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Monsta X As the Seven Deadly Sins

Shownu: Gluttony

Wonho: Lust

Minhyuk: Greed

Kihyun: Wrath

Hyungwon: Sloth

Jooheon: Pride

I.M: Envy

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I am confused as to why people keep making the joke that Monsta X are/will become male strippers…? They are kpop idols and trained hard and went through a lot of shit to be a proper kpop idol group–not to be called male strippers. Where and how did that joke come into existence…? Some of them don’t even pull their shirts up all the way during the Hero dance simply because they don’t want to!

And the joke that Wonho likes to take off his clothes just for the hell of it?? I guess you didn’t see how many times he tried to close up his shirt after he opened it during that Stuck performance and that moment during his solo vlive when a fan told him to show his abs and he shyly pulled his shirt close because he hadn’t noticed his chest was slightly showing. The look in his eyes looked so sad and ashamed as though it was his own fault that someone was looking at him in that way. He said he likes to work out for his health and to relieve stress–not to satisfy your sexual fantasies. 

I mean really now please stop.

Keep it real, Monbebe. And non-monbebe…please just respect our boys.


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kihyun fluff scenario please? the storyline is up to you :)” 

Requested by: anon

Type: fluffy/angsty (kinda)

I’m sorry if there’s any misspelled words or any grammatical mistakes or anything like that. I wrote it late at night and even though I proofread it, I might have missed some mistakes.


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You were finally able to watch Monsta X’s last music video. You’ve always been a huge fan. Their new mv, ‘Beautiful’ dropped a few hours ago, but you weren’t able to watch it the second they dropped it. Mainly because your boyfriend, Kihyun, was at your place and he didn’t really know about your small obsession.

You’ve been together for around two years, but you never really talked about his band/music. Obviously, he was talking about what he was doing, he was also mentioning new choreographies, etc. But you never mentioned that you were a fan, simply because he never asked.

There was actually a couple of times you could’ve ‘dropped’ the news, but you didn’t really want to scare him. You always thought that maybe, just maybe there was a tiny chance that he would freak out. Or that he would think that you were some crazy fan.

But lately you started to realize that even though you never talked about it, he never really asked you to attend one his shows. He never, in two years, invited you to his company, or at the studios. You were pretty curious about it, but you didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable so you just never asked about it.

Obviously, their music video was amazing. The song was fantastic, their concept even better. Everything was perfect. 

“Jagi?” you unexpectedly heard. Because it scared you, you immediately closed your laptop. You didn’t expect Kihyun to be home.

“Did you forget something?” you ask, looking at him walking into the living room.

“No, I just realized that I was free all day. It’s only tomorrow that I’ll start to be really busy. Which meaaaans that we can spend the rest of the day together” he smiles, walking towards the couch.

“That’s amazing!” you happily answer, smiling.

“What were you doing?” he asks, sitting down next to you.

“I was actually watching your last music video” you casually answer, pointing at your -now closed- laptop.

He didn’t answer, he simply gave you a weird look.

“What?” you frown, looking at him. “No, nothing.. Don’t worry” he chuckles.

“No tell me! What’s wrong” you frown.

“This going to sound really weird but.. I never thought you would actually watch one of my music video” he finally says, looking for the TV remote.

“What? Why?” you chuckle, frowning.

“I don’t know actually. But because we don’t really talk about it.. Yeah I really don’t  know actually” he answers.

“That’s probably because I never told you how much I love Monsta X” you awkwardly say.

He immediately stopped looking for the remote and just looked at you. You knew what he was thinking about: ‘was she serious’, ‘was it a joke’ or ‘did she say what I think she said’.

“Yes Kihyun, you perfectly heard what I said. I do like Monsta X” you explain, rolling your eyes while laughing.

“How? Why? What?” he smiles, freaking out.

“Okay so we’re going to have this conversation” you whisper, chuckling. “Hum the first time I heard about Monsta X was actually a few months before we met. But I never really paid attention to your group. Then we met and I just was curious about your music and boom it just happened” you explain, smiling at him.

“Well.. That’s.. Wow” he answers, raising his eyebrows.

“Why are you so surprised?” you frown, taking his hand in yours.

“Probably because we never had this conversation. I never really thought about it.. I didn’t expect you to listen to our music and I didn’t expect you to like it. We only talk about my schedule and a few little things, but never about you liking our music” he quietly explains, looking at you.

“And now I feel like I don’t support you as much as I should” you chuckle.

“No no no. You do support me a lot and I appreciate it” he quickly answers, giving you the sweetest smile.

“Now that we’re talking about this.. I’m wondering why you never invited me over the studio or at one of your shows?” you finally ask.

“Oh.. I never really thought you would like it” he awkwardly says.

“You- Kihyun, is there any chances that you might have think that I didn’t like your music??” you ask, raising your eyebrows at him.

“Maybe?” he slowly says. “You’re stupid” you roll your eyes, laughing.

“Y/N, would you actually like to see me perform?” he carefully asks you, raising his eyebrows. 

“Kihyun, I would love to see you perform. You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you to ask” you chuckle.

“I’m so excited for tonight” you happily say, looking at Kihyun.

“I’m pretty nervous” he sighs. “Don’t be, you’re going to be amazing!” you answer, smiling at him.

“I didn’t realize that the stage was this big” you quickly add, walking around the concert hall.

“It’s actually not that big when you’re used to it” he smiles, holding your hand.

“I still can’t believe I’m here” you quietly say, giggling.

“Why? It’s not that exciting” Kihyun frowns, looking at your face.

“Kihyun.. My favorite band is Monsta X, how do you think I’m supposed to react? Plus, this is the first time I’m going to see you perform live. I really can’t believe that in just a few hours I’m going to see you dance and sing. I really can’t wait!” you excitedly explain, looking back at him.

He was about to say something when one of the staff member asked him to go get ready for the show.

You didn’t get to talk to him after this. He was getting ready and he had some pre-show meeting with everyone. You didn’t want to disturb anyone and you actually were too busy to try to stay as calm as possible. You still couldn’t believe that you were going to see your boyfriend perform live, for the very first time.

What made you sad was that, even though you knew he needed to focus and get ready for the show, Kihyun didn’t talk to you the whole evening. Before the concert, he didn’t even look at you.

You tried not to think about it because the concert was about to begin and you just really couldn’t wait!

The concert just ended a few minutes ago. You were speechless. You’ve seen many videos of their performances, but it was nothing compared to their live performance. It was so much better in real life.

You were back in their dressing room looking for your stuff and making sure you weren’t forgetting anything. You wanted to congratulate them the second they walked in, but they didn’t look at you and again you didn’t want to disturb and/or annoy them. They looked exhausted and didn’t look like they wanted to talk.

You were now on your way back to the hotel. You were sharing the car with some staff members. You thought that you would’ve share the same car as Kihyun. But when everyone left, he was talking to Wonho and didn’t tell you they were actually leaving.

You were finally at the hotel. The moment you started to walk towards the main doors, you saw their manager walking towards you.

“Y/N, here’s the key to Kihyun’s room. Your suitcase is already there” he smiles at you

“Are you scared that Kihyun is going to lose it?” you jokingly say, pointing at your room’s key.

“No no, it’s just that we’re going to have a small debrief about the show. Didn’t he tell you about it” he says, frowning.

“The debrief.. Oh yeah, he did. I’m just tired and forgot about it” you quickly say. Obviously, you were lying. 

You didn’t really mind, but it didn’t stop you from being sad. The last time you had talked to your boyfriend was a few hours before their actual concert. 

The second you stepped into your hotel room, you decided to take a shower. You were exhausted and you wanted to take a shower before Kihyun.

You were checking your phone for the hundredth time. You were hoping to hear about your boyfriend. You had been waiting for him for the past hour and you were already in bed, ready to fall asleep.

“Jagi? I’m so sorry it took us so long” you hear someone say. 

“Jag- oh shit.. Sorry, were you sleeping?” the same voice adds. 

“Mmmh? What?” you whisper, frowning. You were half-awake, half-asleep.

“Never mind. Go back to sleep, I’m going to take a shower” you hear what sounded like Kihyun’s voice say.

Now that you realized that it was obviously Kihyun, you couldn’t just go back to sleep. His shower wasn’t going to take him that long anyway.

A few minutes later, you heard him lying down next to you. Both of you were silent but you were totally fine with it. He came closer to you and started spooning you. It was, now, the only way he could fall asleep whenever you were sharing the same bed.

You decided to turn around and face him and you were looking into each other’s eyes. You didn’t need words and this is what you both loved about your relationship. Whether you were talking or not, it was simple and this is how you both wanted it to be.

“What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?” he suddenly asks, frowning. 

“Can’t I smile?” you ask, not looking away.

“I don’t know why you’re looking at me like that.. I just want to know” he chuckles.

“Nothing.. I’m just super happy and proud” you shrug, still smiling.

He didn’t say anything, he simply blushed and hid his face in the crook of your neck.

“Stop it” he chuckles, pulling away to look at you in the eyes. You always loved it when he was super shy. He always looked cuter.

You simply kissed him. You didn’t have the chance to kiss him tonight and now was finally the time to do it.

“Did you like it?” he carefully asks, after you were done kissing.

“Liked it? Nah.. I loved it!! You guys killed it and you were amazing. Your dance moves.. You have no idea how crazy I am whenever you dance!! I still can’t believe I’m dating you” you giggle, looking away.

When you looked back at him you didn’t expect  him to look this shocked. 

“What’s wrong?” you frown.

“Y/N.. Do you realize that, this is the first time you ever fangirled about me in front of me?” he laughs, leaving kisses all around your face.

“You know I’m super shy so I don’t really do this kind of stuff in front of you. But now that you know how much I love your music, expect to see more” you answer, giggling.

“If you look this hot whenever you’ll fangirl.. I really don’t mind” he raises his eyebrows, smirking.

“Really? Well then.. expect to see more because you’re my boyfriend but you’re also my ub which means that I’m going to fangirl over you 24/7” you answer, biting your bottom lip.

“Well as your boyfriend and ub, let me tell you that I love you so much” he whispers, winking at you before kissing you on the lips.

Hope you liked it. Feel free to send feedback, I’d love to know what you thought about it!

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guys, regarding wonho’s mother sharing that his real surname is Lee and not Shin, please respect his wishes and refrain from calling him that. he clearly chose to be called shin for a reason, which seems to be his mother’s surname whom we know he loves very dearly. don’t go around calling him lee hoseok, he most likely wants to be known as shin hoseok so please don’t be that person and possibly make him feel bad on twitter or vlive by commenting about it.

thank you!!!