for cheap!

ok so I tested out sai 2

and it’s a dream, the watercolor is am a z i n g it blends so wellllll 

sorry that all I draw are ¾ busts but I’m rlly lazy and tired and don’t feel like dealing with anatomy atm, so have an angry Brian 



Tier 1 (Image 1) - Clean Pencil and Ink, Full Page, up to 2 characters - 50$ per page

Tier 2 (Image 2) - Clean Pencil, Full page, up to 2 characters (unfinished with rough lines) - 20$

Tier 3 (Image 3-5) - Marker and Pen Bust, your choice of colours - 4$ per character

Tier 4 (Image 5-7) - Pencil Crayon Bust, your choice of colours - 2$ per character

Tier 5 (Image 8, 9) - Marker and Pen Fullbody, your choice of colours - 8$ per character

I’ll draw any nasty old thing you want, too. Any NSFW, any kink, any situation. Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 5 prices and styles apply, and add 5$ for every additional character.

Alright, thanks guys!! <3 <3 <3 <3

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hey guys! I’ll get back to posting new art soon, but I just wanted to let you guys know that the discounts on Society6 are coming to an end. Today is Cyber Monday and they’re offering 40% off and free shipping on almost everything, which is their biggest sale yet :) tomorrow it will be 25% off, and after that it’s back to normal prices. So go take a look while prices are low!!


I made witchy balls for Yule!
Here are the ingredients I used :
- Kosher salt
- Lavender
- Rose petals
- Hyssop
- Sage
- Vervain
- Chili flakes
- Baby’s breath
- Mountain laurel seeds
- Some non descript plants I gathered with my boys on our last strolls, and that are filled with love and happiness

I put them in various amounts according to where I put them in the house to have the following effects:
Kitchen: creativity, love, psychic abilities, protection
Main room: protection, cleansing, love, creativity, happiness
Master bedroom: love, honesty, dreams, sleep, serenity

It’s a pretty cheap and easy way to practice the craft and to protect and put good vibes in your house. Also, it’s really cute and is pretty easy to fit in a secret witch regimen, if your relatives celebrate Christmas ☺️

Semi-Permanent Tattoos- Good for Sigils

This trick I learned is fantastic for writing sigils, runes, spells, etc. on your body. The great thing about this technique is that it is waterproof, stays on as long as you want, is easy to do, and can be scrubbed off easily if you so desire.


1. Hairspray

2. Waterproof liquid eyeliner

3. Something to clean up the tattoo with (napkins, tissues, etc.)

4. What ever sigil, symbol, rune, etc. you want


Step One: Write the symbol you wish wherever you want

Step Two: Let it dry

Step Three: Spray a liberal amount of hairspray on the area

Step Four: Dab around the tattoo with your napkin to clean the edges

Step Five: Let it dry again

Step Six: Activate the symbols by meditating or energizing yourself with emphasis on the symbol of your choosing. (Example: Writing a peace sigil on your wrist, meditate with the intention of bringing yourself peace)

I personally have been loving this technique. It’s cheap (for a college witch like myself, this is a plus). It’s effective. It’s not culturally appropriation. It’s semi-permanent, so if you want to change your sigil or whatever, you can. I’ve been using this for bringing myself internal strength and growth, and it’s been working wonders for me.

Something that I’ve noticed that helps is to make your atmosphere as witchy as possible. Dim the lights, play some music that makes you feel witchy, whatever empowers you. Try to place the sigil somewhere you will see it often. Let the magic slowly wave over you through the day.

Blessed be, you lovely badasses.


Look, I am so behind on credit cards from trying to pay my college tuition. Having to drop out and move back home is becoming a very real scenario and I would honestly rather die than go back to being a waittress for the rest of my life.

So literally anything you want. Porn. Gore. Full linework, coloring, and shading. $5 for an extra character. $20. Email and please signal boost.