

1943 FP of Samuel Barber’s Commando March. Army Air Force Technical Training Command Band, composer conducting in Atlantic City, NJ. 

1949 Birth of American composer and flutist Carol Barnett.

1962 Death of Czech bass Marcello Cortis. 

1966 FP of J. Hauer’s “Die schwarze Spinne” Vienna.

1971 FP of Gottfried von Einem’s Der Besuch der alten Damen at the Vienna State Opera.

1971 FP of American composer Rogers Sessions’ cantata When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed’ on text of Walt Whitman in Berkeley, CA.

1977 Birth of American composer Gregory Spears.

1983 Death of Norwegian composer Finn Einar Mortensen in Oslo. 

1987 Death of Belgian composer Karel Albert in Antwerp. 

1991 Death of German composer, pianist Wilhelm Kempff in Positano, IT. 

1992 Death of South African soprano Joyce Barker. 

1993 FP of Daniel Pinkham’s Nocturnes for flute and guitar with flutist Fenwick Smith and guitarist John Curtis at the First and Second Church in Boston, MA. 

2003 Death of Australian soprano Glenda Raymond.


An Anthology, Published by George Maciunas and Jackson Mac Low, 1962. Design: George Maciunas. With George Brecht, Claus Bremer, Earle Brown, Joseph Byrd, John Cage, Anthony Cox, David Degener, Walter De Maria, Ding Dong, Henry Flynt, Simone Forti, Dick Higgins, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Terry Jennings, Ray Johnson, Jackson Mac Low, Richard Maxfield, Robert Morris, Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, Terry Riley, Dieter Roth, James Waring, Emmett Williams, Christian Wolff, La Monte Young


I finally figured out how to make one lmao

The Walking Dead

Rosita Espinosa

Wrong side

Maggie Greene

Dating Lauren Cohan would include

I’ll protect you

Beth Greene


Sasha Williams

Dating Sasha Williams would include

Jessie Anderson

Dating Jessie Anderson would include 

You’re too damn cute


I’m so proud of you


Ignore that explosion

Negan lets you live because he wants you to be a part of the saviors

Dating Negan would include



The day will come you won’t be

Glenn Rhee

Cuss words

In love

Carl Grimes

Trust me

Give me a chance

Was that sarcarsm?

I’m proud of you. I’m proud of us.

Remember when you used to care?

I think we should have a sleepover

Hold me

I don’t want to hurt you

In love

Saving Rick, Michonne and Carl (gif)


Matching tattoos (part 2)


Do not touch her

Rick Grimes

Saving Rick, Michonne and Carl (gif)

Shane Walsh

Don’t push me away

Having a fight with Shane (gif)

Merle Dixon

First kiss


Meeting Jesus for the first time

Daryl Dixon

It wasn’t that bad

Will you tell me the truth?



The day will come you won’t be

Baby wolf


I lost the baby

I had to see you again


I won’t hurt you

King Ezekiel

Being friend with Ezekiel and Shiva would include

Fuck me


I’m pregnant


I did a pregnancy test #1

I did a pregnancy test #2

Team family


Fear The Walking Dead

Ofelia Salazar

Dating Ofelia Salazar would include

Nick Clark

Being Strand’s goddaughter and Nick having a crush on you would include

Chris Manawa


The Walking Dead Games


Being Clementine’s big sister would include

Lethal Weapon ( tv show )

Maureen Cahill

Dating Maureen Cahill would include

The Shannara Chronicles


Dating Eretria would include

Amberle Elessedil

Dating Amberle Elessedil would include

The 100

Clarke Griffin

Be strong

Can’t let you go

Octavia Blake

Dating Octavia Blake would include

Raven Reyes

Dating Raven Reyes would include

Lost you


Echo Kom Azgeda

Safe with me

Finn Collins


Monty Green

By your side


Ai hod you in

Star Wars


Dating Rey would include

You’re a force user and help Rey during her training

I’m back

Captain Phasma


I missed you

Sabine Wren ( Star Wars Rebels )

Dating Sabine Wren would include

Ahsoka Tano ( Star Wars The Clone Wars / Rebels ) 

Dating Ahsoka Tano would include

Barriss Offee

Dating Barriss Offee would include

Games of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen

Dating Daenerys Targaryen would include

You don’t have to be jealous

Would you marry me? (au)

Sansa Stark

I’ll follow you

Dating Sansa Stark would include

Fighting for her

Myrcella Baratheon


Arya Stark

Dating Arya Stark would include

Gotham City Sirens

Poison Ivy


Wonder Woman

Diana Prince

4th of July


New job

Discovering you have powers and telling Diana would include

Dating Diana Prince would include

Adopting a cat with Diana Prince would include

Gotham (tv show)

Tabitha Galavan


Feeling loved

Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn

Gay Pride

Dating Harley Quinn would include

June Moone

I’ll wait for you

The Flash

Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost



Dating Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost would include


Movie Night


Jesse Quick

I’ll find you

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Kara Danvers

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Alex Danvers

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Lena Luthor

She isn’t single


Tony Stark

Being Tony Stark’s daughter and dating Wanda Maximoff would include

Wanda Maximoff

Being Tony Stark’s daughter and dating Wanda Maximoff would include

Wanda helping you with your powers would include


Dating Gamora would include

Michelle Jones

Dating Michelle Jones would include

May Parker


Agents of Shield

Daisy Johnson

Dating Daisy Johnson would include


Jean Grey



Betty Cooper

Dating Betty Cooper would include

Cheryl Blossom

Dating Cheryl Blossom would include

I will help you

Nothing is wrong with you

Stay awake ( part 2 )

I won



Not secret anymore

Don’t screw it 

Shut up



Being Rowena apprentice would include

Dating Rowena would include

Dean Winchester

Dating Dean Winchester would include


To the rescue

Just breathe, okay?

Sam Winchester



To the rescue

Just breathe, okay?

Charlie Bradbury

I am a hunter

Harry Potter

Hermione Granger

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Being a Slytherin and dating Hermione Granger would include

Resctricted section

Being a Ravenclaw and dationg Hermione Granger would include

Being a Hufflepuff and dating Hermione Granger would include

Summer holidays

Luna Lovegood

Dating Luna Lovegood would include

Lavender Brown

Dating Lavender Brown would include

Ginny Weasley

Not enough

You make every day worth living

Dating Ginny Weasley would include

Pansy Parkinson

Dating Pansy Parkinson would include

We have to fight

Fleur Delacour

Triwizard Tournament

Being Fleur Delacour’s friend would include

13 reasons why

Hannah Baker

Dating Hannah Baker would include


You’ll be alright

Don’t you dare to die on me

Jessica Davis

Dating Jessica Davis would include

I love you

Clay Jensen


Zach Dempsey

Dating Zach Dempsey would include

The Last of Us

Ellie Williams

Dating Ellie Williams would include

Teen Wolf

Allison Argent

Allison Argent having a crush on you would include

Lydia Martin

Stay with me

American Horror Story

Jimmy Darling

I love you

Tate Langdon

You’re too perfect

Violet Harmon

Perfect relationship 

Ben Affleck’s character

Dating Christian Wolff would include

Person of Interest

Sameen Shaw

Dating Sameen Shaw would include

A non exhaustive list of autistic characters in media, by my own perception

-Star Butterfly
-Matilda Wormwood
-Abed Nadir
-Mumble the penguin
-Abed Nadir
-Mantis, as portrayed by the MCU
-Drax the Destroyer (MCU once again)
-Sheila the Wolf Lady from Glow
-Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren
-Carrie White
-Leslie Knope
-Tina Belcher
-Louise Belcher
-Luna Lovegood
-Misty Day
-Julia from Sesame Street
-Carlos the Scientist
-Candy Quackenbush
-Christian Wolff
-Justine (No last name given, also from The Accountant)
-Many, many more

i saw the accountant last night and HOLY SHIT

ben affleck plays christian wolff, a high-functioning autistic man and he does it SO WELL. this was so fucking well done holy shit like it shows him stimming. the terms stimming, neurotypical, and high-functioning autistic are SAID IN THE FILM.

the main FBI investigator is a woman of color played by cynthia addai-robinson

like yes it’s about an autistic dude who kills people who abuse their companies’ finances to get rich, at the cost of their employees and associates. he also kills gang lords who do the same thing. but neurotypical people are also shown doing the same exact thing for the same exact reasons, so it avoids isolating autistic/low-empathy people as unfeeling/killers

christian wolff is humanized throughout the entire film. he goes through his daily rituals, and we go with him, every day. he takes daily medication, which doesn’t seem big but like holy shit is it underrepresented in the media.

his body language is an accurate example of stiff and uncomfortable in social situations except when he’s talking about his special interest (??? it’s kind of a special interest? it’s his accounting work but like a specific special interest isn’t otherwise specified for him so i’m glad the writer found a way to work that into the story)

there is also representation of a low-functioning autistic person and how she is able to communicate and live a healthy life as a low-functioning autistic person when allowed the resources and support needed to do so.

tl;dr: the accountant is a  well-made, high-budget film about a neuroatypical person who doesn’t “overcome” his compulsions and not “need” them anymore, but rather adapts his life around them and still is a very successful, productive member of society.

(note: i am not an autistic person. i have moderate-severe adhd, and saw the film with @trash-sharpie who is autistic.)