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Monsta X Reaction: You Fangirling Over Something They Did

Shownu/Hyunwoo: Shownu would be a bashful and blushing mess when you told him he looked so cool up on stage, dancing. He really liked it when you showed your interest in his dancing that he works so hard to get better and better at each time

“You really think so? Thank you Y/N, I can teach you the choreography if you want to learn it”

Wonho/Hoseok: Wonho always took pride in his body as he always worked hard to maintain it. When he got home from the gym he called you into the living room and lifted up his shirt to reveal his defined abdomen, about to ask you how he looks, but you interrupted with a high pitched scream

“Ahaha Y/N! Well I guess I’m doing well, You didn’t even let me finish asking how you thought I looked!”

Minhyuk: You giving Minhyuk even the teeniest bit of attention will feed his ego even more. So when you were fangirling to him how cute the selca he sent you earlier was, he made it a challenge to be even cuter

“Aren’t I super cute? Aren’t you really lucky to have such an adorable boyfriend?”

Kihyun: You really loved when Kihyun cooked. But one day he really outdid himself with a new recipe he came up with. You couldn’t help but let out a huge sigh from the distinct flavors from the dish; then saying how he should go on a cooking show to compete with the best chefs

“Are you sure Y/N? I’ll smoke everyone there and take the prize easy peasy!”

Hyungwon: Hyungwon loved when you could attend the shows. It made him feel more at ease when he could see you in front of the crowd. Every time he came up to the front, singing, looking at you, you felt your heart skip a beat and screamed for your talented boyfriend who always seemed to meet your gaze

*backstage* “Y/N, you have a very distinctive scream! even when I wasn’t looking I knew who that was!”

Jooheon: Jooheon was in the studio and asked you to come over and critique his lyrics for an upcoming song. “Lemme hear it”, you said. But you did not expect the growls that came out of Jooheon as he rapped. You were left speechless and when he was done you gave him a big standing ovation

“Was it that good? I didn’t think I went hard enough for the feel of this track” trust me he did

I.M/Changkyun: You always knew Changkyun was NOT one for aegyo. But he knew how much you loved it when he would be very cute with you. You wanted to take a picture of him and when you told him to pose he poked his cheeks and said ‘Cheese’ in a very cute voice, making you squeal from cuteness

“There, there is my weekly dose of aegyo! You’re lucky I love you Y/N”

I hope you enjoyed this! Please feel free to request more!



every last minute of the hour-long episodes of Rebel has me feeling attacked. i just care about everyone, and i’m constantly worried they’ll meet some horrific fate, and it’s literally giving me heartburn.  

at the time of this post, i’m about halfway through episode 5, so i haven’t really had a chance to get to know Ga Ryung and Gong Hwa. still, the few scenes they’ve had has already been enough that i feel extremely protective of them, and even more worried–given that we already know some of what they end up as. they’re such beautiful ladies, and i need more of their sisterhood! 

as well–i’d like a list of people who’ve dared to call Gong Hwa anything other than beautiful. she handled the little jokey-insult marvelously, but seriously? i’m a little in love right now, she’s so gorgeous! and Ga Ryung is as sweet and charming as i expected she’d be. i can’t wait to delve into the nitty gritty with her as well, and see how she went from that total fluffball to being tied to a pole and screaming at Gil Dong.

and then of course we have our Hong siblings. we’ve seen these three grow up right before our eyes, and i feel a little like they’re my own children. and the love and care they have for each other!! Eo Ri Ni is such a sweetheart, brainiac Gil Hyun is so kind, and then we have our titular Gil Dong; the gentle giant. the dynamics between these three are so spectacular, the fact that they love each other and would do anything for each other heartbreaking, given that–under the circumstances, i can’t see it ending well. regardless of the impending doom, these three have my heart, and i know i’m going to cry an ocean if and when something happens to them. it’s too late for me too quit now. i’ve gotten in too deep. 

side note: Ah Mo Gae’s lines are really lyrical. i could listen to him talk all day. 


Do you know the secret of W Korea March issue? If you flip over a magazine version of ‘ Woman ’ covered with Song hyekyo, there’s another version of the magazine that version of ‘Man’ covered with Yoo Ah-in. You can buy it at the online or offline bookstore right now.

Chae Hyungwon is a special gift from God

Shin Hoseok is a special gift from God

Yoo Kihyun is a special gift from God

Son Hyunwoo is a special gift from God

Lee Minhyuk is a special gift from God

Lee Jooheon is a special gift from God

Im Changkyun is a special gift from God

Monsta X is a special gift from God


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Honestly I've had such a girl crush on Chaeyoung since Cheer up and now she's doing this, like??? Pls let me rest I'm not ready

Chae is an ultimate girl crush, and honest to god I’ve gained such an appreciation for her lately. Like I’ve always loved her of course, but lately I’ve been focusing on her a lot.